List of pangrams

List of pangrams

This is a list of pangrams which are sentences using every letter of the alphabet at least once.

= Perfect pangrams in English (26 letters) =

Without proper nouns or initialisms

* Cwm fjord bank glyphs vext quiz. ("Carved symbols in a mountain hollow on the bank of an inlet irritated an eccentric person.") [ [ What is the longest sentence in English without repeating any letters?]
* Squdgy fez, blank jimp crwth vox! ("A short brimless felt hat barely blocks out the sound of a Celtic violin." - created by Claude Shannon)
* Jink cwm, zag veldt, fob qursh pyx. ("Cross valley and plain to steal coins from Saudi mint." - created by Stephen Wagner)
* Veldt jynx grimps waqf zho buck. ("A grasslands wryneck Woodpecker climbs onto a male bovid on Muslim land held in trust." - created by Michael Jones) [Boehm, David A. et, al. Guinness Book of World Records. Bantam Books, New York, 1988. Page 198.]
* Junky qoph-flags vext crwd zimb. ("An Abyssinian fly playing a Celtic violin was annoyed by trashy flags on which were the Hebrew letter qoph.")
* Quartz glyph job vex'd cwm finks. ("The act of carving symbols into quartz irritated ruffians from a Welsh river valley.")
* Cwm fjord veg balks nth pyx quiz. ("Relaxing in basins at the end of inlets puts an end to the test from the box." - 'nth' is not an abbreviation)
* Vext cwm fly zing jabs Kurd qoph. ("A flummoxed wall carving of a fly stings a Kurd, who cries out in distress.")

With proper nouns, acronyms, or initialisms

* Jocks find quartz glyph, vex BMW.
* Blowzy night-frumps vex'd Jack Q.
* Glum Schwartzkopf vex'd by NJ IQ.
* New job: fix Mr. Gluck's hazy TV, ! (includes 5 punctuation symbols)
* Frowzy things plumb vex'd Jack Q.
* J. Q. Vandz struck my big fox whelp.
* Meg Schwarzkopf quit Jynx Blvd. (created by Ted Clarke)
* TV quiz jock, Mr PHD, bags few lynx. (created by Bobby LaPointe)
* Quartz jock vends BMW glyph fix.
* Jumbling vext frowzy hacks PDQ. ("Being bounced around quickly annoyed the disheveled taxi drivers." - all words in high school dictionary)
* PR flacks quiz gym: TV DJ box when?
* NBC glad. Why? Fox TV jerks quiz PM.
* Jump dogs, why vex Fritz Blank QC?
* The glib czar junks my VW Fox PDQ. (by Cory Calhoun)
* Help BMX jocks try dang VFW quiz. (by Cory Calhoun)
* My UHF TV zaps J.K. Rowling, ex-D.C. QB. ("ex-D.C. QB = former Washington Redskins quarterback") (by Cory Calhoun)
* XV BC fjord whelk quiz gyps T-man.
* Fjord q-klutz bahs given cwm pyx.
* J.Q. Schwartz flung D.V. Pike my box.

