Filter (chemistry)

Filter (chemistry)

. In domestic food and drink preparation where bulk solids are removed from liquids, this is often called a strainer.

Filtrate is the liquid produced after filtering a suspension of a solid in a liquid.Filtrand (or Residue) is the solid residue remaining in the filter following filtrationFact|date=February 2007.

For certain situations, such as separating an aqueous substance from a solid one, filtering may be replaced with decanting.

ee also

* tubular fluid, the renal glomerulus filtrateFilters for various substances:
* Filter (water)
* Filter (air)
* Filter (oil)

Filters for specific applications:
* Pneumatic filter
* Coffee filter
* Filter mask

Filters by various methods:
* Disk filter
* Paper filter
* Media filter
* Membrane filter
* Sand separator
* Screen filter
* Slow sand filter

Related devices and concepts:
* Activated carbon
* Non-Filter (trade name).
* Gas mask
* Sieve
* Colander
* Reverse osmosis
* Filter feeder
* Filter binding assay

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