Saturday Night Live TV show sketches of the 2000s

Saturday Night Live TV show sketches of the 2000s

Since the beginning of Saturday Night Live, the show has been something of an anti-television show, turning the medium on its head with endless fake commercials and parodies of TV shows themselves. The most common style of their recurring sketches has been the talk show format. However, anything from cop shows to children's shows has been fair game for the ever-changing cast.

Sketches with TV show themes are listed here alphabetically. TV sketches that involve a specific type of character are listed under "Character Categories" (see below).


America Undercover

An HBO show, similar to Fox's COPS series, where a white trash couple (played by Amy Poehler and Chris Kattan) fist fight and police (or other authority figures) are called in to break them up.

Appalachian Emergency Room

Appalachian Emergency Room is a recurring sketch on that debuted on January 10, 2004 (an episode hosted by Jennifer Aniston) and draws on redneck stereotypes.[1]

Recurring characters

  • The emergency room receptionist (Seth Meyers in a blond mullet wig) has appeared in every sketch so far. He simply sits at the desk and plays the straight man to the other characters. He is also portrayed as relatively articulate and intelligent. On the Matt Dillon/Arctic Monkeys episode, the receptionist's name is revealed to be Nerod.
  • Willie Tater (Fred Armisen) only appeared in two installments of Appalachian Emergency Room: on the Liam Neeson/Modest Mouse episode he comes in with an ice pack on his crotch, explaining that his penis slipped into a deep fryer while he was making breakfast; and on the Lindsay Lohan/Coldplay episode he has an ice pack on his face after playing "Star Wars" with his brother, using curling irons as lightsabers.
  • Mrs. Denmont (Maya Rudolph) and her son Jake (Kenan Thompson) have appeared in the majority of the sketches. The first time Rudolph's character was shown was in the Ben Affleck/N*E*R*D episode in Season 29. In that episode, she was not called Mrs. Denmont, her son was a white boy with a mullet instead of Kenan Thompson's "Jake" character, and she came in with a tampon machine stuck to her hand (revealing that she got it stuck while trying to fish out the tampon when the machine ate her quarter). It wasn't until the episode hosted by Snoop Dogg (also in season 29) that Maya Rudolph's character was paired up with Kenan's Jake character and that she was known as Mrs. Denmont. In the Matt Dillon/Arctic Monkeys episode, Rudolph and Thompson play the same characters, but their names are changed.
  • Netty Bo Dance (Amy Poehler) and Percy Bo Dance (Darrell Hammond), elderly tenants of a trailer park, appear in every sketch so far. Percy always explains an injury he sustained from his druggie son (played by Neil Young in the Jack Black/Neil Young episode, but was never shown before that episode and hasn't been shown since). Based on his explanation, it always appears that Netty should have also sustained severe injury, yet only Percy ever appears to be hurt. Netty Bo Dance has a very slow, humorous shuffle-walk, and frequently declares that she will keep the hospital gown as a dress.
  • Tyler (Chris Parnell) appears in nearly every sketch, and is greeted by the receptionist with the question, "What is it this time, Tyler?" Tyler proceeds to explain how some implausible object has wedged its way into his anus (although in the Jack Black/Neil Young episode, Tyler actually has a gift-wrapped watermelon stuck to his penis). In the Ben Affleck/N*E*R*D episode, Tyler explains that it is a canister of Axe Body Spray, and that if he moves in a certain way, he "can still make it spray."