= Longer pangram in English (in order of fewest letters used) =

* Big fjords vex quick waltz nymph. (27 letters)
* Junk MTV quiz graced by fox whelps. (28 letters) (Includes proper noun)
* Bawds jog, flick quartz, vex nymphs. (28 letters)
* Waltz, bad nymph, for quick jigs vex! (28 letters)
* Fox nymphs grab quick-jived waltz. (28 letters)
* Brick quiz whangs jumpy veldt fox. (28 letters)
* Glib jocks quiz nymph to vex dwarf. (28 letters) (Used by Pol van Rhee for Typography class examples)
* Bright vixens jump; dozy fowl quack. (29 letters)
* Quick wafting zephyrs vex bold Jim. (29 letters) (Includes proper noun)
* Quick zephyrs blow, vexing daft Jim. (29 letters) (Includes proper noun)
* Sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow. (29 letters) (Used by Adobe InDesign when providing samples of all fonts.)
* Sex-charged fop blew my junk TV quiz (29 letters)
* How quickly daft jumping zebras vex. (30 letters)
* Two driven jocks help fax my big quiz. (30 letters)
* "Now fax quiz Jack!" my brave ghost pled. (30 letters)
* Vamp fox held quartz duck just by wing. (31 letters)
* Five quacking zephyrs jolt my wax bed. (31 letters)
* The five boxing wizards jump quickly. (31 letters) (Used by XXDiff as sample text)
* Jackdaws love my big sphinx of quartz. (31 letters) (Used by Microsoft Windows XP when previewing some non-TrueType/OpenType fonts. It is interesting that the set of digits afterwards omits the numeral 7.)
* Kvetching, flummoxed by job, W. zaps Iraq. (32 letters) (Includes proper noun)
* Cozy sphinx waves quart jug of bad milk. (32 letters)
* A very bad quack might jinx zippy fowls. (32 letters)
* Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs. (32 letters) (Used for font samples by Beagle Bros and in Space Shuttle, Featured in Ella Minnow Pea)
* Few quips galvanized the mock jury box. (32 letters)
* The jay, pig, fox, zebra, and my wolves quack! (33 letters)
* Blowzy red vixens fight for a quick jump. (33 letters)
* A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. (33 letters)
* Joaquin Phoenix was gazed by MTV for luck. (34 letters) (Includes proper noun)
* The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. (35 letters) (Used by Microsoft Windows as sample text, famous for its coherency)
* Heavy boxes perform quick waltzes and jigs. (36 letters)
* A wizard’s job is to vex chumps quickly in fog. (36 letters)
* Watch "Jeopardy!", Alex Trebek's fun TV quiz game. (37 letters) (Includes proper noun)
* Woven silk pyjamas exchanged for blue quartz. (38 letters) (Used for font samples by Scribus)
* Brawny gods just flocked up to quiz and vex him. (38 letters)
* My faxed joke won a pager in the cable TV quiz show. (39 letters)
* The quick onyx goblin jumps over the lazy dwarf. (39 letters) (From flavor text in a card in the card game [ ['s Now I Know My ABC's] from ] )
* The lazy major was fixing Cupid's broken quiver. (39 letters) (Includes proper noun)
* Amazingly few discotheques provide jukeboxes. (40 letters)
* Cozy lummox gives smart squid who asks for job pen. (41 letters) (Used for font samples by the Macintosh, post-System 7, as well as on certain Palm products)
* My girl wove six dozen plaid jackets before she quit. (43 letters)
* Six big devils from Japan quickly forgot how to waltz. (44 letters)
* "Who am taking the ebonics quiz?", the prof jovially axed. (44 letters)
*Six boys guzzled cheap raw plum vodka quite joyfully. (44 letters)
* Big July earthquakes confound zany experimental vow. (45 letters)
* Foxy parsons quiz and cajole the lovably dim wiki-girl. (45 letters)
* Have a pick: twenty six letters — no forcing a jumbled quiz! (46 letters)
* Jack quietly moved up front and seized the big ball of wax. (47 letters) (Includes proper noun)
* Few black taxis drive up major roads on quiet hazy nights. (47 letters)
* Crazy Fredericka bought many very exquisite opal jewels. (48 letters) (Includes proper noun)
* Sixty zippers were quickly picked from the woven jute bag. (48 letters)
* How razorback-jumping frogs can level six piqued gymnasts! (49 letters) (Used for font samples by the Macintosh, System 7 era)
* A quick movement of the enemy will jeopardize six gunboats. (49 letters)
* All questions asked by five watch experts amazed the judge. (49 letters)

