Meanings of minor planet names: 30001–31000

Meanings of minor planet names: 30001–31000

As minor planet discoveries are confirmed, they are given a permanent number by the IAU's Minor Planet Center, and the discoverers can then submit names for them, following the IAU's naming conventions. The list below concerns those minor planets in the specified span of numbers that have received names, and explains the meanings of those names. Besides the Minor Planet Circulars (in which the citations are published), a key source is Lutz D. Schmadel's Dictionary of Minor Planet Names. Meanings that do not quote a reference (the "†" links) are tentative.

Minor planets not yet given a name have not been included in this list.

Contents: 30,001… 30,101… 30,201… 30,301… 30,401… 30,501… 30,601… 30,701… 30,801… 30,901…

Name Provisional Designation Source of Name
30252 Textorisová 2000 HE24 Izabela Textorisová, Slovak botanist
30253 Vítek 2000 HF24 Antonín Vítek, Czech biochemist, computer specialist, author, and media space popularizer
30305 Severi 2000 JA Francesco Severi, 19th-20th-century Italian mathematician, historian, educator and philosopher
30306 Frigyesriesz 2000 JD Frigyes Riesz, 19th-20th-century Hungarian mathematician, elder brother of Marcel Riesz
30307 Marcelriesz 2000 JE Marcel Riesz, 19th-20th-century Hungarian-born Swedish mathematician
30417 Staudt 2000 LF Karl Georg Christian von Staudt, 19th-century German mathematician
30418 Jakobsteiner 2000 LG Jakob Steiner, 19th-century Swiss-German mathematician
30439 Moe 2000 MB Moe Howard (Harry Moses Horwitz), 20th-century American comedian, the mop-haired leader of the slapstick comedy team of the Three Stooges
30440 Larry 2000 MG Larry Fine (Louis Feinberg), 20th-century American comedian, long time member of the Three Stooges (the one in the middle with a scared-porcupine hairstyle)
30441 Curly 2000 MX Curly Howard (Jerome Horwitz), 20th-century American comedian, one of the Three Stooges
30443 Stieltjes 2000 NR Thomas Jan Stieltjes, 19th-century Dutch physicist and mathematician
30444 Shemp 2000 NY1 Shemp Howard (Samuel Horwitz), 20th-century American comedian, one of the original vaudeville-era Three Stooges, appearing on film in 1946 to replace his ailing brother Curly
30445 Stirling 2000 NJ2 James Stirling, 18th-century Scottish mathematician
30564 Olomouc 2001 OC77 Olomouc, an old city in Moravia, the Czech Republic
30566 Stokes 2001 OO81 Sir George Stokes, 1st Baronet, 19th-century Irish mathematician and physicist
30698 Hippokoon 2299 T-3 Hippokoon, mythological friend of king Rhesos of Thracia, awoken by Apollo as Odysseus and Diomedes were killing the Thracians (from the Iliad)
30704 Phegeus 3250 T-3 Phegeus, mythological oldest son of Dares (a priest of Hephaistos), fatally wounded by Diomedes during the Trojan War
30705 Idaios 3365 T-3 Idaios, mythological younger son of Dares (a priest of Hephaistos) and herald of king Priam, who tells him that Paris and Menelaos want to start a duel
30708 Echepolos 4101 T-3 Echepolos, first mythological hero of the great fight after the duel of Paris against Menelaos, killed by Antilochos
30718 Records 1955 RB1 Brenda Records, American departmental office manager for the Indiana University Astronomy Department, the discovery site
30722 Biblioran 1978 RN5 Bibliotheka (Rossijskoj) Akademii Nauk (RAN) (Библиотеку (Российской) Академии Наук, "Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences") +
30724 Peterburgtrista 1978 SX2 St. Petersburg tricentenary (2003)
30767 Chriskraft 1983 VQ1 Christopher C. Kraft, who oversaw rocket launches and the design of space modules from Mercury to Apollo, as well as creating Mission Control
30775 Lattu 1987 QX Kristan Rosemary Lattu, American member (of Finnish extraction) of the JPL technical staff, space systems integration and operations specialist
30778 Döblin 1987 SX10 Alfred Döblin, 19th-20th-century German doctor and novelist, best known for Berlin Alexanderplatz and Babylonische Wanderung
30779 Sankt-Stephan 1987 UE1 Abbey Sankt-Stephan (Benediktinerkloster Sankt Stephan) in Augsburg, Germany, where the Benedictine monk Father Gregor (Bernhard Helms) is a physics-astronomy teacher, builder of his own observatory and of the school planetarium
30785 Greeley 1988 PX Ronald Greeley, American planetary geologist
30786 Karkoschka 1988 QC Erich Karkoschka, German-born American astronomer
30788 Angekauffmann 1988 RE3 Angelica Kauffmann, 18th-century Swiss painter
30798 Graubünden 1989 CR5 Graubünden (a.k.a. Grisons, Grigioni, Grishun), largest canton of Switzerland and birthplace of Angelica Kauffmann
30821 Chernetenko 1990 RR17 Yuliya Andreevna Chernetenko, Russian astronomer
30826 Coulomb 1990 TS1 Charles-Augustin de Coulomb, 18th-century French physicist, author of Sur l'électricité et le magnétisme
30828 Bethe 1990 TK4 Hans Albrecht Bethe, 20th-century German-American physicist and Nobelist
30830 Jahn 1990 TQ12 Friedrich Ludwig Jahn, 18th-19th-century German educator, writer and "father of gymnastics"
30836 Schnittke 1991 AU2 Alfred Garriyevich Schnittke, 20th-century Russian composer, creator of "polystylism"
30837 Steinheil 1991 AW2 Carl August von Steinheil, 19th-century Swiss-German physicist and opticist
30840 Jackalice 1991 GC2 Jack Newton, Canadian astrophotographer, and his wife Alice
30844 Hukeller 1991 KE Hans-Ulrich Keller, 20th-century German astronomer
30850 Vonsiemens 1991 TN2 Ernst Werner von Siemens, 19th-century German inventor and industrialist, inventor of the dynamo and founder of electrotechnology
30852 Debye 1991 TR6 Peter Joseph William Debye, 20th-century Dutch-born American physical chemist
30857 Parsec 1991 YY The first five digits of the parsec (in metres)
30879 Hiroshikanai 1992 KF Hiroshi Kanai, Japanese photographer, president of the Minox Club of Japan (1969–2005)
30883 de Broglie 1992 SW16 Louis-Victor, 7th duc de Broglie, 20th-century French physicist and Nobelist
30917 Moehorgan 1993 HV1 Maureen "Moe" A. Horgan, American trombonist, conductor and teacher
30933 Grillparzer 1993 UW8 Franz Grillparzer, 19th-century Austrian dramatic poet and playwright
30934 Bakerhansen 1993 WH Lonny Baker and Todd Hansen, American space enthusiasts (Baker is the Planetary Society's Global volunteer leader, and Hansen wrote Deep Sky and other Enthusiasms)
30935 Davasobel 1994 AK1 Dava Sobel, American author
30963 Mount Banzan 1994 WO3 Mount Banzan, Japan, at the foot of which is the Sendai Astronomical Observatory Ayashi Station (and where the New Sendai Astronomical Observatory will be in 2008)
31000 Rockchic 1995 VV Nickname of Gail Swanson, American singer-songwriter
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