Episodes featuring Appalachian Emergency Room

  • January 10, 2004: host Jennifer Aniston as Taytay Phillips, a pregnant woman brought in after she fell on a toilet seat after jackknifing off a Big Wheel.
  • March 13, 2004: host Ben Affleck as Rusty Kofich, a trucker whose ferret bit him in the crotch while he fed his ferrets naked
  • May 8, 2004: host Snoop Dogg as Booker Fricky, a man who injured his arm while going down a pool slide (and, in the dress rehearsal version shown in the 60-minute rerun on E!, has a large family consisting of both black and white people following him into the emergency room)
  • November 13, 2004: host Liam Neeson as Marlon Weaver, a trucker who got seven hypodermic needles in his back after he and his fellow trucker (played by Rob Riggle) crashed their truck
  • May 21, 2005: host Lindsay Lohan as Jerakylnn Dubet, a high-school dropout dressed as a cheerleader searching for employment who "pops her cooter-bone" doing a high kick.
  • December 17, 2005: host Jack Black as Sandy Joey Jefferson (a man dressed as Joseph as part of a live Nativity exhibit), Neil Young as Percy and Netty Bodance's oft-mentioned druggie son, and Johnny Knoxville as himself (who comes in with a 2x4 nailed to his "ABC" or "ass-ball connection")
  • March 11, 2006: host Matt Dillon as Perdy Spotly, a fast-talking con man who chats with the receptionist while his wife (who works as a stripper) steals a car in the parking lot.
    • NOTE: There was supposed to be an Appalachian Emergency Room sketch on the Peyton Manning/Carrie Underwood episode in season 32 (despite that Chris Parnell isn't there to play frequent patient Tyler), where Manning interrupts the sketch to speak out against its redneck stereotyping, but it never appeared in the live show airing.


The character of Carol first appeared in the Colin Farrell/Scissor Sisters episode sketch "Key Party". Carol is portrayed by Horatio Sanz as a brash, vivacious woman with huge appetites for food, alcohol, drugs, and sex. Jason Sudeikis and Amy Poehler often play the "normal couple", who introduces Carol to a friend of theirs (played by the host) as Carol orders a drink usually only available at Dunkin Donuts, and then when reminded that she isn't at Dunkin Donuts, orders some outrageous concoction containing multiple types of hard liquor. Carol's flirtations with the couple's friend escalates, then at some point, the friend follows her out to have sex in some unsavory place.


Celebrity Jeopardy!

Celebrity Jeopardy! was a recurring sketch that parodied the popular game show Jeopardy!, featuring celebrities who almost always responded incorrectly or incoherently. Will Ferrell portrayed the host, Alex Trebek, who frequently ended up frustrated with the contestants' stupidity, and the constant taunts of Sean Connery, portrayed by Darrell Hammond, and Burt Reynolds, played by Norm McDonald.

Church Chat

Church Chat was a Christian-based, distinctly local-TV celebrity interview program hosted by "The Church Lady" (named "Enid Strict"), a character created and performed by Dana Carvey as a spoof of on-air, holier-than-thou Christian televangelist. The SNL character was immediately recognizable and popular, spawning some catch phrases such as "Well, isn't that special?", and "Could it be...SATAN?!"

On the set of "Church Chat", with its rectory desk and bogus cellophane stained-glass, other cast members of SNL would appear as celebrities of the day, and sometimes, so would actual celebrities of the day. Church Lady would seemingly praise or soothe her guests during their time of crisis, only to blindside them with judgmental admonishments and damnation. She would always wear a high-collared purple dress, a sweater, and old fashioned glasses. Most skits would end with her telling the church organist to "Hit it, Pearl!" as she'd stand over her "sinner" guests performing her "superiority dance."

Unlike most other popular characters from SNL, though, she was never incorporated into a feature length film.

The Dakota Fanning Show

The Dakota Fanning Show was a recurring skit that features child actress Dakota Fanning (played by Amy Poehler) hosting her own talk show. The skit also features Kenan Thompson as her band leader, Reggie Hudson, and Kristen Wiig as Fanning's mother, whom the precocious Fanning keeps referring to as "Catherine," despite her mother's request to simply call her "mom."

In the skit, Fanning is portrayed as overly intellectual, discussing things like Bill Maher and comics in The New Yorker while not being able to relate to her guests or even Reggie; for example, she states she is "not familiar" with Family Guy (despite guest starring on the episode To Love and Die in Dixie), Sports Illustrated, ESPN, or the Harry Potter films. Fanning shows great disappointment that she has not yet received an Academy Award nomination and that the highest award she's won is the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. While talking with the Sprouse brothers, she states that when she hears the word "hotel", it "invokes images of Hotel Rwanda about the Rwandan Genocide"; Dylan Sprouse replies "Dakota, you're scaring us". Whenever Reggie says something that relates to the first guest or is unable to relate to what Fanning says, Fanning says a very offensive statement about Reggie (such as "if it isn't a musical about puppets, Reggie hasn't seen it" or "if it isn't in the check-out line at Wal-Mart, Reggie hasn't read it"). These phrases cause Reggie to have a very deep, angry scowl.

