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Valley Girl (less commonly, "Val") is a term referred to affluent middle-class young girls living in the neighborhood of San Fernando Valley [citeweb|url=|author=internet postings on Urban Dictionary|title=Defintion of Valley girl|date=current] . A typical Valley Girl is of a Caucasian background, though the term has more recently been applied to females of other races. A Valley Girl can be described as physically attractive, materialistic, self-conscious, self-centered, hedonistic and sexually promiscuous. Valspeak is also a form of this trait.

During the 1980s and the 1990s, the term metamorphosed into a caricature and stereotype of such women: a "ditzy" or "" personality, and unapologetically "spoiled" behavior that showed more interest in shopping, personal appearance and social status than in intellectual development or personal accomplishment. [,9171,925750,00.html]


:"Main article: Valspeak "A certain sociolect associated with Valley Girls, referred to as “Valspeak,” became common across the United States during the 1980s and 1990s, and much entered teenage slang throughout the country.

Qualifiers such as “like”, “way”, "as if!", “totally” and “” were interjected in the middle of phrases and sentences as emphasizers. Narrative sentences were often spoken as though they were questions (high rising terminal).

*"As if" – lit. "as if" except it does not use a subject; expresses disbelief.
*"Bitchin"' - adj. slang for excellent; first-rate.
*"Whatever!" - short for "whatever you say"; sarcastic comeback.
*"Barf me out!" - "So disgusting it makes me want to vomit."
*"Fer shur" – lit. "For sure"
*"Betch" – lit. "Bitch"
*"Totally" – "I agree" or "completely."
*"Tubular" – Excellent, perfect, as in a (surfable) wave that forms a tube.
*"Grody to the max!" – "As gross as he/she/it can be."
*"Like, oh my God" – can be used many ways; expresses shock (OMG for short).
*"I’m suuure!" or "I'm so sure" – "I'm absolutely positive," but usually used sarcastically.
*"Tre" - A synonym for "very" (derived from French "très")
*"Tripendicular!" - It can mean either "awesome" or a drug high.
*"Totally Radical, Dude!" – "That is incredible, man."
*"Betty" - An attractive woman.
*"Gnarly" - Off the hook, totally extreme - good or bad.
*"So" - Very; used too often and said with too much emphasis. "He's so not cute!"
*"Baldwin" - An attractive man.
* "Seriously" - Frequent interjection of approval.
*"That's Hot" - Sexy, Cool, Stylish

"Valley Girl" in pop culture


* In 1982, composer Frank Zappa released the album "Ship Arriving Too Late to Save a Drowning Witch". The album featured the single "Valley Girl", with his 14 year old daughter Moon Unit (who supplied Frank with much of the content) speaking typical "Valley Girl" phrases. Zappa intended to lampoon the image, but the single also popularized the valley girl stereotype nationwide. There was a significant increase in the "Valspeak" slang usage, whether ironically spoken or notFact|date=June 2008.

* 1992 hip hop song "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-a-Lot famously starts with a discussion between two valley girls. [ Baby Got Back Songfacts] . "Songfacts". Retrieved April 5 2007.]


* In 1983, the feature film "Valley Girl" was released starring actor Nicolas Cage and actress Deborah Foreman. Besides featuring the up-and-coming actor Cage, the movie contains a soundtrack of New Wave music, which was at the peak of its popularity at that time. The film's producers had initially approached Frank Zappa to ask him if they could make a film based on his song. Zappa refused, and the filmmakers wound up making the film anyway. Zappa attempted to sue over the obvious capitalization on his song, but the lawsuit was thrown out.Fact|date=May 2007


* "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" parodied the valley girl, with the main character, Buffy Summers, often saving the males of the program.

* Also used for some outtakes on the show, "House M.D." between the characters Dr. Lisa Cuddy and Dr. Allison Cameron.

* "Sweet Valley High" can also be considered an example, although while the main characters exhibit the physical characteristics of a Valley Girl, academic pursuits are considered of merit.

* Clover from the animated series "Totally Spies" portrays traits and uses terms associated with the stereotypical valley girl.

* Tracy Nelson played the role of a valley girl in the short lived sitcom Square Pegs in the early 80's

*Kimberly Hart from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series can also be consideres an example of a Valley Girl.


* In the early 1980s, Hollywood films and songs portrayed the female-dominated mall lifestyle in the San Fernando Valley in southern California. The Sherman Oaks Galleria was perhaps best known as the home of the Valley Girl, since this San Fernando Valley mall was where "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" was filmed in 1981. (Arnold Schwarzenegger's 1985 movie, "Commando", was shot there, too.) The mall was featured throughout "Fast Times at Ridgemont High", beginning with the opening scenes of the film, which starts with an elevator ride up to the food court where the young Sean Penn, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Judge Reinhold worked at the fast food stands. However, despite its popularity with stars like Molly Ringwald and Janet Jackson, business at the Galleria began to decline significantly during the 1990s. The 1994 Northridge earthquake caused extensive damage to the structure and served only to accelerate the vacancy rate. The remnants of the building were razed in 1999, and in 2002, the Sherman Oaks Galleria reopened as a markedly different open-air facility that now serves as home to several Warner Brothers office, mortgage companies, restaurants, a movie theater, and a 24-Hour Fitness center.

