List of Russian language novelists

List of Russian language novelists
"Russian Writers" by Sergei Levitsky, 1856.

This is a list of authors who have written works of fiction in the Russian language. The list encompasses novelists and writers of short fiction.

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Alphabetical list

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Portrait Author Notable works Illustration Illustration
Fyodor Abramov.jpg Fyodor Abramov
The New Life
Wooden Horses
Two Winters and Three Summers
Memorial plaque in St. Petersburg.
М. Агеев.jpg M. Ageyev
Cocain Romance
Tschingis Ajtmatow.jpg Chinghiz Aitmatov
The White Ship
The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years
At a book signing in St. Petersburg. 2007
Aitmatov (left) at the 2007 Cologne Literature Festival with Publishing Director Lucien Leitess (center) and Mongolian writer Galsan Tschinag (right).
David Aizman.jpg David Aizman
The Countrymen
Sergey Timofeyevich Aksakov 2.jpg Sergey Aksakov
The Scarlet Flower
The Family Chronicle
Years of Childhood
A Russian Schoolboy
Memorial to Aksakov.
The Aksakov Family Coat of Arms.
Vasily Aksyonov.jpg Vasily Aksyonov
The Burn
Generations of Winter
The Winter's Hero
Boris Akunin.jpg Boris Akunin
(born 1956)
Erast Fandorin series
Nicholas Fandorin series
Sister Pelagia series
Akunin at the HeadRead literary festival, 2011.
Albov Mihail Nilovich.jpeg Mikhail Albov
On the New Road
YuzAleshkovsky.jpg Yuz Aleshkovsky
(born 1929)
The Hand
Aleksandr Amfiteatrov.jpg Alexander Amfiteatrov
Napoleon Bonaparte.
Painting of Napoleon by David, 1812.
Daniil Andreev Front.jpg Daniil Andreyev
Roza Mira
Daniil's parents Leonid Andreyev and Countess Anna Wielhorska.
Andreyev by Repin.jpg Leonid Andreyev
The Abyss
The Red Laugh
The Seven Who Were Hanged
1909 book cover
Monument to Andreyev in Oryol.
Apukhtin Aleksey.jpg Aleksey Apukhtin
From Death to Life
The Archive of Countess D
Illustration from Apukhtin's novel From Death to Life.
Memorial plaque in Bolkhov.
Maria Arbatova RuNet-2009.jpg Maria Arbatova
(born 1957)
Maria Arbatova in 2009.
Mikhail Petrovich Artsybashev 2.jpg Mikhail Artsybashev
Ivan Lande
Breaking Point
Tales of the Revolution
Artsybashev with the actress Yavorskaya, 1915.
Drawing of Artsybashev.
Monument in Krasnoyarsk.
Viktor Astafyev
Queen Fish
Sad Detective
To Live Your Life
Vladimir Putin speaking with Astafyev's widow. 2004
Arkady Averchenko 7.gif Arkady Averchenko
Drawing of Averchenko.
Averchenko, c1905.
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Portrait Author Notable works Illustration Illustration
Isaac Babel.png Isaak Babel
Red Cavalry
Odessa Tales
Red Cavalry poster, 1919.
Red Cavalry poster, 1920.
G. Baklanow.jpg Grigory Baklanov
The Foothold
Forever Nineteen
South of the Main Offensive
Baranskaya.jpg Natalya Baranskaya
A Week Like Any Other
Павел Петрович в 1911 году.jpg Pavel Bazhov
The Malachite Casket
Commemorative coin featuring Bazhov.
Bazhov in his youth.
Alexander Bek
And Not to Die
The Story of an Inventor
Бакст Леон. Андрей Белый.jpg Andrei Bely
Kotik Letaev
The Silver Dove
Portrait by Leon Bakst.
Plaque at Bely's birth house on Arbat Street in Moscow.
Alex Belayev.jpg Alexander Belyayev
Amphibian Man
Drawing by Belyayev.
Another of his drawings.
Nina Berberova.jpg Nina Berberova
The Accompanist
The Tattered Cloak
The Italics are Mine
The Book of Happiness
With her husband, 1925.
Bestushev Marlinsky 1.jpg Alexander Bestuzhev
The Test
On Bivouac
1823 title page from Bestuzhev's magazine Polar Star.
An engraving of Bestuzhev.
Alexey Bibik.jpg Aleksei Bibik
Andrei Bitov.jpg Andrei Bitov
(born 1937)
Pushkin House
The Monkey Link
Life in Windy Weather
A Captive of the Caucasus
Nikolay Blagoveshchensky
Before the Dawn
Pyotr Dmitryevich Boborykin.jpg Pyotr Boborykin
China Town
A A Bogdanov.jpg Alexander Bogdanov
Red Star
A drawing of Bogdanov.