= Other languages =

All letters

* Arabic:
** نص حكيم له سر قاطع وذو شأن عظيم مكتوب على ثوب أخضر ومغلف بجلد أزرق
*** A wise text which has an absolute secret and great importance, written on a green tissue and covered with blue leather
* Bulgarian:
** Жълтата дюля беше щастлива, че пухът, който цъфна, замръзна като гьон.
*** The yellow quince was happy that the fluff, which bloomed, froze like sole-leather
** За миг бях в чужд плюшен скърцащ фотьойл. (Used for font samples by the Macintosh, in the localized System 7)
*** For a moment I was in someone else's plush squeaking armchair
* Catalan:
** (with ç) Jove xef, porti whisky amb quinze glaçons d'hidrogen, coi!
*** Young chef, bring whisky with fifteen hydrogen ice cubes, damn!
** Aqueix betzol, Jan, comprava whisky de figa
*** That idiot, Jan, was buying fig whisky
* Croatian:
** Gojazni đačić s biciklom drži hmelj i finu vatu u džepu nošnje. (Contains all of the glyphs of the Croatian alphabet, but not all of the letters—the diglyph nj iz omitted. Used by Microsoft Office as sample text for Croatian language.)
* Czech:
** "Příliš žluťoučký kůň úpěl ďábelské ódy" - in English: "A horse which was too yellow moaned devilish odes" (includes all Czech letters with diacritics, but lacks many letters without diacritics)
** "Příšerně žluťoučký kůň úpěl ďábelské ódy" - in English: "Terribly yellow horse groaned devilish odes"
** "Hleď, toť přízračný kůň v mátožné póze šíleně úpí" - in English "Lo! 'Tis a ghostlike horse in a feable pose groaning maddeningly"
** "Zvlášť zákeřný učeň s ďolíčky běží podél zóny úlů" - in English "An exceptionally insidious pupil with dimples runs along the beehive zone"
** "Loď čeří kýlem tůň obzvlášť v Grónské úžině" - in English "A ship is churning up water by the keel especially in the Strait of Greenland"
** "Ó, náhlý déšť teď zvířil prach a čilá laň běží s houfcem gazel k úkrytům." - in English "Oh, sudden rain has whirled dust now and a lively hind with a herd of gazelles is running to the shelters"."
** "Červený střízlíček a špinavá žlůva ďobali šťavnaté ocúny." - in English "Small red wren and a dirty oriole picked juicy autumn crocus"."
* Danish:
** (each letter exactly once) Høj bly gom vandt fræk sexquiz på wc
*** Tall shy groom won dirty sex quiz on W.C.
** Quizdeltagerne spiste jordbær med fløde, mens cirkusklovnen Walther spillede på xylofon.
*** The quiz contestants ate strawberry with cream while Walther the circus clown played the xylophone.
* Dutch:
** Doch Bep, flink sexy qua vorm, zwijgt
*** But Bep, thorough sexy of shape, keeps silent
** Sexy qua lijf, doch bang voor 't zwempak
*** Sexy of body, though scared of the swimsuit
** _nl. Pa's wijze lynx bezag vroom het fikse aquaduct
*** Dad's wise lynx piously observed the sturdy aqueduct.
** Several others: "Filmquiz bracht knappe ex-yogi van de wijs", "Max boft: z'n vrouw is qua type degelijk", "Lex bederft Uw quiz met typisch vakjargon", "Zwicht exquis blondje, gap vijf mark", "Z'n dom exquis wijfje bracht vlug kip.", "Sexy dame bezorgt chique volkje fijne wip".
* Dzongkha:
** ཨ་ཡིག་དཀར་མཛེས་ལས་འཁྲུངས་ཤེས་བློའི་གཏེར༎ ཕས་རྒོལ་ཝ་སྐྱེས་ཟིལ་གནོན་གདོང་ལྔ་བཞིན༎ ཆགས་ཐོགས་ཀུན་བྲལ་མཚུངས་མེད་འཇམ་དབྱངསམཐུས༎ མཧཱ་མཁས་པའི་གཙོ་བོ་ཉིད་འགྱུར་ཅིག།
* Esperanto:
** Eble ĉiu kvazaŭ-deca fuŝĥoraĵo ĝojigos homtipon.
*** Maybe every quasi-fitting bungle-choir makes a human type happy.
** Laŭ Ludoviko Zamenhof bongustas freŝa ĉeĥa manĝaĵo kun spicoj.
*** According to Ludwig Zamenhof, fresh Czech food with spices tastes good.
* Estonian:
** Põdur Zagrebi tšellomängija-följetonist Ciqo külmetas kehvas garaažis
*** Ill-healthy cellist-feuilletonist Ciqo from Zagreb was being cold in a poor garage. (used in KDE font selection).
** See väike mölder jõuab rongile hüpata
*** This small miller is able to jump to train (used in localized version of Microsoft Word in Office XP, contains all non-foreign letters)
* Filipino:
** Ang buko ay para sa tao dahil wala nang pwedeng mainom na gatas. (Coconut is for people because there is not enough milk.)
** Pwede kang yumaman dahil sa bagong roleta. (You can be rich because of the new wheel.)
* Finnish:
** (A perfect pangram which doesn't include characters only found in foreign or loanwords (b, c, f, q, w, x, z, å)): Törkylempijävongahdus
*** Muckysnogger booty-call.
** Albert osti fagotin ja töräytti puhkuvan melodian.
*** Albert bought a bassoon and blasted a puffing melody. (used in older versions of Word Perfect).
* French:
** Buvez de ce whisky que le patron juge fameux. (36)
** Portez ce vieux whisky au juge blond qui fume
*** Go take this old whisky to the blond judge who smokes
** Bâchez la queue du wagon-taxi avec les pyjamas du fakir
*** Tarpolin-up the taxi-railcar tail with the fakir’s pajamas
** Voyez le brick géant que j'examine près du wharf
*** See the giant brick which I examine near the wharf
* German
