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Dancing with the Stars
International versions of Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars is the name of several international television series based on the format of the British TV series Strictly Come Dancing, which is distributed by BBC Worldwide – the commercial arm of the BBC. Currently the format has been licensed to over 35 countries (as of September 2011).[1] Australia was the first country to adapt the show, and versions have also been produced in Albania, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latvia, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine and United States, and Vietnam. As a result, the series became the world's most popular television program among all genres in 2006 and 2007, according to the magazine Television Business International,[2] reaching the Top 10 in 17 countries. The show pairs a number of celebrities with professional ballroom dancers, who each week compete by performing dances. The dancers are then scored by a panel of judges. Viewers are given a certain amount of time to place votes for their favorite dancers, either by telephone or (in some countries) online. The couple with the lowest combined score provided by the judges and viewers is eliminated. This process continues until there are only two or three couples left; when they have competed for the last time one couple is declared the champion.


Franchise records

Professionals achieving three wins

Derek Hough, Raimondo Todaro and Kym Johnson are the only professionals in the history of the franchise to have achieved three championship wins. Derek Hough won his first championship in season seven of the American version of Dancing With the Stars with model/host Brooke Burke, his second in season ten with singer Nicole Scherzinger, and his third in season eleven with actress Jennifer Grey. Raimondo Todaro won his first championship in the Italian version of Dancing with the Stars called Ballando con le stelle with the former Miss Italy and television hostess, Cristina Chiabotto, during the second season of the show. He won again with the Olympic long-jump silver medalist, Fiona May, during the third season of the show. Four years later, Todaro won the sixth season of the show with the actress, Veronica Olivier.

Kym Johnson is the only professional dancer to have won three championships from two different versions of Dancing with the Stars. She won season two of the Australian version with Tom Williams and season nine of the American version with Donny Osmond and season twelve with Hines Ward.

Professionals achieving two back-to-back wins

Cheryl Burke, Julianne Hough, Derek Hough, Raimondo Todaro, Stefano Oliveri, Kelly Kainz, Marianne Eihilt, Leila Akcelik, Christian Polanc and Rafał Maserak made international Dancing With The Stars franchise history by becoming the only professional dancers to win two championships back-to-back.

Cheryl Burke won her first Dancing With The Stars USA Championship with the 98 Degrees boy band member Drew Lachey in the second season, and she won her second championship with American National Football League star Emmitt Smith in the third season. Julianne Hough won her first championship with the Olympic speed skating gold medalist Apolo Anton Ohno in the fourth season, and her second championship with the Indianapolis 500 champion Helio Castroneves in the fifth season. Derek Hough achieved back to back championships with singer Nicole Scherzinger in season ten, and then with actress Jennifer Grey in season eleven.

Raimondo Todaro won his first championship in the Italian version of Dancing with the Stars called Ballando con le stelle with the former Miss Italy and television hostess Cristina Chiabotto during the second season of the show. He won again with the Olympic long jump silver medalist Fiona May during the third season of the show. Stefano Oliveri won his first championship on Dancing with the Stars New Zealand with his dance partner Suzanne Paul, an infomercial hostess in New Zealand during season three, and he won his second title during season four with the netball champion Temepara George. Kelly Kainz won her first championship on the Austrian version of Dancing with the Stars with singer Manuel Ortega in the second season, and she won her second title in season three with singer, comedian and TV host Klaus Eberhartinger. Marianne Eihilt won season four of the Danish version of Dancing with the Stars, called Vild med dans, along with actor Robert Hansen. She won season five with shot put Olympic medalist Joachim B. Olsen. Leila Akcelik won season three of the Belgian version of Dancing with the Stars, called Sterren op de Dansvloer, along with actor Antony Arandia. She won season four with actor Louis Talpe. Christian Polanc won the German version of Dancing with the Stars with soap-opera actress Susan Sideropoulos in season two and won the fourth season with Maite Kelly, a member of The Kelly Family. Rafał Maserak won season ten of the Polish version of Dancing with the Stars, called Taniec z Gwiazdami, along with actress Anna Mucha. He won season eleven with actress Julia Kamińska.

Other professionals with two wins

Mark Ballas, Kym Johnson, Christian Polanc, and Andy Kainz are the only professional dancers to have won two seasons that were not back-to-back. Mark Ballas won in Season six of the American version with his partner Kristi Yamaguchi, and he won in Season eight with his partner Shawn Johnson. Kym Johnson won in Season ten with Donny Osmond and again in Season twelve with Hines Ward. Christian Polanc won the German version of Dancing with the Stars with Soap-Opera actor Susan Sideropoulos in season two and won the fourth Season with Maite Kelly, member of The Kelly Family. Andy Kainz, the husband of Kelly Kainz, won in the first season of the Austrian version of Dancing with the Stars with musical singer Marika Lichter, and he won again in season five with journalist and TV host Claudia Reiterer. Together, Andy and Kelly Kainz won four out of five championships in Austria.

Other records for participating dancers

In New Zealand, Carol-Ann Hickmore is the only female professional dancer to win. She won in the Season two with the former rugby player Norm Hewitt. Ms. Hickmore later became a dancing judge for Seasons three and four after the Season one judge Donna Dawson had to leave the program. In Austria, Andy Kainz is the only male professional dancer to win; his wife Kelly Kainz won in season 2 after he had won in season 1. Julianne Hough became the youngest professional dancer in Dancing with the Stars in the United States when she danced with the speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno during Season four at the age of 18. Shawn Johnson became the youngest contestant on Dancing with the Stars in the United States in Season eight at the age of 17. She went on to become the youngest-ever winner of the dance contest.

Anton du Beke and Erin Boag

Edyta Sliwinska is the longest tenured professional dancer in "Dancing With The Stars", appearing in seasons 1 through 10. In the original British version of the TV program, Strictly Come Dancing, Anton du Beke, Erin Boag, and Brendan Cole have danced in each season. In the New Zealand version, Rebecca Nicholson is the only professional dancer to have appeared in every season. Jill Halfpenny and Darren Bennett were the first couple ever to receive a "perfect forty" score in the contest, this was in Strictly Come Dancing in the Season two finale. Malena Belafonte and Silas Holst were the first couple to receive a "perfect forty" in the semi-finals 2009 in the Danish version season 6.

Alesha Dixon is currently the most successful contestant to ever take part in Strictly Come Dancing, with an average point score of 36.5/40, the highest average score from any contestant to ever take part in the show. It was revealed in July 2009 that Alesha would be joining the Strictly Come Dancing judging panel in September 2009[3] and is judging again in the eighth series.

The lowest score that has ever been given by a judge in Dancing with the Stars franchise history was a one, which was given to Rodney Hide,[citation needed] and to Nikki Webster of Australia in 2005. Craig Revel Horwood also awarded Ann Widdecombe a score of one in weeks 2, 8 and 9, 2010. (The only scores allowed are whole numbers from 1 to 10.)

Professionals who have participated in two different versions

Brian Fortuna, Hayley Holt, Kym Johnson, Tobias Karlsson, Natalie Lowe, Stefano Olivieri, Kimberley Smith, Csaba Szirmai and Ingrid Thompson have appeared on two different versions of Dancing with the Stars.

Kym Johnson is the only professional dancer to win two different versions of DWTS. She won twice on the American versions with Donny Osmond and Hines Ward and the Australian version with Tom Williams.

Brian Fortuna danced one season in the United States, and he has since competed in Strictly Come Dancing. Hayley Holt appeared in the New Zealand version of Dancing with the Stars and also in Strictly Come Dancing in Great Britain. Ms. Johnson has danced on the American and the Australian versions of the show, while Tobias Karlsson has appeared in both the Danish and the Swedish versions. Natalie Lowe took part in Dancing with the Stars Australia 2004–2008 but has danced with Ricky Whittle and in 2010 with Scott Maslen in Strictly Come Dancing UK. Stefano Olivieri and Csaba Szirmai have appeared in both the Australian and the New Zealand versions. Kimberley Smith has appeared in both the Belgian and the Dutch versions. Ingrid Beate Thompson appeared in the Norwegian and the Swedish versions of the show.

Brendan Cole is a judge in the New Zealand TV series, and he is a professional dancer in the British version of the show, Strictly Come Dancing. There, he won the first series with the British TV news announcer, Natasha Kaplinsky. Lilia Kopylova appeared as a professional dancer in the British version, Strictly Come Dancing, and is now head judge on the Turkish version, Yok Böyle Dans.[4]

The Bulgarian version of the program shares some dancers with the Vietnamese version. None of the professionals in the latter are Vietnamese.

