Ned Chaillet

Ned Chaillet

Edward William "Ned" Chaillet, III (play /ˈʃ./ shy-ay; born 29 November 1944) is a radio drama producer and director, writer and journalist.

Ned Chaillet, American by birth, was born in Boston, Mass.[1] but is a "native of Washington" according to the New York Times.[2] He has lived in Britain since 1973.

His newspaper career began at the Washington Evening Star in 1964, interrupted by service in the U.S. Army. He then lived in Europe, founded the Free State Theater company in Maryland, and studied at the University of Maryland and California Institute of the Arts.

He moved to London in 1973 to work at The Times Literary Supplement for the editors Arthur Crook and John Gross 1974–76. He was deputy drama critic (to Irving Wardle) for The Times 1975–83. In 1983 he joined the BBC as Editor, Radio 3 Plays, before becoming a producer for BBC Radio Drama. At the same time (1983–86) he wrote drama criticism for The Wall Street Journal – Europe.[3]

His radio programmes have received five Sony Radio Academy Awards, and the Prix Italia for Fiction in 1997.[4] In 2005 he was nominated by the Directors Guild of Great Britain for Outstanding Achievement in Radio.[5] In 2008 Ned started Autolycus Productions with Chris Wallis to make radio programmes for all the BBC networks.[6]

Radio Plays

Radio Plays Directed or Produced by Ned Chaillet
Date first broadcast Play Author Cast Synopsis
9 August 1984 – 12 August 1984 Salesman In Beijing Arthur Miller abridged in four parts by Michael Bakewell Read by Arthur Miller Arthur Miller reads from his account of his journey to Beijing to direct a production of his play Death of a Salesman in Chinese. BBC Radio 3
5 February 1985
(Recorded on 29 September 1984)
Marion Alan Drury Maggie McCarthy, Jill Gascoine and Brian Kelly BBC Radio 4
17 May 1986
(Recorded on 17 April 1986)
Where Are You Wally? Barry Wasserman from a story by Barry Wasserman and Patrick Carroll Alfred Molina, Bill Paterson, Shaun Prendergast, Jennifer Piercey, Pauline Letts, Edward de Souza, Deborah Makepeace, Janis Winters, Ronald Herdman, Louis Mahoney, Paul B. Davies, Andrew Branch, Garard Green, Natasha Pyne, Stephen Rashbrook and Avril Clarke When Albert picks up a passenger in his mini-cab he is left with a bag full of money as the passenger rushes to catch a train. £275,000 proves too great a temptation, and he goes on the run. The Detective Sergeant who pursues him finds that Albert clings to his radio and finally establishes contact via the airwaves, but the police are not the only people interested in finding Albert. BBC Radio 4
18 November 1986 Optimistic Tragedy Vsevolod Vishnevsky translated and adapted by Richard Crane and Faynia Williams Toyah Wilcox, Shaun Prendergast, Trader Faulkner, Linda Marlowe, Stephen Boxer, Richard Durden, John Church, Paul Barber, Trevor Allan Davies, Garard Green, James Goode, Brian Hewlett, George Parsons, Pauline Letts, Elaine Claxton and David Learner Vishnesvsky’s Soviet classic from 1932/3 celebrates the indomitable spirit of the new Soviet navy in the turbulent years following the Revolution. A young female commissar is appointed to represent the revolution on a ship’s company, but Anarchists undermine the Communists at every turn and make them vulnerable to the Germans. BBC Radio 3
23 November 1986 On Mayday[7][8] Paul Copley Natasha Pyne, Jan Winters, Bryan Pringle, Christopher Fairbank, Garard Green, Daniel Kodicek, Wayne Howard, Peter Howell, Deborah Makepeace and Kim Wall Tom tries to reach his wife in the USSR as the radioactive cloud from Chernobyl spreads across Europe. BBC Radio 4 Sunday Play
27 August 1987
(Recorded on 12 July 1987)
Sweet Tooth Mel Calman Steve Hodson, Richard Griffiths, Melinda Walker, Denis Lawson, Tim Reynolds, Morag Hood, Steven Harrold, Julie Berry and John Holmstrom A would-be adulterous affair consisting of meetings in a tea shop may be frustrating to George and Alice, but it is a matter of life or death to the Rum Baba and his friends on the cake shelf. BBC Radio 3
11 December 1987 Languages Spoken Here Richard Nelson Colin Stinton, Emily Richard, Renny Krupinski, Jiri Hanak, Peter Craze, Steven Harrold, John Samson and Karen Archer Michael believes he is doing a favour for the Polish émigré writer, Janusz, by translating his book. But whose cause is he serving? A morally ambiguous comedy.

Won a Giles Cooper Award in 1987[9]
BBC Radio 3
1 March 1988 Tickertape and V-Signs[10] Peter Cox Brian Bovell and Stephen Tompkinson A black soldier returning from the Falklands War finds himself the subject of racial taunts. BBC Radio 3
21 June 1988
(Recorded on 15 June 1988)
Hancock's Last Half Hour Heathcote Williams Richard Briers with Steve Hodson and Zelah Clarke Tony Hancock died on 25th June 1968. His last half hour is a solitary affair and his audience has dwindled to a telephone, some clippings and a bottle of vodka. BBC Radio 3
22 March 1989
(Recorded on 28 January 1989)
Haunted by More Cake Steve Walker Graham Crowden, Joan Mattheson, Stephen Tompkinson, Victoria Carling, John Bull, Richard Pearce, Philip Sully, John Warner, Joan Walker, Nicholas Courtney, Jo Kendall and Charlotte Green Ginger's nephew Lionel has a problem; there's a tea party going on in his stomach and he's fallen in love with one of the guests. What can Ginger do to help? BBC Radio 4
29 September 1989
(Recorded on 9 June 1989)
The Bass Saxophone Josef Škvorecký, adapted by Nigel Baldwin
Music by Graham Collier
John Woodvine, Jonathan Cullen, Joe Dunlop, Elizabeth Mansfield, Danny Schiller, Michael Kilgarriff, Michael Graham Cox, Ken Cumberlidge, David King, Jo Kendall and John Bull “You were Eve and it was the apple” is Old Joseph’s admonition to his younger self, remembering when a German band appeared in his German-occupied town in Czechoslovakia. The apple was the band’s bass saxophone and the temptation was to play it for a German audience.

Sony Award – Best Drama Production 1990
BBC Radio 3
30 October 1989 Eating Words Richard Nelson John Woodvine, Sheila Allen, Ed Asner, Emily Richard, Charles Simpson, Vincent Brimble, John Bull, David King, Elizabeth Mansfield, Simon Treves, Joe Dunlop, Christopher Good and Danny Schiller Won a Giles Cooper Award in 1989.[11] BBC Radio 4
4 November 1989
(Recorded on 10 August 1989)
Rabbit Man Mel Calman Jim Broadbent, Maggie McCarthy, Carolyn Backhouse, John Moffatt, Ken Campbell, Susan Sheridan, Melinda Walker and David Goudge A man sprouts rabbit ears. BBC Radio 3
1 April 1990
(Recorded on 18 March 1990)
Joe Allen Presented by Daily Mail theatre critic Jack Tinker A profile of the restauranteur Joe Allen BBC Radio 4
8 September 1990
(Recorded on 17 May 1990)
True Believers[Note 1] Mike Walker Dhirendra Kumar, Meera Syal and Elizabeth Mansfield ‘Tony’ has turned his back on his Sikh family and married an English girl. But his brother’s activities threaten to destroy his happiness. BBC Radio 4 Saturday Night Theatre
9 October 1990 Betrayal[12] Harold Pinter Harold Pinter, Patricia Hodge, Michael Gambon, Christopher Good and Elizabeth Mansfield A study of triangular infidelity and friendship. BBC Radio 3
27 December 1990
(Recorded on 26 October 1990)
Advice to Eastern Europe Richard Nelson Andrew Wincott, John Bull, Simon Treves, Joanna Myers, Jenny Howe, Tara Dominick, Oliver Cotton, Colin Stinton and Edita Brychta The barriers between East and West have fallen to open up economic and artistic ambition for Eastern Europe. Helena come to England with a project, only to meet a love-smitten American script editor... BBC Radio 3
3 February 1991 Diary of a Madman[13] Gogol, adapted by James Burke, re-mixed for radio by John Whitehall
Music: Peter Shade
Kenneth Williams and Richard Williams Kenneth Williams, directed by the animator Richard Williams, performs triumphantly in the 1963 soundtrack of an uncompleted film of Nikolai Gogol's demented masterpiece. BBC Radio 4
28 April 1991 When We Dead Awaken Henrik Ibsen translated and adapted by Robert Ferguson
Music by Ilona Sekacz
Paul Scofield, Cheryl Campbell, Imogen Stubbs, Jon Strickland, Terence Edmond, Joanna Myers, Alan Barker, Joanna Myers and Danielle Allan In Henrik Ibsen’s last play, a celebrated sculptor returns to Norway with his young wife and confronts Irene, the tormented model of his masterpiece. BBC Radio 3
3 July 1991
(Recorded on 13 April 1991)
The Ashes Sue Townsend Ronald Herdman, Stephen Tompkinson, Fraser Kerr, David Sinclair, Joanna Myers, Karen Archer, Robin Weaver, Brian Johnston and Peter Barker The captain of the England team is going to be a father, but Louise is not his wife... BBC Radio 3
5 October 1991
(Recorded on 25 August 1991)
Japan Season – The Romance Of The Road Alan Booth Alan Booth, famous for a 2,000 mile walk through Japan, talks about a new walk he took with a reluctant companion. BBC Radio 3
13 October 1991
(Recorded on 2 September 1991)
Japan Season – Yabuhara, the Blind Master Minstrel Inoue Hisashi translated and adapted by Marguerite Wells
Songs by Koichi Uno
Additional music by Mia Soteriou
John Woodvine, Roger Allam, Mia Soteriou, David Bannerman, Ronald Herdman, Sirol Jenkins, Charles Millham, Joanna Myers, Margaret Shade, Susan Sheridan, Auriol Smith and Andrew Wincott Hisashi Inoue’s bawdy comedy charts the rise of a blind minstrel to the top ranks of Japanese society through murder, theft and extortion BBC Radio 3
14 October 1991
(Recorded on 2 October 1991)
Japan Season – Kyōgenii, The Monkey-Skin Quiver[Note 2] Utsubozaru translated by Don Kenny Andrew Wincott, Joanna Myers, Alan Barker and Matthew Sim Second of three short comedies taken from the traditional Japanese theatre. BBC Radio 3
18 October 1991
(Recorded on 27 September 1991)
Japan Season – Performing Rites

