April 2009 tornado outbreak

April 2009 tornado outbreak
April 2009 tornado outbreak
Damage from the EF4 Murfreesboro tornado
Date of tornado outbreak: April 9–11, 2009
Duration1: 31 hours, 37 minutes
Maximum rated tornado2: EF4 tornado
Tornadoes caused: 85 confirmed
Damages: $464 million[1]
Fatalities: 5 + 4 non-tornadic
Areas affected: Southern United States

1Time from first tornado to last tornado
2Most severe tornado damage; see Enhanced Fujita Scale

The April 2009 tornado outbreak was a tornado outbreak that affected large portions of the Southern United States on April 9–11 2009. At least 5 people were killed by tornadoes including three in Mena, Arkansas just south of Fort Smith and two in Murfreesboro, Tennessee just south of Nashville. A total of 85 tornadoes were confirmed over the two days. Three people were killed in Texas due to wildfires caused by strong winds stemming from the same storm system.


Meteorological synopsis

A storm system over the southern Great Plains region resulted in severe weather development during the late afternoon and evening along a dry line that stretched from southern Kansas across northeastern Oklahoma into southwestern Missouri and northwest Arkansas.[2] As a result, a moderate risk of severe weather was issued by the Storm Prediction Center for eastern Oklahoma, southeast Kansas, southwest Missouri and western Arkansas.[3] The system approached as the atmosphere destabilized as a result of daytime heating. Thunderstorms began developmenting along a dry line in Oklahoma between 2 and 3 pm CDT (1900 and 2000 UTC). More thunderstorms started forming as they approached into western Arkansas, and encountered a strong wind field around the incoming system. Winds began turning with height, which caused some thunderstorms to rotate and spawn tornadoes.[4] Beginning at 6:20 CDT (2320 UTC), several tornadoes were produced in eastern sections of Oklahoma and Texas.[5][6] The severe weather then moved into Arkansas, where a tornado killed three people in Mena.[7] The thunderstorms that affected Texas then went into Louisiana, creating numerous tornadoes in the state, one of which tracked through downtown Shreveport.[6]

April 10, 2009 Day 1 Convective Outlook at 1844Z (1:44 PM CDT)

On April 10 (Good Friday), the storm system moved east into the Tennessee Valley and eventually into the Carolinas during the night. Ahead of the storm, warm and moist air quickly moved northeast into Alabama, Georgia, eastern sections of Tennessee and parts of the Carolinas. A separate band of strong jet stream winds went east across Mississippi and Alabama. The strengthening winds and increased moisture helped create conditions favorable for the development of supercells that could produce strong tornadoes.[8] The Storm Prediction Center issued a moderate risk of severe weather for sections of the Tennessee Valley, Gulf Coast states and into the southern Appalachians region.[9] As the system moved across the lower Ohio Valley area around the noon hour, a line of thunderstorms started to produce tornadoes in parts of Kentucky and Tennessee.[10] One of the tornadoes that struck Tennessee early that afternoon killed two people in Murfreesboro.[11] Portions of the moderate risk area in northeastern Alabama, northwestern Georgia and southeastern Tennessee were upgraded to a high risk at 1:44 pm CDT (1844 UTC).[12]

The thunderstorms moved southeast across much of South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama later that afternoon and into the evening.[13] They produced tornadoes in northeastern sections of Alabama, damaging homes in Langston and Powell.[14] Further south, tornadoes damaged areas in central Alabama, one of which tracked through three counties and into the Montgomery Metropolitan Area.[15] One area of thunderstorms that evening produced a long-tracked tornado that moved from Grovetown, Georgia, through Augusta and ended in Ellenton, South Carolina.[16] The tornado moved across Augusta but missed the Augusta National Golf Club where the Masters Tournament was taking place during the weekend.[17] The storm system reached the Atlantic Coast during the early morning hours of April 11, producing one tornado in North Carolina.[18]