* Australian women's fashion store ValleyGirl uses the image of the valley girl to its advantage. It stocks fashionable and affordable clothing for women under 30 years in age.

List of fictional valley girls


* Julie Richman (portrayed by Deborah Foreman) in the quintessential Val teen movie, 1983's "Valley Girl (film)".
* Cher Horowitz (portrayed by Alicia Silverstone) in the 1995 teen movie "Clueless", though she actually lives in Beverly Hills.
* Elle Woods (portrayed by Reese Witherspoon) from "Legally Blonde".
* The Muppet Janice (sometimes "Janis"), a member of The Electric Mayhem ("The Muppet Movie" (1979) and "The Muppet Show").
* Buffy Summers (portrayed by Kristy Swanson) in the film "Buffy the Vampire Slayer (film)".
* Romy and Michele from "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion".
* Hilary Banks (portrayed by Karyn Parsons) from "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air". Her character was actually from the Bel-Air. In one episode, Hilary makes a disparaging remark about the San Fernando Valley, probably a diss toward the 1980s Val (but also fairly typical of West Side views of the less cosmopolitan and more solidly middle class/working class valley) , or simply a dislike for another LA neighborhood.
* The "Plastics" from the movie "Mean Girls".
* Pink Five (played by Amy Earhart), the hero of a series of fan-made movies is a fast-talking Valley Girl type placed in the "Star Wars" universe.
* Sharpay Evans (played by Ashley Tisdale) from the "High School Musical" series.
* Helena Douglas (played by Sarah Carter) in the 2006 action movie "".
* The Vandergeld sisters (played by Jaime King and Brittany Daniel) and the Wilson sisters in the 2004 film "White Chicks".
* Gibby, Kirsten, and Kristen (played by Jordan Ladd, Jessica Alba, and Marley Shelton respectively) in the 1999 film "Never Been Kissed".


* Clover from the animated TV show "Totally Spies!"
* Eris (Billy and Mandy) from "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy" (Madonna (entertainer)-like accent switch)
* Shadowcat from ""
* The LTDFCD from on ""
* Shirley the Loon, the always-meditating duck girl from "Tiny Toon Adventures"
* Minerva Mink from "Animaniacs"
* Tammy Duvall from "King of the Hill (TV series)" episode "Ho Yeah!" (2001)
* Quinn Morgendorffer from "Daria"
* Daphne Blake from "A Pup Named Scooby-Doo"
* Bonnie Rockwaller from Kim Possible
* Kim Possible from Disney's Kim Possible
* The Tweevils (Kirstee and Kaycee) and Cloe from the "Bratz" animated series
* The Ashleys on Disney's "Recess (TV series)"
* Meio Heio from the anime "D.N.Angel"
* Caitlin Cooke from the animated series "6teen"
* Topaz Trollhopper from "Trollz"
* Paulina Sanchez from "Danny Phantom"
* Stacey from Disney's "A Goofy Movie"
* Madison Taylor and Sakura Avalon, the English dubbed counterparts of Cardcaptor Sakura heroines, were edited into valley girls.
* Lindsay and Heather from "Total Drama Island" is another example.
* Clare from the show "Code Monkeys"
* Portia Gibbons from "The Mighty B!"