aka Modern Japanese Theatre
Dr Brian Powell Dr Brian Powell of Keble College Oxford examines the development of the modern Japanese theatre, talking to its leading dramatists, directors, critics and performers. BBC Radio 3
22 December 1991
(Recorded on 7 October 1991)
Design for Living Noël Coward Cheryl Campbell, Alex Jennings, Michael Kitchen, Joanna Myers, James Laurenson, Alan Barker, Bradley Lavelle and Linda Marlowe Three terminally stylish friends who share rivalrous affections attempt to uncoil their twisted love triangle in this sexy and scandalous gem. BBC Radio 3
23 March 1992 The Wench is Dead[14] Colin Dexter dramatised by Guy Meredith John Shrapnel, Robert Glenister, Garard Green, Joanna Myers, Peter Penry-Jones and Kate Binchy After he's rushed into hospital, Inspector Morse becomes intrigued by an old crime. BBC Radio 4
27 May 1992 Introducing Fagan Maurice Leitch T P McKenna and Anita Dobson A dark, claustrophobic play. BBC Radio 4
8 June 1992 Who Killed Palomino Molero? Mario Vargas Llosa
translated and adapted by Bronwyn Ferzackerley
Charles Simpson, Ray Fearon, Steve Hodson, Melanie Hudson, Jonathon Taffler, Linda Marlowe, Madelaine Kemms, Jo Kendall, John Bull, Gordon Reid, Nicholas Murchie, Jonathon Addams, John Church and Mia Soteriou 1954. Peru. Northern desert. Military base. A recruit is found murdered. The resulting investigation is flawed by indifference and the commanding officer's stonewall. BBC Radio 4 Monday Play
23 June 1992 Dictator Gal David Zane Mairowitz
Music: Trevor Allan Davies
Sound Design: John Whitehall
Josette Simon and Joe Melia A musical satire

Special Jury Commendation: Prix Futura Berlin 1993
BBC Radio 3
7 November 1992 The Facts Speak for Themselves Mark Leech Larry Dann, Meg Davies, Struan Rodger, Steve Hodson, Kate Binchey, Mathew Morgan, Keith Drinkel, Eric Allan, Phillip Anthony, Nicholas Murchie, Melanie Hudson, John Webb and Jonathon Taffler What at first seems to be an open and shut case turns out not to be so straightforward. BBC Radio 4 Saturday Playhouse
30 November 1992 – 9 December 1992 McSorley’s Wonderful Saloon[15] Joseph Mitchell abridged by Patrick Carroll Read by Eli Wallach Eli Wallach reads eight stories from Joseph Mitchell’s classic collection of tales from the New Yorker, beginning with the first part of a celebrated portrait of New York’s oldest saloon, McSorley’s. BBC Radio 4 Book at Bedtime[16]
17 July 1993 The Right Result Peter R. Simpkin Malcolm Rennie, Brian Croucher, Adé Sapara, Paul Shane, Michael Melia, Mona Hammond, Ray Lonnen, Oscar James, Malcolm Kaye, Don Gilét, Michael Onslow, Vivienne Rochester, Andrew Wincott, Gary Lawrence, Steve Hodson, James Telfer, John Evitt, John Fleming and John Webb When a black youth dies in a violent incident on the London Underground, the subsequent investigation uncovers a pervasive racism that appears to reach to the top ranks of the police themselves. BBC Radio 4 Saturday Night Theatre
18 October 1993
(Recorded on 28 August 1993)
The Lake Ellen Dryden James Aubrey, Karen Archer, Pauline Yates, Frances Jeater, Barry Woolgar, Teresa Gallagher, David Thorpe, Nicholas Boulton, Steve Hodson, Isabelle Hewitt, John Prendergast and Hayley Thomas Childhood memories draw Ben Wheeler back to a lake, but when a child disappears his obsession provokes suspicion. BBC Radio 4
11 March 1994 Waiting For Lefty[17] Clifford Odets
adapted by Bill Morrison
Ed Bishop, William Hootkins, Bob Sherman, Bradley Lavelle, Theresa Gallagher, Malcolm Ward, Paul Panting, Melanie Hudson, Jonathon Tafler and Michael Fitzpatrick Series of related vignettes, framed by the meeting of cab drivers who are planning a strike BBC Radio 3
24 March 1994 Tipperary Smith[7] Paul Copley Natasha Pyne and Barbara Durkin The adventures of a Bradford woman in the Far East.

Commended by European Broadcasting Union (Turin - Sept. 1994)
BBC Radio 4
9 April 1994 – 15 April 1994 Shakespeare’s Sonnets[18] Simon Callow Six programmes, broadcast daily, in which Simon Callow explores the hidden meaning of the Sonnets by following a radical reordering by John Padel. Believing that the W.H. is William Herbert, it suggests that the poems were initially commissioned to convince W.H. to marry. The later passions and anguish of the poems then reveal the Poet. BBC Radio 3
28 May 1994 Last Seen Wearing[19] Colin Dexter dramatised by Guy Meredith John Shrapnel, Robert Glenister, Miles Anderson, Melinda Walker, Donald Sumpter, Frances Jeater, Terence Edmond, Tamsin Greig, John Hartley and Emily Woof Colin Dexter's grumpy detective Inspector Morse is reluctant to take over an old missing person case from a dead colleague, but murder is Morse's speciality and the case soon has complications. BBC Radio 4
12 June 1994 Inugami, The Dog God Shuji Terayama translated by Carol Fisher Sorgenfrei
Music by Mia Soteriou
Pauline Letts, Susan Sheridan, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Auriol Smith, Ann Windsor, Charles Milham, David Banerman, James Taylor, Joanna Myers, Siriol Jenkins, Margaret John and Rachel Atkins In a remote village in Japan, a woman is attacked by a dog. Nine months later she gives birth to a son, Tsukio, and the village treats him with apprehension. A powerful mythic drama by one of the 20th century’s most important Japanese writers, Shuji Terayama. BBC Radio 3
2 August 1994 Virtual Radio Andrew Dallmeyer Stephen Tompkinson, Jennie Stoller, Buffy Davis, Larry Dann and Anthony Jackson Virtual Reality is so seductive to Bob that his entire life becomes devoted to escape into his machinery – but where will it take him when the bailiffs come? BBC Radio 4 Thirty Minute Theatre
28 January 1995
(Recorded on 5 January 1995)
Friday's Child[20] Georgette Heyer
dramatised by John Peacock
Mary Wimbush, Eva Stuart, Susan Sheridan, David Bannerman, Tessa Worsley, Nicholas Boulton, Simon Russell Beale, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Ian Hughes, Jilly Bond, Paul Panting, Cathy Sara, Peter Kenny, David Antrobus, Annabel Mullion, James Frain and Elli Garnett Viscount Sheringham is fast spending his money, and cannot inherit until he marries. Will his choice of bride bring happiness to them both? BBC Radio 4 Playhouse
23 April 1995 Green and Pleasant Land Jeremy Nicholas Written and presented by Jeremy Nicholas Sony Gold Award for Best Feature Programme 1996 BBC Radio 2 Radio Two Arts Programme
13 May 1995 Telephone in the Deep Freeze Janet Plater Barbara Durkin, Polly James, Oliver Cotton, Eric Allan, Sandra Voe, Hazel Holder, Colin Pinney, Donald Sumpter, George Parsons, Lyndham Gregory and Gary Lawrence “Only people like us, who have lived with an alcoholic, can understand the mental agony that goes with it. We’re co-alcoholics.” Janet Plater’s deeply moving play follows the fortunes of members of a support group for “co-alcoholics”. BBC Radio 4
3 September 1995
(Recorded on 24 August 1995)
Biography Races Presented by John Walsh, Literary Editor of The Independent.
Biographers Victoria Glendinning, Humphrey Carpenter and Miranda Seymour join publisher Helen Fraser.
BBC Radio 4 Books and Company
10 September 1995
(Recorded on 7 September 1995)
Begin at the Beginning Presented by John Walsh, Literary Editor of The Independent. Children's storytelling has become a global industry where books sell upwards of 30 million copies. BBC Radio 4 Books and Company
17 September 1995
(Recorded on 14 September 1995)
The Literature of Rock 'n' Roll Presented by John Walsh, Literary Editor of The Independent.