Guests on the sketch have been Daniel Radcliffe (played by Bill Hader), Abigail Breslin (played by Drew Barrymore), Dylan and Cole Sprouse (played by Shia LaBeouf and Andy Samberg respectively), Elle Fanning (played by Avril Lavigne), and Miley Cyrus (played by Ellen Page).



This recurring sketch features Dateline correspondent Keith Morrison (played by Bill Hader) hosting "Real-Life Crimes and Stories of Real People in Bad Situations", a series of short interviews with characters, played by other cast members and the host, who had experiences involving much pain and suffering. In the first sketch, Hader interviews Kristen Wiig (boyfriend's boy in trunk of car), Casey Wilson, Jason Sudeikis (attacked by sharks), and host Tim McGraw (wife murdered neighbors). In the second sketch, Hader takes on Andy Samberg (shot in a convenience store robbery), Kenan Thompson, Abby Elliott (roof fell in during wedding), and host Tracy Morgan (Hannibal Lecter-type murderer). The sketch revolves around Morrison's sinister persona: during the interviews, Hader utters trite remarks, makes creepy faces and sounds, expresses disgust at awful things not happening, and admits he gets a creepy delight out of other people's suffering.


It should be noted that Hader reprised his Keith Morrison/Dateline impression in an episode of Weekend Update Thursday airing on September 25, 2009, where he took on President Barack Obama (Fred Armisen)

Deep House Dish

Deep House Dish is a recurring Saturday Night Live sketch that showcases house music acts. It is hosted by DJ Dynasty Handbag (Kenan Thompson) and T'Shane (Andy Samberg). DJ Dynasty Handbag constantly berates T'Shane for not being funny or interesting. He's also known for his catchphrase "Ooo wee T'Shane!" (formerly "Ooo wee Tiara!"). In December 2006, T'Shane replaced host Tiara (Rachel Dratch). DJ Dynasty Handbag constantly berated Tiara for being so boring, even though from outward appearances she seems to be brain-damaged from heavy drug use.

The sketches always feature cast members and the guest host as various musical acts that are designed to parody dance music performer (and in one instance, rap) stereotypes. An example was the portrayal of Shereals Davis (Maya Rudolph), a tone-deaf but sexy diva who sang her song "It's My Duty" and then lamented that her drug dealing hairstylist was arrested.


Delicious Dish

Delicious Dish was a radio show (shown from within the studio) serving as a parody of the programming of NPR, hosted by Margaret-Jo McCullen (portrayed by Ana Gasteyer) and Terry Rialto (portrayed by Molly Shannon), who in a parody of NPR personalities, always spoke using monotonous voices with little inflection. The hosts would often interview guests, however their dialogue would often contain double entendres that could mislead radio listeners. The most infamous Delicious Dish episode featured Alec Baldwin as the chef Pete Schweddy, who came to the show to showcase his "Schweddy Balls," and later re-appeared to showcase his "Schweddy Weiner." The ice cream company Ben and Jerry's released a flavor in September 2011 called "Schweddy Balls" in homage to the skit, prompting complaints from conservative groups that the name was too explicit for grocery store shelves.[2]

The Ferey Muhtar Talk Show

The Ferey Muthar Talk Show was a very short-lived sketch on SNL, appearing only twice (season 27 on the episode hosted by Ian McKellen and again on the season 28 episode hosted by Nia Vardalos). It was a talk show from Turkey, with Horatio Sanz as the host and Darrell Hammond as his sidekick. It was a parody based on Turkish reality show Ateş Hattı by Reha Muhtar.

Hello Dolly

The How Do You Say? Ah Yes, Show

This sketch was furnished as a talk show featuring Chris Kattan as Antonio Banderas, the show's host. Kattan portrayed Banderas as a naïve chauvinist whose only interest was to attempt to charm any female guest into sleeping with him, using his well-documented sex appeal and shaky-at-best mastery of the English language (as evidenced in the show's title). In the show, Banderas was always backed up by his three-man mariachi band, who aside from performing the musical duties on the show, constantly begged Banderas not to unbutton or remove his shirt, for it would be "too sexy". A female guest who was put off by his advances once asked him, "Aren't you married to Melanie Griffith?". His response was "Yes, but she is, how do you say, old and not here?". Drew Barrymore appeared in a sketch as Melanie Griffith.

