List of 6teen characters

List of 6teen characters

This is a list of characters in the animated Canadian sitcom 6teen.


Main characters

Jonesy Garcia

Jonesy Garcia (French: Costa Rica Garcia) is voiced by Terry McGurrin, and is a tall, good-looking, womanizing teenager. His relationship with Nikki Wong is central to the ongoing plot surrounding their characters, and his inability to maintain a job for more than a single episode is one of the program's running gags.

Already a part of his circle of friends in the episode "Take this Job and Squeeze It," Jonesy is introduced in 6teen as a slacker, born into a family with two younger brothers and the prospect of taking on additional siblings from his dad's relationship with Jen Masterson's mother. He is the star player for his high school hockey team.[1]

Jonesy is obsessed with women. His constant schemes to win girls over with his charm, as well as the pranks and other acts of mischief that he participates in with his best friend Jude Lizowski, have placed him on the mall's Most Wanted list. Jonesy has flirted with most of the women he deems attractive, but his actions usually land him with rejection and trouble. Notable instances include his relationship with Amelie, a French exchange student who worked alongside him at an ice cream parlor and dumped him after he threatened to throw his brother in the mall fountain, as well as Lydia, a girl who refused to leave his side.

Jonesy loves Nikki Wong, and has since he was 14-years-old.[2] Following their first almost kiss in the episode "Clonesy," they date for approximately three months during the second season until a series of events involving buying the right gift pushes Nikki to believe that if they shouldn't continue seeing each other, they will end up losing their friendship forever. As a result, she convinces Jonesy that they should break up. Jonesy falls back into his old womanizing habits, however, while Nikki falls into a cycle of resentment and guilt. Ultimately, both admit their feelings for one another in the episode "Snow Job," and commit to a serious relationship, and they have been dating through all of Season 3 and so far all of Season 4. In the episode "The List" Jonsey admits that he thinks Nikki is "the one" and she said that she feels the same way.

Jonesy wears a dark purple t-shirt with white words on the front, light blue jeans, his trademark bead necklace and brown shoes. His hair is naturally black but dyed a deep blue.

Jonesy has never been able to hold a steady job in the Galleria Shopping Mall. He has been employed at most of the recurring locations on 6teen, in addition to many other stores and restaurants mentioned off-screen, but is always fired by the end of an episode in which he starts working, with the exception of "A Ding from Down Under," when he quits of his own accord (but he would have been fired anyway). Nonetheless, he believes that the experiences attained from such a wide variety of workplaces make him more desirable as a laborer, rendering his résumé "colorful".[3] Jonesy had intended to get a job at the Gigantoplex, but was refused due to a bad interview.

Jonesy is lazy (even lazier than Wayne), smug, and persistent. He enjoys sports, chasing after beautiful women, and formulating get-rich-quick schemes. He is also prone to deviousness, arrogance, selfishness, male chauvinism, bragging, and dishonesty (nowhere near as dishonest as Tricia), though he cares deeply for his friends and puts their needs before his own.[4] This implies that he is nowhere near as selfish as Tricia. Rather impressionable, he is easily fooled, like when his friends scared him out of skydiving with their stories of jumps gone awry.[5] Jonesy also thinks that he can speak Spanish fluently, although his Spanish is poor according to Nikki[6] and thinks that 47 is the answer to everything.[7] It is implied that 47 is Jonesy's lucky number. Despite his headstrong personality, Jonesy has numerous insecurities. He has a mild case of claustrophobia, a fact he does not readily admit because he thinks it tarnishes his tough guy image, and a fear of blood stemming from the childhood trauma of having a nosebleed that failed to stop.[8] This caused him to pass out while he gave blood. The latter does not, however, seem to prevent him from watching gory movies. The only person able to remotely calm him down while panicked is Nikki. Jonesy seems to be fond of anatomy, specifically the female anatomy[9] Like Jen, Jonesy has exposed himself the most often out of the guys in the series, all of them being censored for viewers. One instance was when Jen showed a picture of him naked when he was young.

Hey, hottie!
— Jonesy

Caitlin Cooke

Caitlin Cooke (French: Katherine "Kathy" Cloutier) is voiced by Brooke D'Orsay and is a slightly peppy and resourceful girl with a love for shopping. Caitlin's upbeat attitude and bubbliness often result in unforeseen, comedic antics during her numerous romantic escapades. Caitlin was depicted as a spoiled rich girl in the pilot episode, "Take This Job and Squeeze It".

Caitlin is a player who goes through boyfriends like Jonesy through jobs, and her relationships do not usually last beyond one episode. One notable crush is Talon, a boy she continuously injured unintentionally but gave up on because he was a lousy kisser. In the episode "Pillow Talk," Caitlin flirts with her new boyfriend Dustin, to whom she reveals her friends' most embarrassing secrets. In the episode "Waiting to Ex-Sale," she forms and ends a relationship with Tad while waiting in a line outside the Albatross & Finch clothing outlet in a matter of less than 7 hours. In addition, she has quarreled with Nikki and Tricia over two other boys, and has pretended to be a college student to impress an undergraduate. She always says each of her boyfriends could be "The One" (or in the case of the episode "2-4-1", "The Two), likely referring to who she will marry, but breaks up with them for superficial and shallow reasons, including a bad haircut, having his back covered in pimples, and producing a photo of an ugly baby with her and looking at other girls. She also may have feelings for Jude, as she kissed him on the cheek and flirts with him some. Caitlin wears a pink shirt with a light blue skirt and pink wedge sandals with her trademark butterfly clip on her short boy-cut style blonde hair.

Caitlin is employed in the Galleria Shopping Mall at the Big Squeeze lemonade stand, a job which she received out of pity from Jen Masterson. She was forced to take the job by her parents, after she maxed out her credit card (she was unaware that credit cards had limits), and was forbidden to quit until she paid them back for every penny. Initially, her commitment to her job was mediocre and her drinks were lousy until she realized she needed to add sugar, but she developed a stronger work ethic over time. She has left the Big Squeeze twice, once after she successfully paid off her credit card debt, and again to start employment in the Chocoholics Anonymous confectionery shop. In the first case, she temporarily relinquished her duties to her doppelgänger, Katie. At some point in her life, Caitlin wanted to be a soap opera actress.

Caitlin has been involved in more criminal offenses than any other character on 6teen. She was once framed for shoplifting by Tricia, leading to her repetitive arrest by mall security, and also played a role in a stalking incident, in which she was arrested by local authorities for pestering a boy she was infatuated with and violating a restraining order.[10] She was caught with a fake I.D. in the episode "It's Always Courtney, Courtney, Courtney!".

Caitlin is a shopaholic. She enjoys keeping up with new trends and dating attractive males, but is prone to weakness, distraction, jealousy, and competition. Occasionally, she can be self-centered and shallow (personality traits she has denied having). She describes herself as a "slave to fashion" and a "high maintenance menace," and regards teen magazines as bibles for women. One of her favorite stores is Albatross and Finch, a parody of the real company Abercrombie and Fitch [1] She loves her friends, although she is almost always ready to stand them up for a good sale.

Caitlin is highly susceptible to the effects of PMS during her menstrual cycle, during which she becomes prone to violent mood swings.[11] She is a fan of Pop music and the popular boy band DawgToy, and also an expert on break-ups; she believes that a step-by-step program must be followed to cope with the ending of relationships, and pre-programs Sarah McLachlan music in advance for such situations.[12] Her cell phone ring tone is set to an instrumental version of the Britney Spears single, "Oops I Did It Again".

Despite being Canadian, Caitlin speaks with a slight valley girl accent.

I think he might be ... the one!
— Caitlin

Wyatt Williams

Wyatt Williams (French: Vincent Williams) is voiced by Jess Gibbons,[13] and is a musical teenager with a caffeine addiction. By comparison to Jude Lizowski and Jonesy Garcia, he is usually the meekest of the program's three male stars.

Already a part of his circle of friends in the episode "Take this Job and Squeeze It," Wyatt is introduced in 6teen as a slightly insecure but compassionate character. He is a talented musician and singer who writes his own songs, and has been playing the guitar since grade four.[14] He is also a former member of his school's audio-visual club.

