TV 2 (Denmark)

TV 2 (Denmark)

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network_name = TV2 Danmark A/S
country = DNK
network_type = Broadcast radio network and
television network
available = National
launch_date = October 1, 1988 (television broadcast)
August 23, 2006 (radio broadcast)
founder = The Danish Parliament (Folketinget), 1986
owner = Itself & the public
key_people = Merete Eldrup, CEO
Niels Boserup, Chairman of the Board
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TV 2 is a Danish government-owned television station broadcasting from Odense on Funen. It started broadcasts on 1 October 1988, breaking the previous monopoly of Danish Broadcast Corporation (DR).

It has five daughter-stations named TV 2 Zulu, oriented at the youth segment, TV 2 Charlie, oriented at mature audiences, TV 2 News, a 24-hour news channel, TV 2 Film, a constant movie channel, and TV 2 Sport, a 24-hour sports channel, and an internet-based pay-per-view channel TV 2 Sputnik which started broadcasting December 2004. A 24-hour movie channel TV 2 Film was launched on 1 November 2005. TV 2 News, Denmark's first nationwide 24-hour news channel, was launched on 1 December 2006.

On August 23 2006, TV 2 bought a vacant FM radio license at auction for 23,000,000 DKK. The license was previously owned by Sky Radio, part of Rupert Murdoch's Australia-based News Corporation, which returned it when they closed down their Danish operation in November 2005. The auction lasted 20 minutes.TV 2 has about 1,000 employees, and a revenue of 1,9 billion DKK (2006).

TV 2 is a full active member of the European Broadcasting Union since 1990.


On weekdays, TV 2 starts with "Go'morgen Danmark" (Literally: "Good Morning Denmark"), Denmark's first breakfast talkshow.

At 11 a.m. they hand over to the regions who broadcast to 12:30 (with an interruption for national news). That is followed by TV 2's afternoon programming that mostly consists of American drama series and sitcoms. The regional stations also broadcast bulletins in the afternoon and evening, as well as a longer newscast at 19.30.

TV 2's main national newscasts are shown at 19:00 and 22:00 but bulletins in the morning (first newscast at 7:00), at noon, 14:00, 16:00 and 18:00 have been added over the years.

TV 2 broadcasts several American sit-coms such as "Friends", "Hope & Faith", "Joey", "The King of Queens", "Cheers", "Ally McBeal" and "Reba". Many American drama series, such as "Californication", "Dirty Sexy Money", "Desperate Housewives", "Beverly Hills 90210", "Sopranos", "Six Feet Under", "24", "Commander in Chief" and Jericho are also present. It also broadcasts "Pokémon", which are also seen on Jetix in Denmark. Most shows not produced in Denmark are shown in their original language with Danish subtitling although some cartoon series are shown dubbed into Danish.


Historically TV2 was funded by television license fees and advertising sales. However, although the regional channels are still partly funded this way, funding by television license for the main channel ended in July 2004.

This form of double financing, along with a large injection of capital (to cover a deficit of 1 bill DKK) from the Danish State, is currently under investigation by the EU; accusations being that the dual funding has constituted illegal state aid.


* Before it broadcasts for 24-hours, This channel had a PM5544 test card with clock.
* TV2/Lorry is rarely broadcasts clock. Most are on regional stations

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*List of Danish television channels

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