Former competitors as hosts

Four competitors have also hosted the TV show. The winner of Season one of Strictly Come Dancing, Natasha Kaplinsky, stood in for the hostess Tess Daly, who was on maternity leave during season two. In the United States, the winner of season two of Dancing with the Stars, Drew Lachey, filled in for the hostess Samantha Harris, who was also on maternity leave for season five; Harris left the show after season ten and was replaced by season seven winner Brooke Burke. In Austria, the winner of season three, Klaus Eberhartinger, replaced the host Alfons Haider during season four. In season five, he was back as host while Klaus Eberhartinger filled in for him as a judge. In Vietnam, the season 1 runner-up Đoan Trang has taken the role of hostess due to Thanh Vân's pregnancy.


Season 1

  • Winners: Oni Pustina and Linda Poda
  • Judges: Ilir Shaqiri, Iva Tiço and Arian Çani.
  • Presented by: Alketa Vejsiu and Genti Zotaj.
  • The first season began on February 18, 2010 and concluded on May 7, 2010. It was aired on Vizion Plus[1].

Season 2

  • Winners: Enver Petrovci & Loreta Bala
  • The second season went on air on March 31, 2011 on Vizion Plus, and Tring Digital.
  • Judges: Ilir Shaqiri, Iva Tiço and Arian Çani.
  • Presented by: Amarda Toska and Ermal Mamaqi.


Dancing with the Stars has aired on the Seven Network since late 2004 and is hosted by Daniel MacPherson and Sonia Kruger. In late 2007, previous host Daryl Somers left the series after seven seasons. For the first seven seasons, there were four judges:

Before the eighth season aired, Paul Mercurio was dropped from the judging panel. The series has won a Logie Award, and has been named one of the most successful television programs to air on Australian television. The show averages around 2 million viewers a week nationally across Australia.[5] The program was made by the BBC in conjunction with Granada but since season eight, has been produced by Freehand. The most recent season commenced mid 2010. The Competition is backed by a live orchestra led by Chong Lim.



The first season of Dancing Stars started airing in Autumn of 2005 on ORF1, the second season started in Spring 2006, the third season in Spring of 2007, the fourth season in 2008 and the fifth season in 2009.


In Season 1, 2 and 3 the show was hosted by Alfons Haider (Main Host) and Mirjam Weichselbraun (Backstage and Interviews). In Season 4 Mirjam Weichselbraun replaced Alfons Haider and winner of Season 3 Klaus Eberhartinger took her place. In Season 5, Mirjam Weichselbraun was the main host while Alfons Haider took Klaus Eberhartinger's place.


In the first season, the dancers were judged by professional dance sport judges Hannes Nedbal and Nicole Burns-Hansen, dance school owner Thomas Schäfer-Elmayer and former musical actress, singer and dancer Dagmar Koller. In the second season, Harald Serafin, operetta singer and theater manager, filled in for Dagmar Koller. In the third season, Guggi Löwinger, actress, singer and dancer, took his place. In the fourth season, Klaus Eberhartinger replaced Alfons Haider as a host who therefore joined the judging panel. In the fifth season, the two men switched places again with Klaus Eberhartinger judging beside Hannes Nedbal, Nicole Burns-Hansen and Thomas Schäfer-Elmayer who were judges in all five seasons.


In Brazil, there are two shows inspired on Dancing with the Stars: Bailando por um Sonho and Dança dos Famosos. Bailando por um Sonho only ran for one season and ended in December 2006 on SBT. Dança dos Famosos premiered in 2005 on Rede Globo and has been on the air for seven seasons.

Bailando por um Sonho

The first and unique season of "Bailando por um Sonho" started airing on October 21, 2006 to December 12, 2006 on SBT. The show was hosted by Silvio Santos and Cynthia Benini.


  • Carla Salvagni
  • Ismael Guiser
  • Jaime Arôxa
  • Luciana Maradei


  • Patricia Salvador (TV-Host) with Leonardo (winners)
  • Analice Nicolau (Top model/TV-Host) with Wesley (2nd)
  • Virginia Nowicki (actress/TV-Host) with Alisson (3rd)
  • Luciana Vendramini (actress) with Vitor (1st eliminated)
  • Valéria Valenssa (artist) with Thiago (2nd eliminated)
  • Sidney Magal (Singer) with Juliana (3rd eliminated)
  • Lucas Poletto (Singer) with Kelly (4th eliminated)
  • Alexandre Barillari (actor) with Fernanda (5th eliminated)
  • Reinaldo Ritts (actor) with Karina (6th eliminated)
  • Fernando Scherer (Swimmer) with Luciane (7th eliminated)

Dança dos Famosos

The first season premiered in 2005 and it is broadcast by Rede Globo.



The first season of the show started on 22 September 2008, it is called Dancing Stars and is aired on bTV. The show is hosted by Radost Draganova and Todor Kolev.[disambiguation needed ] The show airs from Monday to Thursday with two live shows – on Monday (main show) and Thursday (results show) and two background episodes on Tuesday and Wednesday. Dancing Stars proved to be a huge success reaching an average audience share over 40%, beating Nova Television's Big Brother 4. Judges:


  • Anya Pencheva (born 12 September 1957) – Actress
  • Niki Kunchev (born 26 December 1960) – TV host
  • Alisia – Pop-folk singer
  • Galena – Pop-folk singer
  • Bojidar Iskrenov (born 1 August 1962) – Former football player
  • Kalki (born 9 December 1962) – Singer
  • Violeta Markovska (born 24 April 1987) – Actress
  • Neti (born 14 September 1975) – Actress and singer
  • Andrei Batashov (born 10 September 1965 - 29 November 2010) – Actor
  • Georgi Mamalev (born 5 August 1952) – Actor
  • Iliana Raeva – Ex gymnast (born 15 March 1963)
  • Georgi Kostadinov (born 20 September 1979) – Winner of Survivor BG 2
  • Orlin (born 23 April 1979) – Pop singer
  • Elena Yoncheva (born 27 May 1964) – Journalist


El Baile en TVN

Based on the format of the program "Strictly Come Dancing" of U.K. El Baile en TVN ("The Ball on TVN") is aired in Televisión Nacional de Chile since October 16, 2006. The hosts are Rafael Araneda and Karen Doggenweiler.

Season 1

Since October 16, 2006. The winners of this season were Juvenal Olmos and Claudia Miranda.

  • Patricio Laguna (Model, partnered by Viví Rodríguez)
  • Sigrid Alegría (Actress, partnered by Mario Méndez)
  • Raquel Argandoña (TV personality, partnered by Alfredo Araya)
  • Juanita Parra (Musician, partnered by Diego Heilig)
  • Quique Neira (Musician, partnered by Verónica Lobos)
  • Pilar Cox (TV host, partnered by Andrés Niérez)
  • Horacio de la Peña (Former Tennis player, partnered by María Isabel Sobarzo)

Season 2

Since March 5, 2007. The winners of this season were Cristian Arriagada and Paz Bustos.

Season 3

Since August 22, 2007. The winners of this season were Francisco Reyes and Irene Bustamante.

  • Carolina "Pampita" Ardohain (Argentine Top Model, partnered by Diego Heilig)
  • Maria Eugenia Larrain "Kenita Larrain" (Chilean Top Model, partnered by Rodrigo Escobar)
  • Amaya Forch (Chilean Singer and Actress, partnered by William Orrock)
  • Catalina Palacios (Entertainer of children's TV programs, partnered by Darwin Ruz)
  • Adrea Tessa (Chilean singer, partnered by Alfredo Araya)
  • Gianella Marengo (ex-reality show participant, partnered by Emilio Rubilar)
  • Leandro Martínez (Chilean singer and member of the TV program "Rojo Fama Contrafama", partnered by Maria Isabel Sobarzo)
  • Francisco Reyes (Chilean actor of the national television network TVN, partnered by Irene Bustamante)
  • Juan Pablo Matulic (ex-reality show participant, partnered by Francini Amaral)
  • Eliseo Salazar (Chilean former Formula One racing driver, partnered by Claudia Miranda)
  • Hotuiti Teao (Chilean model from Easter Island, partnered by Monica Valenzuela)
  • Carlos von Mühlenbrock (Chilean Chef and entertainer of Chilean TV programs, partnered by Viví Rodriguez)

Season 4

The winners of this season were Fernando Godoy and Paz Bustos. The contestants of this season are :

  • Sebastian Ferrer (Stylist & panelist of TV show "Pollo en conserva")
  • Mario Guerrero (Singer)
  • Sandra O Ryan (Actress)
  • Reinaldo González (Military instructor of reality shows "Pelotón")
  • Cristian Riquelme (Actor)
  • Denisse Malebrán (Singer)
  • Fernando Godoy (Actor, comediant & TV host)
  • Mariana Derderian (Actress, singer & TV host)
  • Sergio Vargas (Ex – football player)
  • Paola Camaggi (Model & TV host)
  • Raquel "KEL" Calderón (Young actrees, singer, model & Panelist of TV shows)
  • Iván Torres ("The Weather man")
  • Rosita Parsons (Model)

China (including Hong Kong)

The Chinese version is a co-production between Hong Kong's TVB and the mainland's HBS under licence from the BBC. It is available free-to-air in Hong Kong on TVB Jade. In mainland China it is aired on Hunan Satellite Television, which is free-to-air in Hunan, and available in urban areas throughout the rest of mainland China through widespread cable systems. The Chinese title (simplified Chinese: 舞动奇迹; traditional Chinese: 舞動奇跡; pinyin: Wǔdòngqíjì) is difficult to translate, but could be rendered as Miracle Dancing or "Miracles of Dance Moves". The official English title is Strictly Come Dancing. Each broadcaster provides five male and five female dancers, for a total of twenty. Pairs were determined by audience SMS votes. The programme began airing in late 2007, in order to mark the anniversary of the 1997 handover of Hong Kong from the UK to the People's Republic of China.[6]


Ples sa zvijezdama has aired for five seasons in Croatia, starting in 2006. Hosted by Barbara Kolar and Duško Čurlić, the judges were Elio Bašan, Milka Babović, Dinko Bogdanić, and Davor Bilman.