** (no umlauts or ß): Sylvia wagt quick den Jux bei Pforzheim
*** Sylvia dares quickly the joke at Pforzheim
** (no umlauts or ß): Franz jagt im komplett verwahrlosten Taxi quer durch Bayern
*** Franz chases in the completely shabby cab straight through Bavaria
** (with umlauts and ß): Victor jagt zwölf Boxkämpfer quer über den großen Sylter Deich
*** Victor chases twelve boxers across the great dam of Sylt
** (with umlauts and ß, each letter exactly once, according to the pre-1996 spelling rules): "Fix, Schwyz!" quäkt Jürgen blöd vom Paß
*** "Quick, Schwyz!" Jürgen squawks zanily from the pass
** "Falsches Üben von Xylophonmusik quält jeden größeren Zwerg" (used by KDE)
*** Wrong practising of xylophone music bothers every larger dwarf
* Greek:
** Γαζίες καὶ μυρτιὲς δὲν θὰ βρῶ πιὰ στὸ χρυσαφὶ ξέφωτο
*** No more shall I see acacias or myrtles in the golden clearing
** Ξεσκεπάζω τὴν ψυχοφθόρα βδελυγμία.
*** I uncover the soul-destroying abhorrence.
** Ζαφείρι δέξου πάγκαλο, βαθῶν ψυχῆς τὸ σῆμα.
*** Receive an excellent sapphire, denoting profundity of soul.
** Notable pangrams found occurring in ancient Greek literature include:
*** "Odyssey" 9.179-181
*** "Homeric Hymn to Hermes" 22-24
*** Pindar, "Olympian 6" 21-24
*** Aeschylus, "Agamemnon" 439-444
*** Euripides, "Alcestis" 169-172, "Hercules" 927-930, "Bacchae" 719b-723a
*** Isaeus, "De Hagnia", section 31 (ἐλέλυθεν...λήψεσθαι)
*** Lycurgus, "Against Leocrates" 100.3-6
*** Lysias 12.93.3-5
*** Thucydides, from the last four words of 4.115.2 through the first ten words of 4.115.3
* Hebrew:
** דג סקרן שט בים מאוכזב ולפתע מצא חברה
*** A curious fish sailed the sea disappointedly, and suddenly found company
** כך התרסק נפץ על גוזל קטן, שדחף את צבי למים
*** (Includes all medial and final forms)
** או הנסה אלהים, לבוא לקחת לו גוי מקרב גוי, במסת באתת ובמופתים ובמלחמה וביד חזקה ובזרוע נטויה, ובמוראים גדלים: ככל אשר-עשה לכם יהוה אלהיכם, במצרים--לעיניך (Deuteronomy 4:34)
** לכן חכו לי נאם יהוה ליום קומי לעד, כי משפטי לאסף גוים לקבצי ממלכות, לשפך עליהם זעמי כל חרון אפי, כי באש קנאתי תאכל כל הארץ (Zephaniah 3:8 - the only verse in the Hebrew Bible that contains all medial forms of the letters plus all final forms)
** (each letter exactly once) שפן אכל קצת גזר בטעם חסה, ודי.
*** (A rabbit ate some lettuce flavored carrot and that's it)
Note: the Hebrew writing system, which leaves out many of the vowels, makes the creation of perfect pangrams fairly easy, compared to languages which use Latin script.
* Hungarian
** Egy hűtlen vejét fülöncsípő, dühös mexikói úr Wesselényinél mázol Quitóban.
*** An angry Mexican man, who caught his faithless son-in-law, is painting Wesselényi's house in Quito.
* Icelandic:
** Kæmi ný öxi hér ykist þjófum nú bæði víl og ádrepa
*** If a new axe were here, thieves would feel increasing deterrence and punishment.
** (each letter exactly once) Svo hölt, yxna kýr þegði jú um dóp í fé á bæ.
*** A cow in heat with such a limp would admittedly keep silent about drugs in sheep on a farm.
* Irish
** D'fhuascail Íosa Úrmhac na hÓighe Beannaithe pór Éava agus Ádhaimh
** D'ḟuascail Íosa Úrṁac na hÓiġe Beannaiṫe pór Éaḃa agus Áḋaiṁ
*** Jesus, Son of the blessed Virgin, redeemed the seed of Eve and Adam.
** Ċuaiġ bé ṁórsháċ le dlúṫspád fíorḟinn trí hata mo ḋea-ṗorcáin ḃig
*** A greatly satisfied woman went with a truly white dense spade through the hat of my good little well-fattened pig (uses both regular and lenited (with dot above) letters)
* Italian:
** "Quel fez sghembo copre davanti"
*** That slanted fez covers the front (without the foreign letters j, k, w, x, and y)
** "Ma la volpe, col suo balzo, ha raggiunto il quieto Fido"
*** But the fox with her leap has reached the quiet Fido (without foreign letters; observe that "Fido" is a proper noun commonly given to dogs)
** "Quel vituperabile xenofobo zelante assaggia il whisky ed esclama: alleluja!"
*** That blameworthy and zealous xenophobe tastes his whisky and says: Alleluja!
** "Pranzo d'acqua fa volti sghembi" (without foreign letters)
** "O templi, quarzi, vigne, fidi boschi!" (without foreign letters)
** "Che tempi brevi, zio, quando solfeggi" (without foreign letters)
** "Berlusconi? Quiz, tv, paghe da fame" (Umberto Eco) [ [ la Repubblica "Il pangramma nascosto"] ]
*** "Tv? Quiz, Br, Flm, Dc... Oh, spenga!" (Umberto Eco, 1979, without foreign letters)
* Japanese:
** Iroha Uta
*** いろはにほへと ちりぬるを わかよたれそ つねならむ うゐのおくやま けふこえて あさきゆめみし ゑひもせす
*** 色は匂へど 散りぬるを 我が世誰ぞ 常ならむ 有為の奥山 今日越えて 浅き夢見じ 酔ひもせず(ん)
*** The poem Iroha uses all 47 classical kana characters exactly once, and it comes in the form of a poem. (The characters and are obsolete in modern Japanese.) Iroha is so classically entrenched that any modern construction of a Japanese pangram in classical form is called "iroha-uta".
** Tori Naku Uta
*** とりなくこゑす ゆめさませ みよあけわたる ひんかしを そらいろはえて おきつへに ほふねむれゐぬ もやのうち
*** 鳥啼く声す 夢覚ませ 見よ明け渡る 東を 空色栄えて 沖つ辺に 帆船群れゐぬ 靄の中
** Ametsuchi No Uta
*** あめ つち ほし そら / やま かは みね たに / くも きり むろ こけ / ひと いぬ うへ すゑ / ゆわ さる おふ せよ / えのえ*を なれ ゐて
*** 天 地 星 空 / 山 川 峰 谷 / 雲 霧 室 苔 / 人 犬 上 末 / 硫黄 猿 生ふ 為よ / 榎の 枝を 馴れ 居て
** Taini no Uta
*** たゐにいて なつむわれをそ きみめすと あさりおひゆく やましろの うちゑへるこら もはほせよ えふねかけぬ
*** 田居に出で 菜摘むわれをぞ 君召すと 求食り追ひゆく 山城の 打酔へる子ら 藻葉干せよ え舟繋けぬ
* Korean:
