Cullen's sign

Cullen's sign
Cullen's sign
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Cullen's sign
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Cullen's sign is superficial edema and bruising in the subcutaneous fatty tissue around the umbilicus.

It is named for Thomas S. Cullen (1869-1953),[1] an obstetrician who first described the sign in ruptured ectopic pregnancy in 1916.[2]

This sign takes 24-48 hours to appear and can predict acute pancreatitis, with mortality rising from 8-10% to 40%. It may be accompanied by Grey Turner's sign[3] (bruising of the flank), which may then be indicative of pancreatic necrosis with retroperitoneal or intraabdominal bleeding.


Causes include:

Importance of the sign is on a decline since better diagnostic modalities are now available


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