MTV Australia

MTV Australia
MTV Australia
MTV Logo 2010.svg
MTV logo
Launched 14 June 1996 [1]
Owned by MTV Networks Asia Pacific
Picture format 576i (SDTV 16:9)
Audience share 0.6% (January 2010, [2])
Country Australia
Language English
Formerly called ARC Music Channel (prior to 20 March 1997)[3]
Sister channel(s) MTV Classic
MTV Hits
Foxtel Channel 124
Austar Channel 124
Optus TV Channel 124
Foxtel Channel 124
Neighbourhood Cable Channel 27
TransACT Channel 251
Fetch TV Channel 119

MTV Australia is 24 hour general entertainment channel specialising in music and youth culture programming which serves Australia and New Zealand[4]. It is operated by Viacom International Media Networks Australia owned by Viacom and primarily features imported shows as well as locally produced programming. On 1 July 2011 MTV International channels launched new logos [5]



MTV on the Nine Network

The "MTV" brand was launched in Australia during April 1987 as a music program on the free-to-air Nine Network.[6] The program was hosted by Richard Wilkins and aired late on Friday and Saturday nights for its full six year run.[7] The program presented a mixture of music videos, artist interviews and music segments and relied heavily on imported American content. Unlike its Australian counterparts such as ABC TV's Rage and Network Ten's Video Hits, its focus was predominantly hard rock music and the program rarely played dance, rap or Rhythm and blues music. The program was discontinued in 1993 when Nine chose not to renew the licence with Viacom. Nine said the axing was due to high production and licensing costs. Saul Shtein brought MTV to Australia with Richard Wilkins.

ARC Music Television

ARC Music TV logo

"ARC Music Television", owned by Austereo, was launched three years after MTV ended on the Nine Network on 14 June 1996 in a joint venture with, then, music giant Austereo and Village Roadshow through Optus Television to become a twenty-four hour music channel playing pop music and airing original programming.[1][8] After a year on the air the network was approached by MTV Networks in the US and through a deal once again with Austereo, Village Roadshow Entertainment and Optus vision ARC was re-branded as MTV Australia.[9]

Re-launch and expansion

Five months, after the initial announcement of ARC's re-branding, MTV Australia was officially re-launched on Optus Television on 20 March 1997.[10] The channel originally produced local programmes but due to cost cutting the channel aired mostly American content.[8]

In December 2002 MTV was added to the Foxtel platform and was added in 2004 to the Austar platform.[11] In the same year the channel set up MTV Networks Australia, which began work on launching its own original programming with the launch of the Australian Version of the hit American show TRL on 10 September 2004 with host Kyle Sandilands from 2day fm.[12] MTV Networks Australia launched sister channel Vh1 on 14 March 2004 when cable company Foxtel launched its digital network.[13] In 2005 MTV premiered more original programming with MTV Full Tank and on 3 March MTV launched the first inaugural MTV Australia Video Music Awards at Luna Park's Big Top with hosts The Osbournes.[14] In April 2006 SelecTV began carrying the channel.[15] At the end of 2006 it was announced that MTV would premiere its latest original show, MTV's The Lair which premiered on 26 January 2007 and is aired live every Thursday at the Metro Theatre.[16] In the mid to late 00's MTV Network took ownership of the channel from Optus. At the beginning of 2007 MTV re-located its head office from Ryde to Yurong St in East Sydney.[17] In April MTV Networks Australia launched TMF Australia on the Optus Cable Service.[18] In February 2010 it was announced that MTV would replace sister channel VH1 with MTV Classic which launched on 1 May 2010.[19] On the eve of the launch for MTV Classic a spokesperson for MTV Australia announced that a third channel would be launched later in 2010.[20] It was later revealed on 20 September 2010 that MTV would launch three new channels in Australia; MTV Hits, MTVN Live and MTVN Live HD. MTV Hits will play music 24 hours a day and MTVN Live will have concerts and festivals from around the world as well as documentaries. The channel's are set to launch on 1 November 2010.[21] As part of expanding its local programming, MTV Australia announced its first reality series Freshwater Blue which follows the lives of twelve Australian tennagers in the Northern Beaches suburb of Freshwater.[22]