Vladimir Bogomolov
The Moment of Truth
Yury Bondarev.jpg Yuri Bondarev
(born 1924)
The Shore
The Hot Snow
Leonid Borodin
(born 1938)
The Third Truth
The Story of a Strange Time
The Year of Miracle and Grief
Brusov1920.jpg Valery Bryusov
The Fiery Angel
The Republic of the Southern Cross
A drawing of Bryusov.
An Armenian stamp featuring Bryusov
Yury Buida.jpg Yury Buida
(born 1954)
The Zero Train
The Prussian Bride
Sinbad the Sailor
Bulgak ov .jpg Mikhail Bulgakov
The White Guard
The Master and Margarita
Heart of a Dog
The Fatal Eggs
A sculpture of the cat Behemoth from the novel The Master and Margarita.
Soviet stamp featuring Behemoth.
Kir Bulychev 1997.jpg Kir Bulychev
Half a Life
Those Who Survive
Earth and Elsewhere
Alice, Girl from the Future
Buninturzhansky.jpg Ivan Bunin
Dry Valley
The Village
Dark Avenues
The Life of Arseniev
Soviet Nobel Laureates in Literature.
Memorial plaque in Moscow.
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Portrait Author Notable works Illustration Illustration
Aleksey Pavlovich Chapygin.jpg Aleksey Chapygin
Stepan Razin
Stepan Razin, picture by Kustodiev.
Stepan Razin by Sergei Kirillov.
Лидия Чарская.jpg Lidia Charskaya
Princess Dzhavakha
Charskaya, c1910
Alexander Chekhov.jpg Alexander Chekhov
The Chekhov family.
Alexander's son Michael Chekhov.
Anton Pavlovich Chekhov.jpg Anton Chekhov
The Lady with the Dog
The Bet
The Black Monk
Title page from Collected Works Volume 1.
An example from one of Chekhov's manuscripts.
Chernychevsky.jpg Nikolay Chernyshevsky
What Is to Be Done?
Title page of What Is to Be Done?
Moument to Chernyshevsky in Saratov.
Yevgeny Nikolayevich Chirikov.jpg Evgeny Chirikov
The Magician
Strained Relations
Marka of the Pits
At his desk, 1904.
Portrait by Repin, 1906.
Lydia Chukovskaya
Sofia Petrovna
Georgy Chulkov.jpg Georgy Chulkov
Chulkov (left), with fellow Soviet writers.
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Portrait Author Notable works Illustration Illustration
Yuli Daniel
This is Moscow Speaking
Grigory Danilevsky.jpg Grigory Danilevsky
Moscow in Flames
The Princess Tarakanova
Moscow in Flames.
Princess Tarakanova by Konstantin Flavitsky.
Demidovtsev.jpg Grigoriy Demidovtsev
(born 1960)
Certificate of membership in the Union of Russian Writers.
Demidovtsev in 2007.
Valentina I Dmitryeva.jpg Valentina Dmitryeva
Hveska, The Doctor's Watchman
Dmitryeva, c1890.
Dmitryeva, 1895.
Dobychin.jpg Leonid Dobychin
The Town of N
Encounters with Lise
Yury Dombrovsky
The Faculty of Useless Knowledge
The Keeper of Antiquities
Vlas Mikhailovich Doroshevich 3.jpg Vlas Doroshevich
Legends and Stories of the East
Doroshevich c.1910.
Lyubov Dostoyevskaya.jpg Lyubov Dostoyevskaya
The Emigrant
Anna Dostoyevskaya (wife of Fyodor Dostoyevsky) with their daughter Lyubov and son Fyodor.
Anna Dostoyevskaya.
Dostoevsky.jpg Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Crime and Punishment
The Idiot
The Possessed
The Brothers Karamazov
Raskolnikov and Marmeladov from Crime and Punishment.
Dostoyevsky's notes for chapter 5 of The Brothers Karamazov
Mikhail Dostoyevsky.jpg Mikhail Dostoyevsky
Vremya (Time), the paper published by Fyodor and Mikhail Dostoyevsky.
Portrait, 1870.
Sergei Dovlatov
The Zone
Druzhinin.jpg Alexander Druzhinin
Polinka Saks
The Story of Aleksei Dmitrich
Druzhinin (2nd from right), with his fellow writers from Sovremennik.
Druzhinin in 1856.
Vladimir Dudintsev
White Garments
A New Year's Tale
Not by Bread Alone
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Portrait Author Notable works Illustration Illustration
Ilja Grigorjewitsch Ehrenburg 1943.jpg Ilya Ehrenburg
The Thaw
The Spring
The Storm
The Fall of Paris
Ehrenburg (left), with Hemingway (center), and Regler (right), 1937.
