Outline of Sudan

Outline of Sudan
The location of Sudan
An enlargeable map of the Republic of Sudan

The Republic of Sudan is a sovereign country located in eastern North Africa.[1] Sudan is the second most extensive country in Africa[2] and the sixteenth most extensive country in the world. It is bordered by Egypt to the north, the Red Sea to the northeast, Eritrea and Ethiopia to the east, South Sudan to the southeast, the Central African Republic to the southwest, Chad to the west and Libya to the northwest. The country's name derives from the Arabic Bilad-al-Sudan, literally "land of the blacks."[3] Sudan has recently emerged as the world's most unstable country according to the Failed States Index, mainly due to the Military Government and the Darfur Conflict. The country has long been plagued by civil war stemming from racial and cultural inequality: most people in Sudan's northern region, which includes the capital city of Khartoum, are Arabs, most of whom are Muslims; while most southerners are blacks, who mainly practice traditional African religions. Despite that division, Sudan is managing to be a growing economy.

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to Sudan:

General reference

An enlargeable relief map of Sudan

Geography of Sudan

An enlargeable topographic map of Sudan
 Ethiopia 769 km
 Chad 1,360 km
 Egypt 1,273 km
 Central African Republic 175 km
 Eritrea 605 km
 Libya 383 km
 South Sudan 1 937 km

Environment of Sudan

An enlargeable satellite image of Sudan

Natural geographic features of Sudan

Regions of Sudan

Ecoregions of Sudan

Administrative divisions of Sudan

States of Sudan
Districts of Sudan

The States of Sudan are subdivided into 133 districts.

Demography of Sudan

Government and politics of Sudan

Main article: Government of Sudan and Politics of Sudan

Branches of the government of Sudan

Executive branch of the government of Sudan

Legislative branch of the government of Sudan

Judicial branch of the government of Sudan

  • Supreme Court of Sudan

Foreign relations of Sudan

International organization membership

The Republic of Sudan is a member of:[1]

Law and order in Sudan

Military of Sudan

  • Command
  • Forces
    • Army of Sudan
    • Navy of Sudan
    • Air Force of Sudan

Local government in Sudan

History of Sudan

Main article: History of Sudan, Timeline of the history of Sudan, and Current events of Sudan
  • Economic history of Sudan
  • Military history of Sudan

Culture of Sudan

Art in Sudan

  • Art in Sudan
  • Cinema of Sudan
  • Literature of Sudan
  • Music of Sudan
  • Television in Sudan
  • Theatre in Sudan

Sports in Sudan

Economy and infrastructure of Sudan

Education in Sudan

Health in Sudan

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