Wyatt once presented a song about his friends to a talent search competition, Star Contest, and was on the verge of being accepted into the Petty Crime record label.[14] However, as the version of the piece his audience was more impressed with was one that badmouthed his companions (which resulted in them being hated by everyone in the mall), he decided to back down on his dreams to save his friends' integrity, but acknowledged the possibility that he would one day be "the next Alanis Morissette".

While working in the country music section at the music store Spin This, Wyatt was involved in a relationship with his employer Serena after being set up by Nikki Wong. She eventually broke up with him to pursue another of her employees, Chad, and this caused Wyatt to become hostile towards her and her new boyfriend. Wyatt annoyed Serena so much she was forced to fire him in episode "Going Underground". Wyatt is then hired by Wayne at Underground Videos. Despite this fact, he still harbored feelings for her, and set up a shrine in his bedroom to honor her in the episode "Pillow Talk".[15] When Serena discovered this, she took out a restraining order on him from mall security. Serena later asks him out again after dumping Chad but he rejects her, telling her she "has to get over him".

Finally moving on from his previous girlfriend Serena, in Snow Job Wyatt gets a new girlfriend named Marlowe. The relatively calm red-head had recently joined into Wyatt's band and from there, the two began dating. However, due to spending so much time together, the two found they were getting on each others' nerves more than ever and thus Marlowe sought Wyatt out to dump him. Wyatt hid for the whole day, eventually meeting up with Marlowe for an interesting discussion. Marlowe tells him she does not want to just "be friends", telling Wyatt they will be the best of exes. Then she kisses him.

Wyatt is employed in the Galleria Shopping Mall at the Burger McFlipsters fast-food restaurant, where he composes and sings original lyrics to customers, attracting many girls. He previously worked at Underground Videos alongside Jude Lizowski, but was fired for spilling coffee onto the proprietor's favorite tape in the episode "A Ding From Down Under." He also worked at Spin This; where he signed his name on the celebrity wall, and was fired for embarrassing Serena in front of the clientele in the episode "Going Underground." At the beginning of the series, Wyatt had intended to get a job at the Grind Me coffee house, but was refused due to a bad interview. Wyatt is known for his trademark maroon sweater, green cargo pants, blue Converse, while his brown hair is styled into short dreadlocks.

Wyatt is the typical "nice guy". He has trouble talking to women he finds himself attracted to without the assistance of his friends, and believes in luck.[16]

Wyatt is dependent on coffee, and is easily irritated without caffeine in his system. Wyatt also likes to eat sushi even though his friends are disgusted by it. He is also acrophobic (scared of heights) as shown in the episode "The Swami".[citation needed].

While dating Serena, Wyatt was sometimes made to feel as though he was not mature enough to carry on their relationship, prompting him to adopt more adult mannerisms for a short period. After being dumped, he became incredibly depressed and later, overly paranoid. He was convinced that the manager of Grind Me, Charmaine, was intentionally adding less foam to his coffee to get revenge on him for continuing to bother Serena (which turned out to be true).

Wyatt enjoys reading and poetry, the latter of which he learned about from Starr. He is well-informed in the areas of history and science, and hates country music,[17] though he is a fan of the bands Simple Plan, Radiohead, the Jumping Snails, and Mighty Weasels[citation needed]. In response to the perception that he never takes risks, he had a sixteenth note tattooed onto his left arm in the episode "One Quiet Day".

Why do I get the feeling I'm going to regret this?
— Wyatt

Jen Masterson

Jennifer "Jen" Ann Masterson (French: Julie Maréchal) is voiced by Megan Fahlenbock.

Already a part of her circle of friends in the episode "Take this Job and Squeeze It", Jen is introduced in 6teen as a responsible individual, born into a family in the shadow of her more glamorous and popular older sister, Courtney, and the prospect of taking on additional siblings from her mother's relationship with Jonesy Garcia's father. She was the youngest to make it onto her high school's varsity soccer team. In some episodes, the gang gets sick of her advice.

Despite her initial feelings of jealousy toward Courtney, Jen shares a respectful relationship with her sister. She originally believed that their parents favored Courtney because she was attending university, but the two came to a mutual appreciation of each other's strengths following her sister's confession that she had been kicked out of school, and that their parents constantly encouraged her to develop a work ethic like Jen's.

Jen has had several romantic interests over the course of the series. Notable crushes include Charlie Dobbs, one of her co-workers who she dumped after becoming paranoid over his appearance, and Corey Halder, her boss' son, an avid sports fan who she broke up with on account of his self-absorbed mannerisms. Unlike Caitlin, Jen breaks up with guys for good, un-shallow reasons. In the episode "The Five Finger Discount", Jen steals an expensive jacket to impress a boy named Carson. In the episode "Waiting to Ex-Sale", she flirts with Owen while waiting in line outside the Albatross & Finch clothing outlet. She also dated a guy named Griffin whom she breaks up with because he's too cheap and made her pay for everything. Coincidentally, the voice actor for Griffin was Scott McCord, who worked alongside Jen's voice actor on Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action where their characters dated. She had a relationship with Smithy (Jonesy's doppelganger) in the episode "The New Jonesy".

Jen is employed in the Galleria Shopping Mall as a sales associate ("assistant customer coach") at the Penalty Box sporting goods retail chain, a parody of Foot Locker. She previously worked at the Big Squeeze lemonade stand to gain experience needed to be considered for her job at the Penalty Box, as well as pay for the damages she caused while driving her soccer team's bus underage. Often, Jen finds herself in the store's physical penalty box for disobeying orders or causing problems. She was also put on probation twice for folding clothes rather than hanging them up, taking a day off to visit the mall's amusement park, and playing pranks on her boss. Jen aspires to either participate in snowboarding events for the Olympics during college, or begin her own line of snowboarding gear. Jen wears a lavender hoodie with a white skirt and white sneakers with her red hair undone.

Jen is responsible, admirable, and committed. She enjoys sports, fantasizing about attractive boys, Pop music and planning for the future, but is also prone to nosiness and has a quick temper, traits which have led her friends to regard her as a control freak.[10] This could suggest that Jen has a Type A Personality. She also get jealous extremely easily and is stubborn and sometimes cares only about herself, but is usual a loyal friend.

[18] She is a fan of the popular boy band DawgToy. She is highly allergic to mushrooms. Eating them results in her becoming violently gassy and suffering from diarrhea, though in the episode "Deadbeats Poets Society", she ate Star's Fun with Fungi that included mushrooms.

In the episode "Enter the Dragon" it is shown that Jen has large cramps while under the effects of PMS during her menstrual cycle.

Ron the "Rent-a-Cop" gave her the nickname "gym sock". Although Jen likes sports, she also has an obvious girly side.

Jen had a crush on Jonesy back in the 7th grade but after that she didn't and is often annoyed by him now that they're step-siblings. In the episode "Blast from the Past", Jen re-meets and soon starts dating a professional shot putter who at first she hated for throwing rocks at her in grade two. But by "Great Experiences" his fame as a professional shot putter gets in the way of their relationship and they decide to part.

A running gag of the series is that Jen would (on several occasions) end up, through various means, exposing her breasts in public (though each occurrence is censored to the viewers). This has happened in three episodes, and one such incident was in front of people at a nightclub.

It is also noteworthy that both Jen and Gwen (Total Drama Island) have the same voice actress Megan Fahlenbock.

I'm just saying!
— Jen

Jude Lizowski

Jude Lizowski (French: Hugo Lisowsky) is voiced by Christian Potenza and is an easygoing teenager with a knack for extreme sports. A free spirit, Jude's over-the-top comportment and pranks. Jude is Jewish Canadian.

