Meanings of minor planet names: 3001–3500

Meanings of minor planet names: 3001–3500

As minor planet discoveries are confirmed, they are given a permanent number by the IAU's Minor Planet Center, and the discoverers can then submit names for them, following the IAU's naming conventions. The list below concerns those minor planets in the specified span of numbers that have received names, and explains the meanings of those names. Besides the Minor Planet Circulars (in which the citations are published), a key source is Lutz D. Schmadel's Dictionary of Minor Planet Names. Meanings that do not quote a reference (the "†" links) are tentative.

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Name Provisional Designation Source of Name
3001–3100 edit
3001 Michelangelo 1982 BC1 Michelangelo Buonarroti, 15th-16th-century Italian painter and sculptor [MPC 10045]
3002 Delasalle 1982 FB3 Saint Jean-Baptiste de la Salle, 18th-century French founder of the Frères des écoles chrétiennes, in whose schools the discoverer has studied and taught [MPC 15573]
3003 Konček 1983 YH Mikuláš Konček, Slovak meteorologist
3004 Knud 1976 DD Knud Johan Victor Rasmussen, 19th-20th-century Danish-Eskimo explorer and ethnologist, and close friend of the discoverer's paternal grandfather and namesake [MPC 27124]
3005 Pervictoralex 1979 QK2 Per Victor Alexander Lagerkvist, son of the discoverer
3006 Livadia 1979 SF11 Livadiya suburb of Yalta
3007 Reaves 1979 UC Gibson Reaves, American astronomer, historian and educator at the University of Southern California [MPC 9769]
3008 Nojiri 1938 WA Houei (Hoei) Nojiri, 19th-20th-century Japanese essayist, author and astronomer [MPC 9478]
3009 Coventry 1973 SM2 Coventry, England, sister city of Volgograd
3010 Ushakov 1978 SB5 Fyodor Fyodorovich Ushakov, Russian admiral
3011 Chongqing 1978 WM14 Chongqing, China, capital of Ba state in ancient times and the provisional capital of China 1937–1946 [MPC 20834]
3012 Minsk 1979 QU9 Minsk, Byelorussian SSR
3013 Dobrovoleva 1979 SD7 Oleg Vasilyevich Dobrovolsky, Soviet astronomer
3014 Huangsushu 1979 TM Su-Shu Huang, Chinese-American astrophysicist
3015 Candy 1980 VN Michael P. Candy, Australian astrometrist
3016 Meuse 1981 EK The Meuse River (Dutch Maas), which rises in France and flows through Belgium and the Netherlands
3017 Petrovič 1981 UL Štefan Petrovič, Slovak climatologist
3018 Godiva 1982 KM Lady Godiva, legendary 10th-11th-century Anglo-Saxon wife of Leofric, Earl of Mercia [MPC 9770]
3019 Kulin 1940 AC György Kulin, Hungarian astronomer
3020 Naudts 1949 PR Ignace Naudts, Belgian amateur astronomer [MPC 21955]
3021 Lucubratio 1967 CB Latin for "nocturnal study, night work" (from lucubrum, candle) [MPC 21129]
3022 Dobermann 1980 SH Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann, German amateur astronomer and dog breeder +
3023 Heard 1981 JS John Frederick Heard, Canadian astronomer
3024 Hainan 1981 UW9 Hainan Province
3025 Higson 1982 QR Roger Higson, American astronomer assistant
3026 Sarastro 1977 TA1 Sarastro, high priest of the Temple of Wisdom in Mozart's The Magic Flute [MPC 21130]
3027 Shavarsh 1978 PQ2 Shavarsh Karapetyan, Armenian sportsman
3028 Zhangguoxi 1978 TA2 Zhang Guoxi, Chinese industrialist
3029 Sanders 1981 EA8 Jeffrey D. Sanders, American student
3030 Vehrenberg 1981 EH16 Hans Vehrenberg, German amateur astronomer, author of the Atlas of Deep-Sky Splendors (Mein Messier-Buch)
3031 Houston 1984 CX Walter Scott Houston, American amateur astronomer well known for his column Deep Sky Wonders in "Sky & Telescope" [MPC 10845]
3032 Evans 1984 CA1 Reverend Robert O. Evans, Australian amateur astronomer, discoverer of several extragalactic supernovae [MPC 10845]
3033 Holbaek 1984 EJ Holbæk, Denmark, town nearest to the discovery site (Brorfelde Observatoriet) on the occasion of the former's 700th anniversary in 1986 [MPC 10045]
3034 Climenhaga A917 SE John L. Climenhaga, Canadian astronomer
3035 Chambers A924 EJ John Eric Chambers, then British predoctoral fellow at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics [MPC 22497]
3036 Krat 1937 TO Vladimir Alekseevich Krat, Russian astronomer
3037 Alku 1944 BA Finnish for "Beginning", the discoverer's boyhood boat, built by his father [MPC 18450]
3038 Bernes 1978 QB3 Mark Naumovich Bernes, Soviet film actor and singer
3039 Yangel 1978 SP2 Mikhail Kuz'mich Yangel', 20th-century Soviet rocket and missile designer [MPC 10547]
3040 Kozai 1979 BA Yoshihide Kozai, Japanese astronomer and celestial mechanician, discoverer of the Kozai mechanism [MPC 9770]
3041 Webb 1980 GD Rev. Thomas William Webb, 19th-century British amateur astronomer, author of Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes and discoverer of S Orionis [MPC 9770]
3042 Zelinsky 1981 EF10 David S. Zelinsky, American mathematician, formerly active participant in the Palomar Planet-Crossing Asteroid Survey while an undergraduate student at Caltech [MPC 13173]
3043 San Diego 1982 SA San Diego, California, in recognition of its efforts to curb light pollution [MPC 8914]
3044 Saltykov 1983 RE3 Nikita Saltykov, the first discoverer's grandfather [MPC 22245]
3045 Alois 1984 AW Alois T. Stuczynski, the discoverer's grandfather [MPC 9479]
3046 Molière 4120 P-L Molière, 17th-century French playwright [MPC 10045]
3047 Goethe 6091 P-L Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 18th-19th-century German poet and playwright [MPC 10045]
3048 Guangzhou 1964 TH1 Guangzhou, largest open city in southern China and the capital of Guangdong province [MPC 15089]
3049 Kuzbass 1968 FH Kuznets Basin, an industrial region (Kemerovo Region) of Siberia, known for its coalmining (it is one of the richest coal deposits in the world) [MPC 13173]
3050 Carrera 1972 NW The Carreras (Javiera, Juan José, José Miguel, and Luis), 18th-19th-century key figures of the Chilean War of Independence [MPC 10547]