Jarret's Room

Jarret's Room was a recurring sketch from 2000 to 2004. It's presented as a webcast opened up on a Macintosh computer as if by the viewer. The webcast is hosted by two stoner Hampshire College students, the jovial cool guy Jarret (Jimmy Fallon) and the chubby, well-baked Gobi (Horatio Sanz). In the Lucy Liu/Jay-Z episode, it is revealed that the only person who watches the show is an Icelandic teenager, Jeorg (played by Ashton Kutcher, but Kutcher didn't play Jeorg until he first hosted in Season 28). It frequently featured Seth Meyers as DJ Jonathan Feinstein starting in season 27 (Seann William Scott/Sum-41) and ending in season 29 (Lindsay Lohan/Usher). Other Characters include Jarret's roommates, Daniel (played by Chris Parnell), who appeared in the episodes hosted by Lucy Liu and Katie Holmes; and Jeff (played by Jeff Richards), who appeared in later sketches.

The sketch benefitted greatly from the formula of Mike Myers' Wayne's World: Jarret, the always enthusiastic and childlike host (similar to Wayne), is offset by his awkward co-host; the format is all DIY and low-budget; and the guests are all friends of the host or co-host. However, in Jarret's Room, the humor was more drug-influenced (particularly focusing on marijuana), rather than influenced on rock and roll and pop culture the way Wayne's World is.

In the Kirsten Dunst/Eminem episode, the actress played a co-ed who hosts a similar web-cam show to Jarret, also with a co-host, played by Amy Poehler. Because of these similarities, Jarret accused her of plagiarism.

In the Al Gore/Phish episode, Al Gore played a professor who reprimanded Jarrett and Gobi for being slackers while musical guest Phish appeared as themselves, also being reprimanded by the professor, who claims that they were once students of his; he asks if they were still playing their music and tells them to "get a job, you dirty hippies".

In the Matthew McConaughey/Dixie Chicks episode, the actor reprised his Dazed and Confused role of David Wooderson, who remains at Hampshire College.

The theme music to Jarret's Room is Wilco's "I'm Always In Love".


Kaitlin & Rick

This recurring sketch features Amy Poehler as Kaitlin, a young, hyperactive girl. Horatio Sanz appears as Kaitlin's laid back stepdad Rick.


Leonard Pinth-Garnell

Leonard Pinth-Garnell was a recurring character played by Dan Aykroyd. Pinth-Garnell, always clad in a tuxedo and black tie, would lugubriously introduce a short performance of "Bad Conceptual Theater", "Bad Playhouse", "Bad Cinema", "Bad Opera", "Bad Ballet", "Bad Red Chinese Ballet", or "Bad Cabaret for Children", and then exult in its sheer awfulness. Aykroyd played the character nine times from 1977 through 1979, and returned for a single appearance on November 3, 2001, introducing "Bad Conceptual Theater." (The show was hosted one time by Laraine Newman as Lady Pinth-Garnell.)

Pinth-Garnell was loosely based on the longtime PBS Masterpiece Theatre host Alistair Cooke.


Leon Phelps, the Ladies Man

Tim Meadows portrayed Leon Phelps, aka "The Ladies Man", in this popular series of sketches. Phelps (who is stuck in a 1970s mentality, is obsessed with Delta Burke, and speaks with a lisp) hosts a television show ("The Ladies Man") where he takes calls and delivers sexual advice. However, Phelps's advice is always over the top, and generally out of line, often suggesting "the butt" no matter what the caller had asked. Whenever he takes a call from a female caller, Phelps says, "Ooooh! It's a lady!" Phelps always has a glass of Courvoisier, a brand of fine Cognac.

The Ladies Man was one of two sketches that featured Monica Lewinsky when she appeared on the May 8, 1999 episode hosted by Cuba Gooding Jr.

This sketch became one of a handful of SNL sketches to spawn its own feature film.