Already a part of his circle of friends in the episode "Take this Job and Squeeze It", Jude is introduced in 6teen as a mellow, overly relaxed skateboarder, born to a father who spies on him and a mother who works as a preschool bus driver. His grandparents were freedom fighters who went into hiding 50 years ago, and Jude suspected that since the Bickersons were married for that long, they were his grandparents. He is not a particularly good student, and was on the verge of failing the majority of his classes at one point in time, even though he has an IQ of 175.[10] Jude is also Jewish.[19]

Jude and his best friend Jonesy Garcia participate regularly in pranks and other acts of mischief, a fact that has placed them on the mall's Most Wanted list, and by "Snow Job", banned Jude from the mall entirely. Unlike Jonesy, however, Jude is prone to more eccentric behaviors. Some of these behaviors include naked skydiving, proposing that all currency be replaced with the barter system that uses food from Stick-it (a fast-food store Jude used to work in that specializes in kebabs and other skewered foods), taking a tropical vacation in the mall fountain, and donating 17 pints of blood just for the sake of free stickers and doughnuts even though only 16 stickers were found at the bottom of his skateboard.[8] Jude also hardly bathes; as a result, his friends have become used to the "faint lingering aroma" that always hangs around him (he calls it "the stink cycle").

Jude's knowledge of romantic relationships was initially very limited. One time Jude acted as Jen Masterson's fake boyfriend during her infatuation with fellow employee Charlie Dobbs.[20] But it was in the episode "The Five Finger Discount" where he expressed an attraction toward a talking leather armchair named "Betty", and was utterly devastated when it was sold. The event did, however, lead to his meeting with Starr, who would be his most prominent girlfriend over the course of the series. The two shared many interests, but their love ended when Starr became goth in the episode "Lights Out", and changed her name to "Nebula". He subsequently formed a long-distance relationship over payphone with an Australian girl named Callie, and was involved briefly with an overly clingy girl, Rita, who he paid Jonesy to dump in his place. More recently, he has dated Melinda Wilson (Rachel Wilson).

Jude is employed in the Galleria Shopping Mall at the game store. He previously worked as the manager of Stick-It, but the store was shut down by mall security after customers began complaining about his lack of cleanliness when preparing their meals (one found a cockroach in a kebab that he ordered and Jude admitted that he goes by the "three second rule"). Ron, in charge of investigating Stick-It, also discovered that Jude hadn't cleaned the place the entire year he was in charge, as Jude thought someone else was supposed to do that. After that, he started working as a cashier at Underground Videos (Alongside Wyatt Williams for a while until he got fired for accidentally tripping and spilling his coffee all over Wayne's rare VHS tape), but got fired after being banned from the mall forever by Ron for driving a Zamboni through the mall. While working there, Jude was the only one of the gang who actually viewed his employer, Wayne as an actual friend, while the other five despised him. However, Jude began working as the Zamboni driver at the ice rink after Bruno, the previous Zamboni driver, retired (meaning his expulsion from the mall was lifted), but he got fired after he accidentally hit the Zamboni lever, which made it drive through the mall with Jen's new baby sister, Emma Jr., on board. At the beginning of the series, Jude had intended to get a job at the North Shore Surf and Skate shop, but was refused due to a bad interview. Jude wears a creamy white t-shirt, a long sleeve black shirt under, blue jeans with his briefs' waistband visible, dark blue sneakers, and his trademark ski cap. His blond hair is usually partially hidden behind his hat.

Jude once adopted a goldfish abandoned at Underground Videos. He named it "Fish" and carried it around in a plastic bag wherever he went. He accidentally killed "Fish" by failing to take it out of the bag and put it into a fish bowl or change the water in the bag, and feeding "Fish" by pouring soft drinks and dropping popcorn into the bag.[21] In "6 Teens and a Baby!", it is revealed that Jude has the ability to know what a baby is saying. Once he also took a cute baby picture with Jen (in the baby-picture making booth) and treated it as a real baby, carrying it around in a baby carrier. In the end he "put it up for adoption" by taping it to Ron's back.

Jude is easily excited and unpredictable. On the surface, he does not appear to take anything seriously, but finds unique ways of dealing with everyday problems. He tends to approach things at a slow, suitable pace, and gives names to inanimate objects that he cherishes, such as his skateboard, "Sally". Jonesy describes him as one who "takes weird to a whole new level". Jude acts, and looks a lot like Arthur "Spud" P. Spudinski (one of the main characters in American Dragon: Jake Long) though he really resembles Link from The Legend of Zelda because of the same clothing pattern (cap, Short sleeves over long sleeves, and long pants) and his blonde hair.[14]

Jude enjoys skateboarding and fountain diving. He listens to rock music, and is a fan of the Mighty Weasels band and hockey. Moreover, Jude has a peace symbol tattooed to his left butt cheek.[10]

He has been hit, punched, or kicked in the groin more than any other male on the show.

While speaking to people, Jude usually addresses them as "dude" or "bro" in reference to males, and "dudette" or "brah" in reference to females or calling everyone as a whole "dudes".

Jude once went skydiving naked, just to prove that he would to his five friends, none of whom believed him. At the end of the episode he claimed to have done it, and showed everyone a picture of him skydiving wearing nothing but his skateboard and hat.

Dude ...
— Jude

Nikki Wong

Nicole "Nikki" Wong voiced by Stacey DePass, a rebellious punk-rock influenced girl who is arguably the most sensible of the group with sarcastic wit. Her relationship with Jonesy Garcia is central to the ongoing plot surrounding their characters. Nikki is Chinese Canadian.

Already a part of her circle of friends in the episode "Take this Job and Squeeze It", Nikki is introduced in 6teen as its human reality-check, a device to point out the falsehoods inherent in authority. She initially had trouble accepting Caitlin Cooke into their ranks, as she had known Jen Masterson, Jude Lizowski, Wyatt Williams, and Jonesy Garcia since kindergarten, though the two eventually found some common ground. Wyatt is Nikki's best guy friend according to the episode "Waiting to Ex-Sale". She has said that Jen is her best girl friend to, although she is also friends with Caitlin, Jude, and Jonesy.

Nikki admits that she was falling for Jonesy (in the one-hour special "Snow Job"). Following their almost first kiss in the episode "Clonesy", they date for approximately three months during the second season until a series of events pushes Nikki to believe that, should they continue seeing each other, they will end up losing their friendship forever. As a result, she convinces Jonesy that they should break up. Jonesy falls back into his old womanizing habits, however, while Nikki falls into a cycle of resentment and guilt. Ultimately, both admit their feelings for one another in the episode "Snow Job", and commit to a serious relationship. In the episode "The List", Jonesy admits that he thinks Nikki is "the one" and she said that she feels the same way. They almost broke up due to Nikki having to move away in the series finale, but made up right when the plane was about ready to take off.

Nikki has furthermore almost dated Hunter, as well as Stone, a worker at the Grind Me coffee shop, who resembled herself in terms of personality. Nikki wears a tattered white shirt with a light gold circle on the front top and a triangle pendant with gray cargo jeans, purple shoes, her nose and eyebrow rings, several earrings (four in each ear), and her trademark black hair (dyed purple).

Nikki is employed in the Galleria Shopping Mall at the Khaki Barn, a clothing retail chain parody of Gap, along with co-workers Chrissy, Kirsten, and Kristen, who she refers to as "The Clones" due to the fact that they look alike even though they are not related in anyway. She also frequently calls the Khaki Barn the "Crappy Barn" and "Tacky Barn". She intends to save enough money to go traveling around the world. Nikki was temporarily fired once for revealing Chrissy's secret life as a member of the Jedi Knight Club–replaced by a more conformist girl, Ashley–and forced to work at the Stereo Shack (parody of Radio Shack) electronics store with a Star Wars geek named Darth.[22] In addition, she quit her job after being harassed by The Clones under suspicion of shoplifting, but returned after she was cleared of any wrongdoing when, after Nikki threatened to report The Clones to Khaki Barn's head office for harassing her, Chrissy offered her extended breaks and the opportunity to choose her own shifts.[23] Nikki had intended to get a job at the mall's travel agencies, but was refused due to a bad interview. She ultimately quit her job working at the Khaki Barn in the series finale after she made a passionate speech about the importance of being an individual. The Khaki Barn was briefly mentioned by Lindsay on Total Drama World Tour.

Nikki can be grumpy and she is usually the most sensible among her friends, and is highly individualistic, which puts her at odds with the Khaki Barn's rules and regulations, as the store's philosophy states that individualism is highly overrated. Often, she will skip out on her duties at work and criticize others for their lack of personal style. Due to corporate brainwashing, she briefly started acting like The Clones after being declared Employee of the Month, but reverted to her former self with the help of her friends.[24] She is also very smart.[25] She dreams of becoming a travel writer.