Tornadoes confirmed

85 25 39 11 9 1 0

April 9 event

List of reported tornadoes - Thursday, April 9, 2009
Time (UTC)
Path length
EF0 E of Vinita Craig 36°38′N 95°05′W / 36.64°N 95.08°W / 36.64; -95.08 (Vinita (Apr. 9, EF0)) 2303 2.4 miles (3.9 km) Roofs were torn off several homes and a barn. Damage to two power poles.
EF0 SE of Wilburton Latimer 34°49′N 95°18′W / 34.82°N 95.30°W / 34.82; -95.30 (Wilburton (Apr. 9, EF0)) 2318 4.3 miles (6.9 km) Several houses and a gas compressor station were damaged.
EF1 ENE of Nashoba Pushmataha 34°30′N 95°07′W / 34.50°N 95.12°W / 34.50; -95.12 (Nashoba (Apr. 9, EF0)) 2342 7.7 miles (12.4 km) Many trees were damaged, including snapped trunks.
EF1 N of Wister Le Flore 35°00′N 94°49′W / 35.00°N 94.82°W / 35.00; -94.82 (Wister (Apr. 9, EF1)) 2355 7.5 miles (12.1 km) Several homes were damaged and several barns were destroyed.
EF2 E of Big Cedar Le Flore, Polk (AR) 34°37′N 94°34′W / 34.62°N 94.57°W / 34.62; -94.57 (Big Cedar (Apr. 9, EF2)) 0026 9.2 miles (14.8 km) Several mobile homes and a permanent home were heavily damaged or destroyed. Four people were injured, one of whom sustained broken bones.
EF3 Eagletown to Dierks, AR McCurtain, Sevier (AR), Howard (AR), Pike (AR) 34°01′N 94°29′W / 34.01°N 94.48°W / 34.01; -94.48 (Eagletown (Apr. 9, EF3)) 0101 29 miles (47 km) Long-track tornado with significant damage, particularly in De Queen, Arkansas. At least 10 mobile homes were destroyed, with seven people injured in the park. An Army Corps of Engineers office and another reinforced concrete building were also heavily damaged in the Dierks Lake area. Howard and Sevier Counties were later declared a disaster area.
EF1 NW of Hughes Springs Morris, Cass 33°04′N 94°40′W / 33.07°N 94.66°W / 33.07; -94.66 (Hughes Springs (Apr. 9, EF1)) 0052 6 miles (9.7 km) Damage to trees and power lines along the path.
EF2 NW of Linden Cass 33°03′N 94°29′W / 33.05°N 94.49°W / 33.05; -94.49 (Linden (Apr. 9, EF2)) 0105 16 miles (26 km) Many trees were knocked down, crushing houses and vehicles. A two-story house was severely damaged, and a portable building was blown away.
EF0 NE of Bivins Cass 33°03′N 94°07′W / 33.05°N 94.12°W / 33.05; -94.12 (Bivins (Apr. 9, EF0)) 0141 2.4 miles (3.9 km) Numerous trees were knocked down along its path.
EF1 NW of Hallsville Harrison 32°37′N 94°38′W / 32.61°N 94.64°W / 32.61; -94.64 (Hallsville (Apr. 9, EF1)) 0213 3.1 miles (5.0 km) Several houses damaged by falling trees and windows blown out. A large shed was ripped from its foundation.
EF2 Waskom to Bossier City, LA Harrison, Caddo (LA), Bossier (LA) 32°32′N 94°08′W / 32.54°N 94.14°W / 32.54; -94.14 (Waskom (Apr. 9, EF2)) 0248 38.5 miles (62.0 km) Continuous long-track tornado with many houses and businesses damaged along its path, some of which were nearly destroyed. Tornado tracked near Cross Lake and eventually into downtown Shreveport (with little damage there) before crossing the Red River into Bossier City. Damage was also reported at Barksdale Air Force Base. Two people were injured and overall damage was about $14 million.
EF3 Mena area Polk 34°35′N 94°32′W / 34.58°N 94.54°W / 34.58; -94.54 (Mena (Apr. 9, EF3)) 0102 14.5 miles (23.3 km) 3 deathsSee section on this tornado
EF2 Center Point area Howard 34°01′N 93°58′W / 34.01°N 93.96°W / 34.01; -93.96 (Center Point (Apr. 9, EF2)) 0134 2.5 miles (4.0 km) Rare large anticyclonic tornado severely damaged a house and a barn. One person was injured.
EF3 N of Kiblah Miller 33°04′N 93°59′W / 33.06°N 93.99°W / 33.06; -93.99 (Kiblah (Apr. 9, EF3)) 0151 10 miles (16 km) An outbuilding and a mobile home were destroyed, throwing debris 1/2 mile (800 m) away. Major tree damage along its path.
EF1 SE of Newhope Pike 34°12′N 93°50′W / 34.20°N 93.84°W / 34.20; -93.84 (Newhope (Apr. 9, EF1)) 0153 3 miles (4.8 km) Many trees were knocked down on private timber company land.
EF2 S of Crossett Ashley 33°06′N 91°58′W / 33.10°N 91.97°W / 33.10; -91.97 (Crossett (Apr. 9, EF2)) 0427 14 miles (23 km) 15 houses, including some mobile homes, were heavily damaged or destroyed and 27 others were damaged to lesser degrees. Many trees were also damaged or knocked over.
EF0 Nixa area Christian 37°04′N 93°19′W / 37.06°N 93.32°W / 37.06; -93.32 (Nixa (Apr. 9, EF0)) 0120 1.6 miles (2.6 km) Minor damage to more than a dozen homes with additional damage to trees and fences. Several power lines were also downed by the tornado along Route 160.[19]
EF0 NNE of Bolinger Bossier 32°59′N 93°41′W / 32.98°N 93.68°W / 32.98; -93.68 (Bolinger (Apr. 9, EF0)) 0302 0.75 miles (1.21 km) Several trees were snapped in a heavily forested area.
EF0 NE of Heflin Webster 32°28′N 93°16′W / 32.47°N 93.27°W / 32.47; -93.27 (Heflin (Apr. 9, EF0)) 0404 2.25 miles (3.62 km) Several trees were snapped or uprooted.
EF1 NE of Litroe Union 33°00′N 92°10′W / 33.00°N 92.17°W / 33.00; -92.17 (Litroe (Apr. 9, EF1)) 0421 5 miles (8.0 km) Tornado damaged trees in the Upper Ouachita Wildlife Refuge.
EF1 S of Simsboro Lincoln 32°29′N 92°49′W / 32.48°N 92.81°W / 32.48; -92.81 (Simsboro (Apr. 9, EF1)) 0433 4.4 miles (7.1 km) Many trees were snapped and a house sustained minor roof damage.
EF2 NE of Eros Jackson, Ouachita 32°25′N 92°22′W / 32.42°N 92.37°W / 32.42; -92.37 (Eros (Apr. 10, EF2)) 0505 11.7 miles (18.8 km) Several houses were damaged, one of them heavily with its roof torn off. Many trees were damaged, with some falling onto structures.
EF1 Delhi area Richland, Madison 32°26′N 91°32′W / 32.44°N 91.53°W / 32.44; -91.53 (Delhi (Apr. 10, EF1)) 0627 4.5 miles (7.2 km) Tornado roughly paralleled Interstate 20 with some trees down and minor damage to a few houses.
Sources: SPC Storm Reports for April 9, 2009, NWS Little Rock, NWS Tulsa, NWS Springfield, NWS Jackson, NWS Shreveport, NCDC Storm Data