Czech Republic

Named "StarDance ... When the Stars are Dancing" and aired (so far) 4 seasons by Czech Television. Hosted by Tereza Kostková & Marek Eben. Judges:

  • Vlastimil Harapes (Season 1) - dancer, choreographer
  • Michael Kocáb (Season 1) - composer, singer
  • Eva Bartuňková (Season 1) - dancer
  • Richard Hes (Season 2) - actor, dancer, choreographer
  • Zdeněk Chlopčík (Season 1, 2, 3, 4) - dance judge
  • Mahulena Bočanová (Season 2) - actress, contestant on season 1
  • Tatiana Drexler (Season 2, 3, 4) - dancer, dance trainer and judge
  • Jaroslav Kuneš (Season 3) - dancer, competed on season 1
  • Leona Kvasnicová (Season 3) - dancer, choreographer
  • Petra Tirpák Kostovčíková (Season 4) - dancer, competed on season 1 (under her maiden name Petra Kostovčíková)
  • Petr Zuska (Season 4) - dancer, choreographer, head of ballet ensemble of the National Theatre

Season 1 (2006)

The contestants were:

  • Roman Vojtek (musical singer) with Kristýna Coufalová (Winners)
  • Václav Vydra (actor) with Petra Tirpák Kostovčíková (runner-up)
  • Tomáš Dvořák (olympionic) with Kamila Tománková (6th eliminated)
  • Mahulena Bočanová (actress) with Jaroslav Kuneš (5th eliminated - withdrew because of Jaroslav's injury)
  • Jolana Voldánová (TV News host) with Jan Tománek (4th eliminated)
  • Jana Švandová (actress) with Zdeněk Fenčák (3rd eliminated)
  • Jan Čenský (actor) with Tereza Bufková (2nd eliminated)
  • Helena Zeťová (singer) with Eduard Zubák (1st eliminated)
couple 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Roman & Kristýna 29 26 24 31 36 27+31=58 35+40+38=113
Václav & Petra 29 31 27 35 38 29+30=59 33+37+40=110
Tomáš & Kamila 22 21 18 18 23 24+22=46
Mahulena & Jaroslav 14 16 18 15 13
Jolana & Jan 18 19 17 12 13
Jana & Zdeněk 28 26 26 27
Jan & Tereza 15 11 12
Helena & Eduard 25 21

Season 2 (2007)

The contestants were:

  • Aleš Valenta (ski jumper) with Iva Langerová (Winners)
  • Tatiana Vilhelmová (actress) with Petr Čadek (runner-up)
  • Jiří Schmitzer (actor, singer) with Simona Švrčková (6th eliminated)
  • Michal Dlouhý (actor) with Michaela Gatěková (5th eliminated)
  • Robert Záruba (TV SPORT NEWS host) with Vanda Dětinská (4th eliminated)
  • Monika Žídková (model) with Jan Halíř (3rd eliminated – withdrew because of Jan's car crash)
  • Lenka Filipová (singer) with Michael Petr (2nd eliminated)
  • Štěpánka Hilgertová (olympionic) with Michal Němeček (1st eliminated)

Season 3 (2008)

The contestants were:

  • Dana Batulková (actress) and Jan Onder (Winners)
  • Zuzana Norisová (actress, singer) and Jan Kliment (runner-up)
  • Jaromír Bosák (TV sport host) and Eva Krejčířová (6th eliminated)
  • Vladimír Kratina (actor) and Laura Klimentová (5th eliminated)
  • Jana Doleželová (model) and Michal Necpál (4th eliminated)
  • David Suchařípa (actor) and Albina Zaytseva (3rd eliminated)
  • Iva Frühlingová (singer) and Michal Kostovčík (2nd eliminated)
  • Bohouš Josef (singer) and Lenka Tvrzová (1st eliminated)

Season 4 (2010)

The contestants were:

  • Pavel Kříž (actor) and Alice Stodůlková (Winners)
  • Aneta Langerová (singer) and Michal Kurtiš (runner-up)
  • Monika Absolonová (singer) and Václav Masaryk (6th eliminated)
  • Saša Rašilov (actor) and Karolína Majerníková (5th eliminated)
  • Jitka Čvančarová (actress) and Lukáš Hojdan (4th eliminated)
  • Filip Sajler (chef) and Veronika Šmiková (3rd eliminated)
  • Alexander Hemala (TV announcer) and Jitka Šorfová (2nd eliminated)
  • Veronika Žilková (actress) and Marek Dědík (1st eliminated)


The first season of Vild med dans ("Mad about Dancing") was aired on the Danish TV-channel TV 2 in 2005.

The show features four judges. Anne Laxholm, Britt Bendixen, and Jens Werner have been featured in all seasons. Season 1 (2004) featured Kim Dahl as the fourth judge. In season 2 (2005), he was replaced by Thomas Evers Poulsen, the only person to have appeared on the show both as a professional contestant and as a judge. Since season 3 (2006– ), Allan Tornsberg has been the fourth judge.


The show is called Tantsud tähtedega (Dances with the stars) and is aired on Kanal 2. The 3rd season is hosted by Mart Sander and Gerli Padar.

Season 1

Season 2

Hosts Mart Sander and Merle Liivak. Judges: Ants Tael, Merle Klandorf, Kaie Kõrb, Jüri Nael

  1. Luisa Värk (singer) and Martin Parmas
  2. Peep Vain (top-instructor) and Olga Kosmina
  3. Andrus Värnik (athlete, World Championship gold medalist) and Kaisa Oja
  4. Dag Hartelius (Swedish ambassador to Estonia) and Kristina Tennokese
  5. Kristiina Ojuland (politician) and Aleksandr Makarov
  6. Katrin Karisma (actress) and Veiko Ratas
  7. Beatrice (model) and Eduard Korotin

Season 3

Hosts Mart Sander and Gerli Padar. Judges: Ants Tael, Merle Klandorf, Riina Suhotskaja, Märt Agu

  • Maarja-Liis Ilus (singer) and Veiko Ratas – Runner-ups
  • Piret Järvis (singer) and Mairold Millert, third eliminated
  • Erika Salumäe (politician, athlete, 2 times Olympic gold medalist) and Kristjan Kuusk, second eliminated
  • Evelyn Sepp (politician) and Marko Kiigajaan, fifth eliminated
  • Lauri Pedaja (actor, hairdresser) and Kristina Tennokese, sixth eliminated
  • Henrik Normann (actor) and Kaisa Oja, fourth eliminated
  • Arne Niit (designer) and Olga Kosmina, first eliminated
  • Argo Ader (bodybuilder) and Helena Liiv – Winners

Season 4


The series (titled Tanssii tähtien kanssa (Dances with Stars); a pun on the title of the film Dances with Wolves, Tanssii susien kanssa) premiered on MTV3 in spring 2006. A total of five seasons have been aired; the fifth season ended in November 2010. The sixth season will most-likely premiere in fall 2011.

The series was originally hosted by Marco Bjurström (seasons 1–4), but was later replaced by actor Mikko Leppilampi (season 5). The original co-hostess was Ella Kanninen (season 1–2) but she was replaced by a former contestant Vanessa Kurri due to her pregnancy. Kurri did not return as a hostess in the series' fourth season as she was replaced by Vappu Pimiä, a contestant from the third season.

