List of Nairs

List of Nairs

This list of Nairs contains prominent members of the ancient Nair community of southern India. Some of them also have the name "Nair".


Spiritual leaders

Freedom fighters

Senior political leaders – post independence

  • C Achutha Menon – Chief Minister of Kerala
  • P K Vasudevan Nair – Chief Minister of Kerala



  • Swadeshabhimani Ramakrishna Pillai – writer, journalist, newspaper editor, and political activist
  • Kesari Balakrishna Pillai – writer, journalist
  • Vinita Nair – American television journalist – co-anchor of World News Now and America This Morning on ABC

Scientists and academics

Policy makers/administrators

Military personnel

Martial arts

  • Thacholi Othenan – Better known as Udayana Kurup of Thacholi Manikoth House. Legendary hero from North Kerala, who lived in the 16th century. Belonged to the Nair tharavadu of Manikkoth
  • Thacholi Chandu – Legendary hero from North Kerala, who defeated Kandar Menon of Tulunadu and conquered the Tulunadan fort, feats which were considered as impossible to achieve
  • Putumanna Kandaru Menon – Chaver from Valluvanadu who nearly succeeded in assassinating the Zamorin

Royal lineages

  • Travancore Royal Family – Ruler of the erstwhile kingdom of Travancore (Thiruvithamcode). As per the earliest records the ruler was mentioned as the "Nair of Venad". Sree Padmanabhadasa Anizham Tirunal Marthanda Varma Maharajah (1706-1758/reign-1729-1758) was the most powerful and the founder of the kingdom of "Travancore"(earlier known as "Venad").
  • Cochin Royal Family – Ruler of the erstwhile kingdom of Cochin. The most powerful ruler in the lineage being Shakthan Thampuran (Rama Varma Kunjhipillai, 1751–1805)
  • Vayokhrapadapuram/Vyakhraleshwaram/Vaikom – Ruler of a small princely state that consisted of present day Taluk's of Vaikom and Piravom. They were overthrown in the 9th centuary A.D. by the then powerful Vembolinadu (later split into two in the 11th cent. A.D, Vadakkumkkoor & Thekkumkkoor). Marthandan Thampi Valyachan played a key role in helping Maharajah Marthanda Varma to annexe Vadakkumkkoor in 1750–51.
  • Maharajah of Kolathunād – Better known as the Kolathiris, it is believed by many, to be the oldest living aristocracy globally.[1][2][3]
  • Zamorin – Maharajah of Calicut, an erstwhile Kingdom in the state of Kerala belongs to the Eradi subsect. They lost power when Tipu Sultan invaded Malabar in 1766.
  • Valluvakonāthiri Moopil Nāyar – Former ruler of Valluvanad who were also known as the Vallodi
  • Raja of Kadathanad – Former ruler of Kadathanad. Also known as Polarthiri or Pola Swaroopam, the former rulers of Polanad (Present Kozhikode/Calicut). Lineage of Nambiars
  • Poonjar Royal Family
  • Njavakkatt Kartha – Former ruler of Meenachil
  • Kavalappara Swaroopam – Ruler was known as Kavalappara Moopil Nair.
  • KurumbranadMaharaja of Vadakara – and 30 koottams (Vadakara, Koilandy Koottam, Moodadi Koottam, Tacholi Koottam, Balussery koottam, Wayanad), also known as Vadakara Vazhunoor
  • Arakkal Royal Family – The only Muslim Royal Family in Kerala, though officially no longer Hindus, they are a branch of the Mushika/Kolathiri/Chirakkal Royal Family.
  • Mavila Idom – Better known as Mavila Nambiars, former chieftains of East Kannur, with capital place Mavilai. Now the family having 7 ‘Thavazhis’. Mavila Nambiar captivated 22 Forts around the places. Mavila R. Nambiar a.k.a. Ayaz Khan conquered Nayakas[disambiguation needed ] of Ikkeri and Defeated the Governor of Tippu Sulthan. After the rule for years he transferred his Kingdom to British Presidency at Bombay. Mavila Theyyam (Mavila Chamundi) is very among Theyyam of Kerala.[clarification needed]

Film actors and others

Artists and entertainers

Kathakali artists

Businesspersons and CEOs

Sports and athletics

See also

  • List of gallantry and military service award winners from the Nair community


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