Photo of Ehrenburg.
Sergey Yakovlovich Elpatyevsky.jpg Sergey Elpatyevsky
Pity Me!
The Homeless Ones
Asar Eppel by Kubik 01.JPG Asar Eppel
(born 1935)
The Grassy Street
Red Caviar Sandwiches
Victor Erofeyev by Anton Nossik cropped.jpg Victor Erofeyev
(born 1947)
Russian Beauty
Life with an Idiot
Aleksandr Ertel 1883 Cropped.png Alexander Ertel
The Specialist
A Greedy Peasant
Ertel, c1890
Mikhail Evstafiev
(born 1963)
Two Steps from Heaven
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Portrait Author Notable works Illustration Illustration
Alexander Fadeev.jpg Alexander Fadeyev
The Rout
The Young Guard
Soviet medal named for Fadeyev.
Soviet stamp featuring Fadeyev.
Monument to Fedin in Saratov.
Konstantin Fedin
Early Joys
The Conflagration
Cities and Years
No Ordinary Summer
Soviet stamp featuring Fedin.
Olga Forsh 7.jpg Olga Forsh
Palace and Prison
Pioneers of Freedom
Title page of Palace and Prison.
Furmanow painting by malyutin.jpg Dmitry Furmanov
Photo of Vasily Chapayev.
Soviet stamp featuring Vasily Chapayev.
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Portrait Author Notable works Illustration Illustration
Arkadiy Gaydar.jpg Arkady Gaidar
Chuk and Gek
The Blue Cup
Timur and his Gang
Soviet stamp featuring Gaidar.
Garin.jpg Nikolai Garin-Mikhailovsky
Practical Training
Portrait by Israel Pass, 1905.
Bas-relief dedication at the Laspi Pass.
Garshin by Repin.jpg Vsevolod Garshin
Four Days
The Red Flower
The Red Flower
Photo of Garshin, 1877.
Yuri German
Ivan Lapshin
The Cause You Serve
Anatoly Gladilin.jpg Anatoly Gladilin
(born 1935)
Moscow Racetrack
Gladilin in Moscow, 2011.
Gladkov-marka.jpg Fyodor Gladkov
Restless Youth
Dmitry Glukhovsky MOW 03-2011.jpg Dmitry Glukhovsky
(born 1979)
Metro 2033
Pyotr gnedich.jpg Pyotr Gnedich
The Burden of this World
Gogol Portrait.jpg Nikolai Gogol
Taras Bulba
The Overcoat
Dead Souls
Title page of the first edition of Dead Souls, 1842.
Nozdryov from Dead Souls.
Ivan Goncharov.jpg Ivan Goncharov
A Common Story
The Precipice
Early Oblomov book cover.
Maxim Gorky LOC Restored edit1.jpg Maxim Gorky
Through Russia
The Artamonov Business
Twenty-six Men and a Girl
Nina Gorlanova
(born 1947)
Daniil Alexandrovich Granin.jpg Daniil Granin
(born 1919)
Into the Storm
Those Who Seek
With Dmitry Medvedev, 2009.
Dmitry Vasilyevich Grigorovich.jpg Dmitry Grigorovich
The Fishermen
Self-portrait of Grigorovich in his 20s.
Portrait by Kramskoi.
AlexanderGrin.jpg Alexander Grin
Scarlet Sails
The Seeker of Adventure
The Scarlet Sails celebration in St Petersburg.
From the 2010 celebration.
Isabella Grinevskaya.jpg Isabella Grinevskaya
Grossman-1945.jpg Vasily Grossman
The Road
Life and Fate
Forever Flowing
Memorial plaque in Donetsk.
Guro selfport.jpg Elena Guro
Autumnal Dream
The Hurdy-Gurdy
The Little Camels of the Sky
Guro's portrait of her husband Mikhail Matyushin.
Elena and Mikhail.
Gusev.jpg Sergey Gusev-Orenburgsky
The Land of the Fathers
The Land of the Children
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Portrait Author Notable works Illustration Illustration
Herzen ge.jpg Alexander Herzen
Who is to Blame?
Statue of Herzen in Moscow.
Herzen University in St. Petersburg.
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Portrait Author Notable works Illustration Illustration
Ilf Petrov.jpg Ilf and Petrov
Ilf (1897–1937)
Petrov (1903–1942)
The Twelve Chairs
The Little Golden Calf
The Twelve Chairs Monument in Odessa.
Another view of the Twelve Chairs monument.
Fazil Iskander.jpg Fazil Iskander
(born 1929)
Chik and His Friends
Sandro of Chegem
The Gospel According to Chegem
The Thirteenth Labour of Hercules
Iskander with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.
Abkhazian coin featuring Iskander.
