Telecommunications in Cameroon

Telecommunications in Cameroon

Telephones - main lines in use: 130,700 (2006)

Telephones - mobile cellular: 4.536 million (2007)

Telephone system:
general assessment: fixed-line connections stand at less than 1 per 100 persons; equipment is old and outdated, and connections with many parts of the country are unreliable; mobile-cellular usage, in part a reflection of the poor condition and general inadequacy of the fixed-line network, increased more than 6-fold between 2002 and 2007 reaching a subscribership base of 25 per 100 persons
domestic: cable, microwave radio relay, and tropospheric scatter
international: country code - 237; landing point for the SAT-3/WASC fiber-optic submarine cable that provides connectivity to Europe and Asia; satellite earth stations - 2 Intelsat (Atlantic Ocean) (2007)

Radio broadcast stations: AM 2, FM 9, shortwave 3 (2001)

Television broadcast stations: 1 (2001)

Internet Service Providers (ISPs):

Internet hosts: 69 (2008)

Internet users: 370,000 (2006)

Country code: CM

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