In June 2010 the channel became available on the new FetchTV service.[23] In 2010 MTV Australia began broadcasting in New Zealand, replacing MTV New Zealand.[24]

Presenters and VJ's

Current VJs

Current VJs include:

  • Maz Compton, 25. Joined MTV Australia in 2004, as a host of TRL Australia.
  • Darren McMullen, 29. Joined in January 2007 as host of the live music show The Lair.[25]
  • Erin McNaught, 28. A former Miss Universe Australia, joined MTV Australia as a guest presenter in September 2009, before becoming a full-time member in December.[26][27]
  • Ruby Rose (born Ruby Rose Langenheim), 23. Was hired through the 2007 VJ search.[28]

Past VJs

  • Marie Azcona[3]
  • Verushka Darling. Hosted Verushka's Closet from 1999 to late 2004. Verushka made history by not only being the first Drag Queen VJ in Australia, but also the first to have their own national show. Verushka now works behind the camera as promo producer for VH1, copywriter for MTV, VH1 and Overdrive, as well as script writer for the AVMAs and other longform shows.
  • Phil Ceberano[3]
  • Yvette Duncan. The original MTV Australia VJ. Started in 1996 hosting MTV Most Wanted. Left MTV when Most Wanted was replaced with TRL Australia.
  • Jason Dundas, 23. Was hired through the 2003 VJ search.[29] In 2007 he left the channel and joined the show Getaway on the Nine Network.[30]
  • Alison Drower
  • Mike Fitzpatrick. Radio host of the Triple M breakfast show The Cage. In 1999 he hosted the Australian version of Video Clichés. Was also the host of Pepsi Taste of Summer in 2000 and fill in host of MTV Most Wanted.[31]
  • Matt Heinze. Host of The Week That Is in 2003-2004.
  • Angelica La Bozetta[3]
  • Natalie Michaels. Host of Super Sylin’. Left for Sky News Australia in 2005.
  • Christine and Sharon Muscat. Hosted Australia Top 30 Show.
  • Caleb Packham. Presenter of the Oz Countdown and later host of weekend breakfast show Mad 4 Hits.[32] Left for Channel Nine in 2003.[33]
  • Kyle Sandilands. Radio host for the Austereo network. Originally joined in 2005 for TRL Australia. Later left the channel when he became a judge for Australian Idol.
  • Lyndsey Rodrigues, 26. Joined MTV Australia in 2005. She left Australia in summer 2007 to temporary co-host the states version TRL. She was the permanent co-host of the USA version along with Damien Fahey.[34]
  • Ian Rogerson[3]
  • Nathan Sapsford, 28. Joined MTV in 2004, host of TRL Australia. In 2007 he signed on to Video Hits on Network Ten.[35]
  • Josh Sliwka[3]
  • Richard Wilkins [36]
  • Natasha Zuvela. 2000-2002 (MTV News and Australian Top 30 presenter)[37]

Programming and schedule

Most of the channel's programming is sourced from MTV USA, MTV Europe and from other content providers within the Viacom/MTV Networks family. This includes entertainment programs popular in the US such as Pimp My Ride, Life of Ryan, Laguna Beach/The Hills, and Room Raiders. Frequently the channel features themed programme blocks and "marathons" on weekends, featuring an entire season of a particular show played over several hours.

Imported programmes

Local programmes

  • Fan vs. Band
  • MTV News
  • MTV's Official Motorola ARIA Chart Show
  • MTV's The Lair
  • My Pix
  • Vodafone Live At The Chapel

Defunct shows


MTV Australia was originally only available through the Optus Television service (previously Optus Vision). This exclusivity deal was dropped in late 2002 and in 2003 MTV became available in a premium package on the Foxtel subscription TV platform. Around this time the channel also became available on the Austar platform.