** 키스의 고유조건은 입술끼리 만나야 하고 특별한 기술은 필요치 않다.
*** The essential condition for kiss is that lips meet and there is no special technique required.
* Latin:
** Sic surgens, dux, zelotypos quam karus haberis
*** Includes the letters k, y and z, used for words derived from Greek, but not the letters j, v or w, consonants that evolved from the vowels i and u.
* Lithuanian:
** Įlinkdama fechtuotojo špaga sublykčiojusi pragręžė apvalų arbūzą
*** Incurving fencer sword sparkled and perforated a round watermelon
* Lojban:
** .o'i mu xagji sofybakni cu zvati le purdi
*** Watch out, five hungry Soviet-cows are in the garden!
* Mapudungun:
** (Ragileo alphabet) Gvxam mincetu apocikvyeh: ñizol ce mamvj ka raq kuse bafkeh mew
*** Tale under the full moon: the chief chemamull and the clay old woman at the lake/sea.
* Norwegian
** Vår sære Zulu fra badeøya spilte jo whist og quickstep i min taxi.
*** Our strange Zulu from the bathing Island did actually play whist and quickstep in my cab.
** Høvdingens kjære squaw får litt pizza i Mexico by
*** The chief's dear squaw gets a little pizza in Mexico City
** IQ-løs WC-boms uten hørsel skjærer god pizza på xylofon.
*** IQ-less WC-bum without hearing cut good pizza on xylophone.
* Polish:
** (each letter exactly once) Pójdźże, kiń tę chmurność w głąb flaszy!
*** Come on, drop your sadness into the depth of a bottle!
** (each letter exactly once) Mężny bądź, chroń pułk twój i sześć flag.
*** Be brave, protect your regiment and six flags.
** (each letter exactly once) Filmuj rzeź żądań, pość, gnęb chłystków!.
*** Film the slaughter of demands, fast, oppress the greenhorns!.
** (each English letter exactly once) Ich dalekopis fałszuje, gdy próby QXV nie wytrzymuje.
*** Their teleprinter misprints, if it does not stands the test of QXV.
** Pchnąć w tę łódź jeża lub ośm skrzyń fig.
*** Push a hedgehog or eight crates of figs into this boat.
** Dość gróźb fuzją, klnę, pych i małżeństw!
*** Stop threats, haughtiness and marriages!
** Pójdź w loch zbić małżeńską gęś futryn!
*** Go to dungeons and kill maritial goose frame!
** Chwyć małżonkę, strój bądź pleśń z fugi.
*** Seize wife, gear or mold from fugue.
** Koń i żółw grali w kości z piękną ćmą u źródła.
*** Horse and tortoise played Yahtzee with beautiful moth near wellhead.
* Portuguese (Brazilian):
** (without diacritics) Um pequeno jabuti xereta viu dez cegonhas felizes.
*** A curious little red-footed tortoise saw ten happy storks.
** Blitz prende ex-vesgo com cheque fajuto.
*** Police arrested ex-cross-eye with fake check in a checkpoint.
** (without diacritics) Gazeta publica hoje no jornal uma breve nota de faxina na quermesse.
*** The journalists publish today at the newspaper a short note about the cleaning at the kirmiss.
** À noite, vovô Kowalsky vê o ímã cair no pé do pingüim queixoso e vovó põe açúcar no chá de tâmaras do jabuti feliz.
*** At night, grandpa Kowalsky sees the magnet falling in the complaining penguin's foot and grandma puts sugar in the happy tortoise's date tea.
** Luís argüia à Júlia que «brações, fé, chá, óxido, pôr, zângão» eram palavras do português.
*** Luís argued to Júlia that “big arms, faith, tea, oxide, to put, bee” were Portuguese words.
* Romanian:
** Gheorghe, obezul, a reuşit să obţină jucându-se un flux în Quebec de o mie kilowaţioră.
*** George, the obese, managed to obtain by playing a flux in Quebec of a thousand Kilowatthours
* Russian:
** (traditional telegraph test; lacks ъ and ё) В чащах юга жил бы цитрус? Да, но фальшивый экземпляр!
*** Would a citrus live in the bushes of the south? Yes, but only a fake one!
** (Using quasiobsolete spelling for last word to include ъ) В чащах юга жил бы цитрус? Да, но фальшивый экземпляръ!
*** same
** (each letter exactly once) Эх, чужак! Общий съём цен шляп (юфть) — вдрызг!
*** Eh, stranger! The general takings from prices of hats (made from a thick leather) have completely crashed!
** (each letter exactly once) Экс-граф? Плюш изъят. Бьём чуждый цен хвощ!
*** Ex-count? The plush has been confiscated. Let's fight against the horsetail that is alien to prices!
** (each letter exactly once) Эй, жлоб! Где туз? Прячь юных съёмщиц в шкаф.
*** Hey, chuff! Where is the ace? Hide young lessee-girls in the cupboard.
** (Microsoft used it in fontview.exe for Cyrillic fonts without «же») Съешь ещё этих мягких французских булок, да выпей же чаю.
*** Eat more of these soft French loaves and drink tea.
** (Used in KDE) Широкая электрификация южных губерний даст мощный толчок подъёму сельского хозяйства.
*** Widespread electrification of southern guberniyas will give a powerful incentive to the rise of agriculture.