With Nik Cohn, Lucy O'Brien and Jon Savage.

Are books about rock the new rock'n'roll? BBC Radio 4 Books and Company
25 September 1995
(Recorded on 22 September 1995)
The Burglar[21] Colin Dexter Read by John Turner Neighbourly concern about a suspicious stranger sets a new puzzle for Inspector Morse and Sergeant Lewis in a story specially written for the Nottingham Boucheron. BBC Radio 4 Short Story
30 December 1995 Death of an Ugly Sister John Peacock Roy Barraclough, Paul Shane, Linda Regan, John Alstead, Tina Grey, Jilly Meares, Gordon Reade, Annabel Mullion, Christopher Sidon, Oliver Sentinel, David Lerner, Crawford Logan, Peter Yapp, Michael Tudor Barnes. Becky Hindley, Sandra Bowe and James Beatty A very dark comedy of pantomime, serial murder, crack addiction and secret gay sex....... BBC Radio 4 Saturday Night Theatre
31 December 1995
Extended repeat 11 May 1997
The Proust Screenplay[22] Harold Pinter adapted for radio by Michael Bakewell Douglas Hodge, John Wood, Emma Fielding and Harold Pinter Harold Pinter's film script of Marcel Proust's novel À la recherche du temps perdu has never been produced for the screen, but in this radio adaptation Harold Pinter himself guides us through the story, speaking the 'big print' of the script as it sets each scene and describes establishing shots, closeups, long shots, scenes without dialogue … all in the immediately recognisable language of film. BBC Radio 3 Memory Evening
25 January 1996
(Recorded on 2 January 1996)
The American Wife Richard Nelson Melinda Walker, Zoe Wanamaker, Anton Lesser, Emily Richard, Oona Beeson, Oliver Cotton, John Sharian and Alan Marriot BBC Radio 4 Thirty Minute Theatre
10 February 1996
(Recorded on 6 January 1996)
The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn[23] Colin Dexter dramatised by Guy Meredith John Shrapnel, Robert Glenister, Richard Pasco, Meg Davies, Stephen Critchlow, David Timson, John Hartley, Lyndam Gregory and Roger May Colin Dexter's Inspector Morse faces a puzzling trip into the world of deaf people with the murder of an invigiator in a foreign exam syndicate. BBC Radio 4
15 February 1996
(Recorded on 14 January 1996)
Heartache Mel Calman, text completed by Deborah Moggach. Richard Griffiths, David Timson, Jim Broadbent, Tracy Wiles, Lee Montague, David de Keyser and Meg Davies Cartoonist Mel Calman, who died two years previously, left a final play for radio in which all of a man's body parts rise up to resist his heart attack. BBC Radio 4 Thirty Minute Theatre
22 February 1996
(Recorded on 28 January 1996)
The Chips Are Down Israel Horovitz Alice Arnold, Jane Whittenshaw, Ann Beach, Nicky Henson, Bob Sherman, Zulema Dene, Frances Tomelty and Israel Horovitz A comedy of anxiety in New York City.
Jeffrey, a writer, struggles with a magazine article.
BBC Radio 4 Thirty Minute Theatre
8 July 1996 Everybody Comes to Schicklgruber's Marcy Kahan Clive Swift, David Kossoff, Jane Whittenshaw, Keith Drinkel, Kerry Shale, Alice Arnold, Ann Beach, Bruce Purchase, Cyril Shaps, Kim Wall, Kristin Millward, Lee Montague, Steven Crossley, Timothy Bateson and Wolfe Morris The war's been over for fifty years. Then Edward Schicklgruber, Adolf's cake cook brother, turns up in Vienna, just where he's been all along, doing what he does best.

1997 Silver Sony Award for Best Radio Play
BBC Radio 4
30 September 1996 American Faith Mike Walker
Music by Neil Brand
Alan Marriot, Colin Stinton, William Roberts, William Dufris, John Sharian, Kate Harper, Ed Bishop, Garrick Hagon, Bob Sherman, Tara Hugo, Morgan Deare, Steven Crossley, Norman Chancer and William Hootkins Richard Milhous Nixon's road to Watergate. BBC Radio 4
18 November 1996(Recorded on 21 April 1996) The Voluptuous Tango Text: David Zane Mairowitz
Music: Dominic Muldowney
Sound: Ian Dearden
Maria Friedman and Alan Belk In Dominic Muldowney's score an erotically charged collision between two of the cultural stars of the 20th century makes for operatic radio. Isadora Duncan and F.T. Marinetti vie for carnal domination over a futurist meal...

Winner: Prix Italia Special Prize for Fiction 1997[4]
Sony Gold Award for Best Radio Drama 1997
BBC Radio 3 Between the Ears[24]
November 1996[25] By Jeeves[26][27][28] P.G.Wodehouse
adapted by Alan Ayckbourn
Steven Pacey, Malcolm Sinclair, Robert Austin, Diana Morrison, Simon Day, Nicholas Haverson, Lucy Tregear, Cathy Sara, Nicolas Collicos, Richard Long, Denise Silvey, Giles Taylor and Mike Windsor Recorded with an audience at the BBC Radio Theatre, with the West End cast playing to piano accompaniment with the West End recording of the songs mixed in later. BBC Radio 2
30 August 1997 Love Story[29] Erich Segal dramatised by Juliet Ace Ingri Damon, Mark Leake and Patrick Allen Juliet Ace's dramatisation of Erich Segal's potent romantic novel of the 1970s BBC Radio 4 Saturday Play[30]
1 September 1997 As You Like It[31] William Shakespeare adapted by Ned Chaillet Imogen Stubbs, Toby Stephens and Ronald Pickup Shakespeare's comedy of true love, misplaced love, gender confusion and reconciliation. BBC Radio 4 The Monday Play
23 October 1997 Goodbye Kiss Ronald Harwood Tom Courtenay and Peggy Phango For Master Donny, a return to the South Africa he left as a youth offers a fragile hope of reconciliation.
But it depends on Annie.
BBC Radio 4 Thirty Minute Theatre
20 December 1997 Bell, Book and Candle John Van Druten adapted by Ned Chaillet Beatie Edney, Stephen Moore, Ann Beach and Nicholas Boulton Bewitched and bewildered, Anthony Henderson wanders into the Christmas cauldron of a Knightsbridge witches' coven just when Gillian Holroyd decides that she wants a new man in her life. BBC Radio 4
29 December 1997 Fighting over Beverley Israel Horovitz Rosemary Harris, Ian Carmichael, Elizabeth McGovern and Israel Horovitz A Yorkshireman belatedly flies to America to reclaim the war bride taken from him by an American war hero 45 years earlier. BBC Radio 4
6 January 1998 Last Man Out Steve May Louise Lombard and Donald Sumpter At the end of a night of jazz, only the drummer and the bar manager remain, packing up and picking over the ruins of their lives. BBC Radio 4
3 February 1998 Phone Tag[32] Israel Horovitz John Guerassio, Elizabeth Mansfield and Doreen Mantle A transatlantic love affair is played out on the telephone as calls are missed, messages left and confusion reigns. BBC Radio 4
16 March 1998 Old Times Harold Pinter Julia Ormond, Michael Pennington, Cheryl Campbell and Harold Pinter A darkly erotic drama. In an isolated country house, the past is about to come calling. BBC Radio 4
6 April 1998 Summer with Monika[33] Roger McGough Mark McGann and Katy Carmichael Roger McGough's dramatisation of his magical poem of love in the 1960s. BBC Radio 4
16 April 1998 The Monkey Bin Bob Sherman William Hootkins, Stefan Dennis and James Laurenson British actors and would-be Mel Gibsons have flocked to Los Angeles for the `pilot season', and Billy Bob's apartment house is the venue for high ambition and low plots. BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play[34]
8 May 1998 The Captain's Wife[35] Juliet Ace Patricia Hodge As the years pass, a navy spouse moves from craving conformity to rebellion. BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
15 June 1998 Stations of the Cross Israel Horovitz Israel Horovitz, Nicky Henson and Joanna Monro David has returned from America, the land of his father, to make a farcical, poetic rail crossing of England to the home of his sister - and to an unforgettable funeral. BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
3 July 1998 Love, Pray, and Do the Dishes Robert Smith Paul Bradley, Struan Rodger and Alice Arnold A mobile phone ringing out in the middle of a Sunday service is the start of a media roller coaster ride for Father Andrew. Only his employer would ring him at work... BBC Radio 4
15 July 1998 – 19 August 1998 Trust me, I'm a Policeman
(Six part series)
Robert Smith John Woodvine, David Antrobus and Jan Winters Detective Sergeant Matrix takes a reluctant work-experience youth on a stakeout and passes the time with highly unreliable tales of police work. BBC Radio 4
14 August 1998 Victorville[36] Marcy Kahan Stanley Kamel, David Ogden Stiers and William Hootkins In Los Angeles last month, three actors recreated a crucial hour in cinema history – when Orson Welles delivered his verdict on the screenplay for Citizen Kane. At stake is the credit for the film, being written by Herman J Mankiewicz and overseen by John Houseman. BBC Radio 4 Friday Play[37]
7 February 1999 The Father August Strindberg
translated and adapted by Eivor Martinus
Ronald Pickup, Cheryl Campbell, Eleanor Moriarty, Tom Mannion, Christopher Good, Eve Pearce, Ben Crowe and Paul Panting A mother knows her own child, but the seed of paternal doubt can poison a father's mind. BBC Radio 3
8 February 1999 The Hairy Hand of Dartmoor Michael McStay Struan Rodger, Emily Richard and Angela Pleasence Alcohol, anger, infidelity and stories of Dartmoor witches and the "hairy hand" are the ingredients in a cocktail party that goes dangerously awry for Geoffrey. BBC Radio 4
26 March 1999 J Edgar Hoover: Red Scare Mike Walker William Hootkins, Bob Sherman, Kate Harper and Patrick Allen The 24-year-old Hoover is charged with orchestrating America's first campaign against communism. BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
2 April 1999 J Edgar Hoover: Public Enemy Mike Walker William Hootkins, Michael Neill, John Guerrasio, William Roberts, Mac MacDonald, Adam Sims and Dave Brooks Hoover sheds his younger self and moves into the orbit of Walter Winchell, America's radio pundit, as they wage war against gangsters, creating and destroying heroes. BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
9 April 1999 J Edgar Hoover: They Call Him Bobby Mike Walker William Hootkins and John Sharian A powerful duologue for US Attorney General Robert F Kennedy and Hoover.

