Olympic Stadium

Olympic Stadium

The Olympic Stadium is the name usually given to the big centrepiece stadium of the Summer Olympic Games. Traditionally, the opening and closing ceremonies and the track and field competitions are held in the Olympic Stadium. Many, though not all, of these venues actually contain the words Olympic Stadium as part of their name. The Winter Olympic Games do not have a central Olympic Stadium, however some edifices are designated as the Olympic Stadium, which usually hosts the opening and closing ceremonies.

A number of stadiums have been used in more than one Olympics, in those cities that have held the Games twice. While only one (the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum) has been the main stadium twice, both the Panathinaiko Stadio and the Vélodrome de Vincennes have hosted events at subsequent Olympics. The London Games of 2012 will not be opened and closed at the rebuilt Wembley Stadium, the site of the 1948 Olympic Stadium, but at a new stadium in Stratford. Wembley will however be the venue for some 2012 Olympic football matches. Wembley will become the second stadium to have been used twice but only host one Olympics after the Melbourne Cricket Ground which was the venue in 1956 and hosted the first game of the Sydney 2000 football tournament.


Image Olympics Season Stadium City Country New/old Capacity
Panathenaic Stadium 1896 oppening.jpg 1896 Summer Panathinaiko Stadio Athens  Greece Existing 80,000
Velodrome de Vincennes.jpg 1900 Summer Vélodrome de Vincennes Paris  France Existing 50,000
Francis Field 1904.jpg 1904 Summer Francis Field St. Louis  United States Existing 19,000
White City Stadium 1908.jpg 1908 Summer White City Stadium London  United Kingdom New 68,000
Olympic opening ceremony 1912.jpg 1912 Summer Stockholms Olympiastadion Stockholm  Sweden New 20,000
1920 Summer Olympisch Stadion Antwerp  Belgium New 12,771
1924 Winter Stade Olympique de Chamonix Chamonix  France New 45,000
Stade Yves du Manoir Colombes7.jpg 1924 Summer Stade Olympique Yves-du-Manoir Paris  France Existing 45,000
Bundesarchiv Bild 102-00789, St. Moritz, Eisstadion.jpg 1928 Winter St. Moritz Olympic Ice Rink St. Moritz  Switzerland New
Olympic Stadium Amsterdam 1928.jpg 1928 Summer Olympisch Stadion Amsterdam  Netherlands New 31,600
1932 Winter Lake Placid Speedskating Oval Lake Placid  United States New 7,500
General view of Los Angeles Olympic Stadium on the opening day of the Games of the Xth Olympiad, while contenders from all nations take the Olympic Athlete's Oath.jpg 1932 Summer Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Los Angeles  United States Existing 101,574
Bundesarchiv R 8076 Bild-0020, Olympische Winterspiele.- Eröffnung.jpg 1936 Winter Olympia Skistadion Garmisch-Partenkirchen  Germany Existing
Bundesarchiv Bild 183-R82532, Berlin, Olympia-Stadion (Luftaufnahme).jpg 1936 Summer Olympiastadion Berlin  Germany New 110,000
Bundesarchiv Bild 102-00789, St. Moritz, Eisstadion.jpg 1948 Winter St. Moritz Olympic Ice Rink St. Moritz  Switzerland Existing
Wem.jpg 1948 Summer Wembley Stadium London  United Kingdom Existing 82,000
Bislett stadion1.jpg 1952 Winter Bislett stadion Oslo  Norway Existing 20,000
Suomi-Portugali lämmittely.jpg 1952 Summer Olympiastadion Helsinki  Finland New 40,000
Cortina 1971 2.jpg 1956 Winter Stadio Olympica Cortina d'Ampezzo  Italy New 12,000
MCG stadium.jpg 1956 Summer Melbourne Cricket Ground Melbourne  Australia Existing 100,000
1960 Winter Blyth Arena Squaw Valley  United States New 8,500
Image-Roma stadio olimpico2.JPG 1960 Summer Stadio Olimpico Rome  Italy Existing 65,000
Bergisel-N.jpg 1964 Winter Bergisel Innsbruck  Austria Existing 12,000
Yamazaki-nabisco-Cup final 2004.jpg 1964 Summer Olympic Stadium Tokyo  Japan Existing 57,363
1968 Winter Olympic Stadium (temporary) Grenoble  France temporary 60,000
Estadio Olimpico Universitario CU.jpg 1968 Summer Estadio Olímpico Universitario Mexico City  Mexico Existing 83,700
1972 Winter Makomanai Open Stadium Sapporo  Japan New 30,000
Olympiastadion Muenchen.jpg 1972 Summer Olympiastadion Munich  Germany New 80,000
Bergisel-N.jpg 1976 Winter Bergisel Innsbruck  Austria Existing
Le Stade Olympique de Montréal Nuit Arriere-Gauche.jpg 1976 Summer Olympic Stadium Montreal  Canada New 66,308
Lake Placid - Cauldron.jpg 1980 Winter Lake Placid Equestrian Stadium Lake Placid  United States Existing 30,000
Luzhniki Inside View B Stand.jpg 1980 Summer Stadion Luzhniki
Former name: Tsentralny stadion imeni V.I. Lenina
Moscow  Soviet Union Existing 103,000
1984 Winter Olimpijski stadion Asim Ferhatović - Hase
Former name: Stadion Koševo
Sarajevo  Yugoslavia Existing 50,000
400 meter track at the 1984 Summer Olympics.JPEG 1984 Summer Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Los Angeles  United States Existing 93,607
McMahon Stadium 3.jpg 1988 Winter McMahon Stadium Calgary  Canada Existing 38,205
Seoul.Olympic.Stadium.01 copy.jpg 1988 Summer Seoul Olympic Stadium Seoul  South Korea Existing 100,000
1992 Winter Théâtre des Cérémonies Albertville  France Temporary 35,000
Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys - Barcelona, Spain - Jan 2007.jpg 1992 Summer Estadi Olímpic de Montjuïc Barcelona  Spain Existing 70,000
Lysgård.JPG 1994 Winter Lysgårdsbakken Lillehammer  Norway New 35,000
Atlantaolympicstadium.JPG 1996 Summer Centennial Olympic Stadium (now Turner Field) Atlanta  United States New 85,000
Nagano Olympic Stadium.jpg 1998 Winter Nagano Olympic Stadium Nagano  Japan New 30,000
Homebush stadium.jpg 2000 Summer Stadium Australia (ANZ Stadium) Sydney  Australia New 114,714
RSL at Rice-Eccles.jpg 2002 Winter Rice-Eccles Stadium Salt Lake City  United States Existing 45,017
Olympic stadium.JPG 2004 Summer Olympic Stadium of Athens 'Spyros Louis' Athens  Greece Existing 71,030
Stadio Olimpico Torino Italy.jpg 2006 Winter Stadio Olimpico di Torino Turin  Italy Existing 28,000
Birds Nest Cropped.jpg 2008 Summer Beijing National Stadium Beijing  China New 91,000
BCplace stadium.jpg 2010 Winter BC Place Stadium Vancouver  Canada Existing 54,500
London olympic stadium construction - May 2009.jpg 2012 Summer Olympic Stadium London  United Kingdom New 80,000
2014 Winter Olimpiysky stadion Sochi  Russia New 40,000
Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.jpg 2016 Summer Maracana Stadium Rio de Janeiro  Brazil Existing 88,992
2018 Winter Alpensia Ski Jumping Stadium Pyeongchang  South Korea Existing 60,000