* Kimberly Hart (portrayed by Amy Jo Johnson) on "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers".
* Ja'mie King (portrayed by Chris Lilley) on ""
* London Tipton (played by Brenda Song) from the television series "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody".
* Brooke Logan (portrayed by Katherine Kelly Lang) on "The Bold and the Beautiful".
* Chelsea Handler from "Girls Behaving Badly" and "The Chelsea Handler Show", was a moroning air-headed dumb blonde wanna-be woman.
* Karen Foster (portrayed by Angela Watson) on "Step by Step".
* BJ Carter from "House of Carters".
* Gina and Jessica (portrayed by Amanda Bynes and Christy Knowings respectively) in the "All That" recurring sketch "What-Everrrrrr".
* Amber (portrayed by Amanda Bynes) in "The Amanda Show" recurring sketch "The Girl's Room".
* Wendy Lubbock (portrayed by Brooke Theiss) in the ABC sitcom, "Just the Ten of Us".
* Kate from "Lizzie McGuire" (though it could be argued whether Lizzie herself is a Valley Girl).
* Christina Kirkman from "All That".
* Cerie (Katie Bowden) of "30 Rock" has some Valley-Girl-ish traits.
* Vicky the Valley Girl from "Saturday Night Live" (played by Gail Matthius, the same woman who voiced Shirley on "Tiny Toons").
* Fancy Crane (played by Emily Harper) from "Passions".
* Elvira the late-night "vampire" talked in Valspeak ("I mean, wow, it's like déjà vu!").
* Melissa Joan Hart's character in "Clarissa Explains It All" would lapse into Valspeak.
* Harmony Kendall, the spoiled unicorn loving deb' (later spoiled vampire) from the television shows "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel", played by Mercedes McNab. In a lesser degree, Cordelia Chase, her former best friend and life model, played by Charisma Carpenter.
* The celebrity, Pamela Anderson (and the character she portrays, "Vallery Irons" in TV show "V.I.P.").
* Marissa Cooper (Mischa Barton) and Summer Roberts (Rachel Bilson) on hit TV series "The O.C.", which also includes a parody of itself within the show titled "The Valley".
* Brooke Davis (played by Sophia Bush) from the hit television show "One Tree Hill".
* Bridget Hennessy and Kerry Hennessy (played respectively by Kaley Cuoco and Amy Davidson) from the television show "8 Simple Rules".
* Lisa Turtle (played by Lark Voorhies) from the television series "Saved by the Bell".
* Aphrodite (played by Alexandra Tydings), the Goddess of Love, was portrayed as something of a Valley Girl in the television program, "".
* Robin Maxwell, played by Blair Tefkin, in "V". One comment about her is that the Resistance hideout she is expected to live in "isn't the Mazza Gallerie."
* Jackie Burkhart (portrayed by Mila Kunis) on" That '70s Show".
* Jennifer DiNuccio (portrayed by Tracy Nelson) on "Square Pegs".
* Rachel Green (portrayed by Jennifer Aniston) on "Friends" is often portrayed as a Valley Girl before she moved in with Monica. Several flashbacks confirm this.

Video games

* Amy from KCHAT in the video game "".
* Toni, the host of Flash FM in the video game "" may also be heard uttering phrases in Valspeak.
* Amy Rose from Sega's "Sonic the Hedgehog series".
* Berri from "Conker's Bad Fur Day" has a Valley Girl accent and looks like one too.
* Jo-beth Casey, a minor character in "".
* The Ones from the "Purple Moon" games (Nicole, Stephanie and Whitney) all qualify.
* Cipher Admin/Scientist Lovrina from "".
* Goombella from "" displays some characteristics of the Valley girl stereotype, although she is also an academic university graduate.
* Cassandra Alexandra in "Soulcalibur" series, despite her Greek nationality, she is shown having strong similitude with the valley girl.


* The characters Kimberley and Demi in the novel "Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination" by Helen Fielding.
* Miranda from Alan Dean Foster's "Glory Lane".


* Unnamed character in Laughing Cow Cheese radio commercials (such as the Highway Patrolman [] spot) by Joy Radio, Inc. of the mid-1980s.

Phenomena similar to Valley girls

Similar phenomena were registered around the globe in books, movies and on television. In diverse places such as Russia, Japan, Ethiopia, and Pakistan, parent movements and religious organizations were formed against this culture.Fact|date=May 2007 Specifically, the upward inflection sentence was the most marked symptom of the global Valley Girl, marking these girls as part of the new global culture, saved mostly for the privileged.Fact|date=May 2007

United Kingdom

There is some similarity between the phenomenon of a Valley Girl in the United States and the concept of a Sloane Ranger in the United Kingdom, in particular the self-confidence, the emphasis on personal appearance and social standing among a narrow group of peers, and the lack of interest in more worldly issues. Certain residents of the county of Essex, better known as the "Essex girl" would also qualify under this banner, although the stereotype emphasis is more on promiscuity and less than average intelligence. In Wales, the term Valley girl is used to refer to a girl from the valleys (an area in South Wales running north from Cardiff and Newport). The stereotype is similar to the Essex stereotype, but has connotations of inbreeding, similar to the concept of a yokel or a hillbilly.


In Texas, the term "Valley Girl" is often colloquially used to refer to a woman from the Rio Grande Valley,from the far southern areas around McAllen and Brownsville. The term, of course, became more popular when the California term gained nationwide attention (i.e. because of the contrast with this term).


In the Greater Los Angeles area, the term "Valley Girl" refers to girls from the San Fernando Valley. In context it is associated with a spoiled white girl from an upper-middle class background who socializes with other "valley girls" in cliques. In regions neighboring the San Fernando Valley, people will often call a girl a "valley girl" or tell her to "go back to the valley" if she is showing signs of materialism and/or idiotic behavior.

ee also

*Dumb blonde
*Essex girl
*Julie Brown is among the performers from the era who personified and popularized the valley girl image.
*Kogal and ganguro is basically the Japanese equivalent.
*San Fernando Valley
*Sloane Ranger
*Paris Hilton
*Nicky Hilton
*Nicole Richie
*Valley Girl, song by Frank Zappa


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* [ Janelle Tassone. “Buffy: The Evolution of a Valley Girl” Refractory: A Journal of Entertainment Media 2 (2003):]

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