  • Season 1 (spring 2006) winners: Tomi Metsäketo (tenor) partnered by Sanna Hirvaskari
  • Season 2 (spring 2007) winners: Mariko (musician) partnered by Aleksi Seppänen
  • Season 3 (spring 2008) winners: Maria Lund (singer, actress) partnered by Mikko Ahti
  • Season 4 (spring 2009) winners: Satu Tuomisto (Miss Finland 2008, model) partnered by Janne Talasma
  • Season 5 (fall 2010) winners: Antti Tuisku (singer) partnered by Anna-Liisa Bergström
  • Season 6 (fall 2011) winners: -

Satu Tuomisto is the only winner who is not a singer.


Judges: Alessandra Martines, Jean-Marc Généreux, and Chris Marques. Presenters : Sandrine Quétier, and Vincent Cerutti

The French version of Dancing with the Stars premiered in the winter of 2011 on TF1. Its first season began on February 12, 2011 and the final was on March 19.


Season Celebrity Professional
1 Matt Pokora Katrina Patchett

Second season began on October 8, 2011


The German version is called Let's Dance in English. ("Lass uns tanzen" in German). Season 1 aired in April 2006 on RTL. Season 2 aired in May 2007. Both seasons have been hosted by Hape Kerkeling and Nazan Eckes. Season 3 aired in April 2010. The third season was hosted by Daniel Hartwich and Nazan Eckes. Season 4 started in March 2011 and is hosted by Daniel Hartwich and Sylvie van der Vaart.


  • Judges: Fokas Evaggelinos, Alexis Kostalas, Giannis Latsios, Galena Velikova (Season 1), Errika Prezarakou (Season 2).
  • The first season began on March 28, 2010.
  • Winners:
Season Celebrity Professional
1 (2010) Errika Prezarakou Thodoris Panagakos
2 (2011) Argiris Aggelou Emily Matheakaki
3 (2012) TBA TBA


The Indian version is called Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. It was first broadcast in September 2006 on Sony Entertainment Television (SET). A lot of people confuse Dancing With The Stars with Nach Baliye which airs on StarPlus. Nach Baliye and Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa have similar content and presentation but there are minor differences in the concept. The celebrity dancers on Nach Baliye are real life couples, and work with an assigned choreographer. The dancers on Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa have one celebrity paired with a trained dancer/choreographer. A notice at the end of the show verifies that the Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa is indeed a version of Dancing With The Stars.


Dancing with the Star Indonesia broadcast in March 2011 on Indosiar and hosted by Choky Sitohang & Cathy Sharon. The 2nd Runner up is Hengky Kurniawan & Melissa, the 1st Runner up is Yuanita Christiani & Wawan, and the winner is Fadli & Trisna.



  • Season 1: Eliana Bekier & Oron Dahan
  • Season 2: Guy Arieli & Masha Troyanski
  • Season 3: Rodrigo Gonzáles & Naama Tavori
  • Season 4: Galit Giat & Kiril Sivolapov
  • Season 5: Michael Lewis & Anna Aharonov
  • Season 6: Shlomi Koriat & Hadas Fisher


Six seasons of the show, called Ballando con le Stelle, have been aired on Rai Uno. All the series have been hosted by Milly Carlucci. Singer and TV presenter Amanda Lear has been part of the judging panel in series 1,2,4 and 5 The first series (titled Ballando con le Stelle) aired in January 2005, featuring:

  • Hoara Borselli (actress) (partnered by Simone Di Pasquale) – WINNERS
  • Francesco Salvi (actor and singer) (partnered by Natalia Titova) – second place
  • Gianni Ippoliti (presenter) (partnered by Valentina Vincenzi) – third place
  • Igor Cassina (gymnast) (partnered by Denise Abrate) – eliminated 5th
  • Fabrizio Frizzi (presenter) (partnered by Samanta Togni) – eliminated 4th
  • Anna Maria Barbera (actress) (partnered by Ilario Parise) – eliminated 3rd
  • Paola Ferrari (journalist) (partnered by Andrea Placidi) – eliminated 2nd
  • Carla Paneca (model) (partnered by Lucio Cocchi) – eliminated 1st

The second series (titled Ballando con le Stelle) aired in Autumn 2005, featuring:

  • Cristina Chiabotto (model and presenter) (partnered by Raimondo Todaro) – WINNERS
  • Loredana Cannata (actress) (partnered by Samuel Peron) – second place
  • Vincenzo Peluso (actor and director) (partnered by Natalia Titova) – third place
  • Fabio Fulco (actor) (partnered by Claudia Nicolussi) – eliminated 9th
  • Stefano Masciarelli (actor and comedian) (partnered by Francesca Vispi) – eliminated 8th
  • Youma Diakite (model and actress) (partnered by Giuseppe Albanese) – eliminated 7th
  • Alessandra Canale (tv announcer) (partnered by Simone Di Pasquale) – eliminated 6th
  • Mario Cipollini (cyclist) (partnered by Marina Aleksejeva) – eliminated 5th
  • Diego Maradona (football legend) (partnered by Angela Panico) – withdrew
  • Syusy Blady (presenter) (partnered by Emanuele Ricci) – eliminated 3rd
  • Marco Mazzocchi (sports journalist) (partnered by Vincenza Farnese) – eliminated 2nd
  • Francesca Reggiani (actress) (partnered by Sergio Sampaoli) – eliminated 1st

The third series (titled Ballando con le Stelle) aired Autumn 2006, featuring:

  • Fiona May (long jumper) (partnered by Raimondo Todaro) – WINNERS
  • Pamela Camassa (model) (partnered by Angelo Madonia) – second place
  • Antonio Cupo (actor) (partnered by Giada Giacomoni) – third place
  • Martina Pinto (actress) (partnered by Umberto Gaudino) – eliminated 11th
  • Massimiliano Rosolino (swimmer) (partnered by Natalia Titova) – eliminated 10th
  • Eva Grimaldi (actress) (partnered by Simone Di Pasquale) – eliminated 9th
  • Biagio Izzo (actor and comedian) (partnered by Samanta Togni) – eliminated 8th
  • Sean Kanan (actor) (partnered by Tinna Hoffman) – withdrew
  • Tiberio Timperi (presenter) (partnered by Elena Coniglio) – eliminated 6th
  • Sofia Bruscoli (model) (partnered by Manuel Favilla) – eliminated 5th
  • Orietta Berti (singer) (partnered by Andrea Placidi) – eliminated 4th
  • Chiara Boni (fashion designer) (partnered by Samuel Peron) – eliminated 3rd
  • Rodolfo Laganà (actor) (partnered by Hildegard Salvatore) – eliminated 2nd
  • Rudy Smaila (artist) (partnered by Lucia Annese) – eliminated 1st

The fourth series (titled Ballando con le Stelle) aired in Autumn 2007, featuring:

  • Maria Elena Vandone (actress) (partnered by Samuel Peron) – WINNERS
  • Anna Falchi (model and actress) (partnered by Stefano Di Filippo) – second place
  • Ivan Zazzaroni (journalist) (partnered by Natalia Titova) – third place
  • Gabriele Cirilli (actor and comedian) (partnered by Vicky Martin) – eliminated 9th
  • Irene Pivetti (politician and journalist) (partnered by Mauro Rossi) – eliminated 8th
  • Licia Colò (presenter) (partnered by Raimondo Todaro) – eliminated 7th
  • Riccardo Sardonè (actor) (partnered by Annalisa Di Filippo) – eliminated 6th
  • Massimo Lopez (actor and comedian) (partnered by Serena Lecca) – eliminated 5th
  • Elisa Silvestrin (model) (partnered by Sante Mandolini) – eliminated 4th
  • Catherine Spaak (actress) (partnered by Benedetto Capraro) – eliminated 3rd
  • Giovanni Muciaccia (presenter and artist) (partnered by Ola Karieva) – eliminated 2nd
  • Michael Reale (actor) (partnered by Marta Faiola) – eliminated 1st

The fifth series (titled Ballando con le Stelle) aired in January 2009, featuring:

  • Emanuele Filiberto, Prince of Venice and Piedmont (partnered by Natalia Titova) – WINNERS
  • Andrea Montovoli (actor) (partnered by Ola Karieva) – second place
  • Alessio Di Clemente (actor) (partnered by Alessandra Mason) – third place
  • Stefano Bettarini (footballer) (partnered by Samanta Togni) – eliminated 9th
  • Emanuela Aureli (impressionist) (partnered by Roberto Imperatori) – eliminated 8th
  • Maurizio Aiello (actor) (partnered by Sara Di Vaira) – eliminated 7th
  • Valentina Vezzali (fencer) (partnered by Samuel Peron) – eliminated 6th
  • Metis Di Meo (presenter) (partnered by Simone Di Pasquale) – eliminated 5th
  • Carol Alt (actress and model) (partnered by Raimondo Todaro) – eliminated 4th
  • Licia Nunez (actress) (partnered by Dima Pakhomov) – eliminated 3rd
  • Andrea Roncato (actor) (partnered by Vicky Martin) – eliminated 2nd
  • Corinne Clery (actress) (partnered by Chuck Danza) – eliminated 1st