Nikki finds her parents embarrassing, as they wear clothes from the 1970s.[26]

Under normal circumstances, Nikki hates chocolate, but while under the effects of PMS during her menstrual cycle, she craves it (devouring large quantities of the confection) and will also get over-emotional. She also ate chocolate ice cream in the episode "Stupid over Cupid".[11] She enjoys listening to rock music, is a fan of a band called The Mighty Weasels, and secretly adores DawgToy, a popular boy band.

Bite me.
— Nikki

Recurring characters


Starr was introduced in the series' first season as a supporting character and prominent love interest to Jude Lizowski, Starr is a New Age enthusiast who thinks outside the box. In the second season, she gravitated toward the goth subculture and took on the name Nebula. In the episode "Dude of the Living Dead", she reveals that she likes Jude; however, this admission holds little water, as most of the episode in question was a dream. She is voiced by Emily Hampshire.

In the episode "The Five Finger Discount", Jude Lizowski falls in love with a talking leather armchair named "Betty", and his friends Nikki Wong and Wyatt Williams attempt to find him a human girlfriend in order to make him forget about the chair. Although they are unsuccessful in finding him a date, a heartbroken Jude meets Starr following Jonesy Garcia's sale of Betty. The two were immediately drawn to one another, as Starr understood Jude's predicament, whereas others had merely dismissed his attraction to Betty as bizarre and unsettling; like him, she was previously attached to a treasured piece of furniture, her desk lamp, which her mother threw away.

Jude and Starr went on their first date in the episode "The Khaki Girl". They decided to watch a movie together at the Gigantoplex Theater, but Jude was uncertain as to how he should engage her in a kiss should the situation arise, so he consulted Jonesy for advice. The outing ended badly, however, as Jude vomited into her mouth after eating spoiled meat. While traumatized by the event, Starr would eventually overcome her embarrassment and forgive him. However, she is still traumatized by the event, as thinking about the incident makes her gag. The incident is revisited in the episode "Dude of the Living Dead", when Jude throws up in her mouth again during a kiss (though Jude was actually dreaming).

In the episode "Deadbeat Poets Society", Starr helped Wyatt quell his anger over being dumped by his ex-girlfriend Serena by introducing him to a poetry group in the Grind Me coffee shop.

Jude and Starr briefly broke up due to Jonesy's meddling.[27] At that time, they were performing shows at the Super Terrific Happy Sushi restaurant for its clientele by lending their voices to two fish resembling themselves in the aquarium. Realizing his mistake, Jude quickly reconciled with Starr.

In the episode "Lights Out", Starr went goth and changed her name to "Nebula". She joined three other teenagers who shared her new interest – Morgana, Marilyn, and Axe – but her goth persona put strain on her relationship with Jude, who was disturbed by her appearance, especially her gargoyle lip piercing. Nonetheless, Jude tried to cope with the change in his girlfriend, and assumed a goth persona himself under the name "Judas" to impress her. While touched by his consideration, Starr chose to end her relationship with Jude, though both agreed to remain friends.

Starr is employed in the Galleria Shopping Mall as a roller-skating cashier at the Vegan Island eatery, and is in fact a practicing vegan, frequently coming up with original recipes for her job at Vegan Island. She is open to new ideas, and often explores New Age-related activities.[10]

Starr enjoys telling stories and like Jude, she is interested in skateboarding and fountain diving,[14][28] as well as yoga, poetry reading, and telepathy.[10][29] She also takes African Ballet Yoga classes (before she became goth).

As a hardcore goth, Starr (Nebula is her Goth name) has a more depressing outlook on existence, and she worships Death. She was adamant that her new lifestyle be accepted, despite the fact that she recognized contradictions in what she believed it meant to be goth. R-rated horror movies did not frighten her, and she dismissed one such film as "juvenile" and "rather tame".[28] As seen in "On Your Mark, Get Set... Date!", Starr has recently become a nerd, with a whole new set of friends.

Coach Halder

Coach Halder is the owner of the "Penalty Box" sports utility shop and Jen's boss throughout the series. He is a tall, muscular and retired football player. Much like Ron and Wayne, Coach Halder despises Jonesy, due to his constant messing around in his store. He runs the store with extremely strict rules, such as the usage of the literal "penalty box", an Ice Hockey penalty box in the store to which he sends his employees (and sometimes his customers) for a time out when they make an infraction in his store, depending on his rules. However, Halder is shown to love pranks and Halloween, and at several points his behavior is considered to be obnoxious by both his employees and others, including customers (on one occasion he scared his customers so badly that the paramedics were called in twice). He constantly sends her to the penalty box for ridiculous reasons such as displaying affection or love during work hours. He is also afraid of mice and spiders.

— Coach Halder

Ron the Rent-A-Cop

Ron is the mall's 50-year-old security cop, whose appearance and mannerisms bear striking similarities to both Christopher Walken and Clint Eastwood. Ron thinks he is a real cop by coming up with codes that he just came up with that night. He is one of the show's main antagonists (the other being Tricia), being a major enemy to Jonesy and Jude, since he constantly tries to thwart their pranks and scams. Ron rules the mall with an iron fist by punishing teens who hang out or work there for the most ridiculous actions. Despite his age and experience, Ron, ironically, doesn't know what a fascist is. Ron has a severe hatred for teenagers, particularly the gang, considering them the "biggest threat to mall security in all history of threats to mall security". He hires Kai, then he fires him in "The New Guy". He is a Vietnam War Veteran (which brings his nationality into question, as Canada was not involved in that conflict) and is seen to have several sudden flashbacks of his days in the war in the least expected moments, something which has become a running gag throughout the series. He has codenames for each member of the gang: Caitlin being "Cupcake", Nikki being "Nose Ring", Wyatt being "Coffee Pot", Jen being "Gym Sock", Jude being "Hang Ten", and Jonesy being "Maverick". In turn, he is known by most people, notably the 6 main stars, as "Ron the Rent-a-Cop". Taking this all into consideration, he apparently suffers from posttraumatic stress disorder. However, despite his hatred for teens, Ron seems to share a bond or sort of friendship with Jude, since at one point during the show, both of them got hooked on a soap opera that they would watch together in Ron's office. Ironically enough, Jonesy, Jude and Wyatt discover in the episode "Life Slaver" that Ron used to be a rebellious troublemaker/prankster in the mall during the 70s. Also in this episode, it's revealed Ron does like music. In another episode, "Out of this World", it is said he has a lady-friend with a son, so it might be the Yummy Mummy. It is also implied that in "The New Guy" that Ron cannot read, as he tells Kai that Wyatt can read. Kai replies by asking "Can't everybody?". Ron didn't reply, and this heavily implies his illiteracy.

"I'm watching you...MAGGOTS." or "I've got my eye on you, punk."
— Ron


Wayne (voiced by Adam Reid, who also provides the voice of Justin from Total Drama Island and its sequel Total Drama Action) is the manager (and later owner) of Underground Video, a video rental store which specializes in independent films. First introduced in episode "Going Underground", Wayne is a sarcastic, cynical, sardonic, and pessimistic know-it-all who only befriends people whom he considers have knowledge of cinematography close to or equal to his own. Because of these standards, out of the gang, Wayne really only befriends Jude. Wayne hates Jonesy and everything that Jonesy likes, especially the film Top M16 (a play on Top Gun). Jude and Wyatt found themselves working for Wayne in the episode "Going Underground" after Wyatt was fired from the Spin This record store, while Jude's food stand the Stick-It was closed by the health inspector (see above for more information). Despite being short and overweight, Wayne is shown to be somewhat physically strong, since in the episode "Dirty Work" he beats up Jonesy for stealing his fries, and in the episode "Career Day", he dunks Wyatt and Jude in the pet store aquarium for ruining his The 77th Samurai limited edition tape. He is constantly heard listening to The Clash on his headphones. After years of watching movies, Wayne has gained the ability to somehow know which movie a person should see, meaning the film will give them some type of epiphany that they are in desperate need of. He is most likely based on Jack Black's character in High Fidelity, where he was also a know-it-all clerk, although he worked in an independent record shop, as opposed to a video store. Wayne has since shut down Underground Video and now works at Burger McFlipster's with Wyatt.