It is set in the volatile years of the Kennedy administration, when civil rights, Martin Luther King Jr and the war against the Mafia were high on the Kennedy agenda.

BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
16 April 1999 J Edgar Hoover: Private and Confidential Mike Walker William Hootkins and David Soul Hoover's life is reviewed by his lifelong companion and assistant director, Clyde Tolson. BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
11 June 1999 The Old Man and the Sea[38] Ernest Hemingway
dramatised by Bob Sherman
Rod Steiger, Ramon Estevez and David Allister A dramatisation of the book which led to Hemingway's Nobel Prize for Literature.
An old fisherman's epic struggle for one last great fish is a classic fable of the 20th century.
BBC Radio 4 Friday Play
7 October 1999 Bent's Business: Talk's Cheap Peter R. Simpkin James Faulkner, Amy Shindler and Brian Croucher The glamour, and particularly the corruption, of the international art trade is Anthony Bent's business.
In the first of two adventures, the theft of a Constable painting from a London gallery leads to death, and to Spain.
BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
14 October 1999 Bent's Business: An Old Flame Peter R. Simpkin James Faulkner, Amy Shindler and Brian Croucher The glamour, and particularly the corruption, of the international art trade is Anthony Bent's business.
In the second of two adventures, the murky underworld of international art theft threatens those nearest to him, and his own reputation.
BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
29 October 1999 On the Eve of the Millennium Barrie Keeffe Warren Mitchell, Karl Johnson, Cathy Tyson and Ioan Meredith In a comic and touching performance, Mitchell evokes the rich humanity of a father determined to pass on a hidden heritage to his son - when his bouts with Alzheimer's disease permit. BBC Radio 4 Friday Play
30 November 1999 1000 Years of Spoken English: Know What I Mean? John Mortimer Patricia Hodge, Michael Kitchen and Sylvester Williams A marriage between a barrister and a management consultant is under threat when a Caller comes to visit, but they have the armoury of their professional languages on their side. BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
30 November 1999 1000 Years of Spoken English: The Verger Queen Neil Bartlett Bette Bourne An ancient verger in an historic church is disturbed by a tour party who spark him into memories of hundreds of years of the church, forgotten pleasure gardens, and the coded world of a once secret sexual culture. BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
6 December 1999 Her Infinite Variety Juliet Ace Eleanor Moriarty Faced with parental disapproval of the boy of her choice, a young Juliet of today at least has the internet and agony aunt Veronica. BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour Drama[39]
7 December 1999 A Shout in the Distance[40] Maurice Leitch Andrew Scott, Sorcha Cusack, T.P. McKenna, James Greene, Gavin Muir, Gavin Stewart, Valerie Lilley and Elizabeth Bell A comedy of Irish manners is the last thing young Winston expects when he is uprooted from Northern Ireland and transplanted to London. But there is more than rhyming slang that he must learn to understand. BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
14 December 1999 Alphabox Jeff Noon
dramatised by Mike Walker
Conrad Nelson, Gemma Saunders, Beth Chalmers, Harry Myers, Christopher Kellem, Tom George and Rosie Cavillero Alphabox is a mysterious and almost fairytale-like short story based on letters and their relationship to story-telling. In the book, a writer has his letters hand-delivered to him each day one by one, in a mysterious wooden box. BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
27 December 1999 The Deep End Pete Lawson Michelle Holmes, Patrick Nielsen and Stephen Hogan A magical underwater world awaits Leni - if her cry from the depths of the public swimming baths can be heard. BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
8 January 2000 Design for Murder Marcy Kahan Malcolm Sinclair, Eleanor Bron, Kristin Milward, Tam Williams, Nicholas Boulton, Gemma Saunders, Joe Dunlop and Don McCorkingdale Actor, playwright, songwriter, director and star, Noël Coward never quite added sleuth to his astonishing achievements.
But just before the war with Hitler, there is a gap in his memoirs - is there a murder mystery in those days?
BBC Radio 4 The Saturday Play
6 March 2000 – 10 March 2000 Father! Father! Burning Bright Alan Bennett
abridged by Ned Chaillet
Read by Alan Bennett Alan Bennett reads his comic story in five parts. BBC Radio 4 Book at Bedtime
13 March 2000 – 17 March 2000 Joe Gould's Secret[15] Joseph Mitchell abridged by Patrick Carroll Read by Eli Wallach A classic literary mystery by New Yorker journalist Joseph Mitchell, describing his true-life encounter with a Greenwich Village bohemian in the 1940s who claims to have written a great American book. BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week[41]
14 March 2000 The Lost Journals of Marina Tsvetayeva Alan Pascoe Diana Quick Based on the life of the Russian poetess Marina Tsvetayeva, who went into exile after the Revolution.
Following her return to Russia in 1939, her husband was shot, and she committed suicide in 1941.
BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
17 March 2000 – 7 April 2000 Jagged Prayer
(Four part crime series)
Robert Smith Cheryl Campbell and Timothy Spall Comedy drama combining crime, convents, police and perdition. BBC Radio 4
16 May 2000 Zero Tolerance Lloyd Evans Nicky Henson, Ronald Pickup and Tom George With trade advantages, increased tax revenue, and a handy mathematical superiority over the Pope's insistence on Roman numerals, should the doge of Venice declare war on the Vatican, particularly considering the doge's interest in his mathematician's wife? BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
21 August 2000 Small Parts[42] Juliet Ace Patricia Hodge Seduced by the theatre, Mattie Potter joins a repertory company in Wales where she finds that the quick-change artistry of bit parts is a kind of preparation for life. BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
3 October 2000 Three Chickens William Stanton Anton Lesser, Valerie Braddell and Suzanna Hamilton On a magic island in Brazil, the Englishman William Marlow is seduced by tales of witchcraft.
In a story about three chickens, he finds uncanny and uncomfortable echoes of a life he thought he had left behind him.
BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
13 October 2000 A Slight Ache Harold Pinter Harold Pinter and Jill Johnson A husband and wife encounter a strange, mute matchseller. They each see something different in him. BBC Radio 4
26 November 2000 Dr. Ibsen's Ghosts Robert Ferguson Paul Scofield, Morag Hood, Edna Doré and Michael N Harbour The story of the illegitimate son and the forgotten mother of the great Norwegian poet and playwright Henrik Ibsen. BBC Radio 3
4 December 2000 Into the Ether Andrew Dallmeyer John Sharian and Holley Chant At the height of the Cold War, American and Russian scientists lined up their psychics and telepaths in the service of the military.
Ballistic missiles pale beside the power of the human mind at the beginning of the 90s, in this chilling drama.
BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
19 December 2000 Man in Snow[43] Israel Horovitz Israel Horovitz, Marcia Warren, Dick Vosburgh and Burt Kwouk As a climber escorts a group of honeymooners up Alaska's highest mountain he recalls his relationship with his dead son.

