Telecommunications in Latvia

Telecommunications in Latvia



Telephones - main lines in use: around 644,000 (2007).[1]

Telephones - mobile cellular: over 2,217,000 (2007)[1]

Telephone system: recent efforts focused on bringing competition to the telecommunications sector; the number of fixed lines is decreasing as wireless telephone service expands.

Domestic: number of telecommunications operators has grown rapidly since the fixed-line market opened to competition in 2003; combined fixed-line and mobile-cellular subscribership is roughly 125 per 100 persons.

International: the Latvian network is now connected via fiber optic cable to Estonia, Finland, and Sweden (2007).

Until 2003 Lattelecom had a monopoly in the fixed telecommunications market. This led to overwhelming use of cellular phones for private customers, fixed lines being requested mostly by companies. In Latvia exist more than 2 million mobile phones but only 644,000 fixed phone connections.

Since the fixed-line voice communication monopoly ended on January 1, 2003, several companies entered the market for fixed voice communication services: Aeronavigācijas serviss, Baltkom TV, Beta Telecom, Latvenergo Tehniskais Centrs, OPTRON, Rigatta, Telecentrs, Telenets, Telekom Baltija and CSC Telecom. These voice telephony providers provide services for cheaper foreign calls, as well as local calls. The telecom regulator SPRK tries to provide a competitive environment so that new operators can compete with Lattelecom which owns most of the last-mile connections.



Radio broadcast stations: AM 8, FM 56, shortwave 1 (1998)

Radios: 1.76 million (1997)


Television broadcast stations: 44 (plus 31 repeaters) (1995)

Televisions: 1.22 million (1997)

The state public television broadcaster is Latvijas Televīzija.


Internet Service Providers (ISPs): 150+ (2007)

Internet users: 1,070,800 (2007).[2]

Country code (Top-level domain): .lv

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