This movie meant more to me than your life.
— Wayne

The Clones

The Clones are three girls at the Khaki Barn who work with Nikki. Their personalities and appearances are very similar even though they're not related in any way.

The Clones are:

  • Chrissy (voiced by Emilie Barlow)
  • Kristen (voiced by Lauren Lipson)
  • Kirsten (voiced by Stephanie Anne Mills)

The gang refers to them as the clones because they have the identical skin tone, blonde hair, they are the same height, and always wear matching clothes. Chrissy is the leader of the trio (being 18-years-old while the other two are 16). She is also the manager of the Khaki Barn and Nikki's boss. Kristen is the smartest and nicest one; once getting a higher score than Nikki on a test. She also has had the least speaking parts and has shown to constantly get injured. Kirsten is the dumbest and girliest one. Kirsten and Kristen are nearly identical (except for their hairstyle and eye color) and are Chrissy's best friends, and sometimes lackeys. They are normally bossed around (though not harshly) and told everything to do by Chrissy to the point that when Chrissy is away and can't boss them around, they seek Nikki as their new role model/leader. All three of them are known for their "trademark" happy squeal of "EEEEEEEEE!" which they exclaim in unison when they are happy. Chrissy has blue eyes and short hair, Kristen has green eyes, long hair, and a blue bandanna, and Kirsten has brown eyes, and a ponytail with a green band.

"Welcome to the Khaki Barn" (greeting), "Have a Khaki day" (upon departure).
— The Clones

The voiceover actresses of the Clones work together on three other shows: Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, as well as Total Drama World Tour.

  • Emilie Barlow is Courtney
  • Stephanie Anne Mills is Lindsay and Katie
  • Lauren Lipson is Sadie


Tricia is Caitlin's evil queen bee ex-friend and former shopping buddy. She is the show's major antagonist.

Tricia first appears in the pilot episode; at first, she is Caitlin's best friend and shopping buddy, but leaves her side at the end because of Caitlin's new job and starts to view her as a loser. To this end, she attempts to ruin Caitlin's life whenever she has an opportunity. She once ran against Caitlin in "The Khaki Girl" contest and cheated to make Caitlin look like a loser. Also, she had once recorded and downloaded video footage of Caitlin walking around on the beach in her bikini with toilet paper sticking out of it and gave it to the gang, although that was requested by the gang themselves to get revenge on Caitlin for betraying them. In the episode "Crimes of Fashion", first, she apologized insincerely when she purposely spilled milkshake on Caitlin and then when she went shopping with Caitlin, Tricia accused Caitlin of shoplifting. Tricia has starred in more than ten episodes; each time she attempts to ruin Caitlin's life and/or continuously ruins Caitlin's attempts at a new boyfriend. She also has run against Nikki in the episode "Spring Fling" to be Spring Fling Queen and Nikki won. In the episode "Snow Job", she appeared as the 'most hottest and coolest' girl's (Jonesy's date) boyfriend. In the episode "Sweet 6teen", she convinced Caitlin to have a joint sweet sixteen, because Chill TV (parody of MTV) was going to film Caitlin's birthday. Tricia ended up stealing the party and was Chill TV's 'Queen of Mean'. Other than a non-speaking appearance in a non-canonical minisode, Tricia does not appear at all in 6teen's abbreviated fourth and final season. She is voiced by Jennifer Robertson.

"Hey Lemonhead!" (referring to Caitlin)
— Tricia


Wyatt's ex-girlfriend and former boss (voiced by Novie Edwards). Wyatt freaked when she broke up with him via text message and began dating her co-worker and former beau Chad again. When she found out Wyatt had built a shrine to her in his bedroom, she had Ron take a restraining order out on him. She has occasionally gone back to Wyatt when she and Chad are on the outs due to actions on Chad's part (such as when Chad ditches her to go to a concert by himself in the episode "Midnight Madness"), but when Chad wants to get back together with Serena, she readily dumps Wyatt and eagerly goes back to Chad, demonstrating that she conveniently and selfishly uses Wyatt whenever Chad is not in the picture. When Marlowe (Wyatt's then-girlfriend) started working with Serena, she talked about how great Wyatt was, which made Serena jealous. Even though Serena was dating Chad, Marlowe made it hard to resist Wyatt. Currently Serena is broken up with Wyatt. She tried to go out with Wyatt again, but he rejected her. Serena gets jealous when Wyatt starts liking a famous singer named Kylie Smylie and she tries to get back with Wyatt again, but Wyatt, remembering his rocky history with Serena, wisely turns her down again.


A girl that Wyatt has a crush on. She plays bass guitar and she and Wyatt are in the same music group. A friend of Marlowe's, an Asian girl named Connie, is also in the group and she plays the drums. Marlowe was Wyatt's girlfriend until the time they spent together began to get on their nerves, leading them to break up, though they agreed to stay friends.

Darth Mall

Darth is a Star Wars fan and major nerd that is in charge of the Jedi Knight Club and is manager of "Stereo Shack" (parody of Radio Shack) in the mall. He has a great animosity for Jonesy, but a seemingly casual friendship with Wyatt.

He is attracted to Nikki but later starts to date Julie, who works at Wonder Taco.

Darth calls himself a Jedi all the time, but seems unaware that "Darth" is a title for a Sith, the sworn enemies of Jedi. To further the confusion, he wields a red (fully functional) lightsaber, which are also normally used by Sith instead of Jedi. He also sports Darth Vader's cape.

"I am attracted to you as a Jedi is attracted to the force, young Padawan."
— Darth (to Nikki)


Julie is a Wonder Taco employee and Darth's girlfriend. Julie is also a member of the Jedi Knight Club. She is in a relationship with Darth, which was temporarily strained when Darth pledged his eternal gratitude to Caitlin. She was sometimes seen trying to injure Nikki when Darth was talking to her.

Julie wears braces and is unattractive, one of the few females in the show who isn't pretty at all. Also, her uniform includes a bizarre giant taco on her head.

Other characters


Ashley was the fourth Clone of the Khaki Barn (voiced by Annick Obonsawin). She speaks exactly like The Clones, and wears exactly the same uniform (However, hers are more of a summer-type; presumably to tell them apart. She has a halter top instead of a baby-tee and a skirt instead of caprice shorts.)

After Nikki tells Jonesy about Chrissy’s secret of being in the Jedi Knight Club, Chrissy fires Nikki and hires Ashley. The Clones had exactly what they wanted, a fourth Clone who didn’t slack off and did her job. However, Chrissy, Kirsten and Kristen had begun to get frustrated with her as she was taking all the customers and hustling all of the sales. When Nikki comes back for her old job, Chrissy immediately fires Ashley and hires Nikki. The Clones claim to Nikki, "You were the best employee because you give us all the commissions, and that's why we love you!".

Christo and Blade

Christo and Blade are two jocks featured in five episodes as "cool" people who host many parties.

Christo and Blade originally worked at the Things That Beep electronics store. They are known for being very cool, and popular. They gain a lot of chicks and throw parties for everyone cool enough to be invited. They both return in the Season Two premiere "Going Underground", where they are now working at the Blockbuster Video-like chain Taj Mahome Videos. Christo and Blade also appear in the episode "Major Unfaithfulness", where Underground Videos is sold to Taj Mahome Videos and they rename the store "Taj Mahome Videos Indies Section", where they hire four Indian dancers. Later in the same episode, Wayne bought back the store from Taj Mahome Video and, according to Jude, Wayne literally kicked them out of the store. They have an ongoing rivalry with the gang, especially with Jonesy, who worked for them at Things That Beep in the episode "The Five Finger Discount", but was fired for taking a pen that belonged to the store. Their contempt of Jonesy is shown by refusing to hire him at Taj Mahome, and by threatening to beat him up for attempting to steal guests from their New Year's party for Jonesy's own planned party (in the episode "Midnight Madness"). In the episode "Another Day at the Office", Jonesy gets the upper hand for once when he refuses to grant them bank loans, while everyone else who applies gets accepted. They are both very cocky (indicated by each always having one eyebrow raised) and they have a very high opinion of themselves, as when asked for the movie The 77th Samurai, they claimed they never heard of it, and immediately assumed that because of that, then the movie probably sucked.


