Pamphylian Greek

Pamphylian Greek

Pamphylian is a little-attested and isolated dialect of Ancient Greek which was spoken in Pamphylia, on the southern coast of Asia Minor. Its origins and relation to other Greek dialects are uncertain. A number of scholars have distinguished in Pamphylian dialect important isoglosses with Arcadocypriot which allow them to be studied together. Pamphylia means "land of all phyles, tribes". Apart from Achaeans who may have settled there under Amphilochus, Calchas and Mopsus, Aspendos was a colony of Argos, Side of Aeolian Cyme, Sillyon of unknown Greek mother-city and Perga of mixed Anatolian population. The isolation of the dialect took place even before the appearance of the Greek article. Pamphylian is the only dialect that does not use articles with the exception of Mycenaean and Poetic language.


*Polytonic|ἀβελιακόν "abêliakon" solar (Attic Polytonic|ἡλιακόν heliakon)
*Polytonic|Ἀβώβας "Abôbas" Polytonic|ὁ Ἄδωνις Adonis
*Polytonic|ἄγεθλα " [ agethla] " sacrificial victims (Attic the driven ones)
*Polytonic|ἀγός "agos" priest (Attic hiereus) (Cf. agô lead)
*Polytonic|ἀδρί "adri" (Attic Polytonic|ἀνδρί andri,dative of aner,to(for) the man)
*Polytonic|Ἀηδών Aêdôn or Polytonic|Ἀβηδών Abêdôn Athena
*Polytonic|αἰβετός " [ aibetos] " eagle (from aiWetos) (Attic Polytonic|ἀετός aetos)
*Polytonic|ἀμείνασις " [ ameinasis] " mentha (Attic Polytonic|ἡδύοσμον hêdyosmon) Pergaean
*Polytonic|Ἀπέλο̄ν "Apelon" (Attic polytonic|Ἀπόλλων) (Doric also)
*Polytonic|ἄρκυμα " [ arkuma] " locust (Attic Polytonic|ἀκρίς "akris") Pergian
*Polytonic|ἀτρώποισι "atrôpoisi" or Polytonic|ἀτρο̄́ποισι dative,plural (Attic Polytonic|τοῖς ἀνθρώποις tois anthropois, to/for the people) (Brixhe, 3.7)
*Polytonic|βαβέλιος " [ babelios] " sun ( Cretan Doric Polytonic|ἀβέλιος abelios , Laconian Polytonic|βέλα bela , Aeolic Polytonic|ἀέλιος aelios Ionic Polytonic|ἠέλιος ēelios Attic helios )
*Polytonic|βόϝα [Pamph. — Sillyon 400-350 BC [ Brixhe, 3] .24] "bowa" ("bota boes" oxen,cattles ?)
*Polytonic|βο̄λε̄μενυς "bolemenus" willing (Attic "boulomenos") (Polytonic|ἐβο̄λᾱσετυ "ebolasetu" , Attic "eboulêthêsan" 'they wanted to') (3.14 , 3.8)
*Polytonic|βουρικυπάρισσος " [ bourikuparissos] " vineyard (Attic ampelos) bouri ? + cypress (Pergaean)
*Polytonic|Εστϝεδιιυς "Estwediius" Aspendios Aspendian
*Polytonic|ϝέτιια "wetiia" years (Attic etê) (Homeric etea)(Locrian,Elean,Arcadocypriot: [ Wetos] year, cf. Latin vetus)
*Polytonic|ϝίλσις " [ wilsis] " gen. wilsiios 'distress' (Brixhe, 3.2)
*Polytonic|ἰκτίς "iktis" (Attic Polytonic|αἴλουρος aílouros cat or member of Felidae)(Attic iktis weasel,skunk)
*Polytonic|ἴοδυ "iodu" imp. they should go (Attic iontôn) (Brixhe, 3.19)
*Polytonic|κασσύας "kassuas" (Attic Polytonic|ὄρκυνος orkunos , orcynus thunnus)
*Polytonic|κατεϝέρξοδυ "katewerxodu" katarxontôn? (Brixhe, 3.12)
*Polytonic|κόρκορας " [ korkoras] " a bird , Pergaean (Modern Greek kókoras rooster)
*Polytonic|κόρταφος " [ kortaphos] " (Attic Polytonic|κρόταφος krotaphos) temple (anatomy)
*Polytonic|λάφνη " [ laphnê] " (Attic Polytonic|δάφνη daphne) Pergaean
*Polytonic|λάψα " [ lapsa] " turnip (Attic Polytonic|γογγυλίς gongulis) Pergaean
*Polytonic|νι "ni" (Attic "en" in or "hen" one) (Brixhe, 3)
*Polytonic|ὀρούβωEustahius Od.1654 - The Elements of Greek Grammar [] by Richard Valpy, Charles Anthon] "oroubô" rush forward (Homeric [ orouô] , ornumi)
*Polytonic|πέδε "pede" five (Attic Polytonic|πέντε pente) (Modern Greek pronunciation : "pende" informal "pede") (Brixhe, 3.5)
*Polytonic|περτέδο̄κε "pertedoke" (perti- pros-) (Attic prosedôke) he gave (Cf.Aeolic [ pres] for Attic pros (Brixhe, 17)
*Polytonic|πηρία " [ pêria] " field,farm (polytonic|Ἀσπένδιοι)
*Polytonic|σαράπιοι " [ sarapiοi] " Pergaean (Attic Polytonic|μαινίδες mainides small fishes,picarels,maenidae)
*Polytonic|σισίλαρος " [ sisilaros] " (Attic Polytonic|πέρδιξ perdix partridge) (polytonic|Περγαῖοι
*Polytonic|σκυδρὺ "skudru" (Brixhe, 3.12)
*Polytonic|τριμίσκον " [ trimiskon] " clothing (Attic himation , tribon) (polytonic|Ἀσπένδιοι) (cf.Koine [ trimitos] or trimiton , garment of drill or ticking)
*Polytonic|ὕλογος " [ hulogos] " army (Attic stratos) (Attic Polytonic|σύλλογος syllogos reunion,gathering)
*Polytonic|Vανάϡα Πρειία "Vanassa Preiia" Pergian lady-goddess (Homeric Polytonic|ϝάνασσα see wanax) ( Polytonic|ΚλεVύτας ΛϝαραVυ Vασιρϝο̄τας dedicated it to her ) [Pamph. — Perge ~400 BC [ Epigr.Anat. 11:97,1] ]
*Polytonic|Vοῖκυ "voiku" house (Attic oikos) (Cretan and Locrian Polytonic|ϝοικία [ Woikia] ) (Brixhe, 3.14,17)
*Polytonic|Vρυμάλια "Vrumalia" (Brixhe, 3.15)(Cf. rhum-)
*Polytonic|φάβος "phabos" light (Homeric phaos Attic phôs)
*Polytonic|φεννίον " [ phennion] " Polytonic|μηδικὴ ὁδός Medean road
*Polytonic|φίκατι [Pamph. — Aspendos 250-200 BC [ Brixhe, 17] ] "phikati" twenty (Attic eikosi , Laconian beikati , Aeolic,Doric weikati