Main article on the 2000 film: The Ladies Man (2000 film)

Morning Latte

This sketch features Will Ferrell and Cheri Oteri playing two morning talk show hosts. Ferrell plays Tom Wilkins, a typical vapid and smiling male TV personality, and Oteri plays his scatterbrained female co-host, Cass Van Rye. The two are depicted as being extremely chipper, and tend to be overenthusiastic about each other's mundane life stories, and about their less-than-stellar guests. This is more than likely due to the large amounts of latte they consume during the course of a show.

The two begin the show by recounting recent events in their personal lives, (in the same vein as shows like Live with Regis and Kelly, which SNL itself has parodied after Oteri and Ferrell left the show), which are almost certainly never as exciting as their reactions to them. Cass usually tells a story about her and her husband Eli, in which she never fails to include the detail about her inability to conceive children. Tom then tells a story about a recent event involving him and his wife Gail. Cass almost immediately forgets the details of his story, prompting her to ask questions to which he has already stated the answers. There is also usually a producer off to the side who throws out random comments, which Cass inadvertently forgets over the course of the show. The producer eventually gets fed up with her absentmindedness and loses his temper, shouting obscenities (such as, "YOU STUPID BITCH!") at her. The two hosts become stunned at the reaction, until he informs them that he was "just kidding", to which they respond with incessant laughter.

They also have guests on the show, yet no matter how boring or insipid they are, the two remain extremely enthralled throughout the interview.

Morning Latte at the SNL Archive

The Needlers

The Needlers first appeared as Sally and Dan Harrison, the Couple that Should Be Divorced in the Johnny Knoxville/System of a Down episode. They were a married couple portrayed by Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler. As the Needlers, they would often meet other couples in various settings. Normal dialogue between the Needlers would lead to arguments, causing the couple to speak privately and have angry make-up sex.[3]


  • May 14, 2005 - featuring host Johnny Knoxville (as Sally and Dan Harrison)
  • October 1, 2005 - featuring host Steve Carell
  • November 19, 2005 - featuring host Eva Longoria
  • March 4, 2006 - featuring host Natalie Portman

Nick Burns, Your Company's Computer Guy

"Nick Burns, Your Company's Computer Guy" is recurring sketch about a company computer geek starring Jimmy Fallon.

In the sketch, Fallon portrays "Nick Burns", a caricature of the stereotypically condescending computer expert. Burns is the systems administrator for a large corporation, who is apparently always on-call to support technical problems. He is presented as a nerd, wearing multiple pagers and cellular phones. He sports a thin, greasy moustache and unkempt hair, and he speaks with a lisp. He has minimal patience for the problematic computer users he has to help, and usually mocks and berates them.

He would start troubleshooting a problem by rattling off instructions to the character in confusing technical jargon, and quickly gets fed up by their relative technical ineptitude, eventually yelling his catchphrase, "MOVE!" He then sits at the keyboard and fixes the problem himself, gloating at the relative ease of the solution ("Was that so hard?"). There are two other recurring lines in the sketches: at the beginning of the segment, whenever it is mentioned that Nick Burns is coming into the office, Chris Kattan's character mutters, "I don't like that guy", and at the end of the segment, Burns exits, and comes back sarcastically yelling, "Oh by the way, YOU'RE WELCOME!" Horatio Sanz also has a recurring role as a user who is regularly teased by Burns for his weight.

Episodes: Nick Burns has been on SNL five times, and each skit has involved the guest host.

  • November 20, 1999: host Jennifer Aniston - Plays an employee whose computer was crashing with a new program
  • January 8, 2000: host Jamie Foxx - Plays an employee who matches wits—and knowledge of computers—with Burns
  • May 20, 2000: host Jackie Chan - Plays a new IT guy, Wang, who is replacing Nick for his vacation
  • November 11, 2000: host Calista Flockhart - Plays an IT girl, Rhonda, who has a thing for Nick
  • November 17, 2001: host Billy Bob Thornton - Plays Nick's dad


Pranksters is a recurring sketch starring Seth Meyers as the host of a weekly television show which shows home videos of people pulling practical jokes on relatives and friends. The show begins with Seth introducing a hidden video of a prank sent in by a viewer, with several unnecessary sound effects added. The first video is generally harmless, a younger brother hiding a fake rat in his older sister's jewelry box for example. Subsequent videos are usually more alarming, as evidenced by guest host Christopher Walken's video of him "pranking" a coworker who always parks in his spot. The prank involved sneaking behind the coworker in the parking lot and clubbing him several times with a tire iron, ultimately leaving him unconscious. Usually, the person who is pranked the worst is played by Chris Parnell.

