List of Prime Ministers of Denmark

List of Prime Ministers of Denmark

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incumbent = Anders Fogh Rasmussen
incumbentsince = 27 November 2001
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residence = Marienborg
formation = 22 March 1848
This is a list over the heads of government in Denmark since 1848. The constitutional monarchy was introduced in 1849.

The Danish Monarch is the head of state. Each head of government has been the leader of one or more cabinets (for the complete list, see Cabinet of Denmark).

The office of Prime Minister is described on Prime Minister of Denmark. Denmark's current Prime Minister is Anders Fogh Rasmussen representing the Liberal party "Venstre". Anders Fogh Rasmussen took office in 2001.

Name of the office

From approximately 1699 to 1730, the highest ranking non-monarchial government official was titled the "Grand Chancellor". From 1730 to the enactment of Denmark's constitutional monarchy in 1848, this office was titled "Minister of State" of Denmark. From 1848 to 1855, starting with Adam Wilhelm Moltke, Denmark's head of government officially had the title of "Prime Minister" ("Premierminister"). From 1855 to 1918 the title was "Council President" ("Konseilspræsident"). Since April 21 1918, the title has officially been "State Minister" ("Statsminister"). Internationally, the position is however referred to as "Prime Minister". This includes the English version of the PM's webpage. In this list, the English title is used.

List of Grand Chancellors (1699-1730)

List of Council Presidents (1856-1918)

List of Ministers of State (1918-present)

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