Chicken tikka

Chicken tikka
Chicken Tikka
Chicken tikka served in Mumbai, India
Alternative name(s) Murgh tikka
Place of origin India
Region or state Delhi
Creator(s) Inder Kumar Gujral
Dish details
Main ingredient(s) Chicken, yogurt, spices

Chicken tikka (Hindi: मुर्ग़ टिक्का; [ˌmʊrɣ ˈʈɪkkaː]) is a chicken dish served in Indian and Pakistani cuisine. It is popular in countries all over the world. It is traditionally small pieces of boneless chicken baked using skewers, in a clay-based oven called a tandoor, after marinating in spices and yogurt.

The word tikka means "bits, pieces". The Punjabi version of the dish, however, is grilled over red-hot coals, and does not always contain boneless pieces.

The pieces are brushed with ghee (clarified butter) at intervals, which gives it taste, while being continuously fanned. It is typically eaten with a green coriander and tamarind chutney, served with onion rings and lemons, or used in preparing a chicken tikka masala.

A chicken tikka sizzler is a dish where chicken tikka is served on a heated plate, with onions. The dish is also known and eaten in Afghanistan, though the Afghan version (generally like Persian and Arab dishes) is less spicy compared with the Indian and Pakistani versions.


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