The sixth series (titled Ballando con le Stelle) aired in January 2010, featuring:

  • Veronica Olivier (actress) (partnered by Raimondo Todaro) – WINNERS
  • Ronn Moss (actor) (partnered by Sara Di Vaira) – second place
  • Barbara De Rossi (actress) (partnered by Simone Di Pasquale) – third place
  • Benedetta Valanzano (actress) (partnered by Dima Pakhomov) – eliminated 9th
  • Stefano Masciolini (actor) (partnered by Alessandra Mason) – eliminated 8th
  • Raz Degan (actor and model) (partnered by Samanta Togni) – withdrew
  • Margherita Granbassi (fencer) (partnered by Stefano Di Filippo) – eliminated 6th
  • Lorenzo Crespi (actor) (partnered by Natalia Titova) – eliminated 5th
  • Cecilia Capriotti (actress and model) (partnered by Samuel Peron) – eliminated 4th
  • Maria Concetta Mattei (journalist) (partnered by Roberto Imperatori) – eliminated 3rd
  • Stefano Pantano (fencer) (partnered by Tinna Hoffman) – eliminated 2nd
  • Maurizio Battista (comedian) (partnered by Vicky Martin) – eliminated 1st

The seventh series (titled Ballando con le Stelle) aired in February 2011, featuring:

  • Kaspar Capparoni (actor) (partnered by Yulia Musikhina) – WINNERS
  • Sara Santostasi (actress) (partnered by Umberto Gaudino) – second place
  • Bruno Cabrerizio (model) (partnered by Ola Karieva) – joint third place
  • Vittoria Belvedere (actress) (partnered by Stefano Di Filippo) – joint third place
  • Christian Panucci (footballer) (partnered by Agnese Junkure) – eliminated 8th
  • Gedeon Burkhard (actor) (partnered by Samanta Togni) – eliminated 7th
  • Barbara Capponi (journalist) (partnered by Samuel Peron) – eliminated 6th
  • Paolo Rossi (football legend) (partnered by Vicky Martin) – eliminated 5th
  • Madalina Ghenea (model) (partnered by Simone Di Pasquale) – eliminated 4th
  • Giuseppe Povia (singer) (partnered by Nuria Santalucia) – eliminated 3rd
  • Alessia Filippi (swimmer) (partnered by Raimondo Todaro) – eliminated 2nd
  • Alessandro Di Pietro (journalist) (partnered by Annalisa Longo) – eliminated 1st


The Japanese version is called Shall We Dance? It has the same title as the 1996 movie by the same name, but it has no relation to the movie beyond the shared name. Due to the fact that there was already a season-special dancing program, and that and many cast members from it also appeared in the new program, the Japanese version was confused with a regularly scheduled version of the season-special, rather than its own version of the TV series. This one ran from April 8, 2006, to March 17, 2007.


The show (Hangul: 댄싱 위드 더 스타) has aired on MBC TV since June 10, 2011, and is hosted by Lee Deok-hwa and Lee So-ra.[7][8]

  • Kim Yeong-cheol (actor, partnered by Lee Chae-won)
  • Kim Dong-kyoo (classical singer, partnered by Lee Han-na)
  • Kim Jang-hoon (rock singer, partnered by Jeong Ah-reum)
  • Lee Bong-joo (marathoner, partnered by Choi Soo-jeong)
  • Moon Hee-joon (pop/rock singer, partnered by Ahn Hye-sang)
  • Oh Sang-jin (announcer, partnered by Ham Ga-yeon)
  • Kim Kyoo-ri (actress, partnered by Kim Kang-san)
  • Park Eun-ji (weather caster, partnered by Kwon Soon-yong)
  • Jessica Gomes (model, partnered by Park Ji-woo)
  • Lee Seul-ah (model, partnered by Park Sang-woon)
  • Kim Hyun-ah (pop singer, partnered by Nam Kee-yong)

The Netherlands

Series one was shown in Summer/Autumn 2005. It featured

  • Inge de Bruijn (sportswoman) (partnered by Remco Bastiaansen)
  • Joris Lutz (presenter) (partnered by Euvgenia Parakhina)
  • Koert-Jan de Bruijn (actor) (partnered by Charissa van Dipte)
  • Inge Ipenburg (actress) (partnered by Koen Jan Willem Brouwers)
  • Ans Markus (artist) (partnered by Peter Bosveld)
  • Irene van de Laar (presenter) (partnered by Marcus van Teijlingen)
  • Rudolph van Veen (cook) (partnered by Roemjana de Haan)
  • Jim Bakkum (singer) (partnered by Julie Fryer)

Jim Bakkum was eventually declared the winner. Series two is shown in Winter/Spring 2006. It features:

  • Lieke van Lexmond (actress) (partnered by Remco Bastiaansen)
  • Winston Post (actor) (partnered by Euvgenia Parakhina)
  • Maik de Boer (stylist) (partnered by Charissa van Dipte)
  • Myrna Goossen (presenter) (partnered by Koen Jan Willem Brouwers)
  • Edsilia Rombley (singer) (partnered by Peter Bosveld)
  • Barbara de Loor (speed-skater) (partnered by Marcus van Teijlingen)
  • John de Wolf (sportsman) (partnered by Roemjana de Haan)
  • Frits Sissing (presenter) (partnered by Julie Fryer)

The finale will be aired 13-05-2006. The two contestants who got this far are Barbara de Loor and Winston Post. The winner was declared Barbara de Loor, who got the highest amount of points from the jury, and most votes as well. On New Year's Eve 2005, a New Year's special was shown. It featured:

  • Catherine Keyl (Presenter) (partnered by Marcus van Teijlingen)
  • Tatjana Šimić (actress, model) (partnered by Koen Jan Willem Brouwers)
  • Marit van Bohemen (sporter) (partnered by Peter Bosveld)
  • Lieke van Lexmond (actress) (partnered by Remco Bastiaansen)
  • Bas Muijs (actor) (partnered by Roemjana de Haan)
  • Christijan Albers (Formula 1-driver for Spyker-MF1) (partnered by Julie Fryer)
  • Hans Klok (partnered by Charissa van Dipte)
  • Ernst Daniël Smid (Singer) (partnered by Euvgenia Parakhina)

This was won by Tatjana Šimić and Koen Brouwers Special Christmas and New Year's Eve 2006, with

  • Yolanthe Cabau van Kasbergen (actress) and Peter Bosveld
  • Wilbert Gieske (actor) and Roemjana de Haan
  • Do (singer) and Koen Brouwers
  • Arnold Vanderlyde (bronze medal winner Los Angeles 1984,Seoul 1988, Barcelona 1992) and Charissa van Dipte
  • Patricia Paay (member of girl-group the star-sisters) and Remco Bastiaansen
  • Bastiaan Ragas (singer/musicalstar) and Julie Fryer
  • Eric van Tijn (musicproducent) and Euvgenia Parakhina
  • Anita Witzier (presenter) and Marcus van Teijlingen

Do and Koen Brouwers won this special. On March 31, 2007 the third season started. This featured:

  • Bart Chabot (writer) and Kimberly Smith[disambiguation needed ]
  • Christophe Haddad (actor) and Ilse Lans
  • Bob de Jong (olympic champion skating) and Euvgenia Parakhina
  • Martijn Krabbé (presenter) and Roemjana de Haan
  • Lodewijk Hoekstra (TV-gardener) and Charissa van Dipte
  • Aukje van Ginneken (actress/singer) and Remco Bastiaansen
  • Nikkie Plessen (presenter) and Peter Bosveld
  • Fabienne de Vries (former VJ) and Koen Brouwers
  • Helga van Leur (meteorologist) and Marcus van Teijlingen

This season was won by Helga van Leur and Marcus van Teijlingen

Scoring charts


     indicates the couple was in the bottom 3.
     indicates the couple in the bottom 2.
     indicates the winning couple.
     indicates the runner-up couple.
     indicates the third place couple.
Team Place 1 2 1+2 3 4 5 6 7
Jim & Julie 1 29 30 59 36 26 36 28+35=63
Irene & Marcus 2 24 31 55 31 35 33 33+38=71
Inge B & Remco 3 32 31 63 35 29 31 30+34=64 38+30=68
Joris & Euvgenia 4 25 19 44 24 32 27 21+25=46
Koert-Jan & Charissa 5 21 31 52 26 34 28
Inge I & Koen 6 23 32 55 27 26
Rudolph & Roemjana 7 27 25 52 28
Ans & Peter 8 27 26 53
Team Place 1 2 1+2 3 4 5 6 7
Barbara & Marcus 1 27 28 55 35 30 33 38+36=74 37+32=69
Winston & Euvgenia 2 30 30 60 29 38 35 33+37=70
Frits & Julie 3 32 27 59 33 31 31 32+40=72 29+36=65
John & Roemjana 4 23 27 50 25 29 22 31+25=56
Lieke & Remco 5 30 32 62 27 33 31
Edsilla & Peter 6 30 24 54 32 32
Myrna & Koen 7 24 21 45 24
Mike & Charissa 8 20 23 43
Team Place 1 2 1+2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Helga & Marcus 1 27 30 57 31 30 33 33+29=62 31+28=59 33+36=69
Christophe & Ilse 2 32 31 63 35 37 38 40+34=74 34+36=70 39+36=75
Nikkie & Peter 3 29 25 54 30 31 36 34+39=73 28+33=61 40+36=76
Bob & Euvgenia 4 24 23 47 27 27 28 32+27=59 28+27=55
Martijn & Roemjana 5 29 28 57 30 35 28 36+31=67
Bart & Kimberly 6 21 21 42 24 25 21
Aukje & Remco 7 28 29 57 31 34
Lodewijk & Charissa 8 16 20 36 18
Fabienne & Koen 9 26 30 56

New Zealand

Judges: Brendan Cole, Craig Revel Horwood, Paul Mercurio, Alison Leonard.