Alexey Ivanov1.jpg Alexei Ivanov
(born 1969)
USSR stamp V.V.Ivanov 1965 4k.jpg Vsevolod Ivanov
The Child
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Portrait Author Notable works Illustration Illustration
Tropinin karamzin.JPG Nikolay Karamzin
Poor Liza
"Poor Liza", painting by Orest Kiprensky, 1827.
Stamp featuring Karamzin.
Nikolay Nikolayevich Karazin.jpg Nikolay Karazin
The Two-Legged Wolf
From North to South
From North to South book cover.
Karonin.jpg Nikolay Karonin-Petropavlovsky
First Storm
Karpov vv.jpg Vladimir Karpov
The Commander
Anna Kashina In the Name of the Queen
Ivan Kataev.jpg Ivan Kataev
The Wife
Kataev.jpg Valentin Kataev
Time Forward!
The Embezzlers
A White Sail Gleams
The Cottage in the Steppe
Kaverin malkhovsky.jpg Veniamin Kaverin
Open Book
The Two Captains
The Unknown Artist
Emanuel Kazakevich.jpg Emmanuil Kazakevich
Star: A Story
The Blue Notebook
Yury Kazakov.jpg Yury Kazakov
Going To Town
Adam and Eve
Yuri Khanon no204.jpg Yuri Khanon
(born 1965)
Skryabin As a Face
Antedate Memories
Khanon in 1991.
Erik Satie, “Antedate Memories”
Daniil Kharms.jpg Daniil Kharms
The Old Woman
Graffiti of Kharms on a wall in Kharkiv.
Caricature of Kharms by Antonovsky
Khvoshchinskaya.jpg Nadezhda Khvoshchinskaya
The Boarding School Girl
Photograph, c1880s.
Engraving c1860s.
Resized Resized marussia w.jpg Marusya Klimova
(born 1961)
Klimova in 2006.
Vsevolod Kochetov
The Zhurbin Family
What Do You Want Then?
Ivan Timofeyevich Kokorev.jpg Ivan Kokorev
Alexkollontai.jpg Alexandra Kollontai
Red Love
A Great Love
Love of Worker Bees
Soviet stamp featuring Kollontai.
Kollontai in her youth.
Vladimir Galaktyonovich Korolenko 3.jpg Vladimir Korolenko
Bad Company
Makar's Dream
The Blind Musician
Monument to Korolenko in Zhytomyr.
The Korolenko Library in Kharkiv.
Sofja Wassiljewna Kowalewskaja 1.jpg Sofia Kovalevskaya
Nihilist Girl
Bust of Kovalevskaya.
Commemorative coin.
Vadim Mikhailovich Kozhevnikov.jpg Vadim Kozhevnikov
Shield and Sword
Kozhevnikov in uniform.
Nadezhda Kozhevnikova
(born 1949)
Attorney Alexandra Tikhonovna
Eugene Kozlovsky.jpg Eugene Kozlovsky
(born 1946)
Vesevolod Vladimirovich Krestovsky.jpg Vsevolod Krestovsky
Knights of Industry
Krestovsky, c1870.
Krzhizhi.jpg Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky
Anatoly Kudryavitsky.jpg Anatoly Kudryavitsky
(born 1954)
Aleksandr Ivanovich Kuprin.jpg Aleksandr Kuprin
The Duel
Yama the Pit
The Bracelet of Garnets
A cartoon featuring Kuprin.
Photo of Kuprin.
Andrei Kurkow 02.jpg Andrey Kurkov
(born 1961)
Death and the Penguin
Penguin Lost
Ivan Afanasyevich Kushchevsky.jpg Ivan Kushchevsky
Nikolai Negorev
Portrait of Kushchevsky.
Kuzmin.jpg Mikhail Kuzmin
Portrait of Kuzmin by Alexander Golovin, 1910.
Photo of Kuzmin.
Anatoly Kuznetsov
Babi Yar
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Portrait Author Notable works Illustration Illustration
Lazar Lagin
The Old Genie Hottabych
Yulia Latynina
(born 1966)
The Insider
Lavrenyov.png Boris Lavrenyov
The Forty-First
The Heavenly Cap
Such a Simple Thing
The Courageous Heart
Lazhechnikov.jpg Ivan Lazhechnikov
The Heretic
Portrait of Lazhechnikov.
Leonid Leonov 1929.jpg Leonid Leonov
The Badgers
Soviet River
The Thief
The Russian Forest
Mikhail lermontov.jpg Mikhail Lermontov
A Hero of Our Time
Title page from the first edition of A Hero of Our Time, 1840.
Pechorin's Duel from A Hero of Our Time. Picture by Mikhail Vrubel.
Serov Leskov.jpg Nikolai Leskov
The Sealed Angel
The Enchanted Wanderer
Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk
Monument to Leskov in Oryol.
