Outline of Denmark

Outline of Denmark
The location of Denmark
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Denmark (Danish: Danmark, pronounced [ˈdanmɑɡ̊] ( listen)) is a country located in Scandinavia of Northern Europe.[1] It is the southernmost of the Nordic countries. The mainland is bordered to the south by Germany; Denmark is southwest of Sweden and south of Norway. Denmark borders both the Baltic and the North Sea. The country consists of a large peninsula, Jutland (Jylland) and many islands, most notably Zealand (Sjælland), Funen (Fyn), Lolland, Falster and Bornholm as well as hundreds of minor islands often referred to as the Danish Archipelago. Denmark has long controlled the approach to the Baltic Sea (in a concept known as dominium maris baltici), and these waters are also known as the Danish straits.

The countries of Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands constitute the Kingdom of Denmark, a sovereign state.

The following outline is provided as an overview, and topical guide to Denmark:

General reference

Geography of Denmark

Environment of Denmark

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Natural geographic features of Denmark

Administrative divisions of Denmark

Main article: Administrative divisions of Denmark
Political map of Danish regions
Danish name English name Seat of administration Largest city Population
(January 1, 2008)
Area (km²) Pop. density
(per km²)
Region Hovedstaden Capital Region of Denmark Hillerød Copenhagen 1,645,825 2,561 642.6
Region Midtjylland Central Denmark Region Viborg Århus 1,237,041 13,142 94.2
Region Nordjylland North Denmark Region Aalborg Aalborg 578,839 7,927 73.2
Region Sjælland Region Zealand Sorø Roskilde 819,427 7,273 112.7
Region Syddanmark Region of Southern Denmark Vejle Odense 1,194,659 12,191 97.99
Entire country 5,475,791 43,094 127.0 |
  • Capital of Denmark: Copenhagen
  • Cities of Denmark

Demography of Denmark

Main article: Demographics of Denmark

Government and politics of Denmark

Main article: Government of Denmark and Politics of Denmark

Branches of the government

Executive branch of the government

Legislative branch of the government

Judicial branch of the government

  • Supreme Court of Denmark

Foreign relations of Denmark

International organization membership

Denmark is a member of:[1]

Law and order in Denmark

Main article: Law of Denmark

Military of Denmark

Main article: Danish Defence

Local government in Denmark

History of Denmark

Main article: History of Denmark

Culture of Denmark

Main article: Culture of Denmark

Art in Denmark

Sports in Denmark

Main article: Sports in Denmark

Economy and infrastructure of Denmark

Main article: Economy of Denmark

Education in Denmark

Main article: Education in Denmark

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