3051 Nantong 1974 YP Nantong, China [MPC 20835]
3052 Herzen 1976 YJ3 Aleksandr Ivanovich Herzen, 19th-century Russian revolutionary, writer, and philosopher, "father of Russian socialism" and founder of the free Russian press abroad [MPC 11159]
3053 Dresden 1977 QS Dresden, Germany (then in the GDR) [MPC 9770]
3054 Strugatskia 1977 RE7 Boris and Arkady Strugatsky, Russian science fiction writers
3055 Annapavlova 1978 TR3 Anna Pavlova, Russian ballet dancer
3056 INAG 1978 VD1 French Institut national d'astronomie et de géophysique (National Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics), which built the discovery telescope
3057 Mälaren 1981 EG Lake Mälaren, Sweden
3058 Delmary 1981 EO17 Delmary Rose Schanz, 20th-century American artist
3059 Pryor 1981 EF23 Carlton P. Pryor, American astronomer, who participated in the Palomar Planet-Crossing Asteroid Survey while an undergraduate student at Caltech [MPC 13173]
3060 Delcano 1982 RD1 Juan Sebastian del Caño, 15th-16th-century Spanish navigator, lieutenant of Magellan, first to continuously circumnavigate the globe
3061 Cook 1982 UB1 James Cook, 18th-century British navigator
3062 Wren 1982 XC Sir Christopher Wren, 17th-18th-century British architect and astronomer
3063 Makhaon 1983 PV Makhaon, mythical physician to Greeks during the Trojan War
3064 Zimmer 1984 BB1 Louis Zimmer, Belgian (Flemish) clockmaker and amateur astronomer
3065 Sarahill 1984 CV Sarah J. Hill, American astronomer
3066 McFadden 1984 EO Lucy-Ann McFadden, American planetary scientist
3067 Akhmatova 1982 TE2 Anna Akhmatova, 20th-century Soviet poet
3068 Khanina 1982 YJ1 Frida Borisovna Khanina, Soviet orbit computer
3069 Heyrovský 1982 UG2 Jaroslav Heyrovský, Czech physical chemist
3070 Aitken 1949 GK Robert Grant Aitken, 19th-20th-century American astronomer, fourth director of the Lick Observatory, author of the "New General Catalogue of Double Stars within 12° of the North Pole" (1932) [MPC 14481]
3071 Nesterov 1973 FT1 Pyotr Nesterov, 19th-20th-century Russian pioneer airman
3072 Vilnius 1978 RS1 Vilnius, Lithuania
3073 Kursk 1979 SW11 Kursk, Russia
3074 Popov 1979 YE9 Alexander Stepanovich Popov, 19th-century Russian radio inventor
3075 Bornmann 1981 EY15 Patricia L. Bornmann, American solar astronomer, who participated in the Palomar Planet-Crossing Asteroid Survey while an undergraduate student at Caltech [MPC 13174]
3076 Garber 1982 RB1 Paul E. Garber, 20th-century American historian
3077 Henderson 1982 SK Thomas James Henderson, 19th-century Scottish astronomer, first Astronomer Royal for Scotland, first to measure the distance to a star, Alpha Centauri, in 1839 [MPC 10846]
3078 Horrocks 1984 FG Jeremiah Horrocks, 17th-century English astronomer and mathematician, who predicted the transit of Venus across the face of the sun in November of 1639 and became the first to see such an event; he also believed the Moon to have an elliptical orbit with the earth at one focus, a fact that Newton was later to acknowledge [MPC 10846]
3079 Schiller 2578 P-L Friedrich Schiller, 18th-century German playwright [MPC 10045]
3080 Moisseiev 1935 TE Nikolai Dmitrevich Moiseiev (Moisseev), 20th-century Soviet astronomer
3081 Martinůboh 1971 UP Bohuslav Martinů, Czech composer [MPC 31609]
3082 Dzhalil 1972 KE Musa Mustafovich Dzhalil' (Musa Cälil), 20th-century Tatar Soviet poet
3083 OAFA 1974 MH Observatorio Astronómico Félix Aguilar [MPC 19333]
3084 Kondratyuk 1977 QB1 Yuri Kondratyuk, 20th-century Soviet cosmonautics pioneer
3085 Donna 1980 DA Donna Marie Thompson, American administrative assistant for the Minor Planet Center and the Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams, secretary for the Planetary Sciences division of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics [MPC 16244]
3086 Kalbaugh 1980 XE Carroll Kalbaugh Liller, father of Chilean astronomer William Liller [MPC 10548]
3087 Beatrice Tinsley 1981 QJ1 Beatrice Muriel Tinsley, née Hill, 20th-century British-born New Zealand astronomer [MPC 9479]
3088 Jinxiuzhonghua 1981 UX9 "Splendid China", park at Shenzhen, the largest miniature scenic spot in the world [MPC 17221]
3089 Oujianquan 1981 XK2 Jian-Quan Ou, Chinese entrepreneur, for his notable contributions in developing township enterprises [MPC 22497]
3090 Tjossem 1982 AN The Tjossem family family of central Washington State, four generations of whose members have been friends of the discoverer and his family (in particular Peter Tjossem, 19th-20th-century amateur entomologist and paleobotanist) [MPC 10045]
3091 van den Heuvel 6081 P-L Edward Peter Jacobus van den Heuvel, Dutch astronomer, and his niece Julia Edith van den Heuvel [MPC 11159]
3092 Herodotus 6550 P-L Herodotus, 5th-century B.C. Greek historian, "Father of Historiography" [MPC 11159]
3093 Bergholz 1971 MG Olga Fedorovna Bergholz, 20th-century Russian poet
3094 Chukokkala 1979 FE2 Korney Chukovsky, pen name of Nikolaj Vasil'evich Kornejchukov, 18th-19th-century Russian writer, scholar, and poet ("Chukokkala" is the title of an album by him)
3095 Omarkhayyam 1980 RT2 Omar Khayyám, 11th-12th-century Tajik-Persian poet, mathematician and philosopher
3096 Bezruč 1981 QC1 Petr Bezruč, Czech poet
3097 Tacitus 2011 P-L Tacitus, 1st-century Roman historian [MPC 11159]
3098 van Sprang 4579 P-L Bert van Sprang, Dutch meteor specialist
3099 Hergenrother 1940 GF Carl W. Hergenrother, American astronomer [MPC 27124]
3100 Zimmerman 1977 EQ1 Nikolaj Vladimirovich Zimmerman, Russian astronomer
3101–3200 edit
3101 Goldberger 1978 GB Marvin L. Goldberger, American physicist, teacher and humanitarian, president of the California Institute of Technology, to commemorate his birthday, October 22 [MPC 9217]
3102 Krok 1981 QA Krok, mythical Slavonic prince
