List of mammals of Brazil

List of mammals of Brazil

Brazil has the largest mammal diversity in the world, with more than 600 described species and, probably, many yet to be discovered. According to the World Conservation Union sixty-six of these species are endangered species and 40% of the threatened taxa belong to the primate group.

Total Number of species listed: 658 [1]



Didelphidae - Opossums

Brown-throated Sloth


Bradypodidae - Three-toed Sloths

  • Maned Sloth - Bradypus torquatus
  • Pale-throated Sloth - Bradypus tridactylus
  • Brown-throated Sloth - Bradypus variegatus

Megalonychidae - Two-toed Sloth

Dasypodidae - Armadillos

Myrmecophagidae - Anteaters


Noctilionidae - Bulldog Bats

Emballonuridae - Ghost Bats, Sac-winged Bats and Allies

Mormoopidae - Mustached Bats

Phyllostomidae - Leaf-nosed Bats

Natalidae - Funnel-eared Bats

Furipteridae - Thumbless Bats

Thyropteridae - Disc-winged Bats

Vespertilionidae - Vesper Bats

Molossidae - Free-tailed Bats

Brazilian Free-tailed Bat


Callitrichidae - Tamarins, Lion Tamarins and Marmosets

Cebidae - Capuchin Monkeys

Aotidae - Night Monkeys

Pitheciidae - Uakaris, Titi Monkeys and Saki Monkeys

Atelidae - Spider Monkeys, Muriquis and Woolly Monkeys


Canidae - Foxes, Wolves and Allies

Felidae - Wild Cats

Mustelidae - Otters, Weasels and Allies

Mephitidae - Skunks

Otariidae - Eared Seals

Phocidae - Earless Seals

Procyonidae - Raccoons, Coatis, Olingos and Allies


Balaenidae - Right Whales

Balaenopteridae - Rorquals

Delphinidae - Dolphins

Phocoenidae - Porpoises


Platanistidae - River Dolphins

Ziphiidae - Beaked Whales


Trichechidae - Manatees


Tapiridae - Tapirs


Suidae - Pigs

  • Feral Hog - Sus scrofa (introduced species)

Tayassuidae - Peccaries

Cervidae - Deer


Sciuridae - Squirrels


  • Nutria - Myocastor coypus

Muridae - Old World rats and Allies

  • Norway Rat - Rattus norvegicus (introduced species)
  • Black Rat - Rattus rattus (introduced species)
  • House Mouse - Mus musculus (introduced species)

Cricetidae - New World rats and Allies

Erethizontidae - New World porcupines


Caviidae - Guinea Pigs and Cavies


Dasyproctidae - Agoutis and Acouchis


Ctenomyidae - Tuco-tucos

Echimyidae - Spiny Rats and Allies

  • Callistomys pictus
  • Carterodon sulcidens
  • Clyomys bishopi
  • Clyomys laticeps
  • Dactylomys boliviensis
  • Dactylomys dactylinus
  • Echimys chrysurus
  • Echimys grandis
  • Euryzygomatomys guiara
  • Euryzygomatomys spinosus
  • Isothrix bistriata
  • Isothrix negrensis
  • Isothrix pagurus
  • Kannabateomys amblyonyx
  • Lonchothrix emiliae
  • Makalata macrura
  • Mesomys hispidus
  • Mesomys occultus
  • Mesomys stimulax
  • Phyllomys blainvilii
  • Phyllomys brasiliensis
  • Phyllomys dasythrix
  • Phyllomys kerri
  • Phyllomys lamarum
  • Phyllomys lundi
  • Phyllomys mantiqueirensis
  • Phyllomys medius
  • Phyllomys nigrispinus
  • Phyllomys pattoni
  • Phyllomys thomasi
  • Phyllomys unicolor
  • Proechimys amphichoricus
  • Proechimys brevicauda
  • Proechimys cayennensis
  • Proechimys cuvieri
  • Proechimys echinothrix
  • Proechimys gardneri
  • Proechimys goeldii
  • Proechimys hoplomyoides
  • Proechimys kulinae
  • Proechimys longicaudatus
  • Proechimys myosuros
  • Proechimys oris
  • Proechimys pattoni
  • Proechimys quadruplicatus
  • Proechimys simonsi
  • Proechimys steerei
  • Thrichomys apereoides
  • Trinomys albispinus
  • Trinomys dimidiatus
  • Trinomys eliasi
  • Trinomys gratiosus
  • Trinomys iheringi
  • Trinomys mirapitanga
  • Trinomys moojeni
  • Trinomys paratus
  • Trinomys setosus
  • Trinomys yonenagae


Leporidae - Rabbits and Hares


  • Costa, L.P. et al. 2005. Mammal Conservation in Brazil. Conservation Biology 19(3), pp.672–679.

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