2001 Bronze Sony Award for Drama[44]
BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
22 December 2000 The Tunnel Under the World Frederick Pohl
dramatised by Mike Walker
William Hope, Bob Sherman, Laurel Lefkow and Beth Chalmers Guy wakes each morning from the same terrifying dream, but each day it is soothed away by special offers and an abundance of consumer goods.
Then, one day, he begins to recall a little more.
BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
25 December 2000 The Man Who Came to Dinner Moss Hart and George S Kaufman
adapted for radio by Marcy Kahan
Simon Callow, Elizabeth McGovern, Conleth Hill, Cheryl Campbell and John Sessions A broken leg turns a visiting celebrity into a tyrannical house guest who mercilessly abuses a family's hospitality, in this classic 30s comedy. BBC Radio 4
24 January 2001 The Polish Soldier Gregory Evans Jeremy Northam, Teresa Gallagher, Jillie Meers and Tom George James, a man haunted by the disturbing image of a figure in an old-fashioned military uniform, is struggling to break the walls he has built around himself, but he must confront the pain and mystery of what happened in his childhood. BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
10 February 2001 Feng Shui and Me Barrie Keeffe Phillip Joseph, Janet Maw, Jimmy Yuill and Gordon Reid Chanting seems to help, but not even a Buddhist romance can quite quell Mick's craving for alcohol. BBC Radio 4 The Saturday Play
18 May 2001 I'll be George Snoo Wilson Jane Lapotaire, Simon Callow, Federay Holmes, Jennie Stoller, Jasmine Hyde, Jonathan Keeble and Gordon Reid George Sand was one of literature's freest spirits, and when she is evoked in present-day Paris by an Australian tour guide the result is a bawdy fantasia of mother and daughter relationships. With an incarnated Charles Dickens, the 19th century and 21st century collide in a turbulent and gritty morality tale. BBC Radio 4 Friday Play
4 August 2001 A Dangerous Game Shirley Cooklin Suzanna Hamilton, Ray Lonnen, Roger May and Terence Edmond When a paroled murderer kills after his release, all new paroles are frozen by the Home Office.
A prisoner caught in this freeze on new paroles challenges the ruling and demands a psychological profile from a hardline psychiatrist – with explosive results.
BBC Radio 4 Saturday Play
1 September 2001 The Marseilles Trilogy: Marius Marcel Pagnol
adapted by Juliet Ace from a translation by Margaret Jarman
Richard Johnson, Simon Scardifield, Monica Dolan and Andrew Sachs Marius, son of César, feels the pull of the sea, and is prepared to sacrifice his family and his love for beautiful Fanny to fulfil his dreams. BBC Radio 4 The Saturday Play
8 September 2001 The Marseilles Trilogy: Fanny Marcel Pagnol
adapted by Juliet Ace from a translation by Margaret Jarman
Monica Dolan, Richard Johnson, Andrew Sachs and Simon Scardifield The story of a lovely young woman abandoned by César's son Marius, who is unaware she is pregnant. BBC Radio 4 The Saturday Play
15 September 2001 The Marseilles Trilogy: César Marcel Pagnol
adapted by Juliet Ace from a translation by Margaret Jarman
Richard Johnson, Simon Scardifield, Monica Dolan, Andrew Sachs, Tam Williams, Steve Hodson, Stephen Thorne, Struan Rodger, Phillip Joseph and Sean Baker Twenty years after the events of the first play, the sad comedy of lost love is touched by a rich comedy of death and disclosure. A mother's secrets send her son off in search of a father he never knew. BBC Radio 4 The Saturday Play
17 September 2001 Free Gift Israel Horovitz Maureen Lipman, Sophie Okonedo and Daniel Anthony An Englishwoman in New York finds the most wonderful free gift when a child was left on her doorstep, but she lives in fear that the gift might be taken away. BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
23 November 2001 Groupie Arnold Wesker Barbara Windsor and Timothy West Matty reads the memoirs of a well-known artist from the East End, and she writes to him. He is down on his luck, living as a recluse, and has no work. Eventually they meet, a few illusions are shattered and things develop in a way they had not foreseen. BBC Radio 4
15 December 2001 The Gold Bug[45] Edgar Allan Poe
dramatised by Gregory Evans
Clarke Peters, John Sharian, Rhashan Stone and William Hootkins Set in 1838, this is Poe's story of piracy, slavery and a treasure hunt, with a critical overhaul to excise the 19th-century casual racism from this compelling tale of obsession. BBC Radio 4 The Saturday Play
16 December 2001 Hecuba Euripides
translated and adapted by Timberlake Wertenbaker
Olympia Dukakis, Timothy West, Emma Fielding, Greg Hicks and Nicholas Woodeson Greek tragedy BBC Radio 3
17 December 2001 It's a Wonderful Divorce Anthony Green David Bamber and Sarah Paul The love of Frank Capra's It's a Wonderful Life could become grounds for divorce as the season of goodwill approaches. BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
11 January 2002 Damned If I Do Dick Vosburgh, Peter Vincent, Fran Landesman and Simon Wallace Mini-musical. New songs from songwriter Connie are laid out as a trap for her best friend Zoe. BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
24 January 2002 Who Goes There?[46][Note 3] John W Campbell
dramatised by Mike Walker
Liam Brennan, Ioan Meredith, Cyril Nri, Christopher Godwin, Harry Myers and Colin Adrian Six men are trapped by a vicious snowstorm in an Antarctic research station. BBC Radio 4 Chillers
28 January 2002 Swan Song Agatha Christie
dramatised by Mike Walker
Maria Friedman, Emily Woof, Sylvester Morand and Ray Lonnen As if from nowhere, a soprano has emerged to become the Tosca of our day – but like Tosca she carries in her heart a terrible need for revenge. BBC Radio 4
31 January 2002 I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream[46] Harlan Ellison
dramatised by Mike Walker
David Soul, Harlan Ellison, Abi Eniola, Ewan Bailey, David Timson and Jason O'Mara After a computer wins mankind's last war, there is a final battle still to come, between it and the five surviving humans. BBC Radio 4 Chillers
4 February 2002 Magnolia Blossom[47] Agatha Christie
dramatised by Mike Walker
Emilia Fox, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Alex Jennings and Ewan Bailey A woman's place is defiantly not in the luxury home created for her by her financier husband. But in times of trouble a woman's loyalty can challenge the presumption of men – and infidelity can be a small crime compared to others. BBC Radio 4
7 February 2002 Delta Sly Honey[46] Lucius Shepard
dramatised by Mike Walker
Corey Johnson, Robert Petkoff, Sam Douglas and Ben Onwukwe A country boy exorcises his demons in Vietnam by making late-night broadcasts to phantom military units - until one of them answers his call. BBC Radio 4 Chillers
14 February 2002 Corona[46][Note 3] Samuel R Delaney
dramatised by Mike Walker
Josie Kook-Clarke, Walter Lewis, Doña Croll, John Moraitis, William Roberts and Bill Bailey When a telepathic girl and a damaged young man are hospitalised, their two minds become entwined as the nightmares of his brutal past draw her in. BBC Radio 4 Chillers
11 April 2002 The Titanic Inquiry – Part One Bob Sherman Kenneth Haigh, Nickolas Grace, Jill Johnson, John Sharian, Conrad Nelson, Ben Crowe, Barbara Barnes, Bob Sherman, Peter Marinker and Tom George When the Titanic sank the owners of the White Star Line made every effort to return straight to England. An Inquiry set up by the United States Senate held the surviving witnesses ashore in New York until questions could be answered. BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
12 April 2002 The Titanic Inquiry – Part Two Bob Sherman Kenneth Haigh, John Sessions, John Sharian, Peter Marinker, Conrad Nelson, Ben Crowe, Tom George and Barbara Barnes Testimony from the archives of the U.S. Senate’s investigation into the sinking of the Titanic moves on to an early confrontation with cheque book journalism in 1912. The inventor of the wireless, Guglielmo Marconi, takes the stand. BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
18 April 2002 In Extremis Neil Bartlett Sheila Hancock and Corin Redgrave It is March 1895, and Oscar Wilde consults a palm reader to help him with a momentous decision. BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
29 April 2002 Meet Mr. Mulliner: Honeysuckle Cottage P.G.Wodehouse
dramatised by Roger Davenport
Richard Griffiths, Matilda Ziegler, Peter Acre, Martin Hyder, David Timson and Tom George An engaging new series that brings one of Wodehouse’s most entertaining characters to radio begins with one of the best loved of the tales. Richard Griffiths stars as the storytelling Mr Mulliner whose narratives enlist the regular tipplers of the Angler’s Rest as participants. One of the Mulliner clan writes tough detective stories, but when he inherits the cottage of another family author he finds it haunted by the spirit of all her cloying romantic fiction. Marital bliss seems inevitable. BBC Radio 4
6 May 2002 Meet Mr. Mulliner: A Slice of Life P.G.Wodehouse
dramatised by Roger Davenport
Richard Griffiths, Matilda Ziegler, Peter Acre, Martin Hyder, David Timson and Tom George A gothic comedy of beauty preparations, thwarted love, a spooky old house, and a determined suitor. The regulars of the Angler’s Rest parlour bar step into yet another of Mr Mulliner’s quirky stories. BBC Radio 4
13 May 2002 Meet Mr. Mulliner: The Smile that Wins P.G.Wodehouse
dramatised by Roger Davenport
Richard Griffiths, Matilda Ziegler, Peter Acre, Martin Hyder, David Timson and Carl Prekopp In the bar parlour of the Angler’s Rest, the regulars are drawn into another of Mr Mulliner’s peculiar tales. When a dyspeptic detective member of the Mulliner family receives a doctor’s prescription to smile, the frightening knowingness of his grin spreads terror throughout the titled classes. BBC Radio 4
20 May 2002 Meet Mr. Mulliner: Open House P.G.Wodehouse
dramatised by Roger Davenport
Richard Griffiths, Matilda Ziegler, Peter Acre, Martin Hyder, David Timson and Marlene Sidaway Never more Wodehousian than when faced with frightening aunts, terrifying ingenues and resourceful butlers, Mr Mulliner’s tale today touches on a Mulliner whose callous dismissal of one young woman opens the door to vengeful neighbours, animal cruelty - and exile. BBC Radio 4
27 May 2002 Meet Mr. Mulliner: Came The Dawn P.G.Wodehouse
dramatised by Roger Davenport
Richard Griffiths, Matilda Ziegler, Peter Acre, Martin Hyder, David Timson and Tom George A transparent visage is the striking feature of Mr Mulliner’s relative Lancelot in today’s tale of indomitable love, poetry, parental obstruction and unexpected opportunities. Mr Mulliner stretches the credulity of his captive fellow tipplers in the Angler’s Rest parlour bar, but as ever they are drawn into his story where the glitter of silent movies proves irresistible. BBC Radio 4
3 June 2002 Meet Mr. Mulliner: Mulliner's Buck-U-Uppo P.G.Wodehouse
dramatised by Roger Davenport
Richard Griffiths, Matilda Ziegler, Peter Acre, Martin Hyder, David Timson, Carl Prekopp, Tom George and Sandra Clark Pale young curates are rapidly going out of fashion. Augustine Mulliner, in particular, is transformed overnight into a tiger of a churchman when his aunt sends some of Uncle Wilfred’s latest invention, a tonic called Mulliner’s Buck-U-Uppo. BBC Radio 4
9 July 2002 The Doctor's House Alan Drury A spectre is said to haunt a small Somerset village. Gerald's circumstances make him particularly vulnerable – but what is the real secret of the Doctor's House? BBC Radio 4
20 October 2002 Coriolanus[48] William Shakespeare adapted by Ned Chaillet Samuel West, Adrian Dunbar, Susannah York and Kenneth Haigh Shakespeare's powerful Roman play The Tragedy of Coriolanus BBC Radio 3 Drama on 3[49]
21 October 2002 – 25 October 2002 The Crucible in History Arthur Miller Read by Arthur Miller An account of the postwar anti-Communist paranoia which gripped America at the height of McCarthyism. BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week
25 November 2002 Evaristo's Epitaph Patrick Carroll, based on a true story. Jasmine Hyde, Geoffrey Hutchings, Seun Shote, Diana Berriman, Samantha Robinson and Ben Crowe The inscription on a tombstone in a Cornish churchyard tells the tale of a remarkable friendship between a master and an African slave. Unravelling the historical mystery of the genuine epitaph, Patrick Carroll’s play is an inspired and tender re-creation of a remarkable true story. BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
2 December 2002 – 6 December 2002 My Life as Me Barry Humphries Read by Barry Humphries Barry Humphries casts off his Dame Edna Everage mantle to read from his hilarious autobiography in his own voice. BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week
3 December 2002 A Man's Head[50] Georges Simenon
dramatised by David Cregan
Nicholas Le Prevost, Julian Barnes, Ron Cook, Paul Birchard, Beth Chalmers, Philip Fox, Ifan Meredith, Tom George, Jane Whittenshaw and Ben Crowe Maigret bends the rules to investigate a double murder in a Paris suburb. BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
10 December 2002 The Bar On The Seine[51] Georges Simenon
dramatised by Alison Joseph
Nicholas Le Prevost, Julian Barnes, Ron Cook, Timothy Watson, Sylvester Morand, Jonathan Tafler, Tracy Wiles, Rebecca Egan, Martin Hyder, Richard Firth, Scott Brooksbank, Emma Woolliams and Laura Doddington Maigret puts his holiday on hold to tackle an unsolved murder. BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
15 December 2002 – 29 December 2002 Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
(Three episodes)
Mark Twain
dramatised by Marcy Kahan
Mark Caven, Christopher Jacot, Martin Roach, Kay Hawtrey and Sandy Webster The classic tale following Huck and the runaway slave Jim on their journey down the Mississippi on a raft.