Winners of Each Season:

Season Celebrity Professional
1 Norm Hewitt Carol Anne Hickmore
2 Lorraine Downes Aaron Gilmore
3 Suzanne Paul Stefano Olivieri
4 Temepara George Stefano Olivieri
5 Tamati Coffey Samantha Hitchcock


The series was named Skal vi danse? (en: Shall We Dance?). Winners are Katrine Moholt, Kristian Ødegård, Tshawe Baqwa, Lene Alexandra Øien, Carsten Skjelbreid and Åsleik Engmark


In the spring of 2007, TV 2 aired a programme called Isdans (en: Figure Skating),[9] in which six celebrities have been paired with professional skaters. The show is similar to Dancing with the Stars, with the difference being that figure skating rather than ballroom dancing is performed. The participants were:

  • Dorthe Skappel, TV show hostess, partnered by Janusz Komendera
  • Sandra Lyng Haugen, Artist, partnered by Aleksander Sunde Iversen
  • Per Christian Ellefsen, Actor, partnered by Marianne Fjørtoft
  • Pål Anders Ullevålseter, Rally motor cyclist, partnered by Anna Pouchkov
  • Anette Bøe, Retired cross-country skier, partnered by Aleksandr Smokvin
  • Jim Marthinsen, Retired ice hockey player, partnered by Kaja Hanevold

During one of her rehearsals, Dorthe Skappel fell and smashed her face into the ice. Because of this incident, TV 2 did not produce more seasons.


Nachley (lit. "Dance") is the Pakistani version of Dancing with the Stars. The show is aired on ARY Digital and its theme is based around traditional Pakistani music and dance concepts.


The first reality show based on Dancing With The Stars was "Baila Con Las Estrellas" (2005–2006), hosted by Rebeca Escribens and broadcasted on Panamericana Televisión (channel 5) on Saturday afternoon. The show had 2 seasons, then it was cancelled.


  • Maricielo Effio, professional dancer (2005).
  • Ismael La Rosa, actor (2006).

The second dancing show was Bailando por un sueño (Perú) (Dancing for a Dream) in 2008, based on Mexican reality show with the same name, broadcasted on Panamericana Televisión, but produced by different Productions: GV Producciones. This show was hosted by Gisela Valcárcel and Giancarlo Chichizola and aired every Saturday night (from june to december). The show was like Dancing With The Stars, but instead of professional dancers, they were amateur dancers. They danced every week in order to win a prize: to achieve a personal/humanitarian goal or "dream". The show had 2 seasons and the 4 first places of each season had the chance to dance on "Reyes de la Pista".


  • Season 1: Carlos Alcántara, actor and stand-up comediant; and his partner Carolina Guerra. Their "dream" was a surgery to Carolina's cornea in order to remove some ulsers, otherwise she would have lost the sight.
  • Season 2: Marco Zunino, actor and singer; and his partner Jardena Ugaz, their "dream" was to give Jardena's mother an operation to remove some strange lumps that had appeared on the back.
  • "Reyes de la Pista": Delly Madrid, model and business woman; and her partner José Luis Campos. They won about $280 000 in Peruvian currency and the chance to represent this country on Second Dance World Championship, in Mexico.

The next year (2009), El Show de los sueños (Peru) was showed up every Saturday night (from may to december) on América Televisión (channel 4) and hosted by Gisela Valcárcel and Christian Rivero. This reality show was a dancing and singing competition, therefore, there was one star, an amateur dancer, and an amateur singer per group. They performed to achieve a personal/humanitarian goal or "dream". The 3 first places of each season, 1 fourth place of season 1 and an 8º place of season 2 selected by the judges won a chance to perform on "Reyes del Show" (Show Kings).


  • Season 1: Sandra Muente, singer; and her partners the Herrera Soto brothers, whose "dream" was the rebuilding of "Lord of Luren" church, located in Ica, Peru.
  • Season 2: Anna Carina, singer, songwtriter and dancer; and her partners Carlos Suárez and Gabriela Noriega, whose "dream" was to give a surgery to Gabriela's older sister, who was a morbid obese and the recovery from chronic depression.
  • "Reyes del Show": Jean Paul Strauss, singer, musician and songwriter; and his partners Katherine Mendoza and Luis Enrique Baca. They won about $560 000 in Peruvian currency.

Since 2010, El Gran Show (The Amazing Show) is broadcasted on América Televisión (channel 4) every Saturday night (from may to december) and it's hosted by Gisela Valcárcel and Christian Rivero. This reality show is like "Bailando por un Sueño": 2 seasons and a "top performers season". This time, each amateur dancer represents a Peruvian city. besides, in this show, the pairs (the famous and the amateur dancer) were scored from 1 to 10 by standard judges and "V.I.P judges", who are 12 random people representing the Peruvian audience, they are weekly selected by lottery via website. The 3 first places from each season win a chance to dance on El Gran Show: Reyes del Show (Show Kings).



  • Season 1: Gisela Ponce de Leon, singer and actress; and her partner Rayder Vásquez, form Ica, Peru.
  • Season 2: Belén Estévez, professional dancer; and her partner Gian Frank Navarro, from Lima, Peru. Their "dream" was to treat Gian Frank's 4 year-old nephew, suffering from viral encephalitis, a disease that has ridden him with scoliosis, blindness and seizures.
  • "Reyes del Show": Miguel Rebosio, former soccer player; and his partner Fabianne Hayashida, from Lima, Peru. They won about $560 000 in Peruvian currency.


  • Season 1: Raul Zuazo, actor; and his partner Dayana Calla, from Arequipa, Peru. Their "dream" was to deploy and equip a training center for homeless children.
  • Season 2: Jesus Neyra, actor; and his partner Lucero Clavijo, from Tacna, Peru. Their "dream" was to improve "Maria Domitila Lascombes" transitorial housing's infrastructure.
  • "Reyes del Show": (starts in November 5th).


Taniec z Gwiazdami is a Polish light entertainment reality television series broadcast by TVN. When on air, every Sunday, the average rating figures show more than 7 million viewers tune in to watch the show. The highest rated episode was the second season finale, where over 8 million people watched. The show is broadcast live on TVN on Sunday evenings, and it is presented by Natasza Urbańska and Piotr Gąsowski. Each judge gives the performance a mark out of ten, giving an overall total out of forty.

  • 1st Season: Olivier Janiak (TVN presenter) partnered by Kamila Kajak.
  • 2nd Season: Katarzyna Cichopek (popular soap opera actress) partnered by Marcin Hakiel.
  • 3rd Season: Rafał Mroczek (soap opera actor) partnered by Aneta Piotrowska.
  • 4th Season: Kinga Rusin (TVN presenter and journalist) partnered by Stefano Terazzino.
  • 5th Season: Krzysztof Tyniec (film and cabaret actor) partnered by Kamila Kajak.
  • 6th Season: Anna Guzik (actress from a popular soap opera and from the Polish version of "Grace under fire" ("Hela w opałach")) partnered by Łukasz Czarnecki
  • 7th Season: Magdalena Walach (actress from a popular series "Twarzą w twarz" ("Face to Face")) partnered by Cezary Olszewski
  • 8th Season: Agata Kulesza (actress) partnered by Stefano Terazzino
  • 9th Season: Dorota Gardias-Skóra (TVN weather-presenter) partnered by Andrej Mosejczuk
  • 10th Season: Anna Mucha (actress) partnered by Rafał Maserak
  • 11th Season: Julia Kamińska (actress, polish ugly Betty (BrzydUla)) partnered by Rafał Maserak
  • 12th Season: Monika Pyrek (Pole vaulter) partnered by Robert Rowiński
  • 13th Season: TBA


The show uses the name Dansez pentru tine (English: "Dancing for you"). Every pair of dancers is dancing for a cause. The pair is composed of a star and someone affected by the cause (if the cause is helping a person) or a supporter of the cause. The show presents the cause, the training and of course the dancing. The last two pairs in the order given by the jury, will dance next week extra dances and will be eliminated as decided by phone voters (based on the dance or the cause). According to official Romanian website there have been 8 editions until Summer 2009. After dancing in the 3rd edition, Andreea Bălan (music star) & Petrişor Ruge participated in Mexico at "Dancing with the Stars World Championship". They danced very well in the local show but did not win, achieving only a very good 2nd place.


