List of acronyms and initialisms: D

List of acronyms and initialisms: D

This list contains acronyms, initialisms, and pseudo-blends that begin with the letter D.

For the purposes of this list:

  • acronym = an abbreviation pronounced as a series of constituent letters, e.g., SARS = severe acute respiratory syndrome
  • initialism = an abbreviation pronounced wholly or partly using the names of its constituent letters, e.g., CD = compact disc
  • pseudo-blend = an abbreviation whose extra or omitted letters means that it cannot stand as a true acronym, initialism, or portmanteau (a word formed by combining two or more words).
(a) = acronym in the example: SARS – (a) Severe acute respiratory syndrome
(i) = initialism in the example: CD – (i) Compact disc
(p) = pseudo-blend in the example: UNIFEM – (p) United Nations Development Fund for Women
(s) = symbol (none of the above, representing and pronounced as something else; for example: MHz – Megahertz)

(Main list of acronyms and initialisms)



  • da – (s) Danish language (ISO 639-1 code) – deca
  • DA – (s) Denmark (FIPS 10-4 country code) – (i) Debtors Anonymous – (i) U.S. Department of the Army – District Attorney
  • DABDigital Audio Broadcasting
  • DACT – (i) Data Automated Communications Terminal – Dissimilar Air Combat Training
  • DADVSI – (i) Loi sur le droit d’auteur et les droits voisins dans la société de l’information (French, "Law on copyrights and related rights in the information society")
  • DAES – (i) Defence Acquisition Executive Summary – (UK MoD) Directorate of Analysis, Experimentation and Simulation
  • DAF – (a) Dissolved Air Flotation, a technique used in water treatment
  • DAFIF – (a) Digital Aeronautical Flight Information File
  • DAK – (a) Disney's Animal Kingdom
  • DA&M – (i) (U.S.) Director, Administration & Management
  • dan – (s) Danish language (ISO 639-2 code)
  • DAO – (i) Division Ammunition Officer
  • DAQ – (p) Data acquisition – (i) Delivered Audio Quality
  • DARE – (a) Drug Abuse Resistance Education
  • DARO – (i/a) (U.S.) Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Office
  • DARPA – (a) U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
  • DART – (a) Disaster Assistance Response TeamDublin Area Rapid Transit
  • DAS – (a) Defensive Aids Suite
  • DASD – (i) (U.S.) Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense
  • DASL – (i) Datapoint's Advanced System Language
  • DAU – (i) (U.S.) Defense Acquisition University
  • DAWN – (a) (U.S.) Drug Abuse Warning Network


  • dB – (s) Decibel
  • Db – (s) Dubnium
  • DB – (i) DatabaseDeutsche Bahn
  • d/b/a – (i) doing business as
  • DBA – (i) De Bellis Antiquitatis (miniature wargaming rules)
  • DBBL – (i) (U.S. Army Simulation Center) Dismounted Battlespace Battle Laboratory
  • DBCS – (i) Double Byte Character Set
  • DBDO – (i) Desert BDO
  • DBE – (i) Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire
  • DBF – (i) Detection By Fire (weapon launch signature)
  • DBM – (i) De Bellis Multitudinis (miniature wargaming rules) – Detection By Movement (military target)
  • DBR – (i) De Bellis Renationis (miniature wargaming rules)
  • DBRA – (i) Davis-Bacon Related Acts
  • DBS – (i) Direct Broadcast Services (television)






  • DG – (i) Dei gratia (Latin, "by the grace of God") – Director-General
  • DGA – (i) Direction générale des armées (French "Armed Forces General Directorate")
  • DGD&D – (i) UK Directorate General of Development and Doctrine
  • DGPS – (i) Differential GPS
  • DGZ – (i) Desired Ground Zero









  • DO – (s) Dominica (FIPS 10-4 country code) – Dominican Republic (ISO 3166 digram) – (i) Doctor of Osteopathy
  • DOA – (i) Dead On Arrival – Dead or Alive
  • DOB – (i) Date Of Birth
  • DOD – (i) U.S. Department of Defense
  • DODAF – (a) U.S. Department of Defense Architectural Framework
  • DoDD – (i) U.S. Department of Defense Directive
  • DoDEA – (i) (U.S.) Department of Defense Education Activity
  • DOE – (i/a) U.S. Department of Energy
  • DOHC – (i) Dual-OverHead-Cam engine
  • DOI – (i) Digital Object Identifier – U.S. Department of the Interior
  • DOM – (i) Deo optimo maximo (Latin, "to God, the best and greatest") – (a) Document Object Model – (s) Dominican Republic (ISO 3166 trigram)
  • DOMS – (i) (U.S.) Director of Military Support
  • DOP – (s) Dominican peso (ISO 4217 currency code)
  • DORA – (a) Defence of the Realm Act
  • DOS – (a) Denial of Service (DoS, cf. DDoS) – Density of State – Disk Operating System
  • DOT – (i) Department of Transportation (U.S. federal or state) – Damage Over Time (common in World of Warcraft)
  • DOTA – short-form for DEFENSE OF THE ANCIENTS a popular online epic game
  • DotD – (i) Deal of the Day (marketing gimmick)
  • DOTMLPF – (i) Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership, Personnel, and Facilities (mnemonic)
  • DOW – (i) Died of Wounds