Other major events

Venue City Events
Olympiako Stadio Athinas 'Spyros Louis' Athens 1983, 1994 and 2007 UEFA Champions League Final, 1997 World Championships in Athletics, WRC Acropolis Rally SuperSpecial Stage 2005 and 2006, 2006 IAAF World Cup in Athletics
Centennial Olympic Stadium Atlanta Reconstructed into Turner Field for Major League Baseball's (MLB) Atlanta Braves. Hosted 1999 World Series and 2000 MLB All-Star Game
Olympic Stadium Berlin 2006 FIFA World Cup Final and 2009 World Championships in Athletics
Olympic Stadium Helsinki 1983 and 2005 World Championships in Athletics
Wembley Stadium London 1966 FIFA World Cup Final, UEFA Euro 1996 Final, 1992 European Cup Final
White City Stadium London 1934 British Empire Games
Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Los Angeles Super Bowl I (1967), Super Bowl VII (1973), 1959 World Series, and second game of the 1959 MLB All-Star Game
Melbourne Cricket Ground Melbourne 1992 Cricket World Cup Final, 2006 Commonwealth Games, annual Australian Football League Grand Final
Olympic Stadium Munich 1974 FIFA World Cup Final, 1979 European Cup Final, UEFA Euro 1988 Final, 1993 and 1997 UEFA Champions League Finals
Stade Olympique de Colombes Paris 1938 FIFA World Cup Final
Estádio do Maracanã Rio de Janeiro 1950 FIFA World Cup Final, 2000 FIFA Club World Championship Final, 2007 Pan American Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies and 2014 FIFA World Cup Final
Stadio Olimpico Rome 1977 and 1984 European Cup Finals, 1987 World Championships in Athletics, 1990 FIFA World Cup Final, 1996 and 2009 UEFA Champions League Finals
Stadium Australia Sydney 2003 Rugby World Cup Final, annual National Rugby League Grand Final
Olympic Stadium Tokyo 1991 World Championships in Athletics
Olympic Stadium Sochi 2018 FIFA World Cup matches


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