3103 Eger 1982 BB Eger a small town NE of Budapest, at one time the sixth largest town in Hungary, known for its medieval streets, castle, and red wine (Bull's Blood)
3104 Dürer 1982 BB1 Albrecht Dürer, 15th-16th-century German master painter, woodcutter, engraver, and scholar [MPC 9217]
3105 Stumpff A907 PB Karl Stumpff, 20th-century German celestial mechanician and professor of astronomy, pioneer of Fast Fourier Analysis, author of the three-volume Himmelsmechanik [MPC 22497]
3106 Morabito 1981 EE Linda Morabito (afterwards Linda Kelly), Education Programs Manager at the Planetary Society
3107 Weaver 1981 JG2 Kenneth F. Weaver, American senior assistant editor for science of the National Geographic magazine [MPC 10311]
3108 Lyubov 1972 QM Lyubov Petrovna Orlova, 20th-century Soviet actress
3109 Machin 1974 DC Arnold Machin, 20th-century British sculptor [MPC 34618]
3110 Wagman 1975 SC Nicholas E. Wagman, 20th-century American astronomer and astrometrist
3111 Misuzu 1977 DX8 Nickname of Shinano Province, now Nagano Prefecture, Japan, the discovery site [MPC 11441]
3112 Velimir 1977 QC5 Velimir (Viktor Vladimirovitch) Khlebnikov, 19th-20th-century Russian poet
3113 Chizhevskij 1978 RO Aleksandr Leonidovich Chizhevskij, 20th-century Soviet biologist, one of the founders of heliobiology
3114 Ercilla 1980 FB12 Don Alonso de Ercilla y Zúñiga, 16th-century Spanish poet and soldier, who distinguished himself in the campaign in Chile against the Araucanians, inspiration for the epic poem La Araucana [MPC 11160]
3115 Baily 1981 PL Francis Baily, 18th-19th-century English astronomer, one of the founders of the Royal Astronomical Society, and namesake of Baily's beads [MPC 11160]
3116 Goodricke 1983 CF John Goodricke, 18th-century Dutch-English deaf-mute astronomer, who identified Algol as an eclipsing variable and discovered δ Cephei [MPC 10847]
3117 Niepce 1983 CM1 Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, 18th-19th-century French photography pioneer [MPC 10548]
3118 Claytonsmith 1974 OD Clayton Albert Smith, 20th-century American astrometrist, director of the Yale-Columbia Southern Observatory and later the United States Naval Observatory's astrometry department
3119 Dobronravin 1972 YX Petr Pavlovich Dobronravin, 20th-century Russian astrophysicist and spectroscopist, deputy director of the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory 1952–1969
3120 Dangrania 1979 RZ Daniil Aleksandrovich Granin, 20th-century Russian writer
3121 Tamines 1981 EV Tamines, Belgium, now called (Sambreville) [MPC 19333]
3122 Florence 1981 ET3 Florence Nightingale, English nurse and hospital reformer [MPC 21955]
3123 Dunham 1981 QF2 David Waring Dunham, American astronomer, organizer of the International Occultation Timing Association [MPC 10847]
3124 Kansas 1981 VB Kansas, United States, the discoverer's home state, and also the University of Kansas, the discoverer's alma mater, to commemorate the centennial of observational astronomy there, which began with the purchase of an Alvan Clark 6-inch refractor in 1885 [MPC 10045]
3125 Hay 1982 BJ1 William Thompson Hay, 19th-20th-century British music-hall comedian, film star of the 1930s and early 1940s, and amateur astronomer, (re)discoverer of Saturn's Great White Spot in 1933 [MPC 10847]
3126 Davydov 1969 TP1 Denis Vasil'evich Davydov, 18th-19th-century Russian officer, writer and poet, hero of the war of 1812 [MPC 11160]
3127 Bagration 1973 ST4 Petr Ivanovich Bagration, 18th-19th-century Russian (of Georgian descent) general, hero of the war of 1812 who died at the Battle of Borodino [MPC 11160]
3128 Obruchev 1979 FJ2 Vladimir Afanasjevich Obruchev, 19th-20th-century Russian geologist, geographer, and author of popular books on science and science-fiction novels [MPC 12013]
3129 Bonestell 1979 MK2 Chesley Bonestell, American space artist. Named following a competition organized by the Planetary Society
3130 Hillary 1981 YO Sir Edmund Hillary, British mountaineer
3131 Mason-Dixon 1982 BM1 Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon, 18th-century British astronomers who observed the 1761 transit of Venus from the Cape of Good Hope, and later (1763–1767) surveyed the boundary between Pennsylvania and Maryland, the Mason-Dixon Line [MPC 10847]
3132 Landgraf 1940 WL Werner Landgraf, German astronomer, who established the orbit (and whose initials appear in the provisional designation)
3133 Sendai A907 TC Sendai, Japan, the "Heidelberg of the East" (this object was discovered from Heidelberg) and the Sendai Municipal Astronomical Observatory [MPC 10045]
3134 Kostinsky A921 VA Sergej Konstantinovich Kostinskij, 19th-20th-century Russian astronomer, after whom the Kostinsky effect is named [MPC 10548]
3135 Lauer 1981 EC9 Tod R. Lauer, American astronomer, who participated in the Palomar Planet-Crossing Asteroid Survey while an undergraduate student at Caltech [MPC 13174]
3136 Anshan 1981 WD4 Anshan, China [MPC 21607]
3137 Horky 1982 SM1 Czech hill, site of Antonín Mrkos' first telescope
3138 Ciney 1980 KL Ciney, Belgium, chief town of the Condroz, where the discoverer maintains a residence [MPC 15573]
3139 Shantou 1980 VL1 Shantou, China [MPC 16244]
3140 Stellafane 1983 AO Stellafane, the annual Vermont star party organized by the Springfield Telescope Makers [MPC 13174]
3141 Buchar 1984 RH Emil Buchar, Czech astronomer
3142 Kilopi 1937 AC kilo pi (1000*π, rounds off to 3142) [MPC 9771]
3143 Genecampbell 1980 UA I. Gene Campbell, American systems programmer in the central computing facility at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics [MPC 16244]
3144 Brosche 1931 TY1 Peter Brosche, 20th-century German astronomer [MPC 22497]
3145 Walter Adams 1955 RY Walter Sydney Adams, 19th-20th-century American astronomer, director of the Mount Wilson Observatory (1923–1946), whose spectroscopic studies led to the discovery, with Ernst Arnold Kohlschütter, of the spectroscopic method for determining parallax, and who identified Sirius B as the first white-dwarf star known [MPC 15089]
