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Micrograph of asbestosis (with ferruginous bodies), a type of pneumoconiosis. H&E stain.
ICD-10 J60-J65
ICD-9 500-505
DiseasesDB 31746
MeSH D011009

Pneumoconiosis is an occupational lung disease and a restrictive lung disease caused by the inhalation of dust, often in mines.



Depending upon the type of dust, the disease is given different names:

In addition, it has been speculated that astronauts subject to prolonged exposure to lunar dust may be susceptible to a type of pneumoconiosis. No cases exist yet, but future Moon missions are expected to take precautions against such exposure[citation needed].


Positive indications on patient assessment:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest X-ray may show a characteristic patchy, subpleural, bibasilar interstitial infiltrates or small cystic radiolucencies called honeycombing

Pneumoconiosis in combination with multiple pulmonary rheumatoid nodules in rheumatoid arthritis patients is known as Caplan's syndrome.[1]

Other work-related lung diseases

Popular culture references

  • In the classic British film Brief Encounter (1945), derived from a Noel Coward play, housewife Laura (Celia Johnson) and physician Alec (Trevor Howard) begin an affair. She is desperately mesmerized in a train station lounge by his evocation of his passion for pneumoconioses.
  • In the 1995 British film Brassed Off, the band leader (Pete Postlethwaite) in a small coal-mining town is hospitalized with pneumoconiosis.
  • 2006 documentary film by Shane Roberts. Features interviews with miners suffering from the disease and footage shot inside the mine
  • 1000 Ways to Die featured an incident where two kitchen workers succumb to Pneumoconiosis from playing in cocoa powder.
  • In the widely acclaimed Puzzle/Shooter game Portal 2, former CEO and founder of Aperture Science Laboratories, Cave Johnson, purportedly contracted and died of Lunar Pneumoconiosis after prolonged exposure to the moon rocks he was utilizing in teleportation technology research.

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