A Joint BBC/CBC Production with an all Canadian cast, it was produced at CBC’s Toronto studios.
BBC Radio 4 Classic Serial[52]
17 December 2002 My Friend Maigret[53] Georges Simenon
dramatised by David Cregan
Nicholas Le Prevost, Julian Barnes, Neil Dudgeon, Jonathan Keeble, Jilly Bond, Maggie McCarthy, Bunny Reed, Ewan Bailey, Martin Hyder, Richard Firth, Emma Woolliams, Simon Donaldson and Carla Simpson On the seductive island of Porquerolles, a man is murdered when he claims the friendship of Chief Inspector Maigret. With a Scotland Yard detective in tow, Maigret is sent from Paris to investigate the death, and finds a dangerous and tempting dissolution – and some old acquaintances. BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
20 December 2002 The Five of Us Barrie Keeffe Phil Davis, Nicholas Deal, Claire Rushbrook, Steven Diggory, Annabelle Apsion, Tony Rohr and Michael N Harbour Sex and drugs and rock and roll are the illusory dreams of Bruce in his mid-life crisis.
But he forgets that he is also the older man, and finds that a ménage à trois can easily become an extended family.
BBC Radio 4 Friday Play
24 December 2002 Madame Maigret's Own Case[54] Georges Simenon
dramatised by Alison Joseph
Nicholas Le Prevost Julian Barnes, Ron Cook, Julie Legrand, Paul Sirr, Victoria Carling, Nicholas Boulton, Carl Prekopp and Martin Hyder Maigret's wife finds herself entangled in a case of murder when two human teeth are found in a bookbinder's furnace. BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
28 January 2003 The Piano Player William Bedford Karl Johnson, Christopher Kelham, Kate Dudley, Philip Jackson, Paul Downing, Stephen Critchlow, Carolyn Backhouse and Martin Hyder A pianist's marathon performance in a seaside town provides the evocative soundtrack for a tale of young love and first heartache. The music that conjures up a week in the 1950s still has the potency to bring back pain. BBC Radio 4
24 February 2003 In a Glass Darkly[55] Agatha Christie
dramatised by Mike Walker
Neil Dudgeon and Rebecca Egan In a mirror, a man witnesses a murderous attack on a young woman just before he meets the woman and falls in love with her. BBC Radio 4
24 February 2003 Righteous Brothers Neil Brand John Woodvine, Clive Swift, Tom George, Ioan Meredith, David Timson, Peter Luke Kenny and Carolyn Jones Harmony is the joyful noise that Brother Caradoc wishes to offer to the Lord. He dreams of taking his fellow monks to a higher musical plane with him. BBC Radio 4
10 March 2003 The Dressmaker's Doll[56] Agatha Christie
dramatised by Mike Walker
Juliet Aubrey, Beth Chalmers, Stephen Critchlow, Gemma Saunders, Emma Woolliams and Connie Gurie When a doll with a mind of its own comes into your life, it might be worth finding out what it wants.
Agatha Christie for the 21st century is no less chilling for moving to the driving rhythms of London's cat-walks in the cut-throat world of today's fashion.
BBC Radio 4
6 April 2003 One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich[57] Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
dramatised by Mike Walker
Neil Dudgeon, Philip Jackson, Paul Chan, Jonathan Tafler, Ben Onwukwe, Bruce Purchase, Matthew Morgan, Marty Rea, Stephen Critchlow, Ben Crowe, Seun Shote and Peter Darney When Solzhenitsyn's shattering picture of Stalin's prison camps became an international bestseller in 1962, it seemed to signal a thaw in the Cold War. But Solzhenitsyn was a prophet about to be dishonoured in his own land, and the uncensored version of the novel did not appear until 1991 - the year after Solzhenitsyn's citizenship was restored in Russia. Following the routine of a single day in the camps, the story is a dynamic demonstration of human resilience. BBC Radio 4 The Saturday Play
10 April 2003 Swan Song for the Nightingale Maurice Leitch Sorcha Cusack, Marty Rea, James Ellis, John Rogan, Stephen Hogan, James Greene and Norma Sheahan The sound of country music rings alarm bells for young Kevin, when it means that his 'has-been alcoholic' mother hits the comeback trail in Ireland, and wants to take him along.
But he has a lot to learn about his mother, and other stars of yesteryear.
BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
12 September 2003 Speaking Well of the Dead Israel Horovitz Jill Clayburgh, Lily Rabe and Israel Horovitz Penelope speaks well of her husband, who was killed at the World Trade Center, and her daughter, Willa, wants to speak the truth. It would mean killing her father again. BBC Radio 4 Friday Play
14 October 2003 The Chicken Woman Eryl Maynard[58] Eryl Maynard, Jean Heywood, Fine Time Fontayne and Matilda Ziegler Chickens first come into the Chicken Woman's life while she and her husband strive for children.
Defending her 'girls' against the Fox; nursing them into health, and comforting them in her bed, she is adamantly not obsessed.
But the neighbours have another view.
BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
8 November 2003 A Bullet at Balmain's[59] Marcy Kahan Malcolm Sinclair, Eleanor Bron, Tam Williams, Linda Marlowe, Susy Kane, Jaimi Barbakof, William Hootkins and Frances Jeater Noël Coward is in post-liberation Paris, 1948, to play the lead, in French, in his own play "Present Laughter". But the murder of a promiscuous mannequin provides him with a crime to solve BBC Radio 4
12 December 2003 Dead-heading the Roses Juliet Ace Jill Balcon, Daniel Day Lewis, Cheryl Campbell, Graham Crowden and William Hootkins Ariadne, a naval officer's wife, has become the benign queen of death, arranging tasteful memorial services - which will include her husband's. But before his departure he has plotted a final fling. BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
9 January 2004 A Kind of Home – James Baldwin in Paris[60] Caryl Phillips Ricky Fearon, Ronald Pickup, Tom Silburn, Alibe Parsons, Declan Wilson, Lydia Leonard, Jaimi Barbakoff, Damian Lynch, Lisa Davina Phillip, Ryan McCluskey, Roger May, Timothy Morand, Bob Sherman, Rachel Atkins and Chris Moran Covers the period from the war's end to publication of Go Tell It On The Mountain. BBC Radio 4 Friday Play
6 February 2004 More Mr. Mulliner: The Bishop's Move P.G.Wodehouse
dramatised by Roger Davenport
Richard Griffiths, Matilda Ziegler, Tom George, David Timson, Martin Hyder and Peter Acre Mr Mulliner returns to the Angler's Rest public house, where the regulars are once again ready to be transported into the roles of the characters in his fabulous stories. It is their urging that brings him back to the massively potent tonic, Buck-U-Uppo, which can transform a timid cleric into a tiger, and is even more dangerous when a bishop imbibes. BBC Radio 4
13 February 2004 More Mr. Mulliner: The Ordeal of Osbert Mulliner P.G.Wodehouse
dramatised by Roger Davenport
Richard Griffiths, Peter Darney, Matilda Ziegler, David Timson, Martin Hyder, Peter Acre and Stephen Critchlow This time, it is the timid Osbert Mulliner whose trials and tribulations begin when he falls in love, putting him at risk from a ferocious explorer and an even more ferocious uncle of the damsel. Rarely can a man have been so grateful for burglars. BBC Radio 4
20 February 2004 More Mr. Mulliner: The Knightly Quest of Mervyn P.G.Wodehouse
dramatised by Roger Davenport
Richard Griffiths, Matilda Ziegler, Tom George, Martin Hyder, David Timson, Peter Acre, Joanna McCallum and Gbemisola Ikemelo Only one of Mr Mulliner's many relatives appears to be a 'chump', young Mervyn Mulliner who demands a knightly quest to prove his love to the glamorous Clarice. It is December, in the 1920s, and she craves strawberries. BBC Radio 4
27 February 2004 More Mr. Mulliner: The Truth About George P.G.Wodehouse
dramatised by Roger Davenport
Richard Griffiths, Matilda Ziegler, Peter Darney, Martin Hyder, David Timson, Peter Acre, Damian Lynch and Lydia Leonard Mr Mulliner's final tale to the regulars at the Angler's Rest public house is about his crossword obsessed nephew, George, and his attempt to be as fluent in his speech to his beloved as he is in a crossword puzzle. Once again, the regulars fall into the story in a crazed journey across the English countryside, pursued by lunatics and farmers. BBC Radio 4
8 March 2004 Skin Juliet Ace Patricia Hodge Mattie's road to liberation and success sees her shedding her clothes on a naturist beach only to be asked for her autograph; but the sun also has its shadows. A wry and powerfully affecting tale of sun, flesh, naturism and mortality. BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
19 April 2004 Maigret and the Burglar's Wife[61] Georges Simenon
dramatised by Alison Joseph
Nicholas Le Prevost, Julian Barnes, Julie Legrand, Rachel Atkins, Jill Johnson, Philip Franks, Tom George, Scott Brooksbank, Jennie Stoller, Philip Fox and Alice Hart A thief's wife comes back from the detective's past.
Chief Inspector Maigret last met Ernestine when he was a young policeman, and she refused to put her clothes on so he could arrest her.
But now he must choose to believe her story about a murdered woman discovered by her burglar husband, or believe the respectable dentist who denies there ever was a burglary.
BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
26 April 2004 The Yellow Dog[62] Georges Simenon
dramatised by David Cregan
Nicholas Le Prevost, Julian Barnes, Cherie Taylor, Chris Moran, Phillip Joseph, Philip Fox, Michael Fenton Stevens, Ioan Meredith, Joe Dunlop, Steven Diggory, Damian Lynch, Francis Jeater and Rachel Atkins The Yellow Dog finds Maigret away from his Paris patch, in a sordid tale set in Brittany where one of the town worthies has been shot – through a letter box – and a wandering dog spreads panic among the citizens. BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
3 May 2004 Inspector Cadaver[63] Georges Simenon
dramatised by David Cregan
Nicholas Le Prevost, Julian Barnes, Michael N. Harbour, David Bannerman, Karen Archer, Philip Fox, John Rowe, Alice Hart, Joanna McCallum and Scott Brooksbank It was only as a favour to his inspecting magistrate that Chief Inspector Maigret agreed to investigate rumours about a death in the village of St Aubin.