3146 Dato 1972 KG Dato Kratsashvili, 20th-century Georgian painter [MPC 13174]
3147 Samantha 1976 YU3 Samantha Reed Smith, 20th-century American schoolgirl who became "America's Youngest Ambassador" [MPC 11160]
3148 Grechko 1979 SA12 Georgii Mikhailovich Grechko, Soviet cosmonaut and scientist [MPC 12971]
3149 Okudzhava 1981 SH Bulat Okudzhava, Russian (of Georgian descent) writer, poet and songwriter [MPC 12209]
3150 Tosa 1983 CB Tosa province (Ancient name of Kōchi Prefecture), Japan, the discoverer's place of residence [MPC 10847]
3151 Talbot 1983 HF William Henry Fox Talbot, British pioneer of photography*
3152 Jones 1983 LF Albert F. A. L. Jones, New Zealand astronomer [LDS]
3153 Lincoln 1984 SH3 Abraham Lincoln, American president*
3154 Grant 1984 SO3 Ulysses S. Grant, American president*
3155 Lee 1984 SP3 Robert E. Lee, American general*
3156 Ellington 1953 EE Duke Ellington, American musician*
3157 Novikov 1973 SX3 Alexei Ivanovich Novikov, Soviet aviator and poet
3158 Anga 1976 SU2 Siberian village, birthplace of Russian etnographers Ivan Evseevich Venyaminov and Afanasij Prokopevich Shchapov
3159 Prokof'ev 1976 US2 Vladimir Konstantinovich Prokof'ev, Russian spectroscopist
3160 Angerhofer 1980 LE Phillip Edward Angerhofer, American astronomer and astrophysicist*
3161 Beadell 1980 TB5 Len Beadell, Australian surveyor [LDS]
3162 Nostalgia 1980 YH named in remembrance of good things that are no more
3163 Randi 1981 QM James Randi, magician
3164 Prast 6562 P-L Martin Prast, American citizen and war veteran [LDS]
3165 Mikawa 1984 QE Mikawa Province (Ancient name of eastern half of Aichi Prefecture), Japan
3166 Klondike 1940 FG The brothers Karl F. Joutsen and Anton F. Johnson, who made a fortune in the Klondike Gold Rush
3167 Babcock 1955 RS Horace W. Babcock and his father Harold D. Babcock, American astronomers [LDS]
3168 Lomnický Štít 1980 XM Lomnický Štít, Czech meteorological and solar observatory
3169 Ostro 1981 LA Steven Jeffrey Ostro, American astronomer
3170 Dzhanibekov 1979 SS11 Vladimir Dzhanibekov, Soviet cosmonaut
3171 Wangshouguan 1979 WO Shou-Guan Wang, Chinese astronomer*
3172 Hirst 1981 WW William Parkinson Hirst, South African astronomer
3173 McNaught 1981 WY Robert McNaught, British astronomer*
3174 Alcock 1984 UV George Alcock, British comet and nova hunter
3175 Netto 1979 YP Edgar Rangel Netto, Brazilian astronomer*
3176 Paolicchi 1980 VR1 Paolo Paolicchi, Italian astrophysicist
3177 Chillicothe 1934 AK Chillicothe, OH [LDS]. (There are places of the same name in Missouri and Illinois )*
3178 Yoshitsune 1984 WA Minamoto no Yoshitsune, early samurai
3179 Beruti 1962 FA Colonel Antonio Luis Beruti, Argentinian military officer and patriotic leader in the struggles for independence from Spanish rule
3180 Morgan 1962 RO William Wilson Morgan, American astronomer [MPC 15089]
3181 Ahnert 1964 EC Paul Oswald Ahnert, German astronomer, author of the annual Kalender fur Sternfreunde [MPC 9771]
3182 Shimanto 1984 WC Shimanto River, longest river of the discoverer's home prefecture of Kochi, Japan [MPC 10848]
3183 Franzkaiser 1949 PP Franz Kaiser German astronomer
3184 Raab 1949 QC Herbert Raab, Austrian software engineer and amateur astronomer, author of Astrometrica software
3185 Clintford 1953 VY1 Clinton B. Ford, American amateur astronomer, at one time secretary of the American Association of Variable Star Observers, co-founder of what is now called the Ford Observatory in southern California, and 1987 recipient of the Amateur Achievement Award of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific [MPC 15260]
3186 Manuilova 1973 SD3 Olga Maksimilianovna Manuilova, Soviet sculptor
3187 Dalian 1977 TO3 Dalian, China [MPC 22497]
3188 Jekabsons 1978 OM Peter Jekabsons, 20th-century Australian observer and astronomical painter, whose paintings adorn the walls of the Perth Observatory, the discovery site [MPC 18644]
3189 Penza 1978 RF6 Penza, Russia
3190 Aposhanskij 1978 SR6 Vladimir Mikhailovich Aposhanskij, 20th-century Soviet poet and journalist [MPC 11160]
3191 Svanetia 1979 SX9 Svanetia, a mountainous district in Georgia [MPC 12971]
3192 A'Hearn 1982 BY1 Michael Francis A'Hearn, American astronomer
3193 Elliot 1982 DJ James L. Elliot, American professor of physics and astronomy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and co-discoverer of the Uranian rings [MPC 10848]
3194 Dorsey 1982 KD1 Dorsey Taylor Shoemaker, Jr., American businessman and uncle of the second discoverer [MPC 10311]
3195 Fedchenko 1978 PT2 The 19th-20th-century Fedchenko Russian family: Alexei Pavlovich Fedchenko, naturalist, geographer, and explorer, his wife Ol'ga Aleksandrovna Fedchenko, botanist and plant collector, and their son Boris Alekseevich Fedchenko, botanist, geographer, writer, co-initiator and contributor to the multi-volume "Flora of the U.S.S.R." [MPC 12971]
3196 Maklaj 1978 RY Nicholai Miklukho-Maklai, Russian ethnologist
3197 Weissman 1981 AD Paul Robert Weissman, American cometary physicist [MPC 11160]
3198 Wallonia 1981 YH1 Wallonia (Walloon Region), one of the three federal regions of Belgium, the discoverer's birth place and location of the Institut d'astrophysique (the discovery site operator) [MPC 10848]
3199 Nefertiti 1982 RA Nefertiti, Egyptian queen [MPC 10311]
3200 Phaethon 1983 TB Phaëton, mythological son of Helios, who operated the solar chariot for a day, lost control of it and almost set fire to the Earth (the object, associated with the Geminid meteor stream, had then the smallest known perihelion distance) [MPC 9771]
3201–3300 edit
3201 Sijthoff 6560 P-L Albert Georg Sijthoff, a Dutch publisher whose family backed the construction of the Sijthoff Planetarium in The Hague in 1934.
