Renal glycosuria

Renal glycosuria
Renal glycosuria
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ICD-10 E74.8
ICD-9 271.4
OMIM 233100
DiseasesDB 29130
eMedicine ped/1991
MeSH D006030

Renal glycosuria, also known as renal glucosuria, is a rare condition in which the simple sugar glucose is excreted in the urine[1] despite normal or low blood glucose levels. With normal kidney (renal) function, glucose is excreted in the urine only when there are abnormally elevated levels of glucose in the blood. However, in those with renal glycosuria, glucose is abnormally elevated in the urine due to improper functioning of the renal tubules, which are primary components of nephrons, the filtering units of the kidneys.



A doctor normally can diagnose renal glycosuria when a routine urine test, a Urinalysis, detects glucose in the urine, while a blood test indicates that the blood glucose level is normal.


In most affected individuals, the condition causes no apparent symptoms (asymptomatic) or serious effects. When renal glycosuria occurs as an isolated finding with otherwise normal kidney function, the condition is thought to be inherited as an autosomal recessive trait[citation needed].


It is associated with SLC5A2, coding the sodium glucose cotransporter 2.


  • Benign glycosuria
  • Familial renal glycosuria
  • Nondiabetic glycosuria
  • Primary renal glycosuria
  • Diabetes renalis
  • Renal diabetes
  • Diabetes innocence

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