S Celebrity Partner
1 Andra (singer / TV hostess) Florin Birică
2 Victor Slav (TV host) Carmen Stepan
3 Cosmin Stan (TV host) Doina Ocu
4 Alex (singer) Cristina Stoicescu
5 Andreea Bălan (singer) Petrişor Ruge
6 Giulia (singer) Andrei Ştefan
7 Monica Irimia (Cheeky Girls) (singer) Darius Belu
8 Jean de la Craiova (singer) Sandra Neacşu
9 Cătălin Moroşanu (kickboxer) Magda Ciorobea
10 Octavian Strunilă (actor) Ella Dumitru
11 Corina Bud (singer) Eduard Ionuţ Vasile


The Russian TV show is called "Танцы со звездами" ("Tantsi so zvezdami", transliterated). The first season, which began in 2005, became extremely popular. Its second season is in progress after a long delay. The format of the show is identical to that of other countries. Each pair is composed of a famous celebrity and a professional dancer.


Let's Dance (Program of Markíza)

The first Slovak version of the dancing program is called Let's Dance (in English), and 4 seasons were broadcast by TV Markiza (1st in the autumn of 2006), hosted by Adela Banášová and Martin "Pyco" Rausch (both of them also hosted the program Slovensko hľadá SuperStar (Slovak version of American Idol) on STV in 2005 and 2006). The winners of 1st season were Zuzana Fialová (a noted Slovakian actress) and Peter Modrovský (a professional dancer). The winners of 2nd season were Michaela Čobejová (Slovakian actress) and Tomáš Surovec (a professional dancer). The winners of 3rd season were Juraj Mokrý (Slovakian actor and humorist) and Katarína Štumpfová (a professional dancer). The winners of 4th season were Nela Pocisková (Slovakian actress and singer) and Peter Modrovský (a professional dancer).

Showdance (Program of JOJ)

The second Slovak version of the dancing program is called Showdance. Showdance was broadcast 1 season by JOJ. It was hosted by Zuzana Fialová and Martin "Sajfa" Cifra. The winner of 1st season was Zuzana Mauréry.

Couple Place 1 2 3 4 5 6
Zuzana Mauréry 1 Battle Winner
Diana Mórová 2 Battle Battle Runner-up
Vladimír Kobielsky 3 Eliminated  
Peter Batthyány 4 Battle Eliminated  
Kristína Svarínska 5 Battle Eliminated  
Veronika Paulovičová 6 Eliminated  
Branislav Bystriansky 7 Eliminated  


The Spanish version is called "¡Más que baile!" (More Than Dancing). It is currently hosted by Pilar Rubio.

Winners of Each Series:

  • Claudia Molina (Season 1)
  • David Civera (Season 2)
  • Rosa López (Season 3)
  • Estela Giménez (Season 4)
  • Manolo Sarriá (Season 5)
  • Nani Gaitán (Season 6)
  • Manuel Bandera (Season 7)
  • Belén Esteban (Season 8)


The Swedish version is called "Let's Dance" and is produced by MTV Mastiff. The first two seasons were hosted by Agneta Sjödin and David Hellenius, then from season three to the current season Agneta was replaced by Jessica Almenäs. One of the popular judges is the British dance teacher, Tony Irving. The series had a large audience, and with almost 2 million viewers the final gave TV4 the highest ratings for that Friday evening. It was the first time since 1997 that TV4 had more viewers than the public service company SVT's perennially popular music game show "Så Ska Det Låta". In September 2006, it won the Swedish equivalent of the Emmy award, Kristallen (The Crystal), in the Entertainment category. The second season started broadcasting in January 2007 and aired every Friday.

Season 1

(January–March 2006) on TV4

  • Måns Zelmerlöw (singer) partnered by Maria Karlsson – WINNERS
  • Anna Book (singer) partnered by David Watson – runner-up / 2nd place
  • Viktor Åkerblom Nilsson (actor) partnered by Carin da Silva – eliminated 8th / 3rd place
  • Arja Saijonmaa (singer) partnered by Tobias Karlsson – eliminated 7th
  • Peppe Eng (sports journalist) partnered by Malin Watson – eliminated 6th
  • Kishti Tomita (jury member in the Swedish Idol) partnered by Tobias Wallin – eliminated 5th
  • Tone Bekkestad (Norwegian TV-weather reporter) partnered by Peter Broström – eliminated 4th
  • Paolo Roberto (former professional boxer) partnered by Helena Fransson – eliminated 3rd
  • Carolina Gynning (winner of Swedish Big Brother 2004) partnered by Daniel da Silva – eliminated 2nd
  • Melker Andersson (star chef) partnered by Ingrid Beate Thompson – eliminated 1st

Carin da Silva and Daniel da Silva are siblings. Daniel is the older of the two, having been born in 1981; Carin was born in 1984.

Season 2

(January–March 2007) on TV4

  • Martin Lidberg (wrestler) partnered by Cecilia Erling – WINNERS
  • Tobbe Blom 1 (TV-host & magician) partnered by Annika Sjöö – runner-up / 2nd place
  • Erica Johansson (athlete) partnered by Daniel da Silva – eliminated 10th / 3rd place
  • Lasse Brandeby (actor) partnered by Ann Lähdet – eliminated 9th
  • Ebba Hultkvist (actress) partnered by Jonathan Näslund – eliminated 8th
  • Anna Sahlin (singer) partnered by Tobias Karlsson – eliminated 7th
  • Yvonne Ryding (Miss Universe 1984) partnered by Tobias Wallin – eliminated 6th
  • Harald Treutiger (TV-host) partnered by Maria Karlsson – eliminated 5th
  • Patrick Ekwall (TV-sport reporter) partnered by Carin da Silva – eliminated 4th
  • Malou von Sivers (TV-hostess) partnered by Björn Törnblom – eliminated 3rd
  • Mårten Andersson 2 (comedian) partnered by Helena Fransson – eliminated 2nd
  • Birgitte Söndergaard (actress and artist) partnered by Johan Andersson – eliminated 1st

The winners Martin Ledberg and Cecilia Erling became a couple during the running of the show and participated in the Eurovision Dance Contest in 2007 where they ended in a 14th place.

  • ^1 Singer and entertainer Markoolio was supposed to compete in the second season, but broke his foot and was replaced by Tobbe Blom.
  • ^2 Actor Emil Forselius chose to leave the show before start. Mårten Andersson replaced him.

Season 3

(January–March 2008) on TV4

  • Tina Nordström (TV-chef) partnered by Tobias Karlsson – WINNERS
  • Tony Rickardsson (speedway driver) partnered by Annika Sjöö – runner-up / 2nd place
  • Karl Petter Bergvall (star of Bonde söker fru (Farmer seeking wife)) partnered by Jeanette Carlsson – eliminated 10th / 3rd place
  • Danny Saucedo (singer) partnered by Malin Johansson – eliminated 9th
  • Mats "Matte" Carlsson (TV-carpenter) partnered by Carin da Silva – eliminated 8th
  • Linda Lampenius (musician) partnered by Daniel da Silva – eliminated 7th
  • Mi Ridell (actress) partnered by Johan Andersson – eliminated 6th
  • Richard Herrey (singer) partnered by Cecilia Ehrling – eliminated 5th
  • Dilba Demirbag (singer) partnered by Tobias Wallin – eliminated 4th
  • Susanne Lanefelt (TV-exercise instructor) partnered by Björn Törnblom – eliminated 3rd
  • Tilde Fröling (model) partnered by Alfred Palmgren – eliminated 2nd
  • Ulf Larsson (actor) partnered by Christina Samuelsson – eliminated 1st

Even though Tina Nordström & Tobias Karlsson won Let's Dance, it was Danny Saucedo & Jeanette Carlsson who competed in Eurovision Dance Contest 2008 and finished in 12th place.