3202 Graff A908 AA Kasimir Romuald Graff, German astronomer*
3203 Huth 1938 SL Hans Huth, German astronomer*
3204 Lindgren 1978 RH Astrid Anna Emilia Lindgren, Swedish writer
3205 Boksenberg 1979 MO6 Alexander Boksenberg, British astronomer*
3206 Wuhan 1980 VN1 Wuhan, China
3207 Spinrad 1981 EY25 Hyron Spinrad, American astronomer*
3208 Lunn 1981 JM Borge Lunn, Danish civil engineer and metallurgist [LDS]
3209 Buchwald 1982 BL1 Vagn Fabritius Buchwald, Danish meteoriticist*
3210 Lupishko 1983 WH1 Dmitrii Lupishko, Ukrainian astronomer*
3211 Louispharailda 1931 CE Louis Pierre Van Biesbroeck, and Pharailda de Colpaert Van Biesbroeck, parents of the discoverer [LDS]
3212 Agricola 1938 DH2 Georg Agricola, German scientist, "father of mineralogy"*
3213 Smolensk 1977 NQ Smolensk, Russia
3214 Makarenko 1978 TZ6 Anton Makarenko, Soviet teacher and writer
3215 Lapko 1980 BQ Konstantin Kuz'mich Lapko, Soviet surgeon
3216 Harrington 1980 RB Robert Sutton Harrington, American astronomer
3217 Seidelmann 1980 RK Paul Kenneth Seidelmann, American astronomer*
3218 Delphine 6611 P-L Delphine Jehoulet Delsemme, wife of American astronomer Armand Delsemme of Toledo, OH [LDS]
3219 Komaki 1934 CX Kōjirō Komaki, Japanese amateur astronomer
3220 Murayama 1951 WF Sadao Murayama, Japanese astronomer
3221 Changshi 1981 XF2 Changshu, China
3222 Liller 1983 NJ William Liller, American astronomer
3223 Forsius 1942 RN Sigfrid Aronus Forsius (also known as Siegfried Aronsen), Finnish-born Professor of Astronomy in Uppsala, Sweden. His 1611 manuscript propounding his theory of colours was discovered in the Royal Library in Stockholm in 1969*
3224 Irkutsk 1977 RL6 Irkutsk, Russia
3225 Hoag 1982 QQ Arthur Allen Hoag, American astronomer*
3226 Plinius 6565 P-L Pliny the Elder (or Pliny the Younger)*
3227 Hasegawa 1928 DF Ichirō Hasegawa, Japanese astronomer*
3228 Pire 1935 CL Georges Pire (Father Dominique), Belgian monk (Dominican Order), winner of the 1958 Nobel Prize for Peace*
3229 Solnhofen A916 PC Solnhofen, south (SSE) of Nuremberg in Germany and known for its limestone and fossils*
3230 Vampilov 1972 LE Aleksandr Valentinovich Vampilov, Soviet playwright
3231 Mila 1972 RU2 Lyudmila Pakhomova, Soviet ice dancer
3232 Brest 1974 SL Brest, a city in Belarus
3233 Krišbarons 1977 RA6 Krišjānis Barons, Latvian folklorist
3234 Hergiani 1978 QO2 Mikhail Vissarionovich Hergiani, famous Soviet mountaineer
3235 Melchior 1981 EL1 Paul Jacques Léon Melchior, Belgian geophysicist*
3236 Strand 1982 BH1 Kaj Aage Gunnar Strand, Danish and American astronomer [LDS]
3237 Victorplatt 1984 SA5 Victor Platt, British actor*
3238 Timresovia 1975 VB9 Nikolay Timofeeff-Ressovsky, Soviet biologist
3239 Meizhou 1978 UJ2 Meizhou, China
3240 Laocoon 1978 VG6 Laocoön, Trojan priest of Poseidon
3241 Yeshuhua 1978 WH14 Shuhua Ye (or correct Chinese style: Ye Shuhua), Chinese astronomer
3242 Bakhchisaraj 1979 SG9 Bakhchisaray, a town in Crimea, the center of the same district where Crimean Astrophysical Observatory was created
3243 Skytel 1980 DC named after Sky and Telescope magazine for its 50th anniv.
3244 Petronius 4008 P-L Petronius, Roman writer
3245 Jensch 1973 UL5 Alfred Jensch, German astronomer*
3246 Bidstrup 1976 GQ3 Herluf Bidstrup, Danish caricaturist
3247 Di Martino 1981 YE Mario di Martino, Italian astronomer*
3248 Farinella 1982 FK Paolo Farinella, Italian astronomer*
3249 Musashino 1977 DT4 Musashino, a suburb of Tokyo, Japan*
3250 Martebo 1979 EB Martebo, Gotland island, Sweden
3251 Eratosthenes 6536 P-L Eratosthenes, Ancient Greek scientist
3252 Johnny 1981 EM4 Johnny Carson, American TV host and comedian, and amateur astronomer [LDS]
3253 Gradie 1982 HQ1 Jonathan Carey Gradie, American astronomer
3254 Bus 1982 UM Schelte John Bus, American astronomer
3255 Tholen 1980 RA David James Tholen, American astronomer
3256 Daguerre 1981 SJ1 Louis Daguerre, French chemist and artist, pioneer of photography (the Daguerreotype process)
3257 Hanzlík 1982 GG Stanislav Hanzlík, Czech meteorologist and climatologist
3258 Somnium 1983 RJ Kepler's Somnium, sive opus posthumum de astronomia lunaris (The Dream, or Posthumous Work on Lunar Astronomy), which combined a serious study of lunar astronomy and the fictional account of a journey to the Moon
3259 Brownlee 1984 SZ4 Donald Eugene Brownlee, American astronomer*
3260 Vizbor 1974 SO2 Yurii Iosifovich Vizbor, Russian actor, poet, writer, composer and playwright
3261 Tvardovskij 1979 SF9 Aleksandr Tvardovsky, Soviet poet
3262 Miune 1983 WB Miune, mountain in Kōchi, Japan
3263 Bligh 1932 CN William Bligh, captain of the Bounty
3264 Bounty 1934 AF HMAS Bounty, ship
3265 Fletcher 1953 VN2 Fletcher Christian, Bounty mutineer
3266 Bernardus 1978 PA Andres Bernardus Muller, Dutch astronomer
3267 Glo 1981 AA Nickname of Eleanor F. Helin, American astronomer, comet hunter, and advisor to the Planetary Society
3268 De Sanctis 1981 DD Giovanni de Sanctis, Italian astronomer*
3269 Vibert-Douglas 1981 EX16 Alice Vibert Douglas, Canadian astronomer
3270 Dudley 1982 DA H. Dudley Wright, engineer, inventor, entrepreneur and benefactor of science, education and the arts in California and in Geneva, Switzerland. Name endorsed by E. M. ShoemakerMPC not Dudley Observatory, in Albany, N.Y. and later Schenectady, N.Y.. Originally noted for its work in astrometry and latterly (1956-1976) in the study of micrometeoroids. It now functions as an educational foundation*
3271 Ul 1982 RB Ul, a lunar deity in the mythology of Vanuatu [LDS]