* Serbian: (also applies to Croatian and Bosnian)
** Fin džip, gluh jež i čvrst konjić dođoše bez moljca.
*** A nice jeep, a deaf hedgehog and a tough horse came without a moth.
** Љубазни фењерџија чађавог лица хоће да ми покаже штос.
** Ljubazni fenjerdžija čađavog lica hoće da mi pokaže štos.
*** A kind lamplighter with grimy face wants to show me a stunt.
** Ајшо, лепото и чежњо, за љубав срца мога дођи у Хаџиће на кафу.
** Ajšo, lepoto i čežnjo, za ljubav srca moga dođi u Hadžiće na kafu.
*** Aicha, (you that are my) beauty and longing, for the love of my heart, come (to the town of) Hadžići for a cup of coffee.

* Slovene:
** Hišničin bratec vzgaja polže pod fikusom
** Besni dirkač iz formule žuga cehu poštarjev
** Fučka se mi hladna goveja žolca brez pršuta
** Šerif bo za vajo spet kuhal domače žgance
*** For an exercise, sheriff will again make home-made mush
** Piškur molče grabi fižol z dna cezijeve hoste
*** Lambry silently grasps beans from the bottom of cezij forest
* Spanish:
** (with ñ and diacritics) El veloz murciélago hindú comía feliz cardillo y kiwi. La cigüeña tocaba el saxofón detrás del palenque de paja. (Used in Windows as sample text)
*** The quick Hindu bat was happily eating golden thistle and kiwi. The stork was playing the saxophone behind the straw arena.
** (with ch, ñ and ll) El pingüino Wenceslao hizo kilómetros bajo exhaustiva lluvia y frío; añoraba a su querido cachorro.
*** The penguin Wenceslao did kilometres under exhaustive rain and cold; he longed for its dear puppy.
** Jovencillo emponzoñado de whisky: ¡qué figurota exhibe!
*** Whisky-intoxicated youngster — what a figure he's showing!
** Ese libro explica en su epígrafe las hazañas y aventuras de Don Quijote de la Mancha en Kuwait.
*** That book explains in its epigraph the deeds and adventures of Don Quijote de la Mancha in Kuwait.
** Queda gazpacho, fibra, látex, jamón, kiwi y viñas.
*** There is still gazpacho, fibre, latex, ham, kiwi and vineyards.
** Whisky bueno: ¡excitad mi frágil pequeña vejez!
*** Good whisky, excite my frail, little old age!
* Swedish:
** (lacks q, x and z) Flygande bäckasiner söka hwila på mjuka tuvor.
*** Flying snipes seek rest on soft tufts [of grass] .
** (each letter exactly once) Yxskaftbud, ge vår WC-zonmö IQ-hjälp.
*** Axe handle messenger, give our WC zone maiden IQ help.
** (each letter once, old spelling 'qv', lacks foreign letter 'w') Gud hjälpe Zorns mö qvickt få byxa.
*** God must help Zorn's maiden get trousers quick.