April 10 event

List of reported tornadoes - Friday, April 10, 2009
Time (UTC)
Path length
EF0 Martling area Marshall 34°23′N 86°10′W / 34.38°N 86.17°W / 34.38; -86.17 (Martling (Apr. 10, EF0)) 1038 1.9 miles (3.1 km) Early morning weak tornado produced minor roof damage to a few homes, heavily damaged two sheds and peeled the roof off a barn.
EF0 SSW of Thach Limestone 34°53′N 86°55′W / 34.88°N 86.91°W / 34.88; -86.91 (Thach (Apr. 10, EF0)) 1859 unknown Brief tornado with up to 20 trees were snapped at mile marker 359 on Interstate 65.
EF3 E of Grant Marshall, Jackson, DeKalb 34°32′N 86°12′W / 34.53°N 86.20°W / 34.53; -86.20 (Grant (Apr. 10, EF3)) 2002 33 miles (53 km) Long track tornado with many houses heavily damaged in the area along Lake Guntersville and in subdivisions to the east, with a few destroyed. Many mobile homes and boat houses were also destroyed along its path. Five people were injured.
EF1 SW of Roxana Tallapoosa, Lee 32°39′N 85°51′W / 32.65°N 85.85°W / 32.65; -85.85 (Roxana (Apr. 10, EF1)) 0012 18 miles (29 km) Numerous barns and outbuildings were heavily damaged. Many trees were also knocked down.
EF1 Loachapoka area Lee 32°36′N 85°35′W / 32.60°N 85.59°W / 32.60; -85.59 (Loachapoka (Apr. 10, EF1)) 0030 6 miles (9.7 km) A church sustained moderate roof damage and many outbuildings, a few vehicles and hundreds of trees were damaged.
EF1 S of Beauregard Lee 32°31′N 85°23′W / 32.52°N 85.38°W / 32.52; -85.38 (Beauregard (Apr. 10, EF1)) 0051 2.25 miles (3.62 km) Damage to several structures including a mobile home and roof damage to buildings.
EF1 Crawford area Russell 32°28′N 85°16′W / 32.46°N 85.27°W / 32.46; -85.27 (Crawford (Apr. 10, EF1)) 0104 6 miles (9.7 km) Damage limited to uprooted trees.
EF1 Phenix City Russell 32°25′N 85°05′W / 32.42°N 85.09°W / 32.42; -85.09 (Phenix City (Apr. 10, EF1)) 0119 1 mile (1.6 km) Tornado touched down at the Phenix City drag strip. The most severe damage was at a mobile home park, where two people were injured.
EF1 Notasulga area Tallapoosa, Macon, Lee 32°35′N 85°46′W / 32.58°N 85.76°W / 32.58; -85.76 (Notasulga (Apr. 10, EF1)) 0126 25.3 miles (40.7 km) Several houses sustained minor damage and mobile homes sustained significant damage. Thousands of trees were snapped or uprooted.
EF1 Montgomery area Montgomery, Macon, Bullock 32°20′N 86°13′W / 32.33°N 86.21°W / 32.33; -86.21 (Montgomery (Apr. 10, EF1)) 0148 26.1 miles (42.0 km) Tornado tracked across the eastern side of the Montgomery metropolitan area and continued eastward. Dozens of houses were damaged, and at least three barns and numerous outbuildings were destroyed. Thousands of trees were damaged.
EF1 Seale area Russell 32°19′N 85°07′W / 32.31°N 85.11°W / 32.31; -85.11 (Seale (Apr. 10, EF1)) 0220 0.5 miles (0.80 km) One mobile home was destroyed injuring its occupant. Several trees were also blown down.
EF1 NE of Camden Benton 36°08′N 88°02′W / 36.13°N 88.03°W / 36.13; -88.03 (Camden (Apr. 10, EF1)) 1541 4.5 miles (7.2 km) 12 homes and two mobile homes suffered roof damage while several outbuildings were destroyed.
EF0 NW of Waverly Humphreys 36°10′N 87°55′W / 36.17°N 87.92°W / 36.17; -87.92 (Waverly (Apr. 10, EF0)) 1550 1 mile (1.6 km) Brief tornado touchdown in the Highlands on Kentucky Lake subdivision snapped a few trees.
EF1 N of Waverly Humphreys, Houston 36°12′N 87°48′W / 36.20°N 87.80°W / 36.20; -87.80 (Waverly (Apr. 10, EF0)) 1559 12 miles (19 km) Five houses were damaged and a mobile home and two barns were destroyed. Extensive tree damage.