3272 Tillandz 1938 DB1 Elias Erici Tillandz (Elias Tillander), Swedish physician and botanist*
3273 Drukar 1975 TS2 Ivan Fyodorov, one of the first printers of books in Russia and Ukraine. The word Drukar means ‘printer’ in Ukrainian and old Russian. [LDS]
3274 Maillen 1981 QO2 Maillen, Belgium*
3275 Oberndorfer 1982 HE1 Hans Oberndorfer, German amateur astronomer, director of the Volkssternwarte München (Munich Public Observatory)
3276 Porta Coeli 1982 RZ1 Porta Coeli ("Gateway to Heaven") convent in Tišnov, Czech Republic
3277 Aaronson 1984 AF1 Marc Aaronson, American astronomer
3278 Běhounek 1984 BT František Běhounek, Czech physicist
3279 Solon 9103 P-L Solon, Greek lawmaker*
3280 Grétry 1933 SJ André Ernest Modeste Grétry, Belgian (Walloon) composer
3281 Maupertuis 1938 DZ Pierre Louis Maupertuis, French mathematician and astronomer
3282 Spencer Jones 1949 DA Sir Harold Spencer Jones, British astronomer, former Astronomer Royal
3283 Skorina 1979 QA10 Frantsisk Skorina, first doctor of medicine in Belarus, printer and publisher*
3284 Niebuhr 1953 NB Reinhold Niebuhr, American theologian*
3285 Ruth Wolfe 1983 VW1 Ruth F. Wolfe, American geologist, colleague of Gene and Carolyn Shoemaker at the United States Geological Survey*
3286 Anatoliya 1980 BV Anatoly V. Karachkin, brother of the discoverer's husband [LDS]
3287 Olmstead 1981 DK1 C. Michelle Olmstead, American astronomer*
3288 Seleucus 1982 DV Seleucus I Nicator, one of the generals of Alexander the Great and heir to the

largest part of his empire [MPC 10046] not Seleucus of Seleucia, Greek astronomer*

3289 Mitani 1934 RP Tetsuyasu Mitani, Japanese astronomer not Takefumi Mitani, Japanese astronomer*
3290 Azabu 1973 SZ1 Azabu, a district of Tokyo, Japan
3291 Dunlap 1982 VX3 J. Lawrence Dunlap, American astronomer*
3292 Sather 2631 P-L Bob Sather, research assistant Lunar and Planetary Laboratory[1] not Robert E. Sather, American astronomer*
3293 Rontaylor 4650 P-L Ronald C. Taylor, American astronomer*
3294 Carlvesely 6563 P-L Carl D. Vesely, American astronomer*
3295 Murakami 1950 DH Tadayoshi Murakami, Japanese astronomer
3296 Bosque Alegre 1975 SF Named after the astrophysical station of Cordoba Observatory in Argentina
3297 Hong Kong 1978 WN14 Hong Kong, China
3298 Massandra 1979 OB15 Massandra, town in Crimea [LDS]
3299 Hall 1980 TX5 John Scoville Hall, American astronomer and director of the Lowell Observatory from 1958 to 1977[MPC 10312] not Asaph Hall, American astronomer, or Donald Hall, American astronomer*
3300 McGlasson 1928 NA Scottish Surname of a small clan located in the highlands of Scotland.
3301–3400 edit
3301 Jansje 1978 CT Jansje Verveer, mother of Dutch astronomer Arie Verveer
3302 Schliemann 1977 RS6 Heinrich Schliemann, German archaeologist*
3303 Merta 1967 UN František Merta (1872-1953), teacher and journalist. Grandfather of the discoverer. [LDS]
3304 Pearce 1981 EQ21 Joseph A. Pearce, Canadian astronomer
3305 Ceadams 1985 KB Charles Edward Adams, American astronomer*
3306 Byron 1979 SM11 Lord Byron, British poet*
3307 Athabasca 1981 DE1 The Athabascans, ancient people of North America
3308 Ferreri 1981 EP Walter Ferreri, Italian astronomer*
3309 Brorfelde 1982 BH Brorfelde Observatory in Denmark
3310 Patsy 1931 TS2 Named in honor of the discoverer's wife [LDS]
3311 Podobed 1976 QM1 Vladimir Vladimirovich Podobed, Soviet astronomer
3312 Pedersen 1984 SN Holger Pedersen, Danish astronomer*
3313 Mendel 1980 DG Gregor Johann Mendel, Czech-Austrian father of genetics
3314 Beals 1981 FH Carlyle Smith Beals, Canadian astronomer
3315 Chant 1984 CZ Clarence Augustus Chant, Canadian astronomer
3316 Herzberg 1984 CN1 Gerhard Herzberg, German-born Canadian chemist and astronomer
3317 Paris 1984 KF Paris, Trojan prince
3318 Blixen 1985 HB Karen Blixen, Danish writer
3319 Kibi 1977 EJ5 Kibi Province (ancient name of Okayama Prefecture and eastern half of Hiroshima Prefecture), Japan
3320 Namba 1982 VZ4 Naniwa, traditional name of Osaka, Japan
3321 Dasha 1975 TZ2 Darya Lavrentyevna Mikhailova (known as Dasha Sevastopolskaya), Russian sister of charity
3322 Lidiya 1975 XY1 Lidiya Vissarionovna Zvereva, the first Russian female aviator
3323 Turgenev 1979 SY9 Ivan Turgenev, Russian writer
3324 Avsyuk 1983 CW1 Yurii Nikolaevich Avsyuk, Russian geophysicist (specialist in gravimetry and geodynamics)
3325 TARDIS 1984 JZ The TARDIS, time machine in Doctor Who
3326 Agafonikov 1985 FL Askol'd M. Agafonikov, Russian(?) geophysicist
3327 Campins 1985 PW Humberto Campins (Humberto Campins Camejo), Venezuelan-born American astronomer
3328 Interposita 1985 QD1 The discovery film was exposed hastily between two satellite laser ranging sessions in the adjacent dome. (M 27125)
3329 Golay 1985 RT1 Marcel Golay, Swiss astronomer*
3330 Gantrisch 1985 RU1 Gantrisch, a mountain south of Bern in Switzerland*
3331 Kvistaberg 1979 QS Kvistaberg, site of Uppsala Observatory, Sweden
3332 Raksha 1978 NT1 Yury Mikhailovich Raksha, Russian artist
3333 Schaber 1980 TG5 Gerald Gene Schaber, American planetary geologist*
3334 Somov 1981 YR Mikhail M. Somov, Soviet Antarctic explorer +
3335 Quanzhou 1966 AA Quanzhou, China
3336 Grygar 1971 UX Jiří Grygar, Czech astronomer*
3337 Miloš 1971 UG1 Miloš Tichý, Czech astronomer*
3338 Richter 1973 UX5 Nikolaus B. Richter (1910-1980), first director of the Tautenburg Observatory (1960-1975)MPC 10549 not Charles Francis Richter, American seismologist*
3339 Treshnikov 1978 LB Aleksei Fedorovich Treshnikov, Soviet Antarctic explorer
3340 Yinhai 1979 TK Yinhai, China
3341 Hartmann 1980 OD William Kenneth Hartmann, American planetary scientist, writer, and painter