Judges' scores

This table gives an overview of the judges' scores for each competitor during the competition.

     indicates the couple eliminated that week.
Red numbers indicate the couple(s) with the lowest score for each week.
Green numbers indicate the couple(s) with the highest score for each week.
Couple Place 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Total Average
Tina & Tobias 1 22 30 18 31 40 37 32 27 27 35 32+40=72 35+34+40=109 480 32.0
Tony & Annika 2 22 32 24 26 21 22 31 26 38 34 33+40=73 35+40+34=109 458 30.5
Karl Petter & Jeanette 3 15 17 23 18 22 18 24 29 18 23 19+26=45   252 21.0
Danny & Malin 4 16 16 18 36 28 33 31 20 28 33   259 25.9
Matte & Carin 5 13 19 14 22 17 27 28 34 20   194 21.6
Linda & Daniel 6 22 32 32 22 31 30 34 22   225 28.1
Mi & Johan 7 14 24 19 19 30 30 27   163 23.3
Richard & Cecilia 8 19 23 25 40 27 24   158 26.3
Dilba & Tobias 9 21 22 25 23 18   109 21.8
Susanne & Björn 10 22 20 26 20   88 22.0
Tilde & Alfred 11 16 17 21   54 18.0
Ulf & Christina 12 9 8   17 8.5

Season 4

(Airs Fridays (January 9 – March 27) 2009) on TV4

  • Magnus Samuelsson (strongman) partnered by Annika Sjöö – WINNERS
  • Laila Bagge (jury member from the Swedish Idol) partnered by Tobias Wallin – runner-up / 2nd place
  • Morgan Alling (actor) partnered by Helena Fransson – eliminated 10th / 3rd place
  • Elisabet Höglund (journalist) partnered by Tobias Karlsson – eliminated 9th
  • Niclas Wahlgren 1 (artist & songwriter) partnered by Jeanette Carlsson – eliminated 8th
  • Carl-Jan Granqvist (professor in meal knowledge) partnered by Maria Lindberg – eliminated 7th
  • George Scott (former professional boxer) partnered by Maria Karlsson – eliminated 6th
  • Kitty Jutbring (radiohost) partnered by Anders Jacobson – eliminated 5th
  • Hasse Aro (journalist & TV-host) partnered by Charlotte Sinclair – eliminated 4th
  • Magdalena Graaf (author) partnered by Daniel da Silva – eliminated 3rd (withdrew 2)
  • Isabella Löwengrip (famous blogger) partnered by Jonathan Näslund – eliminated 2nd
  • Linda Haglund (former Olympic sprinter) partnered by Martin Ragnarsson – eliminated 1st

Season 5

  • Mattias Andréasson (artist & Idol 2007 contestant) partnered by Cecilia Ehrling – WINNERS
  • Claudia Galli (actress) partnered by Tobias Wallin – runner-up / 2nd place
  • Willy Björkman (TV carpenter) partnered by Charlotte Sinclair – eliminated 10th / 3rd place
  • Molly Sandén (singer) partnered by Jonathan Näslund – eliminated 9th
  • Stefan Sauk (actor) partnered by Malin Johansson – eliminated 8th
  • Gudrun Schyman (politician) partnered by Björn Törnblom – eliminated 7th
  • Elin Kling (fashion journalist) partnered by Daniel da Silva – eliminated 6th
  • Marcus Birro (author) partnered by Helena Fransson – eliminated 5th
  • Rabih Jaber 3 (Idol 2009 contestant) partnered by Maria Lindberg – eliminated 4th
  • Agneta Sjödin (author & TV host) partnered by Tobias Karlsson – eliminated 3rd
  • Peter Wahlbeck (stand-up comedian) partnered by Maria Bild – eliminated 2nd
  • Victoria Sandell Svensson (former soccer player) partnered by Anders Jacobson – eliminated 1st
  • ^3 Jan-Olof Hansson (from the Swedish version of Farmer Seeking Wife) had to withdraw from the competition on medical advice. Rabih Jaber (from Swedish Idol) replaced him.

Season 6

  • Jessica Andersson (singer) partnered by Kristjan Lootus – WINNERS
  • Frank Andersson (wrestler) partnered by Charlotte Sinclair – runner-up / 2nd place
  • Tina Thörner (rally driver) partnered by Tobias Karlsson – eliminated 10th / 3rd place
  • Alexander Rybak (Eurovision 2009 winner) partnered by Malin Johansson – eliminated 9th
  • Figge Norling (actor) partnered by Oksana Spichak – eliminated 8th
  • Alexandra Pascalidou (journalist) partnered by Ludwig Jerkander – eliminated 7th
  • Helena Lundbäck (show jumper) partnered by Jonathan Näslund – eliminated 6th
  • Andreas Weise (Idol 2010 contestant) partnered by Sigrid Bernson – eliminated 5th
  • Björn Ranelid (author) partnered by Maria Lindberg – eliminated 4th
  • Anders Bagge (record producer) partnered by Cecilia Ehrling – eliminated 3rd
  • Hannah Graaf (singer & model) partnered by Calle Sterner – eliminated 2nd
  • Denise Rudberg (author) partnered by Tobias Wallin – eliminated 1st


The Turkish version was called Yok Böyle Dans. Thirteen couples were participating in the competition.[10] Lilia Kopylova was the head of the judging panel of four. Azra Akın won the competition with her partner Nikolai.


In Ukraine the show started in September 2006 on television channel 1+1 under name "Танці з зірками" ("Tantsi z zirkamy") which stands for "Dances With The Stars". The show was hosted by Yuriy Horbunov and Tina Karol. The star contestants were paired with famous Ukrainian dancers, who had won major international competitions. The winners of the show were rewarded with the tour to the Rio Carnival, while the runners-up went to the Carnival on Cuba. The show was extremely popular with Ukrainian viewers. The show finale held on the November 26, 2006 had the TV rating of 26.83% with the share of 54.64%, meaning that a quarter of the Ukrainian population and more than half of all TV viewers at that moment watched the final. The show overall was watched by nearly 16 million Ukrainians. The pair of Volodymyr Zelenskyy (leader of a famous Ukrainian comic troupe) and Olena Shoptenko won the main prize.

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, where the show originated, it is known as Strictly Come Dancing.

United States

Judges: Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman, and Bruno Tonioli.

The American version of Dancing with the Stars premiered in the summer of 2005 on ABC.


Season Celebrity Professional
1 Kelly Monaco Alec Mazo
2 Drew Lachey Cheryl Burke
3 Emmitt Smith Cheryl Burke
4 Apolo Anton Ohno Julianne Hough
5 Hélio Castroneves Julianne Hough
6 Kristi Yamaguchi Mark Ballas
7 Brooke Burke Derek Hough
8 Shawn Johnson Mark Ballas
9 Donny Osmond Kym Johnson
10 Nicole Scherzinger Derek Hough
11 Jennifer Grey Derek Hough
12 Hines Ward Kym Johnson


In Vietnam, the show was under the local name Bước nhảy hoàn vũ (literally: Universal Steps). The show is annually aired on VTV3. Bước nhảy hoàn vũ is a reality show produced by Vietnam Television and Cát Tiên Sa Production. The show is originated from United Kingdom BBC series and is a part of the international Dancing with the Stars franchise. The format of the show originally bought and based upon the Bulgarian version which also shared the professionals.

Thanh Bạch and Thanh Vân were announced to host this show. Judging panel of the first season included director Nguyễn Quang Dũng, Lê Hoàng, and the leading Vietnamese dancesport athletes Khánh Thi & Chí Anh. For the second one, Thanh Vân was replaced due to pregnancy by Đoan Trang, who finished as the runner-up on the previous season.

  • Khánh Thi, Professional Dancer (2010-ongoing)
  • Chí Anh, Professional Dancer (2010-ongoing)
  • Nguyễn Quang Dũng, Director (2010, 2011 week 5-ongoing)
  • Đức Huy, Musician (2011-ongoing)
  • Lê Hoàng, Director / Screenwriter / Novellist (2010)
  • Trần Tiến, Songwriter (2011, week 1-4)
  • Thanh Bạch, Comedian / TV Presenter (2010-ongoing)
  • Đoan Trang, Recording Artist (2011-ongoing)
  • Thanh Vân, Dramatic Actress (2010)
  • Season 1: Ngô Thanh Vân & Tihomir Romanov "Tisho" Gavrilov
  • Season 2: Vũ Thu Minh & Lachezar Stefanov "Lacho" Todorov

World Championship

In 2007, the first edition of the Dancing with the Stars World Championship took place. Countries which took part in the event, staged in Mexico, included many teams Romania, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Slovakia, Panama, Paraguay and Ecuador. The winner of the event was the host nation, Mexico.

  • 1st place – Mexico Mexico
  • 2nd place – Romania Romania
  • 3rd place – Argentina Argentina

In 2010, the second edition of the Dancing with the Stars World Championship was held in México. Countries which took part in the event included teams Romania, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Southafrica, Spain, United States, United Kingdom and France. The winner of the event was the United States.


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