EF4 Murfreesboro area Rutherford 35°51′N 86°25′W / 35.85°N 86.41°W / 35.85; -86.41 (Murfreesboro (Apr. 10, EF4)) 1719 23.3 miles (37.5 km) 2 deathsSee article section on this tornado
EF1 SSW of Portland Sumner 36°31′N 86°33′W / 36.52°N 86.55°W / 36.52; -86.55 (Portland (Apr. 10, EF1)) 1749 0.6 miles (0.97 km) Tornado touched down near the Johnston Crossroads community. Four houses and a mobile home lost their roofs and trees were damaged.
EF0 SE of Rucker Rutherford 35°44′N 86°22′W / 35.73°N 86.37°W / 35.73; -86.37 (Rucker (Apr. 10, EF0)) 1758 0.2 miles (0.32 km) A house was damaged from a blown tree along a short path.
EF1 Pleasant View Rutherford 35°46′N 86°16′W / 35.76°N 86.26°W / 35.76; -86.26 (Pleasant View (Apr. 10, EF0)) 1801 3.7 miles (6.0 km) Four houses and a barn were damaged and trees were uprooted.
EF0 W of Woodbury Cannon 35°49′N 86°07′W / 35.82°N 86.12°W / 35.82; -86.12 (Woodbury (Apr. 10, EF0)) 1819 0.8 miles (1.3 km) Minimal damage, mostly to trees.
EF0 W of Hillsboro Coffee 35°25′N 86°00′W / 35.42°N 86.00°W / 35.42; -86.00 (Hillsboro (Apr. 10, EF0)) 1918 unknown Brief tornado videotaped by a storm chaser along Interstate 24 with no damage.
EF1 S of Monterey Putnam, Cumberland 36°03′N 85°19′W / 36.05°N 85.32°W / 36.05; -85.32 (Monterey (Apr. 10, EF0)) 1922 12 miles (19 km) Many trees were twisted, snapped or uprooted. Several farm buildings and many fences were also damaged.
EF2 S of Dunlap (1st tornado) Sequatchie 35°19′N 85°28′W / 35.31°N 85.46°W / 35.31; -85.46 (Dunlap (Apr. 10, EF2)) 2002 5 miles (8.0 km) Several houses and a school sustained minor to moderate damage. Severe tree damage with trunks snapped.
EF1 S of Dunlap (2nd tornado) Sequatchie 35°22′N 85°21′W / 35.36°N 85.35°W / 35.36; -85.35 (Dunlap (Apr. 10, EF1)) 2005 unknown Brief tornado damaged a house and several trees.
EF1 ENE of Sale Creek Hamilton 35°23′N 85°07′W / 35.38°N 85.11°W / 35.38; -85.11 (Sale Creek (Apr. 10, EF1)) 2023 0.5 miles (0.80 km) One house was damaged and many trees were knocked down.
EF0 W of Almo Calloway 36°41′N 83°26′W / 36.68°N 83.43°W / 36.68; -83.43 (Almo (Apr. 10, EF0)) 1616 0.25 miles (0.40 km) Tornado embedded in a microburst. Several houses sustained minor damage and trees damaged.
EF1 NE of Eddyville Lyon 37°06′N 83°02′W / 37.10°N 83.03°W / 37.10; -83.03 (Eddyville (Apr. 10, EF1)) 1645 0.33 miles (0.53 km) A mobile home was overturned by a short-lived tornado, injuring one person. A commercial building was also damaged.
EF0 NW of Crofton Christian 37°02′N 87°31′W / 37.03°N 87.51°W / 37.03; -87.51 (Crofton (Apr. 10, EF0)) 1647 1.5 miles (2.4 km) Tornado confirmed by emergency management. Minor damage to several buildings on a farm.
EF3 Mannington area Christian, Hopkins 37°07′N 87°29′W / 37.12°N 87.49°W / 37.12; -87.49 (Mannington (Apr. 10, EF3)) 1654 2 miles (3.2 km) Tornado touched down in the community with 2 houses destroyed according to WEHT-TV. Two people inside a destroyed house were injured - one severely.[20]
EF0 W of Eubank Pulaski 37°16′N 84°38′W / 37.27°N 84.63°W / 37.27; -84.63 (Eubank (Apr. 10, EF0)) 1856 unknown Brief tornado with debris visible but no damage.
EF1 NE of Eubank Pulaski, Lincoln 37°17′N 84°39′W / 37.28°N 84.65°W / 37.28; -84.65 (Eubank (Apr. 10, EF1)) 1917 6.5 miles (10.5 km) Several barns, a metal shed and two mobile homes were destroyed. Several other structures including homes were damaged. One conventional home was pushed off 10 feet (3.0 m) from its foundation.
EF2 Summerville Chattooga 34°17′N 84°39′W / 34.28°N 84.65°W / 34.28; -84.65 (Summerville (Apr. 10, EF2)) 2100 0.9 miles (1.4 km) Over 30 homes and 10 businesses were damaged, with a lumber warehouse and car care center taking the most damage. One mobile home was destroyed.