But when he arrives he finds his investigation undermined by an old adversary, the disgraced Inspector 'Cadaver'.
Baulked by a town united in silence, Maigret is determined to uncover the truth – however ugly.
BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
10 May 2004 Maigret's Little Joke[64] Georges Simenon
dramatised by Alison Joseph
Nicholas Le Prevost, Julian Barnes, Julie Legrand, Phillip Joseph, Philip Fox, Harry Myers, Jaimi Barbakoff, Cherie Taylor-Battiste, Chris Moran, Rachel Atkins and Ioan Meredith When a particularly sensational murder takes place in Paris, Chief Inspector Maigret is on holiday and must follow the investigation like any member of the public, through newspapers and news flashes.
How can he keep his promise to Mme Maigret and let Inspector Janvier get on with solving the crime when he is haunted by the question: why the devil was the murdered woman naked?
BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
30 July 2004 Stan Neil Brand Tom Courtenay, Ewan Bailey, Ed Bishop and Barbara Barnes As death finally threatens to separates the greatest double-act in film comedy, Stan Laurel tries to say the things which have been left unsaid, in a poignant and powerful farewell to Oliver Hardy. BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
23 August 2004 The Coast of Maine: Miss Tempy's Watchers Sarah Orne Jewett
dramatised by David James
Joanna McCallum, Sheila Allen and Susan Jameson Miss Tempy's Watchers sees two estranged friends finding their old bonds of affection as they watch over the body of a beloved friend the night before her funeral. BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour Drama
24 August 2004 The Coast of Maine: The Queen's Twin Sarah Orne Jewett
dramatised by David James
Susannah York, Nathan Osgood, Joanna McCallum and Brian Flaherty Mrs Abby Martin, a woman born at exactly the same moment as Queen Victoria (allowing for the time difference between England and New England), tells the tale of their parallel lives. BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour Drama
25 August 2004 The Coast of Maine: Captain Littlepage Sarah Orne Jewett
dramatised by David James
Alec McCowen, Jon Glover, Tam White, Joanna McCallum and Barbara Barnes A sea captain with a memory to share of meeting an ancient Scots mariner who sailed into uncharted waters, and discovered a strange land with no place for the living. BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour Drama
26 August 2004 The Coast of Maine: Miss Esther's Guest Sarah Orne Jewett
dramatised by David James
Susan Engel, Joanna McCallum, Jon Glover and Nancy Crane Seeing it as a duty to provide a country break for a city-dwelling church member, Miss Esther offers to take in a guest from Boston. The visitor is not the old lady she expects. BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour Drama
27 August 2004 The Coast of Maine: The Town Poor Sarah Orne Jewett
dramatised by David James
Angela Pleasence, Carolyn Jones, Joanna McCallum, Alice Hart, Jennifer Hilary and Eve Pearce Having fallen on hard times, the Bray sisters have been placed out of sight on a remote farm where they won't disturb the town's conscience. A chance visit by two old friends puts their lives in shocking contrast. BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour Drama
26 September 2004 Hippomania[65] Snoo Wilson Anthony Calf, Anastasia Hille, Patricia Leventon, Andrew Woodall, Victoria Woodward, Ian Masters, Owen Sharpe, Katherine Igoe, Stephen Hogan, Renee Weldon, Aoife McMahon, Gerard Murphy, John Rogan, Nicholas Boulton, Jimmy Akingbola, Ndidi del Fatti, Andrew Scott, Tam Williams, Snoo Wilson, Alex Tregear, Emily Wachter, Jason Chan, Robert Hastie and Stuart McLoughlin With Laurence Olivier preparing to film the patriotic epic Henry V in neutral Ireland during the Second World War, and the poet John Betjeman attracting the suspicious attention of the IRA, it is a heady time in Dublin.
Snoo Wilson's astonishing fantasia, which springs from real events in Betjeman's life, conjures up Nazis, assassins and fairies as the poet wanders blithely through seats of power, pubs and a cemetery.
BBC Radio 3 Drama on 3
18 October 2004 – 22 October 2004 The Two of Us – My Life with John Thaw
(Five episodes)
Sheila Hancock Read by Sheila Hancock Sheila Hancock reads from her enthralling new book about her deep and passionate partnership with her late husband, John Thaw. BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week
11 December 2004 Death at the Desert Inn[66] Marcy Kahan Malcolm Sinclair, Eleanor Bron, Tam Williams, Belinda Lang, Jake Broder, Meredith MacNeil, Peter Swander, Nathan Osgood and William Hootkins Three hundred thousand dollars are left in a satchel in Noël Coward's Las Vegas suite.
Coward sets off on his unexpected posthumous career as a detective.
The Desert Inn, scene of one of his greatest cabaret triumphs, is the setting for a murder mystery complete with Judy Garland, a showgirl, a Broadway agent, an unlikely croupier and a US Congressman, with half of Hollywood in the audience.
BBC Radio 4 The Saturday Play
15 January 2005 The Salamander Letter Dylan Ritson Glenn Conroy, Adam Sims and Jason Chan Drama about crooked antiques dealer Mark Hofmann, who nearly succeeded in rewriting American history and bringing down the Mormon church when his forgeries fooled experts around the world. BBC Radio 4 The Saturday Play
23 February 2005 Something Cool Maurice Leitch Linda Marlowe, Jim Norton, Alyson Coote, Bruno Lastra and Claudio Rojas In a Spanish bar, far out of the tourist season, Rose sits and waits for something to happen.
As the happy hour draws to a close, two strangers appear and the scene is set for an intense and unexpected confrontation.
BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
7 March 2005 Scenes of Seduction[67] Timberlake Wertenbaker Michael Maloney, Jasmine Hyde and Harriet Walter Five-scene drama involving courting couples in various stages of life. The scene entitled Summer rewrites the wooing scene of Shakespeare’s Henry V. BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
13 March 2005 Hotel Cristobel[68][69] Caryl Phillips Rosemary Harris, Michael Potts and Stephen Spinella Caribbean independence is re-imagined in a struggle for control of a fading hotel on a small and beautiful island.
The English woman who has always managed and owned Hotel Cristobel cannot accept that her era is over and that her servant John and the mysterious visitor Mr Schultz from New York might take her hotel away.
The play, recorded in New York, is a gripping drama of power, and perhaps love.
BBC Radio 3 Drama on 3
2 May 2005 Claw Marks on the Curtain: The Lumber Room Saki
dramatised by Roger Davenport
Susan Engel, Ben Tibber and Alex Tregear When young Nicholas is punished by his aunt, he seeks refuge in the magical lumber-room; but when his aunt seeks him in the garden, he can exact retribution. BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour Drama
3 May 2005 Claw Marks on the Curtain: The Schartz-Metterklume Method Saki
dramatised by Roger Davenport
Philip Fox, Emily Wachter, Timothy Morand, Jennie Stoller and Jemma Churchill When Lady Carlotta is mistaken for Miss Hope, the new governess, she takes up the job with relish, applying a freshly invented technique of child-rearing to her new charges.
The ensuing chaos is all too modern for the parents.
BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour Drama
4 May 2005 Claw Marks on the Curtain: Fur Saki
dramatised by Roger Davenport
Bertie Carvel, Helen Longworth, Lydia Leonard and Alex Tregear Eleanor and Suzanne are best friends, but not for much longer.
Suzanne knows she can get her rich cousin Bertram to buy her a fur in the sales, but she has to entrust the job to Eleanor, who has her own plans.
BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour Drama
5 May 2005 Claw Marks on the Curtain: The Toys of Peace Saki
dramatised by Roger Davenport
Anton Rice, Ben Tibber, Anthony Calf, Beth Chalmers and Alex Tregear Harvey is encouraged by his right-thinking sister to give her two sons toys that cannot be used for war.
Of course children, in a Saki tale, are immensely inventive.
BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour Drama
6 May 2005 Claw Marks on the Curtain: The Open Window Saki
dramatised by Roger Davenport
Susan Jameson, Paul Brooke, Michael Kilgarriff, Joanna McCallum and Emily Chenery Packed off around Britain in a search for a cure for his nerves, Framton Nuttel arrives at the Sappletons' house with a letter of introduction from his sister.
It little prepares him for the tale of terror he is about to hear
BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour Drama
2 June 2005 The Miracle of Reason[70][71] Nick Dear Frances Tomelty and Jasper Britton A menacing drama about a dirty weekend that spirals into abject terror. BBC Radio 3 The Wire[72]
7 June 2005 Grief Ellen Dryden Abigail Thaw, Michael Pennington, Isla Blair and Michael N Harbour Simon's despair at the sudden death of his wife, Sarah, is only too clear to everyone.
Their perfect marriage was legendary, but their best friend Nick is tormented by his sense of loss, and there is no one he can share it with.
Especially not with his partner, Isabel.
BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
2 August 2005 I Enjoyed Myself Today Eryl Maynard[58] Alex Tregear and Samantha Bond Freya's diaries reflect the world around her in the 1960s: the Vietnam War, whether to dye her hair.
But when her menopausal self discovers them, lyrical with hormonal pubescence, she has things to say in return.
BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
10 October 2005 Voices[73][74] Text: Harold Pinter
Music: James Clarke
Harry Burton, Anastasia Hille, Andy de la Tour, Douglas Hodge, Gabrielle Hamilton, Roger Lloyd-Pack, Gawn Grainger, Harold Pinter and Indira Varma An experimental collage of voice and sound. BBC Radio 3
28 November 2006 The Lost Love of Phoebe Myers[75][76]