Amélie is the new assistant manager at the Ice-Cream Parlor and known as the “hottest girl in the mall”. Jude also quoted her as "The hottest girl in all of France." The reason for this is because she has an articulate French accent, extremely large breasts and voluminous black (or possibly blue) hair. After Jonesy begins his new job at the Parlor, he begins getting infatuated with Amélie (even though there was a long line of adolescent males and adult males for her). After rejecting Jonesy four times in rapid succession (he asks her repetitively, it was as if she never answered Jonesy), she finally agrees to go on a date with him. Amélie is almost easily flattered, for when she had broken up with Jonesy, she had fallen for Jonesy’s annoying little brother, Robbie. After Jonesy tells her he likes her, Amélie is flattered by Robbie’s comment and grows warmer to Jonesy. By the end of A Crime of Fashion, she treats Robbie to some ice cream, much to Jonesy's jealousy.


Katie was once the worker for the Lemon, after Caitlin leaves her job for a brief spell of time. Katie is a complete contrast to Caitlin, as Katie is serious about her job, is grumpy, and is a snob who likes Tricia.

In the episode entitled Losing Your Lemon, Caitlin finally quit her job at the Big Squeeze because she paid her father back the money she spent on his credit card. Having her credit card back, she gives the job to Katie. Katie was a more stern job owner than Caitlin. However, this spells disaster for the rest of the gang as Katie doesn’t save the seats to the gang’s table, instead letting her own friends have the table, including Tricia, one of Caitlin's biggest enemies. Ironically enough, Tricia stopped being friends with Caitlin because she started working at the Big Squeeze (but it might be that Katie in the position allowed Tricia to get back at Caitlin, through her friends). With Katie in charge, she furiously tells the gang to get away from the lemon, otherwise she would call Mall Security. After being mocked by Nikki for wearing the infamous lemon hat, Caitlin has little trouble persuading Katie to take Jonesy’s then newest job at the information kiosk desk, to which she happily agrees with.


Leda is the seemingly odd female who works at El Sporto's. Leda named the store "when she was Spanish". Leda always likes to change what language or accent she always talks in, as well as what outfit she wears when waitressing, sometimes dressing for example as a gymnast, a race car driver or a football linebacker. She is also grumpy and rarely smiles, possibly the most humourless character in the mall. Once, when Wyatt and Serena were on a date, she was Italian. Another time, when Caitlin was on a date with someone, she had noticed that last week, Leda was Russian and this week, she was German.


Lydia is viewed as attractive, but overall crazy. She has a weird obsession with chickens, so the gang occasionally calls her "Crazy Chicken Lady", and gives Wyatt a chicken statue that she made in taxidermy class. In one episode, she mistakes Wyatt with Wayne (at one point calling them "identical twins"), which is nearly impossible. She usually tends to have a creepy twitching of one eye, which also is a clue that her grip on reality isn't exactly the best. She will follow, or "stalk" anyone she thinks may like her. She works at Battery Stop in the mall. When many people start calling Underground Videos (due to their phone number being similar to a psychic hotline), she asks Wyatt and Jude how she can get Jonsey to notice her, thus ruining Jonsey's "modeling gig". Her memory isn't the best as shown in that episode because she still liked Jonsey, despite the events in the episode "It's Always Courtney, Courtney, Courtney!".

Every minute we're apart, is an eternity.
— Lydia


Joanie is a pretty brunette girl who once worked at the travel agency with Jonesy. She also scammed people into giving her charity money when the "charity" money was for the charity of her. Joanie and Jonesy had a lot in common which lead the gang to thinking Jonesy liked Joanie and Joanie liked Jonesy (Caitlin: "She fed him fries!!") while Jonesy was dating Nikki, but they were just friends. Also, the character has appeared in different episodes under a variety of names and in different attire. In "Midnight Madness", she wore a light pink dress with purple tights and her name was Carly.


Corey is one of Jen's 'love interests' and he is in the episode 'Breaking up with the coach's son'. Corey is a gorgous guy but also a jerk. Jen 'Megan Fahlenbock' also stars with the actor of Corey 'Dan Petronijevic' on the show Total Drama (Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action and Total Drama World Tour; The Aftermath).


Big Steve

Caitlin's boss and owner of The Big Squeeze or so called The Lemon, a short man who acts like a stereotypical Texan. Big Steve is always trying to act tough and he is very pleased to have utter control over someone. To make himself look taller, he puts on a huge cow-boy hat. In one particular episode, Caitlin had to reach a quota and earn a certain amount of money at The Lemon or else it would have been relocated to a strip mall. Steve is generally a nice guy and even offers to give Caitlin a bonus if she can keep sales up while he's at the Calgary Stampede (if he doesn't lose it all in the Cow Lottery).

See, uh, Caitlin, there's only room for one giant fruit in this mall.
— Big Steve

Movie Usher

The worker at the Gigantoplex who guards the door of the movie theatre and has the power to kick out anybody from the theatre. The same movie usher seems to appear throughout the series and shares a voice actor with Noah from Total Drama Island.

I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave. NOW.
— Movie Usher


A Zamboni driver who wears a goatee and a Canada toque. Seen in the Snow Job episode, Bruno gave the keys over to Jude, so he could have the feel of driving a Zamboni. When Jude got banned from driving the Zamboni, Bruno retired and made Jude his successor, making him once again able to go inside the mall. In the episode "Labour Day Part One", it was seen that he has a tattoo of the Canadian symbol on his bottom.

When I first started this job, driving the Zamboni really meant something, people respected you.
— Bruno

Crazy Pete

He was once the owner of Underground Videos. He never appeared in any 6teen episodes, but he is mentioned by Wayne. "I don't own the store, Crazy Pete does." He sold off Underground to Taj Mahome Videos, which made Wayne, Jude, and Wyatt angry. Wayne afterward bought Underground Video cheap himself, implying that Crazy Pete won't be seen in the show at all because he no longer has any ties with the mall.

Nerdy Guy

A short nerdy guy who is fat on his tummy and with equally large front teeth showing. His timid personality is shown in various episodes. In the episode entitled "Lights Out", he was the man stuck on the escalator, saying that he was too afraid to walk up the stairs. He said he never climbed stairs before because he lives in a bungalow. He is a frequent customer of the Penalty Box, usually looking for a tennis racket and having some misfortune caused by Jen being distracted. He is revealed to be 39 years old after Caitlin mentions he is in his early 40s when spying on him and he corrects her. He is primarily an extra who is used to enhance the show's humour at times. It is also revealed that he still lives with his mother, despite being 39.

— Nerdy Guy.

Second Nerdy Guy

An almost bald man who wears a purple shirt and has a slightly hairy chest. He always seems to have the misfortune of being hit by spit. He also seems to not give up easily since during the entire episode of "The Big Sickie", where he tried to get service from a dummy he thought was Jude. When Jonesy was employed as a pharmaceutical assistant, he was Jonesy's employer and referred to as "Mr. Goldstein". He appears in the episode "Dude of the Living Dead" as a zombie who bites a girl Jonesy was watching undressing through a peep hole in the change room what, as a zombie, he also destroyed trying to bite Jonesy. It is also mentioned that he has a 6-year-old daughter.

What the-
— Second Nerdy Guy

George and Gracie Bickerson

A pair of seniors who are married to each other. They are unbearable to be around, as they resort to bickering (often over trivial things) with anyone they come across as well as each other. In the episode "Bicker Me Not", Nikki is angry at Jonesy for accidentally breaking George and Gracie apart, which caused Gracie to start hanging out at the Khaki Barn, buy into their philosophy, and begin to criticize Nikki's lack of style, much to the Clones' delight. Jude, in that episode, thinks that George and Gracie are his grandparents, thinking that if they break up forever that his existence is in jeopardy, due to a complete misinterpretation of the grandfather paradox. Later in the episode, it is shown that Jonesy and Nikki are like George and Gracie, just 50 years apart. Gracie had told Caitlin once that she was 76-years old, (meaning that it would be 60 years apart).