"Source: Brixhe, Dialecte grec de Pamphylie"

*Polytonic|Ἀθιμῖϝυς "Athimiwus" and Polytonic|ἈθιμεVς
*Polytonic|ἈπελάVρυVις "Apelavruvis"
*Polytonic|Ἀρτιμίνα "Artimina" Polytonic|Ἀρτιμίδωρυς Artimidôrus Attic "Artemidôros"
*Polytonic|Ἁφαστυς "Aphastus" Attic "Hephaistos"
*Polytonic|Ἀφορδίσιιυς "Aphordisiius" Attic "Aphrodisios"
*Polytonic|Βαλυς "Balus"
*Polytonic|Βοβᾶς "Bobas" , Polytonic|Βοβᾶτυς
*Polytonic|Γουκαλις "Goukalis"
*Polytonic|Δέξιϝυς "Dexiwus" Attic "Dexios"
*Polytonic|Διβῶτυς "Dibôtus"
*Polytonic|Διϝίδωρυς "Diwidôrus" Attic "Diodôros" Polytonic|Διϝ- also in Cypriot names
*Polytonic|Διϝονούσιυς "Diwonousius" Attic "Dionysios"
*Polytonic|Ἑλλόθεμις "Ellothemis" (Cf.Cypriot Polytonic|Ἑλλόϝοικος Ellowoikos") from Homeric "esthlos" good, brave
*Polytonic|Εστλεγιιυς "Estlegiius"
*Polytonic|Εχϝαλια "Echwalia"
*Polytonic|Ζοϝαμυς "Zowamus"
*Polytonic|Ζώϝειτους "Zôweitous"
*Polytonic|Ϝανάξαδρυς "Wanaxadrus" wanax +
*Polytonic|Ϝαρνόπα "Warnopa" Polytonic|Ϝάρνιτους "Warnitous"
*Polytonic|Ϝεχιδάμυς "Wechidamus" Attic "Echedamos"
*Polytonic|Ϝέχιτους "Wechitous" Attic "Echetos"
*Polytonic|Ϝουκω "Woukô"
*Polytonic|Θανάδωρυς "Thanadorus" Attic "Athenodôros"
*Polytonic|Κέδαιϝις "Kedaiwis"
*Polytonic|Κεσκεὺς "Keskeus" Polytonic|Κεσκῖϝους "Keskiwous"
*Polytonic|Κοπερίνα "Koperina"
*Polytonic|Κορϝαλίνα "Korwalina" little girl Arcadocypriot "korwa" girl
*Polytonic|Κόρραγυς "Korragus" Polytonic|Ἀσπέδιιυς "Aspediius" Aspendian
*Polytonic|Κουρασιὼ "Kourasiô"
*Polytonic|Κυδρομολις "Kudromolis"
*Polytonic|Λαυδίκα "Laudika" Attic "Laodikê"
*Polytonic|Μιαλίνα "Mialina" or "Meialina" Attic "Megalina" , Polytonic|Μιακλις "Miaklis" Attic "Megaklês"
*Polytonic|Μουριξους "Mourixous"
*Polytonic|Μουρμακω "Mourmakô"
*Polytonic|Νεϝοχάρις "Newocharis" Attic "Neocharês" and Polytonic|Νεϝόπολις "Newopolis"
*Polytonic|Ὀρυμνιϝυς "Orumniwus"
*Polytonic|Πεδδᾶτος "Peddatos"
*Polytonic|Πελλαυρύις "Pellauruis"
*Polytonic|Περίϝεργυς "Periwergus" Attic periergos
*Polytonic|Ποναμελδῶς "Ponameldôs"
*Polytonic|Πορσόπα "Porsopa"
*Polytonic|Πρεῖϝυς "Preiwus"
*Polytonic|Σϝαρδιας "Swardias" and Polytonic|Ισϝαρδιας
*Polytonic|Vαναξίωνυς "Vanaxiônus"
*Polytonic|Φορδισία "Phordisia" Attic "Aphrodisia"
*Polytonic|Χορείνα "Choreina"

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* [ Παμφυλιακή] Παναγιώτου, Α. 2001
*Hesychius of Alexandria

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