List of ancient Greek tyrants

List of ancient Greek tyrants

This is a list of tyrants from Ancient Greece.

Agrigentum (Acragas)

*Phalaris, 570 BC-554 BC
*Theron, 488 BC-472 BC


*Hermias of Atarneus


* Pisistratus, 561 BC, 559 BC-556 BC and 546 BC-528 BC.
* Hipparchus (527 BC-514 BC) and Hippias (527 BC-510 BC), sons of Pisistratus; Hipparchus was murdered by Harmodius and Aristogeiton, the original tyrannicides.
* Theramenes, Critias, and Charicles leading members of the Thirty Tyrants following Athens' defeat in the Peloponnesian War


*Clearchus of Sparta, 5th century BC


* Cypselus (or Kypselos), 7th century BC
* Periander, son of Cypselus




*Athenagoras, 6th century BC


*Cleandrus, 505 BC-498 BC
*Hippocrates, 498 BC-491 BC
*Gelon, 491 BC-485 BC
*Hieron I, 485 BC-466 BC

Heraclea Pontica



*Artemisia, 5th century BC


*Euarchus, 729 BC-?
*Deinomenes, 470 BC-465 BC
*Mamercus, 335 BC-338 BC


*Theagenes, 7th century BC


* Thrasybulus, 7th century BC
* Histiaeus, 6th century BC
* Aristagoras, 6th century BC


*Lygdamnos, 6th century BC




*Jason, assassinated 370 BC
*Alexander, son of Jason, 369 BC-358 BC


*Anaxilas 494 BC-474 BC


* Polycrates, 535 BC-515 BC
* Douris, 4th century BC


* Orthagoras, 676BC
* Cleisthenes, 600 - 560 BC
* Cleon
* Tidas


* Gelon, 491 BC-478 BC
* Hieron I, 478 BC-466 BC
* Thrasybulus, 466 BC-465 BC
* Dionysius the Elder, 405 BC-367 BC
* Dionysius the Younger, 367 BC-356 BC and 347 BC-344 BC
* Dion, 356 BC-347 BC
* Nysaeos, 350 BC-346 BC
* Timoleon, 345 BC-337 BC
* Agathocles, 317 BC-289 BC
* Icetas, 289 BC-280 BC
* Toinon, 280 BC
* Sosistratus, 280 BC-277 BC
* Hiero II,275 BC-215 BC
* Gelon II, 240 BC-216 BC
* Hieronymus, 215 BC-214 BC
* Adranodoros, 214 BC-212 BC
* Hippocrates, 213 BC-212 BC
* Epicydes, 213 BC-212 BC
* Acestorides ?
* Apollocrates ?
* Heracleides ?

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