EF1 NE of Jasper Pickens 34°28′N 84°27′W / 34.47°N 84.45°W / 34.47; -84.45 (Jasper (Apr. 10, EF1)) 2204 3.5 miles (5.6 km) Damage limited to trees, utility poles and power lines.
EF2 NNE of Carnesville Franklin 34°25′N 83°16′W / 34.42°N 83.27°W / 34.42; -83.27 (Carnesville (Apr. 10, EF2)) 2253 4.5 miles (7.2 km) Several houses and mobile homes were heavily damaged. A chicken house was flattened and others were damaged.
EF1 SE of Dunn Forsyth 34°12′N 84°04′W / 34.20°N 84.07°W / 34.20; -84.07 (Dunn (Apr. 10, EF1)) 2257 0.5 miles (0.80 km) Brief tornado/waterspout on the shores of Lake Lanier damaged at least 100 trees - some falling on a house - and destroyed at least three boats and two boat docks.
EF1 SE of Ochille Chattahoochee 32°21′N 84°58′W / 32.35°N 84.97°W / 32.35; -84.97 (Ochille (Apr. 10, EF1)) 0146 4 miles (6.4 km) Several outbuildings and sheds were destroyed. Hundreds of trees were also damaged.
EF0 NNE of Boneville McDuffie 33°27′N 82°26′W / 33.45°N 82.43°W / 33.45; -82.43 (Boneville (Apr. 10, EF0)) 0153 unknown Brief tornado with trees down, some on vehicles.
EF1 NE of Cussetta Chattahoochee 32°18′N 84°47′W / 32.30°N 84.78°W / 32.30; -84.78 (Cussetta (Apr. 10, EF1)) 0200 4 miles (6.4 km) Minor damage to two homes, one church and several sheds. A metal storage building was destroyed.
EF0 NW of Sparta Hancock 33°18′N 83°00′W / 33.30°N 83.00°W / 33.30; -83.00 (Sparta (Apr. 10, EF0)) 0219 1.5 miles (2.4 km) Damage to one mobile home.
EF0 N of Sparta Hancock 33°17′N 82°59′W / 33.29°N 82.98°W / 33.29; -82.98 (Sparta (Apr. 10, EF0)) 0223 1.1 miles (1.8 km) Damage limited to trees.
EF3 NE of Sparta Hancock 33°17′N 82°58′W / 33.28°N 82.96°W / 33.28; -82.96 (Sparta (Apr. 10, EF3)) 0228 6.5 miles (10.5 km) Two homes and a mobile home were destroyed with damage to two other homes. Numerous trees were flattened. One person was injured and a Shetland pony was killed.
EF3 Grovetown to Augusta Columbia, Richmond 33°27′N 82°12′W / 33.45°N 82.20°W / 33.45; -82.20 (Grovetown (Apr. 10, EF3)) 0230 18 miles (29 km) Large wedge tornado with significant damage along a swath roughly paralleling U.S. Route 278 in the Augusta area, including to many houses, businesses and mobile homes. 12 people were injured at a nursing home which was hit and over 150 had to be evacuated.
EF0 SE of Gibson Glascock 33°17′N 82°58′W / 33.28°N 82.96°W / 33.28; -82.96 (Sparta (Apr. 10, EF0)) 0256 0.6 miles (0.97 km) A few pine trees were damaged.
EF1 NW of Seville Sumter, Dooly, Wilcox 32°06′N 84°01′W / 32.10°N 84.02°W / 32.10; -84.02 (Seville (Apr. 10, EF1)) 0300 25 miles (40 km) Two houses sustained significant roof damage along a long track. Severe damage was also reported to several mobile homes, a radio tower and over 1,000 trees.
EF0 N of Vienna Dooly 32°06′N 83°47′W / 32.10°N 83.79°W / 32.10; -83.79 (Vienna (Apr. 10, EF0)) 0320 6 miles (9.7 km) One house sustained roof damage, a chicken house was destroyed and a tin roof was peeled from a barn.
EF3 St. Clair area Burke 33°07′N 82°02′W / 33.12°N 82.03°W / 33.12; -82.03 (St. Clair (Apr. 10, EF3)) 0334 26 miles (42 km) Long track tornado with numerous houses and a church heavily damaged. A grocery store was also destroyed, as were many trees. Four people were injured, one seriously.
EF1 NE of Plains Sumter 33°07′N 82°02′W / 33.12°N 82.03°W / 33.12; -82.03 (Plains (Apr. 10, EF3)) 0340 1 mile (1.6 km) Spotty light damage mostly to trees.