aka Lost Love of Phoebe Miles[77]

Bernard Kops Tracy-Ann Oberman, David de Keyser, Heather Coombs, Qarie Marshall, Lucy Middleweek and Miranda Keeling Bernard Kops's new play evokes the resilience and passions of wartime London and embarks on a journey through heartache and abandonment, while offering a promise of ultimate contentment and the exorcism of ghosts. BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
11 December 2006 – 15 December 2006 A House to Let Charles Dickens, Wilkie Collins and Elizabeth Gaskell dramatised by Martyn Wade Marcia Warren and Alec McCowen Charles Dickens, Wilkie Collins and Elizabeth Gaskell's Victorian tale of a woman worried about an unsettling sign of life in a derelict house. BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour Drama
11 March 2008 Needle[78] Christina Balit Peter Marinker, Jade Williams, Meg Davies, Kate Williams, Liz Sutherland, Liza Sadovy and Ben Onwukwe Creating the Bayeux Tapestry for their Norman conquerors is a bitter task for the women of Canterbury. BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play
30 March 2008 A Long Way from Home[79][80] Caryl Phillips O-T Fagbenle, Kerry Shale, Alibe Parson, Rhea Bailey, Rachel Atkins, Damian Lynch, Ben Onwukwe and Major Wiley Caryl Phillips' original drama imagines the conflicting forces in the iconic singer Marvin Gaye's life, including family, stardom, love, sex and drugs.

The story focuses on his final years, when he was offered a lifeline in the unlikely setting of Ostend in Belgium, where he composed the song Sexual Healing before he returned America and was murdered by his own father.

BBC Radio 3 Drama on 3
20 September 2008 Bora Bora[81] Lynne Truss Derek Jacobi, Corin Redgrave, Cheryl Campbell, Adrian Bower, Eve Pearce, Jill Johnson, Stephen Critchlow and Rachel Atkins Art historian Alec, the brother of a famous actor, has lived his life in the shadows following a traumatic event in his childhood.
When a biographer joins a painting holiday organised by Alec, his arrival disturbs the calm.
Alec must face a terrible truth about his life and about the nature of forgiveness.
BBC Radio 4 The Saturday Play
7 June 2009 Hyde Park-on-Hudson[82] Richard Nelson Barbara Jefford, Emma Fielding, Tim Pigott-Smith, Nancy Crane, Julia Swift, Sylvia Syms, John Chancer, Corin Redgrave, Kika Markham and Jamie Newall No reigning British monarch had ever been to the United States before George VI's visit in 1939, just on the cusp of a new world war.
History was in the making when the King and Queen arrived at President Roosevelt's upstate New York home, with a promise of politics, a picnic and hot dogs.
But the private life of the President provided a whole new dimension to an epochal moment, at least in the memory of his lover.
BBC Radio 3 Drama on 3


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