Muller glia

Muller glia

Müller glia, or Müller cells, are glial cells found in the vertebrate retina, which normally serve the functions of any normal glial cells. However, following injury to the retina, it has been seen that Müller glia undergo dedifferentiation into multipotent progenitor cells. At this point, the progenitor cell can divide and differentiate into a number of retinal cell types, including photoreceptor cells, that may have been damaged during injury.[1] Additionally, recently published research has shown that Müller cells act as a light collector in the mammalian eye, analogous to a fiber optic plate, funneling light to the rod and cone cells.[2]


Research Potential

Müller glia are currently being studied for their role in neural regeneration, a phenomenon that is not known to occur in humans.[3] Published papers have studied Müller glia in both zebrafish[4] and chicken[5] retina, and further research could help towards solutions for the blind or visually impaired.

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