EF1 S of David Glascock, Jefferson 33°15′N 82°30′W / 33.25°N 82.50°W / 33.25; -82.50 (David (Apr. 10, EF1)) 0402 4 miles (6.4 km) A church and its cemetery were heavily damaged. Many trees were knocked down.
EF1 Cobb area Sumter, Crisp, Wilcox 31°58′N 83°59′W / 31.96°N 83.99°W / 31.96; -83.99 (Cobb (Apr. 11, EF1)) 0415 33 miles (53 km) About 70 houses were damaged, some of them heavily. Heavy damage to trees and power lines.
EF0 NE of Keysville Burke 33°15′N 82°08′W / 33.25°N 82.13°W / 33.25; -82.13 (Keysville (Apr. 10, EF0)) 0434 2 miles (3.2 km) Many trees were knocked down.
South Carolina
EF0 W of Long Creek Oconee 34°46′N 81°16′W / 34.76°N 81.27°W / 34.76; -81.27 (Long Creek (Apr. 10, EF0)) 2230 unknown Brief tornado with no damage.
EF1 S of Townville Anderson 34°29′N 81°53′W / 34.49°N 81.88°W / 34.49; -81.88 (Townville (Apr. 10, EF1)) 2323 3 miles (4.8 km) Several houses were damaged due to fallen trees along Lake Hartwell, and a trailer was thrown off its blocks.
EF0 NW of Campbell Anderson 34°29′N 81°53′W / 34.49°N 81.88°W / 34.49; -81.88 (Campbell (Apr. 10, EF0)) 2350 2 miles (3.2 km) A few trees were snapped or uprooted.
EF1 NW of Watts Abbeville 34°10′N 82°31′W / 34.16°N 82.51°W / 34.16; -82.51 (Watts (Apr. 10, EF1)) 0023 2 miles (3.2 km) Two houses were damaged, one of them by fallen trees.
EF2 Abbeville area Abbeville 34°11′N 82°28′W / 34.18°N 82.47°W / 34.18; -82.47 (Abbeville (Apr. 10, EF2)) 0028 7 miles (11 km) A half-dozen homes lost their entire roof, numerous trailers were destroyed and other buildings were heavily damaged. Two people were injured.
EF1 S of Jonesville Union 34°49′N 81°52′W / 34.81°N 81.86°W / 34.81; -81.86 (Jonesville (Apr. 10, EF1)) 0032 4 miles (6.4 km) At least four mobile homes were damaged with some debris landing in trees. A textile plant was also damaged.
EF1 Greenwood area Greenwood 34°11′N 82°09′W / 34.19°N 82.15°W / 34.19; -82.15 (Greenwood (Apr. 10, EF1)) 0041 5 miles (8.0 km) A few houses were damaged, one of which lost its roof. Extensive and severe tree damage along the intermittent path.
EF1 N of Greenwood Greenwood 34°13′N 82°08′W / 34.21°N 82.14°W / 34.21; -82.14 (Greenwood (Apr. 10, EF1)) 0043 3 miles (4.8 km) Several houses were damaged, one of which lost its roof. A train derailed after a tree fell on the track.
EF3 Beech Island area Aiken 33°24′N 81°51′W / 33.40°N 81.85°W / 33.40; -81.85 (Beech Island (Apr. 10, EF3)) 0257 15 miles (24 km) Many houses and businesses were severely damaged or destroyed. 14 people were injured and one indirect death occurred due to an auto accident.
EF1 N of Averill Allendale 33°06′N 81°29′W / 33.10°N 81.48°W / 33.10; -81.48 (Averill (Apr. 11, EF1)) 0426 1.2 miles (1.9 km) Extensive tree damage along its path but no structural damage.
EF2 NE of Martin Allendale 33°06′N 81°29′W / 33.10°N 81.48°W / 33.10; -81.48 (Martin (Apr. 11, EF2)) 0430 1.2 miles (1.9 km) A mobile home was heavily damaged and several other houses were damaged. Extensive tree damage.
EF0 NW of Millett Barnwell 33°09′N 81°40′W / 33.15°N 81.67°W / 33.15; -81.67 (Millett (Apr. 11, EF0)) 0521 unknown Brief tornado damaged a few trees along the Savannah River.
North Carolina
EF0 E of Washington Beaufort 35°35′N 76°57′W / 35.59°N 76.95°W / 35.59; -76.95 (Washington (Apr. 11, EF0)) 0640 400 yards (370 m) Minor damage to several houses, one of which had roof damage. Numerous trees were knocked down.
Sources: SPC Storm Reports for April 10, 2009, NWS Nashville, NWS Paducah, NWS Huntsville, NWS Morristown, NWS Birmingham, NWS Louisville, NWS Jackson, KY, NWS Peachtree City, NWS Charleston, SC, NWS Greenville, SC, NCDC Storm Data