Drawing of Leskov.
Alexander Ivanovich Levitov.jpg Alexander Levitov
Leatherhide the Cobbler
Levitov, c1860s.
Nikolay Leykin.jpg Nikolay Leykin
Our Folk Abroad
Photo of Leykin.
Eduard Limonov.jpg Eduard Limonov
(born 1943)
It's Me, Eddie
His Butler's Story
Memoir of a Russian Punk
At a book presentation, 2008.
With Garry Kasparov at the Dissenters March in St. Petersburg, 2008.
Dmitri Lipskerov
(born 1964)
Sergey Lukyanenko MOW 03-2011.jpg Sergey Lukyanenko
(born 1968)
Night Watch
Day Watch
Twilight Watch
Last Watch
Photo, 2001.
LeoLuntz.jpg Lev Lunts
Native Land
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Portrait Author Notable works Illustration Illustration
Machtet.jpg Grigori Machtet
Vladimir Makanin.jpg Vladimir Makanin
(born 1937)
Baize-Covered Table With Decanter
Dmitry Narkisovich Mamin-Sibiryak.jpg Dmitry Mamin-Sibiryak
Verotchka's Tales
A Gold Nugget
The Privalov Fortune
Cover of Verotchka's Tales.
Title page of Verotchka's Tales.
Анатолий Мариенгоф.jpg Anatoly Marienhof
With the poet Sergei Yesenin, 1915.
Alexandra Marinina 2010.jpg Alexandra Marinina
(born 1957)
Boleslav Mikhailovich Markevich.jpg Boleslav Markevich
The Turning Point
Vladilen Mashkovtsev
Pavel Melnikov by Kramskoy.jpg Pavel Melnikov
Merezhkovsky.jpg Dmitry Merezhkovsky
Christ and Antichrist (trilogy)
Merezhkovsky (right), with his wife Zinaida Gippius and friend Dmitry Filosofov.
Portrait by Repin, 1900.
Daniil Lukich Mordovtsev.jpg Daniil Mordovtsev
The Tsar and the Hetman
Viktor Vasilyevich Muizhel.jpg Viktor Muyzhel
The Year
Viktor Muravin
(born 1929)
The Diary of Vikenty Angarov
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Portrait Author Notable works Illustration Illustration
Monument to Nabokov at Montreux. Vladimir Nabokov
The Defense
The Gift
Playing chess with his wife Vera.
Nabokov's first publication.
Yury Nagibin.jpg Yuri Nagibin
The Pipe
Arise and Walk
Narezhnyi Vasily Trofimovich.jpg Vasily Narezhny
A Russian Gil Blas
Nikolay Ivanovich Naumov.jpg Nikolay Naumov
Strength Breaks the Straw
Andrei Navrozov
(born 1956)
Viktor Nekrasov.jpg Viktor Nekrasov
Front-line Stalingrad
Kira Georgievna
Vasily Nemirovich Danchenko.jpg Vasily Nemirovich-Danchenko
Peasant Tales of Russia
Alexandr Neverov 1925.jpg Alexander Neverov
City of Bread
Drawing of Neverov.
Friedrich Neznansky
(born 1932)
Red Square
Night Wolves
Nikolay Nosov
Russian stamp featuring Neznaika.
1977 CPA 4684.jpg Alexey Novikov-Priboy
The Captain
The Sea Beckons
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Portrait Author Notable works Illustration Illustration
Vladimir A. Obruchev (timbre soviétique).jpg Vladimir Obruchev
Sannikov Land
Map of fictional Sannikov Land.
Olga Obukhova
(born 1941)
Odoevsky V F.jpg Vladimir Odoevsky
Two Princesses
The Living Corpse
The Year 4338: Petersburg Letters
Odoevsky's dedication in a book he presented to Lermontov.
Odoevsky (at back), with the composers Mily Balakirev (left) and Mikhail Glinka. Painting by Repin.
Bundesarchiv Bild 183-R1202-0019, Berlin, Palast der Republik, Bulat Okudshawa cropped.jpg Bulat Okudzhava
A Taste of Liberty
Good-bye, Schoolboy!
The Art of Needles and Sins
Monument to Okudzhava in Moscow.
Stamp featuring Okudzhava.
Olesha.jpg Yury Olesha
Three Fat Men
The Cherry Pit
Olesha in 1958.
N Ostrovskiy.jpg Nikolai Ostrovsky
Born of the Storm
How the Steel Was Tempered
Stamp featuring Ostrovsky.
Commemorative Plaque in Moscow.
Valentin Ovechkin
Greetings from the Front
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Portrait Author Notable works Illustration Illustration
Marinapalei.jpg Marina Palei
(born 1955)
Palei in Komarovo.
