Councilman body

Councilman body
Councilman body (upper-right) and ballooning degeneration (centre-left). H&E stain.

In pathology, a Councilman body, also known as Councilman hyaline body, is an eosinophilic globule often found in the liver of individuals suffering from viral hepatitis, yellow fever, or other viral syndrome. [1] It represents a hepatocyte that is undergoing apoptosis (controlled cell death).

They are also seen in acute viral hepatitis.


Associated conditions

Until recently the presence of Councilman bodies in a liver biopsy was thought to be sufficient evidence for a diagnosis of yellow fever. However, they have since been found also to be present in other viral hemorrhagic fevers along with acute viral hepatitis, and thus may no longer be considered as diagnostic for yellow fever.


Councilman bodies are named after American pathologist William Thomas Councilman (1854-1933), who discovered them.

See also

  • Ballooning degeneration
  • Feathery degeneration
  • Mallory body


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