Mena tornado

Collapsed home in Mena, Arkansas

At 7:24 pm CDT (0024 UTC) on April 9, a tornado warning was issued for areas north of Mena in Polk County, Arkansas and at 8:01 pm CDT (0101 UTC) the warning extended into Mena. Nine minutes later, a tornado struck the city and killed three people. Thirty people were injured and 600 homes were either damaged or destroyed.[21] One death was caused after the roof inside a lounge collapsed on the victim. The other two victims were killed after the tornado hit their homes.[22] The Polk County Jail was severely damaged to the point that minor offense prisoners were released, with serious offenders taken to jails around the area.[23] The Polk County Courthouse received damage after a radio antenna fell over onto part of the building, damaging the roof.[21] The Mena Regional Health System also sustained damage, but continued to treat patients and ran off auxiliary power. The high winds from the tornado threw a bus into a tree.[24] The roof at the Mena Middle School was significantly damaged, with part of the gymnasium roof ripped off and a portable classroom was destroyed.[21] The damage to the middle school was so severe that it had to be condemned.[25] The tornado also heavily impacted Rich Mountain Community College and destroyed two businesses at the city's industrial park.[21][26] The tornado that hit Mena was rated EF3 by the National Weather Service in Little Rock, Arkansas.[27]

Murfreesboro tornado

Aerial image of tornado damage in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

At 11:00 am CDT (1600 UTC) on April 10, a thunderstorm near the Tennessee River began prompting severe thunderstorm warnings, as it moved nearly 40 miles per hour (64 km/h) to the northeast and eventually made it into the Nashville Metropolitan Area by 11:45 am CDT (1645 UTC).[28] At 12:19 pm CDT (1719 UTC), a tornado touched down in extreme southwestern Rutherford County, Tennessee 15 miles (24 km) southwest of Murfreesboro.[29] Nineteen minutes later, it prompted a tornado emergency for Murfreesboro after weather spotters reported the tornado on the ground 5 miles (8.0 km) west of the city.[30] By 12:45 pm CDT (1745 UTC), the tornado had struck Murfreesboro with devastating results as two people were killed.[31] The two victims were a mother and her 9–week–old daughter who were taking shelter inside their home when the tornado hit.[32] Fifty-eight people were injured by the tornado.[33] A total of 845 homes sustained damage from the tornado, of which 117 were destroyed, 298 had major damage, 175 suffered minor damage and 255 were directly affected.[34]