While Seth Meyers usually found these videos reprehensible, the off camera sound effects guy usually did not, adding inappropriate noises whenever possible. Other highlights include: Christopher Walken accusing Seth Meyers of being a Stiffly Stifferson, adding that he likes to take Stiffly Stiffersons to his basement and "prank them for hours".


The Prince Show

See entry: The Prince Show on Saturday Night Live musical sketches.

La Revista Della Televisione Con Vinny Vedecci

This recurring sketch features Bill Hader as Vinny Vedecci, an Italian talk-show host who always interviews the host of the particular week’s show. Fred Armisen and Will Forte appear as Vedecci’s crew members, who are too busy eating spaghetti offstage to be effective. None of the guests interviewed by Vinnie speak any Italian, which leads to much misunderstanding (For example, in an episode with Seth Rogen, Vedecci continually refers to him as Bear Man). Vedecci is also a heavy smoker, despite the suggestions of some of his guests to kick the habit. Vedecci has a young son, played by Bobby Moynihan, who smokes, drinks, and insults the guests. Maya Rudolph makes a brief appearance in one episode.


Scared Straight

Scared Straight is a recurring sketch where a city police chief (Jason Sudeikis) uses some of his hardened criminals (Kenan Thompson and often the show's host) to try and scare some small-time petty thieves away from harder crimes. However, the criminals repeatedly go "over the line" about how the kids will become victims in jail, all the while, recounting their stories as thugs, usually stolen directly from well-known plot-lines from famous films (such as The Wizard of Oz, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, Weekend at Bernie's and The Goonies), all the while representing that "this is real." Featured "prisoner adocates" have included Taylor Swift and Betty White (as "Grammy" MacIntosh), with Kenan Thompson (as Lorenzo "Mack Attack" MacIntosh) being a recurring character.[1][dead link][2]


¡Show Biz Grande Explosion!

¡Show Biz Grande Explosion! is a recurring sketch featuring Fred Armisen as Fericito and Horatio Sanz as Manuel Pantalones, who are Latin-American entertainers and comedians.

¡Show Biz Grande Explosion! was launched as a vehicle for Armisen's Fericito character, a nightclub comedian from Venezuela, which had appeared three times on Saturday Night Live already and was quite popular. The sketch is presented as being an Spanglish show airing on the Univisión network, and is a parody of Latin American variety shows such as Sabado Gigante. This is the only sketch Fericito has appeared in, although he has also been in monologues and on Weekend Update.[4]

Manuel introduces Fericito and the bit. Fericito plays his timbales and asks the audience, "Did you feel it?" Fericito then goes into a monologue with jokes. At the end of each joke, he says "¡Ay Dios Mio!" and makes an exaggerated sad face. If someone becomes offended by a joke he makes, Fericito says, "I’m jus' kidding!" while shrugging. Often Manuel or the guest of the night is the butt of these jokes.

After his monologue, Fericito interviews a special guest. Often the guest is an outsider to Latin Culture who does not understand the nature or format of Fericito's jokes, or the guest him- or herself will try to crack a joke, which Fericito and Manuel do not find funny.


Spy Glass

This sketch is a UK-based version of Access Hollywood where Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler play reporters who gossip about celebrities inside and outside their hometown. Meyers' character would make repeated bad puns about celebrity current events, while Poehler's character would make thinly-veiled confessions to stalking celebrities. American reporters Pat O'Brien (Jimmy Fallon) and Gene Shalit (Horatio Sanz) would make guest appearances.


A sketch on the May 1, 2004 dress rehearsal featured Lindsay Lohan as a teen beat correspondent, but was cut before broadcast.