3342 Fivesparks 1982 BD3 In honor of Newton and Margaret Mayall, American astronomer. The name refers to their residence in Cambridge, MA, as explained in [2]
3343 Nedzel 1982 HS V. Alexander Nedzel [LDS]
3344 Modena 1982 JA Modena, city in Italy [LDS]
3345 Tarkovskij 1982 YC1 Andrei Tarkovsky, Soviet film producer
3346 Gerla 1951 SD Gertrude Lawrence, English actress [LDS]
3347 Konstantin 1975 VN1 Konstantin Alekseevich Kalinin, Soviet aviator
3348 Pokryshkin 1978 EA3 Aleksandr Ivanovich Pokryshkin, Soviet pilot
3349 Manas 1979 FH2 Manas, a Kyrgyz epic poem
3350 Scobee 1980 PJ Francis "Dick" Scobee, STS-51-L crew member
3351 Smith 1980 RN1 Michael J. Smith, STS-51-L crew member
3352 McAuliffe 1981 CW Christa McAuliffe, STS-51-L crew member
3353 Jarvis 1981 YC Gregory Jarvis, STS-51-L crew member
3354 McNair 1984 CW Ronald McNair, STS-51-L crew member
3355 Onizuka 1984 CC1 Ellison Onizuka, STS-51-L crew member
3356 Resnik 1984 EU Judith Resnik, STS-51-L crew member
3357 Tolstikov 1984 FT Yevgeny Ivanovich Tolstikov, Russian meteorologist +
3358 Anikushin 1978 RX Mikhail Anikushin, Russian sculptor
3359 Purcari 1978 RA6 Moldavian wine producer
3360 Syrinx 1981 VA Syrinx, a nymph
3361 Orpheus 1982 HR Orpheus, mythological Greek musician
3362 Khufu 1984 QA Khufu, Egyptian pharaoh
3363 Bowen 1960 EE Ira Sprague Bowen, American astronomer*
3364 Zdenka 1984 GF Zdenka Vávrová, Czech astronomer OR Zdenka Kadla, Chechen-Russian astronomer, wife of A. A. Mikhailov
3365 Recogne 1985 CG2 Recogne in the Ardennes, Belgium*
3366 Gödel 1985 SD1 Kurt Gödel, Austro-Hungarian logician
3367 Alex 1983 CA3 Alex R. Baltutis, grandson of the discoverer [LDS]
3368 Duncombe 1985 QT Raynor Lockwood Duncombe, American astronomer*
3369 Freuchen 1985 UZ Peter Freuchen, Danish polar explorer and author*
3370 Kohsai 1934 CU Hiroki Kosai, Japanese astronomer
3371 Giacconi 1955 RZ Riccardo Giacconi, Italian-born American astrophysicist and winner (with Raymond Davis and Masatoshi Koshiba) of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2002*
3372 Bratijchuk 1976 SP4 M. V. Bratiichuk, Ukrainian astronomer*
3373 Koktebelia 1978 QQ2 Koktebel, a resort on the Black Sea in Crimea*
3374 Namur 1980 KO Namur, capital of the region of Wallonia in Belgium*
3375 Amy 1981 JY1 Amy Shoemaker Prescott, relative of the discoverer [LDS]
3376 Armandhammer 1982 UJ8 Armand Hammer, American industrialist and art collector*
3377 Lodewijk 4122 P-L Lodewijk Woltjer, Dutch astronomer
3378 Susanvictoria A922 WB Susan Titus and Victoria Van Biesbroeck Streeter, granddaughters of the discoverer [LDS]
3379 Oishi 1931 TJ1 Hideo Oishi, Japanese amateur astronomer
3380 Awaji 1940 EF Awaji Island, Japan
3381 Mikkola 1941 UG Seppo Mikkola, Finnish astronomer*
3382 Cassidy 1948 RD William Arthur Cassidy, American meteoriticist*
3383 Koyama 1951 AB Hisako Koyama, Japanese amateur astronomer
3384 Daliya 1974 SB1 Vladimir Dahl, Russian lexicologist and ethnographer [LDS]
3385 Bronnina 1979 SK11 Nina Mikhajlovna Bronnikova, Russian astronomer
3386 Klementinum 1980 FA The Clementinum, college in Prague
3387 Greenberg 1981 WE Richard J. Greenberg, planetary scientist at the

University of ArizonaMPC 12803, not Jerome Mayo Greenberg (J. Mayo Greenberg), American cosmochemist*

3388 Tsanghinchi 1981 YR1 Hin-Chi Tsang, Chinese*
3389 Sinzot 1984 DU Family name of the discoverer's grandmother [LDS]
3390 Demanet 1984 ES1 The family name of the discoverer's paternal grandmotherr* [MPC 15573]
3391 Sinon 1977 DD3 Sinon, mythical Greek warrior
3392 Setouchi 1979 YB Setouchi Region, Japan
3393 Štúr 1984 WY1 Ľudovít Štúr(1815-1856), Slovak leader and writer [LDS]
3394 Banno 1986 DB Yoshiaki Banno, Japanese engineer
3395 Jitka 1985 UN Jitka Beneš, Czech astronomer
3396 Muazzez A915 TE Muazzez K. Lohmiller, staff member of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory [LDS]
3397 Leyla 1964 XA Nancy Leyla Lohmiller, daughter of Muazzez Lohmiller [LDS]
3398 Stättmayer 1978 PC Peter Stättmayer, German amateur astronomer, director of the Volkssternwarte München (Munich Public Observatory)
3399 Kobzon 1979 SZ9 Joseph Kobzon, Soviet singer
3400 Aotearoa 1981 GX Māori name for New Zealand*
3401–3500 edit
3401 Vanphilos 1981 PA Named by G. V. Williams in honor of his friends Vanessa Hall and Philip Osborne
3402 Wisdom 1981 PB Jack Wisdom, American astronomer*
3403 Tammy 1981 SW *
3404 Hinderer 1934 CY Fritz Hinderer, German astronomer*
3405 Daiwensai 1964 UQ Wen-Sai Dai, Chinese astronomer*
3406 Omsk 1969 DA Omsk, Russia
3407 Jimmysimms 1973 DT James A. C. Simms III, American system administrator [MPC 34618]
3408 Shalamov 1977 QG4 Varlam Tikhonovich Shalamov, Soviet writer
3409 Abramov 1977 RE6 Fyodor Abramov, Soviet writer
3410 Vereshchagin 1978 SZ7 Vasili Vasilyevich Vereshchagin, Russian painter
3411 Debetencourt 1980 LK *
3412 Kafka 1983 AU2 Franz Kafka, German-Czech writer
3413 Andriana 1983 CB3 *
3414 Champollion 1983 DJ Jean-François Champollion, French linguist
3415 Danby 1928 SL Anthony Danby (John Michael Anthony Danby), British-born mathematician formerly of North Carolina State University
3416 Dorrit 1931 VP Dorrit Hoffleit, American astronomer
3417 Tamblyn 1937 GG Peter Tamblyn, American astronomer [3]
3418 Izvekov 1973 QZ1 Vladimir Andreevich Izvekov, Soviet astronomer
3419 Guth 1981 JZ Vladimír Guth, Slovak astronomer
3420 Standish 1984 EB E Myles Standish Jr, American astronomer, Caltech/JPL
3421 Yangchenning 1975 WK1 Yang Zhenning (Chen Ning Franklin Yang), Chinese-American physicist
