3309 Brorfelde

3309 Brorfelde

3309 Brorfelde is an inner main belt asteroid. It is a member of the Hungaria family.cite journal
author=Spratt, Christopher E.
title=The Hungaria group of minor planets
journal=Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Journal (ISSN 0035-872X)
date=April 1990
] It was discovered on 28 January, 1982 by K. S. Jensen, at Brorfelde Observatory in Denmark; the asteroid is named after the observatory. Brorfelde measures approximately 6km in diameter.

In 2005 it was reported that lightcurve observations indicate the possibility of a moon orbiting Brorfelde. In 2006 it was confirmed at the Palmer Divide Observatory that 3309 Brorfelde is a binary asteroid.cite journal
author=Warner, B. D.
title=Recent Asteroid Lightcurve Studies at the Palmer Divide Observatory
journal=The Society for Astronomical Sciences 25th Annual Symposium on Telescope Science. Held May 23-25, 2006, at Big Bear, CA. Published by the Society for Astronomical Sciences.
date=May 2006


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