Dalian Maritime University

Dalian Maritime University
Dalian Maritime University
Established 1909
Type Public University
President Wang Zuwen (王祖温)
Location Dalian, Liaoning,  People's Republic of China
Campus Urban in Dalian
Nickname 海大
Website http://www.dlmu.edu.cn/
The Old Gate of Dalian Maritime University.

Dalian Maritime University (simplified Chinese: 大连海事大学; traditional Chinese: 大連海事大學; pinyin: Dàlián Hǎishì Dàxué) is a university located in Dalian, Liaoning, People's Republic of China. It is a key maritime institution under the Ministry of Transport of the People's Republic of China.



The long history of the University can be traced back to 1909, when the Nanyang Institute in Shanghai established a Shipping Management Section. DMU was founded in 1953 through the merger of three merchant marine institutions: Shanghai Nautical College, the Northeast Navigation College and Fujian Navigation School. At that time its name was Dalian Marine College, and it was the only maritime college in China. In 1960, DMU was designated a national key institution of higher education. Later in 1983, the Asia-Pacific Region Maritime Training Center was established at DMU by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the IMO, and in 1985, a branch of the World Maritime University (WMU) was established.

In 1994 the University’s name was changed to the present one. In 1998 it was the first maritime university in China to receive the ISO 9001 Certificate. In 2004, the University successfully passed the quality assessment of undergraduate teaching by the Ministry of Education. Former President Jiang Zemin once wrote a few words of encouragement for DMU: “Be steadfast, rigorous, industrious, and pioneering in order to build the University into one of the preeminent maritime universities in the world”.

Through continual development, DMU has been at the forefront of similar universities both in broadening the scope and in enhancing the level of its programs.

On June 6, 2009, DMU celebrated its centennial, with vice chairman of stading committee of 11th National People's Congress chen zhili as the main guest.

The New Gate of Dalian Maritime University, completed in 2009 for its centennial celebration.


DMU is located in southwestern Dalian. The University covers an area of 1.13 million square meters with about half a million square meters occupied by buildings. DMU has a training dock and over 40 laboratories for teaching, training and research. DMU also owns and operates an ocean-going training vessel of over 10,000 deadweight tonnage.


The University consists of 14 colleges and Departments:

  • Navigation
  • Marine engineering
  • School of Law
  • Information Science and Technology College
  • Transportation Management College
  • Transportation & Logistics Engineering College
  • Environmental Science and Engineering College
  • Humanities and Social Sciences College
  • School of Foreign Languages
  • Department of Mathematics
  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Physical Education
  • Specialized Degree College
  • Continuing Education College

Currently DMU has 42 undergraduate programs, 2 first-class doctoral programs, 12 second-class doctoral programs, 7 first-class master’s degree programs and 59 second-class master’s degree programs. Transport Engineering first-class discipline has a post-doctoral R&D base. The University is authorized to confer MBA, MPA, J.M., and Master of Engineering, an on-the-job master’s degree.

The current student population has risen to approximately 17,000. Additionally, DMU enrolls overseas students for Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees and PhDs. More than 4,000 overseas students and advanced professionals from over 30 countries and regions have been educated and trained at DMU.

DMU has a highly qualified faculty which comprises 192 professors, more than 100 doctoral supervisors, 5 first-class discipline leader, 42 second-class discipline leaders, 96 academic leaders and a large number of excellent young faculty staff members.

DMU has an academic agreement with 4 academicians from the National Academy of Engineering, 39 chair professors, and 148 visiting professors. With the practical academic focus at DMU, these famous specialists and scholars from across the world can bring the latest concepts and the most advanced information in research and theory to DMU faculty staff and students.

Cooperative relations

Since 1979 when the reform and open-door policy started, DMU has established cooperative relations with more than 20 internationally renowned maritime institutions like the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the International Labor Organization (ILO), the International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU), the Association of the Maritime Education and Training Institutes in Asia Pacific (AMETIAP), the International Maritime Lecturers Association (IMLA), Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the International Shipping Federation (ISF), the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS), as well as some world famous shipping companies.

Recently, there are about 40 students from China and the Southeast Asian countries who are studying at DMU in English under the World Maritime University scholarship, to earn the master's degrees in 14 months.


  • Li Shengling
  • Si Yuzhuo
  • Wei Jiafu
  • Chen Zhenggao
  • Qian Yongchang
  • Liu Gongcheng

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