National Register of Historic Places listings in Rhode Island

National Register of Historic Places listings in Rhode Island
Bristol County Kent County Newport County Providence County Washington County
Rhode Island counties (clickable map)

This is a list of properties and districts listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Rhode Island. As of September 23, 2011, there are 744 listed sites in Rhode Island. All 5 of the counties in Rhode Island have listings on the National Register.

Contents: Counties in Rhode Island
Bristol - Kent - Newport - Providence - Washington

Current listings by county

The following are approximate tallies of current listings by county. These counts are based on entries in the National Register Information Database as of April 24, 2008[1] and new weekly listings posted since then on the National Register of Historic Places web site.[2] There are frequent additions to the listings and occasional delistings and the counts here are approximate and not official. New entries are added to the official Register on a weekly basis.[3] Also, the counts in this table exclude boundary increase and decrease listings which modify the area covered by an existing property or district and which carry a separate National Register reference number. The numbers of NRHP listings in each county are documented by tables in each of the individual county list-articles.

Beavertail Light, Newport County
Joseph Reynolds House, Bristol County
County # of Sites
1 Bristol 24
2 Kent 78
3 Newport 119
4.1 Providence: Pawtucket 50
4.2 Providence: Providence (city) 158
4.3 Providence: Other 193
4.4 Providence: Duplicates (1)[4]
4.5 Providence: Total 400
5 Washington 126
(duplicates) (3)[5]
Total: 744
Arkwright Bridge, Providence County

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