The owner and head chef of Super Terrific Happy Sushi. This Japanese man acts like a samurai. He was once Jonesy's boss and taught Jonesy samurai-like things, allowed Jude and Starr to perform "fish theatre" at the restaurant's aquarium, and taught the guys how to deal with the girls when they were "PMSing".

Ah, so! Baka no teenaga! (Japanese for 'Idiotic Teenager')
— Hiro.


He is the owner of the popular arcade in the mall. Norm is tall, hunches a bit and has a mop of brown hair covering his eyes. He often wears what appears to be a Van Halen t-shirt. However, in "The List", he is referred to as Shane Walker after winning a skate board.

The Nurse

In the episode "Waiting to Ex-sale", she is the nurse who draws blood from blood donors. She refused to give Jonesy a sticker or a doughnut when he asked for one without donating blood. At the same time, she let Jude donate blood for a total of 17 times because Jude used disguises to pass as another person, including a Mexican named Mr. Rodriguez, a cop, and a girl, so that he could get free donuts, which were offered to all donors. In the end, however, the truth leaked out, and she told him that if he didn't tell anyone how much blood he donated, he could have the whole box of donuts. She later reappears as a maternity ward doctor in the two-part Season Four premiere "Labour Day".


Paige is the girl who works at the hot dog stand, and sometimes works at the ice cream store. She even tried to put a bid on Jonesy's Valentine dating auction, despite mentioning that Jonesy never knew her name. Paige is very pretty. However, in one episode she was incorrectly referred as to Brandy.


He is the manager of Burger McFlipsters and hired Wyatt in the episode entitled "A Ding From Down Under.". Tim was impressed that Wyatt made up his own songs, which resulted in Wyatt's promotion as assistant manager. He has his employees sing to the meat because he believes it will make the meat taste better and also made a smile every ten seconds rule. It is revealed in the episode "Sweet 6teen" that Tim is a professional ballroom dancer and started out dancing with meat.

Employed by the mall


Kai (voiced by Drew Nelson) is an Asian (presumably Japanese or Chinese) former assistant security guard who is another typical teen and doesn't take his job seriously. When Ron quit his job once, he became the new security guard who never busted anybody. The gang was really happy that Ron had quit, but was not happy anymore when Ron decided to hang out with them. Jonesy made a plan of activating a high level security alarm in the mall so that Ron would be encouraged to take his old job back. When Ron did, Kai was fired for losing the keys that would shut off the alarm. Kai was hired again by Ron later, but he got fired again for slacking off. He was once Caitlin's love interest but she broke up with him. Kai appears to be 18.

Pokey The Panda

Pokey The Panda isn't one character, rather he's a giant panda costume who's constantly abused by the gang, often for the purpose of hiding. After one of the guys in the Pokey suit falls from the escalator, Jonesy takes his job. Of course, he ends up getting fired. In the episode Dude of the living dead, he was assaulted by 3 zombie children. In a later episode, he is seen getting arrested by Ron in a brief scene.

He's Pokey, Pokey, Pokey The Panda Bear. He's good, but not too good, eh. Control 3000


Serena's ex-boyfriend. They were a couple before Wyatt was hired and fell in love with his boss. He works at Spin This and was Wyatt's friend and mentor there until he hooked up with Serena again. Wyatt had also accused him of being in a coma-like state because of the fact that he is super laid back. In episode "The Big Sickie", it's revealed that Chad is into Talking Heads and Radiohead.


Courtney Masterson

Jen's older and hotter sister, who came back home from university, after she flunked out. Guys adore her looks and girls love to listen to her boyfriend's adventures, so Jen feels abandoned by the rest of the gang when Courtney steps into the Mall in the episode "Its always Courtney, Courtney, Courtney!". She has a good reason to feel like that; Courtney is a famous friend and boyfriend stealer. Courtney's also quick to put down Jen and belittle her. Despite their differences, they actually do still love each other (as shown in the episode "The Wedding Destroyers," and for a brief time in the episode "Opposites Attack"). Courtney is supposedly 19 years old. She is voiced by Krista Sutton.

Now that everyone knows that you have boobs of your own, that shouldn't be a problem.
— Courtney

Emma Masterson-Garcia Junior

Jen and Jonesy's baby sister. In the episode "Whoa, Baby!", Jen finds out her mom is pregnant. She is afraid that she'll have another brother, but her anxiety was put to rest when her mother learns after the ultrasound that she is going to give birth to a baby girl (thus creating an even playing field). She first appears in the episode "Labour Day Part 2", when Mrs. Emma Masterson-Garcia finally gives birth to her. She has a role in the episode "6 Teens and a Baby", where each of the gang takes care of baby Emma while Jen's mom and Jonesy's dad are on their honeymoon. But when the baby goes from friend to friend, problems arise, as Emma won't stop crying unless she's being entertained by something. When Caitlin brought Emma to Wyatt, he entertained her with his guitar.

Diego & Robbie Garcia

Jonesy's two younger brothers. Robbie is the youngest of the three and can be troublesome. On many occasions when he appears, he is seen lifting up skirts and dresses and tampering with electronic devices (such as the Khaki Barn phone). In the episode "A Crime of Fashion", he renamed the Khaki Barn the Cracky Barn when Nikki brought him along to the Khaki Barn in order to annoy the Clones. He was able to pick up a cute woman that Jonesy was unable to score with. Not much is known about Diego, except that he is roughly a younger and shorter version of Jonesy, but is seen in his regular clothes as of "Silent Butt Deadly". They are very agreeable on trying to dominate their stepsisters Jen & Courtney, especially by pranking them. But despite their animosity for their other family members, they greatly respect their older brother, Jonesy. Robbie appears to be 10 or 11 and Diego 13 or 14.

Frankly, I'm insulted that you would even say tha...ah
— Diego, sitting on the Tush Control 3000

Mr. Garcia and Mrs. Emma Masterson-Garcia

Mr. Garcia is the father of Jonesy, Diego and Robbie Garcia. Emma Masterson is the mother of Jen and Courtney Masterson. They dated each other for a couple of years before deciding to get married. However, the wedding plans did not go well as the children of both families declared war, both trying to ruin each other's lives. When finally they came to an agreement, both parents of the two families had a happy marriage and they all now live as one happy family...for now. Jen's upset that Jonesy's now her step brother.

Mr. and Mrs. Wong

They are Nikki's parents who appeared in a couple of episodes in 6teen. Nikki criticizes them for wearing old style 1970s clothing. Nikki claims that they are annoying and constantly get on her nerves. Once, she gave a large Gigantoplex popcorn to Jude for him to occupy her parents for her while she does her own stuff. In order to try help her, Jude had once taught them to act and dress like teens/gangsters. However the plan backfired as this method made Nikki mad instead. In the episode "How the Rent-a-cop Stole Christmas," Nikki's mom does not think that Jonesy is the right guy for Nikki, especially when Caitlin, in Jonesy's snowman costume, accidentally touched a female's breasts in front of Nikki's mother, but changes her mind at the end of the episode. Nikki's mother also considers Ron the rent-a-cop to be mean. In the series finale, Mr. Wong got a new job in Nunavut, which meant the family had to move.


Yummy Mummy

She's called "Yummy Mummy" because of her absolute gorgeousness and the fact that she has a brat-of-a-son named Stanley. She's called this name by Jonesy, Jude, Wyatt, Caitlyn, and even Nikki. In the holiday episode called "Deck the Malls," when Jonesy works as one of Santa's elves, her son pulls down Jonesy's pants and she slaps him, calls him a "pervert", and tells the security guards that he tried to "pick her up" after which he is essentially fired. However, in the episode "Stupid Over Cupid," she makes a bid to be Jonesy's Valentine's Day date. In the episode "Wedding Destroyers," she takes a picture of him streaking. Even though she reported Jonesy, she has in multiple episodes made it clear that she finds him attractive.