Song memories

Each song memories sketch starts off with four guys (Will Forte, Bill Hader, Jason Sudeikis, and another man played by the show's host; Andy Samberg joined the sketch following Forte's departure from the show) either sitting down at a restaurant, or, in a more recent sketch, taking a road trip while drinking beers. Another more recent one took place at a funeral. Then a song will start playing and Jason Sudeikis's character will recall a bizarre memory that the song reminds him of, most of them involving his love life. After that, all the characters sing along with the chorus, and the character telling the memory says something else. Next Will Forte's (later Andy Samberg) and Bill Hader's characters will do the same. Will Forte's generally speaking about his work, such as when he burnt down the school he worked at, and Bill Hader generally speaks about his father, whom he describes has various terminal or mental diseases. Next the host will do the same. At the end of the sketch the four of them will do something random, for example one of them ended with the four abruptly getting up with guns and robbing the restaurant and another had one of the four turning around with a gun and accidentally shooting the man in the backseat.

Songs: The different songs that were the center of each sketch were:



Starting in 2008, the Surprise sketch features Kristen Wiig as Sue, a woman who gets extremely excited whenever she hears about an upcoming surprise. Sue tries her hardest not the reveal the secret and this leads to drastic behavior. In the second Surprise episode, Surprise proposal, Josh Brolin (host) made an appearance.


Top O' the Morning

Top o' the Morning, starring Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon, was about an Irish morning talk show that takes place at a bar with hosts William Fitzpatrick and Patrick Fitzwilliam. Guests included Dan Aykroyd as Willam's father Patrick Fitzpatrick, and Senator John McCain as Frank McCourt. A recurring bit is where William will say something to Patrick to make him punch the wall.


William Fitzpatrick: So, Patrick.. your sister sure is stubborn, is she not?

Patrick Fitzwilliam: And what do you mean by that?

William Fitzpatrick: I had to ask her to take off her knickers four times before she did it!

Patrick Fitzwilliam: (angry) That's my sister!! (Punches a hole in the wall)

William Fitzpatrick: (impressed) Good. Well done.

Two A-Holes

Two A-Holes, starring Jason Sudeikis and Kristen Wiig as the eponymous characters whose behavior and mannerisms irritate a third party. Unlike most other recurring sketches, the full title of the sketch is announced by Bill Hader (although in the first three sketches, Chris Parnell was the announcer). The two characters' names are never given, and they only refer to one another as "babe." Kristen's signature phrase in this role is "you look like a rabbit."


  • December 17, 2005 host: Jack Black ("Two A-Holes Buying a Christmas Tree")
  • March 11, 2006 host: Matt Dillon ("Two A-Holes at a Travel Agency")
  • May 20, 2006 host: Kevin Spacey ("Two A-Holes at a Crime Scene")
  • October 21, 2006 host: John C. Reilly ("Two A-Holes Work Out with a Trainer")
  • December 9, 2006 host: Annette Bening ("Two A-Holes in a Live Nativity Scene")
  • January 20, 2007 host: Jeremy Piven ("Two A-Holes at the Adoption Agency")
  • May 17, 2008 host: Steve Carell ("Two A-Holes at Karaoke Night")
  • October 25, 2008 host: Jon Hamm ("Two A-Holes at an Ad Agency in the 1960s", though the sketch was introduced with a shortened version of the opening theme of the AMC period drama Mad Men)

Uncle Jemima

Uncle Jemima (played by Tracy Morgan), is the creator of "Uncle Jemima's Pure Mash Liquor" in this commercial parody. He is also the husband of Aunt Jemima, "the pancake lady", and the commercial is clearly intended to be a jab at old-time racial stereotypes perpetuated by products like Aunt Jemima. Uncle Jemima comments that while his wife says "sellin' booze is degradin' to our people", "I always say that black folk ain't exactly swellin' up with pride on account of you flippin' flapjacks".

Uncle Jemima's Pure Mash Liquor has a 95% alcohol content per volume, which means, as he states, "you get fucked up for less money!" The sketch was a combination of live-action and animation in the style of the Disney movie Song of the South, featuring cartoon ducks, butterflies, and other animals (which no one can see but Uncle Jemima himself). It is implied that the Disney-esque animations were figments of his imagination brought on by the consumption of his mash liquor ("What'chu swattin' at?"). Uncle Jemima's motto is that his pure mash liquor is "more fun than pancakes!". The sketch ended with his wife Aunt Jemima (also played by Morgan) banging a pot and cheerfully announcing "Pancakes is ready!", to which an enraged Uncle Jemima yells "You shut up, woman! You are not going to ruin this for me!" and pursues Aunt Jemima in anger; in effect Tracy Morgan chasing after himself. [5]