Panaev.jpg Ivan Panaev
Lions in the Provinces
Portrait by Levitsky, 1856.
Avdotya Panaeva.jpg Avdotya Panaeva
A Woman's Lot
Panova.jpg Vera Panova
Looking Ahead
The Train
Span of the Year
Plaque for Panova in St. Petersburg.
Boris Pasternak cropped.jpg Boris Pasternak
Doctor Zhivago
The Childhood of Luvers
Soviet Nobel Laureates in Literature.
Memorial plaque at Pasternak's birthplace in Moscow.
Paustovsky.jpg Konstantin Paustovsky
A Tale of Life (6 novel series)
Pyotr Pavlenko
Steppe Sunlight
The Lost Son
Pavlov Oleg-Russian writer.JPG Oleg Pavlov
(born 1970)
Karolina Pavlova 2.jpg Karolina Pavlova
A Double Life
A drawing of Pavlova.
Pelevin.jpg Victor Pelevin
(born 1962)
Omon Ra
Petrushevskaya.JPG Lyudmila Petrushevskaya
(born 1938)
Immortal Love
Valentin Pikul
Pilnjak.jpg Boris Pilnyak
The Naked Year
The Death of the Army Commander
The Volga Falls into the Caspian Sea
An Illustration from Pilnyak's stories by Vladimir Favorsky.
An Illustration by Vladimir Favorsky.
Pisemsky by Repin.jpg Aleksey Pisemsky
The Simpleton
One Thousand Souls
An Old Man's Sin
Portrait of Pisemsky, c.1860.
Engraving of Pisemsky.
Andrei Platonov
The Foundation Pit
Monument to Platonov in Voronezh.
Boris Polevoy
He Came Back
We Are Soviet People
The Story of a Real Man
Nevrev a 2.jpeg Nikolay Pomyalovsky
Seminary Sketches
An engraving of Pomyalovsky.
Ignaty Nikolayevich Potapenko-cropped.jpg Ignaty Potapenko
A Russian Priest
The General's Daughter
Potapenko (right), with Chekhov and Mamin-Sibiryak. c1895
Prigov.jpg Dmitri Prigov
Live in Moskow
Zahar Prilepin.jpg Zakhar Prilepin
(born 1975)
Prokhanov3.jpg Alexander Prokhanov
(born 1938)
Empire's Last Soldier
AleksandrPushkin.jpg Alexander Pushkin
The Queen of Spades
The Captain's Daughter
The first page from the serialized version of The Captain's Daughter.
Monument to Pushkin in Moscow.
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Portrait Author Notable works Illustration Illustration
Radishchev color.jpg Aleksandr Radishchev
Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow
Title page from the first edition, 1790.
Bust at the entrance of the Radishchev Art Museum in Saratov.
Valentin Rasputin.jpg Valentin Rasputin
(born 1937)
Money for Maria
Farewell to Matyora
Rasputin receiving an award from Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.
Remizov.jpg Aleksey Remizov
The Clock
The Indefatigable Cymbal
Fyodor Mikhailovich Reshetnikov 1.jpg Fyodor Reshetnikov
The Podlipnayans
Drawing of Reshetnikov.
Pant rom.jpg Panteleimon Romanov
Three Pairs of Silk Stockings
Without Bird-Cherry Blossoms
Mikhail Roshchin
First Love
Twenty Minutes or So
The Devil's Wheel in Kobuleti
Rubina, Dina.IMG 0212.JPG Dina Rubina
(born 1953)
The Blackthorn
Dina Rubina, 2007.
Anatoly rybakov.jpg Anatoly Rybakov
Children of the Arbat
Dust and Ashes
Plaque at Rybakov's house on Arbat Street in Moscow.
Vladimir Rybakov
(born 1947)
The Brand
The Burden
The Afghans
Rybakov Vyacheslav 2006 11 13 001.jpg Vyacheslav Rybakov
(born 1954)
The Trial Sphere
Maria Rybakova
(born 1973)
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Portrait Author Notable works Illustration Illustration
German Sadulaev
(born 1973)
I am a Chechen!
Boris Viktorovich Savinkov.jpg Boris Savinkov
The Pale Horse
What Never Happened
Kramskoj - saltykov-schedrin.jpg Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin
Provincial Sketches
The Golovlyov Family
The History of a Town
Stamp featuring Shchedrin.
Saltykov-Schedrin Memorial House in Tver.
Sapgir.jpg Genrikh Sapgir
Sergey Terentyevich Semyonov 7.jpg Sergey Semyonov
The Servant
Semyonov, c1900.