3422 Reid 1978 OJ *
3423 Slouka 1981 CK Hubert Slouka, Czech astronomer
3424 Nušl 1982 CD František Nušl, Czech astronomer and mathematician
3425 Hurukawa 1929 BD Kiichiro Hurukawa, Japanese astronomer
3426 Seki 1932 CQ Tsutomu Seki, Japanese astronomer*
3427 Szentmártoni 1938 AD Béla Szentmártoni, Hungarian amateur astronomer
3428 Roberts 1952 JH Walter Orr Roberts, American astronomer and atmospheric physicist*
3429 Chuvaev 1974 SU1 Konstantin Konstantinovich Chuvaev, Soviet astronomer
3430 Bradfield 1980 TF4 William A. Bradfield, Australian amateur astronomer*
3431 Nakano 1984 QC Syuichi Nakano, Japanese astronomer
3432 Kobuchizawa 1986 EE Kobuchizawa Observatory in Japan which contributes asteroid (Near Earth Objects) observations to the Minor Planet Center
3433 Fehrenbach 1963 TJ1 Charles Fehrenbach, French astronomer*
3434 Hurless 1981 VO Carolyn Hurless, American amateur astronomer
3435 Boury 1981 XC2 Arsène Boury, Belgian astronomer*
3436 Ibadinov 1976 SS3 Hursandkul Ibadinov, Tajik astronomer
3437 Kapitsa 1982 UZ5 Pyotr Leonidovich Kapitsa, Russian physicist, winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1978
3438 Inarradas 1974 SD5 *
3439 Lebofsky 1983 RL2 Larry Allen Lebofsky, or Marcia Jean Lebofsky, both American astronomers*
3440 Stampfer 1950 DD Simon Stampfer, Austrian geodesist and astronomer, pioneer of cinematography*
3441 Pochaina 1969 TS1 Pochaina, a tributary of the Dnieper in the Ukraine
3442 Yashin 1978 TO7 Lev Yashin, Soviet goalkeeper
3443 Leetsungdao 1979 SB1 Tsung-Dao Lee, Chinese American physicist and winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics*
3444 Stepanian 1980 RJ2 Jivan A. Stepanian, Armenian astronomer*
3445 Pinson 1983 FC William H. Pinson, American geochemist*
3446 Combes 1942 EB Michel-Alain Combes, French astronomer
3447 Burckhalter 1956 SC Charles Burckhalter, American astronomer*
3448 Narbut 1977 QA5 *
3449 Abell 1978 VR9 George O. Abell, American astronomer*
3450 Dommanget 1983 QJ Jean Dommanget, Belgian astronomer*
3451 Mentor 1984 HA1 Mentor, mythological Greek king, son of Imbrus at Pedaseus, father of Imbrius, ally of the Trojans
3452 Hawke 1980 OA Bernard Ray Hawke, American planetary geologist*
3453 Dostoevsky 1981 SS5 Fyodor Dostoevsky, Russian writer
3454 Lieske 1981 WB1 Jay Henry Lieske, American astronomer*
3455 Kristensen 1985 QC Leif Kahl Kristensen, Danish astronomer*
3456 Etiennemarey 1985 RS2 Étienne-Jules Marey, French surgeon, physiologist, inventor of the chronophotograph, pioneer of cinematography, contemporary of Eadweard Muybridge
3457 Arnenordheim 1985 RA3 Arne Nordheim, Norwegian composer*
3458 Boduognat 1985 RT3 Boduognat or Boduognatus, leader of the Nervii in Gaul who, with the Atrebates and Viromandui, fought Julius Caesar in 57 BC
3459 Bodil 1986 GB *
3460 Ashkova 1973 QB2 *
3461 Mandelshtam 1977 SA1 Osip Mandelstam, Soviet poet
3462 Zhouguangzhao 1981 UA10 Zhou Guangzhao
3463 Kaokuen 1981 XJ2 Charles K. Kao
3464 Owensby 1983 BA *
3465 Trevires 1984 SQ5 *
3466 Ritina 1975 EA6 discoverer's daughter Margarita, who was also an astronomer at CrAO
3467 Bernheim 1981 SF2 Robert Burnham, Jr.
3468 Urgenta 1975 AM *
3469 Bulgakov 1982 UL7 Mikhail Bulgakov, Soviet writer
3470 Yaronika 1975 ES discoverer's son Yaroslav, who also works at CrAO
3471 Amelin 1977 QK2 Valentin Mikhailovich Amelin, Soviet geodesist
3472 Upgren 1981 EJ10 Arthur Reinhold Upgren, American astronomer*
3473 Sapporo A924 EG Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan*
3474 Linsley 1962 HE *
3475 Fichte 1972 TD Hubert Fichte, German writer [MPC 34618]
3476 Dongguan 1978 UF2 Dongguan, China
3477 Kazbegi 1979 KH Mount Kazbek, on the border between Georgia and Russia
3478 Fanale 1979 XG Fraser Partington Fanale, American planetary geologist*
3479 Malaparte 1980 TQ Curzio Malaparte (Kurt (Erich) Suckert), Italian writer
3480 Abante 1981 GB *
3481 Xianglupeak 1982 DS6 Xianglu Peak ("Incense Burner Peak", 557 m), highest point of the Fragrant Hill Park, northwest of Beijing, China
3482 Lesnaya 1975 VY4 village Lesnaya, near which Swedes were defeated by the Russian army in the Battle of Lesnaya
3483 Svetlov 1976 YP2 Mikhail Arkadyevich Svetlov, Soviet poet
3484 Neugebauer 1978 NE Paul Victor Neugebauer, German astronomer or Otto Neugebauer, historian of astronomy, or Marcia Neugebauer, American astronomer*
3485 Barucci 1983 NU Maria Antonietta Barucci, Italian astronomer*
3486 Fulchignoni 1984 CR Marcello Fulchignoni, Italian astronomer
3487 Edgeworth 1978 UF Kenneth Essex Edgeworth, Irish engineer [MPC 34618]
3488 Brahic 1980 PM André Brahic, French astronomer*
3489 Lottie 1983 AT2 *
3490 Šolc 1984 SV Ivan Šolc, Czech inventor
3491 Fridolin 1984 SM4 Fridolin Becker, Swiss cartographer or Fridolin Anderwert, Swiss politician or Saint Fridolin (Fridolin von Säckingen), Irish missionary*
3492 Petra-Pepi 1985 DQ Daughter of the discoverer [MPC 21955]
3493 Stepanov 1976 GR6 Vladimir Yevgenyevich Stepanov, Soviet physicist
3494 Purple Mountain 1980 XW Purple Mountain Observatory, China
3495 Colchagua 1981 NU Colchagua Province, Chile
3496 Arieso 1977 RC name consists of acronyms of Astronomisches Rechen-Institut and the European Southern Observatory
3497 Innanen 1941 HJ Kimmo Innanen, Finnish-Canadian astronomer
3498 Belton 1981 EG14 Michael James Scott Belton, astronomer
3499 Hoppe 1981 VW1 Johannes Hoppe, German astronomer, or Peter Hoppe, German planetary scientist*
3500 Kobayashi A919 SD Takao Kobayashi, astronomer*
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