Currently MTV is carried by all English-language pay TV providers. It is available as a basic channel on Foxtel, Austar, TransTV, Neighbourhood Cable and Fetch. On Optus Television the channel is available in add-on tiers. It was formerly available on SelecTV until the closure of its English service in late 2010.[38]

Other projects

MTV Australia Awards

In 2005 MTV Australia launched the first ever MTV Australia Video Music Awards (Now known as the MTV Australia Awards), based on the VMA awards format used in Europe and the US. It was held at Luna Park in Sydney. Following suit with the location, the AVMAs had a circus theme and was hosted by various members of the Osbourne family. The awards ceremony included many international and local guests. In 2010 it was announced that MTV Networks Australia will launch MTV Classic. As part of the launch MTV will have a music event that will replace the annual awards ceremony for 2010.[19]


In a joint venture with Sony Ericsson and Optus, MTV launched the Optus ONE80PROJECT which was a competition for young writers, directors and producers to create a three minute pilot and script to be aired on TV, mobile phone and internet. The prize was an opportunity to work with the MTV production team to create full-length dramas to air on the MTV Network. The entries opened on 11 September 2006 and closed on 24 November 2006 and the voting then commenced on 1 December 2006 and closed on 26 January 2007. The voting consisted of Viewers Choice and Judges Choice. The winners were announced on 7 February 2007 with The Viewers Choice going to Ben Briand for Hammer Bay and the Judges Choice going to Karl Mather and Zenon Kohler for Takoyaki City.[39] In 2007 the competition ran again with the winners announced on 28 January 2008 at the ONE80PROJECT festival screening at Harmony Park in Surry Hills. The Viewers Choice Award went to Kade Robinson for Generation When and the Judges Choice went to Sarah Daggar-Nickson and Scott Otto Anderson for their co-production Dream Life. The 2008 competition is currently underway with winners to be announced early 2009.


"Vote for Snoop" campaign

In 2007 rapper Snoop Dogg was to attend the MTV Australia Video Music Awards 2007 as a co-host on 29 April but a few days prior to the event it was announced that Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews would not grant him a Visa into the country because of past criminal convictions overseas.[40] In response MTV Australia organised the "Vote for Snoop" campaign through MySpace which contained videos talking about how much he wants to become an Australian citizen in different situations.[41]

Links with free-to-air television

Occasionally Australian free to air television stations look at the success of shows on MTV before purchasing them for broadcast. In particular, Network Ten who purchased broadcast rights to The Osbournes from MTV Networks. Ten was required to wait until the show had aired on MTV Australia before broadcasting on their own channel. Later Ten purchased rights to Jackass, Pimp My Ride and Laguna Beach.

Public broadcaster ABC also purchased the rights to animation Daria, which airs during its children's programming slot.

As of 2009 programmes from MTV Networks are being screened on the Nine Network Channel GO!.[42] The Hills is currently being broadcast on the channel.[42]


The MTV Australia website has had a turbulent past. It was originally hosted without a domain name by Village Roadshow. It gained a domain name in 1998 as The website was very basic and only included information about MTV Unplugged and the American VMAs. In 1999 the website seemed to have been abandoned completely. In 2000 the website simply redirected to the American MTV site before the domain expired and was locked by a holding company. With MTV's expansion in 2003 the site was revived but pointed towards the MTV Asia Awards. A proper MTV Australia website was launched in 2004 and has since gone through several redesigns. Mini sites for TRL Australia and the AVMAs were also set up.

The site was redesigned in 2007 and free broadband video channel MTV Overdrive launched on 19 April 2007 to coincide with the MTV Australia Video Music Awards 2007, which the Overdrive Channel is only available throughout the territory.[43]

In 2009 the website was re-designed and now mimics[44]

Redundancies at MTV Australia & New Zealand

On November 10, 2011 it was confirmed by Viacom International Media Networks (Australia) that 13 redundancies within its managment would take place with immediate effect [45]. The job losses cAme a year after MTV shutdown its local offices in Auckland, New Zealand. The current reundancies took place at its Sydney headquarters, resulting in the scaling back of local productions on the channeL, with greater emphasis on productions from the US.


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