Yulian Semyonov
Seventeen Instants of Spring
Alexander Serafimovich.jpg Alexander Serafimovich
The Iron Flood
The Little Miner
Sergeyev-Tsensky.jpg Sergey Sergeyev-Tsensky
Brusilov's Break-Through
Shaginyan Stamp.jpg Marietta Shaginyan
Plaque at Shaginyan's house on Arbat Street in Moscow.
Shalamov.jpg Varlam Shalamov
The Kolyma Tales
Commemorative plaque at his birth house in Vologda.
From the Shalamov Memorial Museum in Vologda.
Olga Shapir.jpg Olga Shapir
The Settlement
Schepkina-Kupernik by Repin.jpg Tatiana Shchepkina-Kupernik
MichaelShishkin1209n.jpg Mikhail Shishkin
(born 1961)
Portrait, 2006.
At the Tallinn Literature Festival, 2010,
Vyacheslav Shishkov
Children of Darkness
Shmelyov Ivan.jpg Ivan Shmelyov
The Stone Age
Sholokhov-1938.jpg Mikhail Sholokhov
Virgin Soil Upturned
And Quiet Flows the Don
The Don Flows Home to the Sea
Soviet Nobel Laureates in Literature.
Monument to Sholokov.
Ilya Shtemler
(born 1933)
Vasiliy Shukshin 7.jpg Vasily Shukshin
Stories from a Siberian Village
Monument to Shukshin in Moscow.
Bundesarchiv Bild 183-F1019-0039-001, Berlin, Konstantin Simonow.jpg Konstantin Simonov
Days and Nights
The Living and the Dead
Photo of Simonov, 1943.
Illustration of Simonov.
Andrei Sinyavsky
Fantastic Stories
Stepan Skitalets 3.jpg Stepan Skitalets
The Blacksmith
The Love of a Scene Painter
Skitalets (left) with fellow Sreda members.
Vasily Sleptsov 2.jpg Vasily Sleptsov
The Ward
An engraving of Sleptsov.
Sofia Soboleva
Pros and Cons
Sasha Sokolov
(born 1943)
A School for Fools
Sollogub.jpg Vladimir Sollogub
The Snowstorm
Sollogub with fellow contributors to Sovremennik.
Fyodor Sologub.jpg Fyodor Sologub
The Petty Demon
The Created Legend
Sologub in 1913
Sologub and Anastasia Chebotarevskaya.
Vladimir Soloukhin
Leonid Solovyov
Tale of Hodja Nasreddin
Vsevolod Solovyov.jpg Vsevolod Solovyov
A solzhenitsin.JPG Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
The First Circle
Cancer Ward
The Red Wheel
One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
Ivan Denisovich book cover.
Photo of Solzhenitsyn in 1953, right after his release from the special Gulag camp at Ekibastuz.
Orest Somov
Mommy and Sonny
Vladimir sorokin 20060313-2.jpg Vladimir Sorokin
(born 1955)
The Queue
Konstantin Mikhailovich Stanyukovich.jpg Konstantin Staniukovich
The Convict
Running to the Shrouds
Photo of Stanyukovich.
Boris Strugatsky
Arkady and Boris Strugatsky
Arkady (1925–1991)
Boris (born 1933)
Prisoners of Power
The Kid from Hell
Hard to Be a God
Roadside Picnic
Mikhail Sushkov
The Russian Werther
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Portrait Author Notable works Illustration Illustration
Tarasov-Rodionov.jpg Alexander Tarasov-Rodionov
Teffi photo.jpg Nadezhda Teffi
Close Friends
Teffi during World War 1.
Teleshov.jpg Nikolay Teleshov
The Duel
Bust of Teleshov, 1956.
Teleshov with members of the Sreda, 1902.
Vladimir Tendryakov.jpg Vladimir Tendryakov
Three, Seven, Ace
Sergey Terpigorev.jpg Sergey Terpigorev
The Ice Broke
Bundesarchiv Bild 183-S98599, Berlin, Deutscher Schriftsteller-Kongress.jpg Nikolay Tikhonov
VladTitov.JPG Vladislav Titov
Tatyana Tolstaya.jpg Tatyana Tolstaya
(born 1951)
The Slynx
White Walls
Brullov AKTolstoy.jpg Aleksey K. Tolstoy
Prince Serebrenni
Portrait by Ilya Repin.
Monument to Tolstoy.
ANTolstoy.jpg Aleksey N. Tolstoy
Peter the First
The Hyperboloid of Engineer Garin
Stamp featuring the character Buratino.
Movie poster, based on Tolstoy's novel Aelita.
Ilya Efimovich Repin (1844-1930) - Portrait of Leo Tolstoy (1887).jpg Leo Tolstoy
The Cossacks
War and Peace
Anna Karenina
The Death of Ivan Ilyich
The ninth draft of the beginning of War and Peace.
Title page of the first edition of Anna Karenina, 1878.