Vincent Price Holiday Specials

This is a recurring sketch featuring Vincent Price (played by Bill Hader) hosting specials for different holidays including: Thanksgiving (from 1958), St. Patrick's Day (from 1961), Halloween (from 1959 and another from 1960), St. Valentine's Day (from 1966), and Christmas (from 1954) -- a Memorial Day one from 1960 was supposed to air on the Kevin Spacey/Nelly Furtado episode in season 31, but was cut after dress rehearsal—-all shown as part of a show called "Variety Vault" on the cable channel TVLand. All are somewhat spooky and the humor revolves around technical difficulties and the foibles of the celebrity guests, particularly in Vincent Price trying to keep the show family-friendly (as some of the celebrities' antics and jokes—particularly Liberace's—border on the obscene). All the guests were celebrities from the late 1950s and early to late 1960s. Kristen Wiig also appeared in every sketch, two as Katharine Hepburn and two as Judy Garland. Fred Armisen appeared in five sketches, four as Liberace. Darrell Hammond appeared in two sketches and did not play a character more than once, as is Jon Hamm (who appeared on two Vincent Price Halloween specials as two different celebrities -- actor James Mason and future U.S. President John F. Kennedy).


Wake Up Wakefield!

Wake Up Wakefield! is the name of the morning announcement program for Wakefield Middle School fictionally set in San Jose, California, and broadcast from the school's A/V department, and hosted by two of its students, Megan (Maya Rudolph) and Sheldon (Rachel Dratch). The show begins with a voice over by Megan, featuring the words "Wake Up Wakefield" written on a chalkboard. Megan is a typical (if somewhat vacuous) middle school girl who has a crush on another student named Randy Goldman (Jimmy Fallon), which is borderline obsession (she wears a shirt with his likeness on it, and admits that she camps outside his house when he's sleeping). Sheldon is an awkward male nerd who always wears a polo shirt with a tie (apparently, in attempt to look like an anchorman for the program) and always addresses the audience, "Hey." Sheldon is Megan's best friend, and it is implied that he has a crush on her.

In several episodes, Megan's crush changes. (In no particular order) They range from Randy Goldman, Justin Timberlake, Clay Aiken and the infamous Adrian Brody episode, in which Megan has a photo of Brody blown up onto a t-shirt that she wears under all her clothes. It is suggested that Maya Rudolph herself had a crush on the actor and during his monologue on the show, Adrian Brody (as he walks down the stairs to the stage) runs off to make-out with Maya before starting the show.

The show serves to address current events at the school, but usually sidelines into a platform for Megan to talk about her love of Randy Goldman. Megan and Sheldon are joined on the show by "Jazz x 10", a jazz group made up of Sheldon's friends from band class. Horatio Sanz often appears as Mr. Banglian, a teacher who inadvertently stumbles onto the show, and then when he realizes they're recording, proceeds to make an "important" announcement. Mr. Banglian often attempts to relate to the students by dancing, using hip hop slang, and adding an extraneous "-izz" infix to words (e.g. "hizzouse").

The host of the particular show has appeared in each sketch. In one sketch, Ray Romano plays Sheldon's geeky father in a dead end job. In another, Jennifer Garner plays a geeky teen with a massive crush on Sheldon. They proceed to kiss, then Sheldon has to go because of a cello lesson. Elijah Wood also appears as the trumpet player for Jazz X 10 and one of Sheldon's best friends. Also, Senator John McCain appears as a guy in an aloha shirt named Pete Van Bleet.

Sheldon always signs off with his trademark salute (similar to Doc Severinsen's on The Tonight Show).

Jazz x 10 opens the show with a badly-performed version of the song "Pick up the Pieces" by Average White Band.

The Zimmermans

The Zimmermans were a married couple portrayed by Chris Kattan and Cheri Oteri. As Jim and Laura Zimmerman, they would often meet other couples in various settings. Normal dialogue between the Zimmermans would often change course suddenly, as the couple work one another into a sexual frenzy which typically ends just as abruptly. Each sketch typically ends with one or both members of the other couple finally adopting behavior similar to the Zimmermans after extensive baiting, at which point the Zimmermans become shocked and appalled by the other's display.


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