List of ancient Macedonians

List of ancient Macedonians

This is a list of the ancient Macedonians of Greece (Greek: Μακεδόνες, Makedónes). For other uses, including a list of people from modern-day Republic of Macedonia see List of Macedonians




Argead Dynasty

Diadochoi of Alexandrian Empire

Later dynasties in Asia

Antipatrid Dynasty

Antigonid Dynasty

Military personnel

High generals





Taxiarchs of Pezhetairoi



Trierarchs of Nearchus




Horse race Olympic Victors as recorded in recent discovered epigrams of Posidippus of Pella (~3rd c. BC)[9]






  • Perdiccas, possibly Perdiccas III of Macedon ~365-311 BC Epidaurian[15] [16]
  • Pausanias of Kalindoia, possibly the same as Pausanias the pretender to the Macedonian throne in the 360s BC
  • Hadymos and Seleukos son of Argaios[17]


Naopoios (Temple-builder), an elected Archon by Hieromnemones, responsible for restoring the temple of Apollo in Delphi

  • Philippus Φίλιππος Μακεδών
  • Timanoridas (son of Cordypion) Τιμανορίδας Κορδυπίωνος Μακεδών ~361-343 BC[18]
  • Leon (son of Hegesander) Λέων Ἡγησάνδρου Μακεδών 331 BC[19]


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