* Thai:
** เป็นมนุษย์สุดประเสริฐเลิศคุณค่า กว่าบรรดาฝูงสัตว์เดรัจฉาน จงฝ่าฟันพัฒนาวิชาการ อย่าล้างผลาญฤๅเข่นฆ่าบีฑาใคร ไม่ถือโทษโกรธแช่งซัดฮึดฮัดด่า หัดอภัยเหมือนกีฬาอัชฌาสัย ปฏิบัติประพฤติกฎกำหนดใจ พูดจาให้จ๊ะๆ จ๋าๆ น่าฟังเอยฯ
*** Humans are most superb and worth more than any animal or beast. Do develop your academic expertise. Do not destroy or kill anyone. Do not be angry or execrate anyone. Practice forgiveness as you would good sportsmanship. Do behave under morals and rules. Speak and confer politely and with servility. (These phrases owned by "The Computer Association of Thailand under the Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King")

* Turkish:
** Pijamalı hasta yağız şoföre çabucak güvendi.
*** The patient in pajamas trusted the swarthy driver quickly.

* Ukrainian:
** Чуєш їх, доцю, га? Кумедна ж ти, прощайся без ґольфів!
*** Daughter, do you hear them, eh? Oh, you are funny! Say good-bye without knee-length socks.
** (with apostrophe sign) Жебракують філософи при ґанку церкви в Гадячі, ще й шатро їхнє п'яне знаємо.
*** The philosophers beg near the porch of the church in Hadiach, and we are even know their drunk marquee.

Only letters with diacritical marks and other national specific letters

A variant tries to make a word or phrase containing at least all letters with diacritical marks:

* Czech: (čďňřšťž áéěíóúůý)
** Příliš (příšerně) žluťoučký kůň úpěl ďábelské ódy ("too yellow (horribly yellow) horse moaned devillish odas"),
** Hleď, toť přízračný kůň v mátožné póze šíleně úpí. ("See, that phantasmic horse moans like crazy in feeble pose")
** Zvlášť zákeřný učeň s ďolíčky běží podél zóny úlů. ("Extra malicious apprentice with dimples runs beside the zone of beehives")
** Loď čeří kýlem tůň obzvlášť v Grónské úžině. ("Ship churns up the pool with the keel, especially at the Greenland straits")
* Esperanto: Eĥŝanĝo ĉiuĵaŭde ("echo change every Thursday")
* German: Heizölrückstoßabdämpfung ("fuel oil recoil absorber")
* Hungarian: árvíztűrő tükörfúrógép ("flood-proof mirror-drilling machine")
* Icelandic: Sævör grét áðan því úlpan var ónýt ("Sævör cried earlier because the jacket was ruined")
* Polish: Zażółć gęślą jaźń ("make fiddle's ego yellow")
** Pchnąć w tę łódź jeża lub ośm skrzyń fig. (ośm - the original form of the numeral [ osiem] )
*** Push into that boat a hedgehog or eight boxes of figs.
* Turkish: Şişli'de büyük çöp yığınları ("Large amounts of garbage in Şişli")
* Swedish: Räksmörgås ("Shrimp sandwich"), Ölälskaråsna ("Beer-loving donkey")

Self-enumerating pangrams

A self-enumerating pangram, or a pangrammic autogram, is one which describes exactly the number of letters it itself contains. Because changing the description changes the numbers of letters used in the description, the task of finding such a pangram is exceedingly complex.