Eduard Topol 2010.jpg Edward Topol
(born 1938)
Red Square
Yury Trifonov
Another Life
The Old Man
The Disappearance
The Long Good-Bye
Gavriil Troyepolsky
White Bim Black Ear
Alexei Tsvetkov
(born 1947)
Evgenia Tur.jpg Evgenia Tur
The Shalonski Family
Turgenev Perov scanned.JPG Ivan Turgenev
A Sportsman's Sketches
Home of the Gentry
On the Eve
Fathers and Sons
Title page of Fathers and Sons.
Portrait by Ilya Repin.
Tiynyanov yuriyi.jpg Yury Tynyanov
Lieutenant Kijé
Soviet poster for the film version of Lieutenant Kijé

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Portrait Author Notable works Illustration Illustration
9.13.09AnyaUlinichByLuigiNovi.jpg Anya Ulinich
(born 1973)
Bookfest2 (crop).jpg Lyudmila Ulitskaya
(born 1943)
The Funeral Party
Medea and Her Children
Daniel Stein
Illustration based on a photograph.
Gleb Ivanovich Uspensky.jpg Gleb Uspensky
The Steam Chicken
Uspensky in his 20s, 1868.
Soviet stamp featuring Uspensky.
Nikolay Vasilyevich Uspensky.jpg Nikolay Uspensky
The Village Schoolmaster
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Portrait Author Notable works Illustration Illustration
Valuyev.jpg Pyotr Valuyev
Engraving of Valuev, 1865.
Tatiana Vedenska.jpg Tatiana Vedenska
(born 1976)
Mikhail Veller 2005 09 07.jpg Mikhail Veller
(born 1948)
The Guru
Veltman A.jpg Alexander Veltman
The Wanderer
Veltman, c1830.
Anastasya Verbitskaya.jpg Anastasya Verbitskaya
The Keys to Happiness
Verbitskaya, c1900.
Vikenty Vikentyevich Veresaev.jpg Vikenty Veresaev
The Deadlock
In the Steppe
Painting of Veresayev by Sergey Malyutin, 1919.
Veselitskaya.jpg Lidia Veselitskaya
Mimi's Marriage
Nikolay Virta 1906.jpg Nikolai Virta
Georgi Vladimov
Faithful Ruslan
Vladimir Voinovich2.jpg Vladimir Voinovich
(born 1932)
Moscow 2042
Private Ivan Chonkin
Волконская.jpg Zinaida Volkonskaya
The Dream: A Letter
A M Volkov.gif Alexander Volkov
The Wizard of the Emerald City
МаркоВовчок2.jpg Marko Vovchok
Ukrainian Folk Tales
Ukrainian stamp featuring Vovchok.
Julia Voznesenskaya
(born 1940)
The Women's Decameron
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Portrait Author Notable works Illustration Illustration
Alexander Stepanovich Yakovlev.jpg Alexander Yakovlev
The Peasant
Alexander Yashin
A Feast of Rowan Berries
Ivan Yefremov
Razor's Edge
The Bull's Hour
The Land of Foam
Dmitriy Emets.jpg Dmitri Yemets
(born 1974)
Tanya Grotter series
Venedict Yerofeyev
Evtushenko.jpg Yevgeny Yevtushenko
(born 1933)
Wild Berries
On the right, with Richard Nixon
Semyon Yushkevich 7.jpg Semyon Yushkevich
On the right with Yevgeny Chirikov.
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Portrait Author Notable works Illustration Illustration
Mikhail Nikolayevich Zagoskin.jpg Mikhail Zagoskin
Tales of Three Centuries
Engraving of Zagoskin.
Sergey Zalygin
The South American Variant
Kustodiev Zamyatin.jpg Yevgeny Zamyatin
A Provincial Tale
A Provincial Tale book cover.
Zamyatin, c.1919.
Boris Zaitsev 7.jpg Boris Zaytsev
LavrovNA PtYVZhadovskoyGLM.jpg Yulia Zhadovskaya
The Backward Girl
Image-Vera Zhelikhovsky 4.jpg Vera Zhelikhovsky
The General's Will
Maria Zhukova
Evenings on the Karpovka
Zinovy Zinik
(born 1945)
The Mushroom-Picker
Zinovieva-Annibal 01.jpg Lydia Zinovieva-Annibal
The Tragic Menagerie
Nikolay Nikolayevich Zlatovratsky.jpg Nikolay Zlatovratsky
Old Shadows
Mikhail zoschenko.gif Mikhail Zoshchenko
The Galosh
Scenes from the Bathhouse
In uniform. 1915/16
Stamp featuring Zoshchenko.
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  1. ^ The well-known M*A*S*H episode about Captain Tuttle has a storyline based on Lieutenant Kijé.

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