During the tornado's 23.25 mile (37.42 km) path, it moved to the northeast for most of its existence, then turned to the east-southeast before dissipating. Damage was extensive in the city as a two-story office building had the upper floor completely removed. Several vehicles were picked up and tossed, including numerous semi-trailer trucks. At one area, a two-story brick home was nearly destroyed with only part of a kitchen wall left standing. In another area, three homes were destroyed and thrown off their foundations, with one of the three homes not properly anchored and the other two very well constructed.[29] The tornado was rated EF4 by the National Weather Service in Nashville, Tennessee. It was the 28th tornado to hit Rutherford County since the National Weather Service began keeping records in 1950 and the first killer tornado to hit the county during that period.[29]

In response to this event the Rutherford County Home Builders Association and its Certified Professional Builder Program have coordinated a Disaster Response Team. The volunteers were trained by Emergency Management Services to help first responders at disaster sites with the necessary heavy equipment to aide in relief work.[35]

Non-tornadic events

During the passage of the dry line and cold front, very strong winds in central Oklahoma and northern Texas occurred behind the severe weather. Wind gusts exceeded 60 miles per hour (97 km/h)[36] while dew points were in the 20s °F (below -2 °C) behind the dry line with temperatures reaching into the 80s °F (upper 20s °C).[37] The combination of hot and very dry air and very strong winds sparked numerous wildfires during the late afternoon hours.[38] In Oklahoma, 62 people were injured by the wildfires.[39] One hundred structures were destroyed in Oklahoma County, of which 12 homes in Midwest City and 58 homes in Choctaw were destroyed.[40] In Texas, three people were killed in Montague County, as wildfires burned more than 150,000 acres (610 km2) and destroyed two towns in the county.[41] Officials later confirmed that one of the wildfires in Midwest City was set deliberately.[42] In South Carolina, one man was killed in a car accident after crashing into trees that had fallen into the roadway as severe weather created poor visibility.[43]


The Governor of Arkansas Mike Beebe declared five counties in Arkansas disaster areas after the damage caused by the severe weather.[44] Fifty soldiers from the National Guard helped with removing debris and providing security while 60 prisoners also helped with debris removal.[45] The local Wal-Mart was being used as a supply center as it was the only building with power. All Red Cross supplies were sent to the store and arrived on April 10.[46] Two people from the Red Cross assisted victims of the tornado by providing tarps donated by a Lowe's store as well as flashlights and other supplies. Twelve others were sent to conduct damage assessments in Mena. A Southern Baptist Disaster Relief group cooked meals that would be served by the Salvation Army at three different locations. A mobile feeding operation provided meals for residents in De Queen, where a trailer park was destroyed by the inclement weather.[47] On April 14, A group of 19 student-athletes and coaches from the University of Central Arkansas helped unload equipment that was moved from Mena Middle School to a middle school in Hatfield.[48] As many as 300 seventh and eighth-graders were sent to the middle school in Hatfield, while 165 sixth-graders went to a Baptist church to complete the school year.[25]

The Governor of Tennessee Phil Bredesen,[49] United States Senators Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander,[50] United States Representative Bart Gordon[51] and the mayors of Murfreesboro and Rutherford County each toured the tornado damage in Murfreesboro.[50] Sixteen Nashville-area Lowe’s stores served as donation sites for the Red Cross to assist people who have been affected by the tornado.[52] Michael Waltrip Racing and Best Western aided victims by donating $7,500 and hotel rooms for those who were left homeless.[53] Country singer Chris Young performed at Middle Tennessee State University for a tornado relief benefit.[54] The Red Cross helped residents in Murfreesboro by serving nearly 15,000 meals and snacks, distributing nearly 4,000 clean up and comfort kits, and provided counseling to more than 500 tornado victims and their families.[55] The United Way set up the “United Way of Rutherford & Cannon Counties Long Term Recovery Fund” at a bank to accept donations for tornado victims.[56] In South Carolina, Governor Mark Sanford made a visit to Aiken County to assess tornado damage.[57] The Red Cross provided services and disaster relief to those affected in Aiken County such as tarps, food and beverages. A middle school was used as an emergency shelter, and The Salvation Army, Aiken County Emergency Management, Aiken County Sheriff's Office and Department of Social Services helped with the cleanup and removal of debris.[58] In response to the wildfires, the Governor of Oklahoma Brad Henry declared a state of emergency for 31 counties.[59]

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