  • DQ – (i) Dairy Queen – (s) Jarvis Island (FIPS 10-4 country code)


  • DR – (i) Dead Reckoning – (s) Dominican Republic (FIPS 10-4 country code) – (i) Danmarks Radio (Danish Broadcasting Corporation)
  • DRA – (i) Defence Research Agency (UK, 1991–1995) – Democratic Republic of America
  • DRAGN – (a) Double Radio source Active Galactic Nucleus ("dragon")
  • DRAM – (a) Dynamic Random Access Memory ("dee-ram") (computing)
  • DRC – (i) Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • DRDC – (i) Defence Research & Development Canada
  • DREA – (i/a) Defence Research Establishment Atlantic (obsolete 2002)
  • DRES – (i/a) Defence Research Establishment Suffield (obsolete 2002)
  • DRET – (i/a) Defence Research Establishment Toronto (obsolete 2002)
  • DREV – (i/a) Defence Research Establishment Valcartier (obsolete 2002)
  • DRI – (i) Detection, Recognition, Identification – Dietary Reference Intake
  • DRIC – (i/a) (U.S.) Defense Research Information Center
  • DRL – (i) Daytime Running Lights – Dorman Roberts Ltd.
  • DRM – (i) Digital Rights Management
  • DRMS – (i) (U.S.) Defense Revitalization and Marketing Service
  • DRPR – (p) Drawing Practices
  • DRT – (i) Document Related Technologies


  • Ds – (s) Darmstadtium
  • DS
    • (i) Dear son (increasingly prevalent on social mailing lists, blogs, and bulletin boards)
    • Defence Scientist
    • Direct Support
    • (s) Dust Storm (METAR Code)
  • DSA
    • (i) (U.S.) Defense Support Activities
    • Division Support Area
  • DSAA
    • (i) (U.S.) Defense Security Assistance Agency
    • DECT Standard Authentication Algorithm
  • DSAS – (i) Disney Sing Along Songs
  • DSB – (i) (U.S.) Defense Science Board
  • DSC
    • (i) Differential Scanning Calorimeter
    • Digital Selective Calling
    • Digital Still Camera
    • Distinguished Service Cross
    • Doctor of Surgical Chiropody (obsolete)
    • Document structure convention (PostScript programming)
    • Dynamic Stability Control
  • DSCS – (i) U.S. Defense Satellite Communications System
  • DSCSOC – (i) DSCS Operations Center
  • DSD – (i) Defence Studies Department (King's College, London)
  • DSDS – (i) Deutschland sucht den Superstar (German, "Germany Seeks the Superstar"), the German version of the Idol series
  • DSE – (i) Dry Sheep Equivalent
  • DSG –(i) Direct-Shift Gearbox
  • DSID – (i) Dismounted Soldier Identification System
  • DSL – (i) Digital Subscriber Line
  • DSLR – (i) Digital single-lens reflex (camera)
  • DSM – (i) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
  • DSN – (i) Deep Space Network
  • DSO – (i) Distinguished Service Order (British military decoration)
  • dsp – (i) decessit sine prole (Latin, "died without issue")
  • DSP
  • dspl – (i) d.s.p. legitima (Latin, "died without legitimate issue")
  • DSPL – (i) Design Specialists and Plans Language
  • dspm – (i) d.s.p. malus (Latin, "died without male issue")
  • dspml – (i) d.s.p.m. legitima (Latin, "died without legitimate male issue")
  • dspms – (i) d.s.p.m. suivre (Latin, "died without surviving male issue")
  • dsps – (i) d.s.p. suivre (Latin, "died without surviving issue")
  • DSR – (i) Deformed Special Relativity
  • DSRV
  • DSS
  • DST – (i) Daylight saving time
  • DSTL – (i) British Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
  • DSWA – (i) (U.S.) Defense Special Weapons Agency



  • DU – (i) Depleted Uranium – (s) Dust (METAR Code)
  • DUI – (i) Data Use Identifier – Data Use Institute – Davis Unified Ignition – Diving Unlimited International – Documento Único de Identidad – Documento Unico de Importación – Driving Under the Influence – Duke University Improv
  • DUSD – (i) (U.S.) Deputy Under-Secretary of Defense


  • dv – (s) Dhivehi language (ISO 639-1 code)
  • DV
    • (i) Daily Value (FDA food guide)
    • Deo volente (Latin, "God willing")
  • DVD – (i) Digital Versatile Disk (was Digital Video Disk)
  • DVLC – (i) UK Driver and Vehicle Licencing Centre
  • dvm – (i) decessit vita matris (Latin, "died in the lifetime of the mother")
  • DVM – (i) Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
  • DVO – (i) Direct View Optics
  • dvp – (i) decessit vita patris (Latin, "died in the lifetime of the father")
  • dvu – (i) decessit vita uxoris (Latin, "died in the lifetime of spouse")


  • DW – (a) Drum Workshop
  • DWG – (p) Divisional Wargame (military simulation)
  • DWI – (i) Dance With Intensity – Danish West Indies – Diffusion-weighted imaging – Direct water injection – Disaster Welfare Inquiry – Drinking Water Inspectorate – Driving While Intoxicated/Impaired
  • DWM – (a) Doctor Who Magazine
  • DWIM – (a) Do What I Mean
  • DWTS – (a) Dancing with the Stars




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