The Kids

In one episode, three mothers leave their kids at Stick It with Jude, thinking he hosts a daycare center. He temporarily calls his work station Dude Daycare. The three kids are Yummy Mummy's bratty son, Stanley, a little blonde girl with a pink skirt and a ponytail, and a little boy with overalls and a mullet. Unable to control them, Jude feeds them chocolate under Jonesy's advice, which just makes them even wilder. Jude then gets Wyatt and Jonesy's help, yet they still can't control the kids. The problem seemed to be fixed when the girls suggest putting the kids down for a nap, but then Stanley wakes up with a smirk and chuckles wickedly.

We break things.
— Stanley

Book girl

Wears glasses and a pink sweater. She is voiced by Terri Hawkes.


She was turned off by Jude when she saw that he was in love with a massage chair that he called Betty. Betty is voiced by Terri Hawkes.

"The Couple" Jason & Joanie

These two have no back story, but they are always shown kissing, except for several instances where they are split apart in a humorous fashion. Most notably when Jonesy was paid to tell them to take their "constant kissing" outside the Mall. Another time when Jen put on some smelly cramp relaxing cream they actually stopped kissing and ran away when they smelled it. They are also known as the "Kissing Couple".

The Doppelgangers

In the episode titled "Losing Your Lemon," Caitlin quit her job at "The Big Squeeze" and had given it to Katie. Since Katie wouldn't save anyone's seats, Tricia and her cruel gang had stolen the seats. The doppelgangers each are versions of the 6teen gang. Smithy is Jonesy's double, Josh is Jude's double, Vikki is Nikki's double, Wendell is Wyatt's double, and there is also a double for Jen (who is not officially named on the show, but who is identified in the closed captions in the episode "The New Jonesy" as "Jane"). While Katie, who is Caitlin's double, is the Caitlin of the member of the group, Tricia is the head of the gang. None of them have appeared since "Losing Your Lemon" except for Smithy, who would later appear in the episode "The New Jonesy" as Jen's Boyfriend, and Jen's double, who is later seen with Smithy at the end of that same episode. She doesn't really count being in that episode though cause she didn't say anything, she just walked in at the end.

Escalator Girls

A trio of female bullies who guard the escalator and think they own the mall and even steal money from children in the mall (in the episode "Dirty Work", they were seen tripping the Second Nerdy Guy and making money fall out of Stanley's pockets in order to steal from him). If a person accidentally drops their stuff in their area, the stuff becomes theirs. According to Wyatt, if anyone tried to get their stuff back, they'd put it someplace really painful. These items include Jen's house keys (when Jen accidentally threw her house keys at them), Jude's skateboard (when Jude accidentally left it in their area), and by the end of "Dirty Work", Caitlin's SmashFace face tanner, which gives terrible results. In the end, Jen got her keys and Jude's board back because Caitlin had asked Jonesy to tell the Girls that Jen was a professional champion kickboxer who had killed a guy before. In "Kylie Smilie", they pick on Jude by giving him a wedgie, pantsing Jude and tying knots in his clothes and putting a rose in his mouth, and literally bending Jude's bones. After Nikki insults them, they throw Nikki into a trash bin and Nikki declares war on them. Jude distracts the Escalator Girls while Nikki gives each of them a wedgie and Ron then ejects them from the mall. One of them can be seen helping an old man in "All Pets Are Off". They perform as minor antagonists in the show. One of the Escalator Girls has been heard to speak with a Brooklyn-style accent, while another one has been heard with a British accent.

So I says to him, I says...
— Escalator Girl #3

The Goths

Starr's new goth friends (where she calls herself "Nebula") who became friends with the gang after they all saw a horror film. Even as goths, during the episode entitled "Lights Out", Marilyn shows his true skills in basketball when he shoots an amazing shot at the Penalty Box. Axe is tall and has many tattoos, hair pulled to one side. Morgana, the leader of the goths, also shows that she was an innocent girl Caitlin knew in summer tennis camp, Halley.

Mandy and Gwen

Two of Tricia's newest best friends after she decided to quit being Caitlin's friend. They are loyal companions of Tricia, always trying to help her with her evil plans against the gang. They are always seen hanging out with Tricia around the mall and are snobbish like her. They help Tricia and Caitlin plan their sweet sixteen. Mandy made her first appearance in The Girls in the Band. Gwen made her first appearance in The Khaki Girl.

Do it or face social suicide.
— Mandy and Gwen


A 12-year-old kid who became a world champion on the "Space Annihilator" arcade game. In one episode, Jonesy had beaten the world record on the Space Annihilator. He was known as the hero at the arcade and a place where he could relieve his stress if he had a bad day. However, 20 minutes later, Jonesy found out Nelson had beaten his score the day before. Angry at being beaten, Jonesy challenges him one-on-one, but goes down in defeat.

Charlie Dobbs

Jen's co-worker, whom she used to date. After Coach Halder begins favouring him and punishing her, Jen begins to hate him, as her friends began to consider him as part of the group. Everyone was bummed when they found out they were no longer a couple or friends for that matter.


Sophia is the girl who often comes up passing by in 6teen shows, but has never officially been introduced. She is a blonde girl with curly hair that covers one of her eyes. In one episode, Sophia liked Jonesy for five minutes, but when she heard that it was Jonesy in Wyatt's evil song, she spilled hot coffee on his groin. Sophia has a big football player sized boyfriend who gave Jonesy a piece of his mind when Jonesy tried to "pick her up". Sophia is a victim in Jen's fantasy about Carson in the episode "The Five Finger Discount", in which he holds Sophia in his arms, but promptly drops her on the floor upon seeing Jen in an expensive jacket.


Rita is the female who wanted to be with Jude once she had found out that Starr wasn't going to date him any more. Rita is a tall red-haired girl who is obsessed with boys. Rita is always stalking them, and she is pretty sensitive. Rita highly resembles the Lydia character in appearance and personality – they share red hair and a clingy disposition. In one episode, Jonesy's job was to break bad news to people. So, he broke the bad news to Rita that Jude didn't want to be with her, he told Ron the Rent-A-Cop's assistant that he was a fired maggot, but couldn't tell Nikki that Stone had wanted to break up with her. Right after, Rita gave everyone, even Jude, an invitation to her awesome party – that is, everyone but Jonesy. She was vindictive toward him for manipulating her emotional vulnerability as a "rebound chick", and slapped him several times before walking away.


Nikki’s ex-boyfriend who works at Grind Me coffee shop. He has a negative, nasty, and sarcastic personality, which makes him just like a non-Asian male version of Nikki. He tried to pay Jonesy to dump Nikki on his behalf because he wouldn't do it himself, but Jonesy refused to do so. When Stone mentioned to Nikki that he was going to break up with her through Jonesy, an angry Nikki pelted him with socks and chased him out of the Khaki Barn, effectively dumping Stone in the process.

Melinda Wilson

A 17-year-old senior in high school that is a year older than Jude, in which he was once in love with. Melinda would only talk to Jude in a private area of the mall because she doesn't want her friends to know they are dating, but Jude was forced to tell first Caitlin, then the others later knew about Jude's secret crush. Jude decided to dump her when they were inside a heating duct above the Khaki Barn in the Silent Butt Deadly episode, when he let out a fart to see if Melinda still loved him. Melinda tried to escape, but instead fell down through one of the vents into one of the vacant change rooms. Melinda is voiced by, and shares the surname with, Rachel Wilson, the same actress who voiced Heather in Total Drama Island.

The "Gay Cowboy"

He wears a ten gallon hat and he too attempted to put a bid on Jonesy's Valentine dating auction, as Jonesy had not specified that it was only for females. He also once bought a heart shaped container filled with meat from Stick-it, where Jude worked, thinking it was chocolate. It has been suggested that the "Cowboy" is gay, especially in the episode "Stupid over Cupid" when he put a bid down on a date with Jonesy. He is most likely inspired by the film Brokeback Mountain.

Young Girls

This group of young and seemingly unpopular girls is seen in crowds in many episodes, but they are most noted for being Wyatt's posse in the episode "Idol Time at the Mall" in which Wyatt becomes famous. They appear to be 12 or 13. In another episode, one of them buys Nikki's used sandals from her, even though they're covered in blood.

— Young girls


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