This particularly interesting kind of pangram arose from some verbal horseplay between Douglas Hofstadter, an AI researcher and writer for Scientific American, Rudy Kousbroek, a Dutch linguist and essayist, and Lee Sallows, a British electronics engineer. Hofstadter posed the problem of sentences that describe themselves, prompting Sallows to devise the following:

:"Only the fool would take trouble to verify that his sentence was composed of ten a's, three b's, four c's, four d's, forty-six e's, sixteen f's, four g's, thirteen h's, fifteen i's, two k's, nine l's, four m's, twenty-five n's, twenty-four o's, five p's, sixteen r's, forty-one s's, thirty-seven t's, ten u's, eight v's, eight w's, four x's, eleven y's, twenty-seven commas, twenty-three apostrophes, seven hyphens and, last but not least, a single !"

This, while interesting, is not a complete pangram as it lacks a j, q, and z. Kousbroek published a Dutch equivalent, which spurred Sallows, who lives in the Netherlands and reads the paper where Kousbroek writes his essays, to think harder about this problem in order to solve it more generally. Initial attempts to write a program for this came to naught, but, in 1984, he decided to construct a dedicated piece of hardware for this task, the Pangram Machine. This accepts a description of the initial sentence fragment, and tries to fill in the blanks. The result was later published in Scientific American in October 1984, as follows:

:"This Pangram contains four a's, one b, two c's, one d, thirty e's, six f's, five g's, seven h's, eleven i's, one j, one k, two l's, two m's, eighteen n's, fifteen o's, two p's, one q, five r's, twenty-seven s's, eighteen t's, two u's, seven v's, eight w's, two x's, three y's, & one z." [Lee Sallows, 1984 [] ]

There are exhaustive lists of some self-enumerating sentences [ here] and thus also of certain pangrams, in English, Italian and Latin. These were computed using BDD's (binary decision diagrams).

Sample font displays in other languages using pangrams

= Perfect pangrams from restricted sets =

Postal codes

Four perfect pangrams using the postal abbreviations of the US states and territories and the Canadian provinces and territories are:

* AZ, DE, FL, GU, KS, MB, NJ, OH, PR, QC, TX, VI, WY
* AZ, DE, FL, GU, MB, NJ, OH, PR, QC, SK, TX, VI, WY
* AZ, FL, GU, HI, KY, MB, NJ, OR, PE, QC, SD, TX, WV
* AZ, FL, GU, KY, MB, NJ, OH, PE, RI, QC, SD, TX, WV

Chemical element symbols

It is not possible to make a perfect pangram out of current chemical element symbols, but it is possible using two disused ones. UNQ, for unnilquadium, now known as Rutherfordium, is in every pangram, as it is only one of two chemical symbols with a Q. The two Us in UUQ (ununquadium) prevent its use. The other letter necessitating disused symbols is J; the available symbols are J (for iodine), Jg (for Jargonium/Hafnium), or Jo (for Joliotium/Dubnium).

Here is one of many possibilities using Jo:

* Al, Bk, Cf, Gd, H, Jo, Mt, P, Si, Unq, V, W, Xe, Y, Zr

United States Representatives' initials

It is not possible to create a perfect pangram from the current US Representatives' initials as none contain "Q"; however, only one former Representative is necessary. Xavier Becerra contributes an X to every pangram. Bill Young can also be used in place of Don Young if a perfect pangram is unnecessary. In the example below Jack Quinn, the most recent Representative with a Q, is used; for a full list of possibilities, see the list of former Representatives with Q as an initial.

* CO, DY, EI, JQ, LG, MU, NA, RK, SH, TP, VF, XB, ZW

United States airport codes

Airports have two abbreviations each: ICAO codes and IATA codes. ICAO codes are 4 letters each, IATA codes are 3 letters each. As 26 is neither divisible by 3 nor 4, any perfect pangram must contain a combination of them. The only possible 26-letter combinations contain either six IATA codes and two ICAO codes or 2 IATA codes and 5 ICAO codes; the latter is impossible because all ICAO codes in the United States begin with a "K" or a "P", so only two can be used. Therefore, all airport code pangrams consist of 6 IATA codes and 2 ICAO codes. Here is one of many examples, in which only airports deemed "primary" by the FAA are used and where no two are in the same state:


Country codes

All countries have a two letter ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code. Here is an example of a pangram using these:

* BD, CV, ET, FR, HN, IL, JP, KG, MX, QA, SO, UY, ZW

= See also =

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= External links =
* [ Pangrams at rec.puzzles]
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