List of 12 oz. Mouse characters

List of 12 oz. Mouse characters

The following is a list of characters seen in the American animated television series 12 oz. Mouse.

Skillet and Mouse Fitzgerald


Major characters

Mouse Fitzgerald

Voice and guitar by Matt Maiellaro

Also known as "Fitz", Mouse Fitzgerald is an alcoholic, amnesiac, anthropomorphic green mouse who struggles to survive and understand the world in which he is trapped. Fitz seldom answers a question directly and often relies on circumlocution, non sequiturs or insults to evade a clear response. He and his "only friend" Skillet drive around town in a yellow jet fighter taxi, commit crimes, stage gun fights, and play rock music. An accomplished Metal guitarist (can play both right-hander and left-hander guitars as seen in "Spider"), he is often at odds with Skillet's timing on the drums. He also likes to sing (somewhat badly) and does it in many episodes. Fitz displays sociopathic tendencies and disobeys authority.

Fitz becomes increasingly suspicious of Shark, Liquor, Roostre, Rhoda and others, whom he suspects may know about his "erased" past. His actions later in the series are centered around discovering the nature of his world and fighting against Shark, Rectangular Businessman, and their minions.

In a flashback at the beginning of "Rooster", Fitz's height and weight are listed on his identification card as "109" and he has been linked to "Q109", a cryptic word which is mentioned several times in connection to Fitz and Roostre's past. "Q109" is the SUMMA THEOLGIAE.

In "Prolegomenon", Fitz is revealed to retain his mouse form in the "real world" reality, whereas Shark and RBM and various other characters do not and have real human counterparts.

Appears in all episodes.


Voiced by Adam Reed

Shark runs an employment agency and periodically hires Fitz to do various odd jobs. By his own account, Shark loves Fitz in both a platonic and homoerotic sense. He's "Come to care about [him]. A lot. And also not in that way. Well, yeah, in that way a little. Half and half." Shark's relationship with Fitz is complicated by the fact that they have literally tried to kill one another on more than one occasion.

Shark is feared by many characters; in episode 4 "Spider," he intimidates Rhoda, and Golden Joe teleports into the room briefly only to see Shark and flee. Shark commands a wall-crawling bug that he uses to plant surveillance cameras. From his control center, Shark seems to have every location in the town under his surveillance. He can detonate many buildings in the town with the simple press of a button. In the first episode, he is shown to be bulletproof.

Shark works closely with Rectangular Businessman, against whom he is constantly butting heads and struggling for power. Their arguments never lead anywhere, and they continue to be "friends" despite these disagreements. Shark also works with the sentient, teleporting Clock though the nature of their relationship is unclear. In episode 19 "Farewell," Shark is gunned down by Fitz, Skillet, and the cyborg Green Sweater Girl. Despite Shark having been bulletproof, this lethal barrage causes Shark's head to explode.

In the episode "Meat Warrior," Shark and Rectangular Businessman talk about choosing to take the forms of a shark and a rectangular wafer. In episode 20 "Prolegomenon," Shark's voice is heard coming from a purple-colored man in a business suit. His dialog suggests that the "shark" had been his representation in Fitz's virtual reality. Though it is unknown why he chose the shape, he claims, "I have my reasons for choosing the Shark." He is killed in the "real world" by a nurse who resembles the Green Sweater Girl and a man who resembles Peanut Cop.

Shark appears in all episodes. The original animation, however, is believed[who?] to be from the Sealab 2020 episode "The Shark Lover"; the still appears (briefly) in: a Season One episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, "Escape from Leprauchpolis", and was first seen in the 7th season premiere of Space Ghost Coast to Coast, "Kentucky Nightmare" (5/7/2001), as Ol' Kentucky Shark.


Skillet never speaks, but he makes a high pitched screeching noise while jumping rapidly. He looks like a black and white scan of a squirrel illustration, and his profile refers to him as one, but everyone in the 12 oz. Mouse universe refers to him as "skillet"

Skillet is Fitz's closest associate. Skillet owns an AK-47 assault rifle+ a usg-50 sniper rifle and is seen using it on several occasions. Skillet has the ability to fly, and when he does flames shoot out of his feet. He can fire lasers from his eyes. Skillet is an accomplished drum player and can use his prehensile tail to play with three drumsticks. He has been in jail, or otherwise held against his will a few times. In the second episode his prison ankle bracelet exploded, seemingly killing him, but he returned alive and well in episode three with no explanation.

Skillet is apparently killed at the end of episode 19 when Rectangular Businessman blows up the gun turret he is manning. However, Skillet returns in episode 20. He is revealed to be in a liquid-filled tube in the "real world," recovering from what seems to be burns. He, along with Fitz, retains his rodent form in this reality, whereas other characters, like Shark and RBM do not retain their own forms.

A concerned viewer asked in a B&W bump why Skillet appears to be the best drawn character in the show. It has been revealed that Skillet was "ganked from an old clip-art book" and is one of only two characters Matt didn't draw himself, Shark being the other.

Appears in all episodes.

Rectangular Businessman

Voiced by Kurt Soccolich

The Rectangular Businessman, also known as No-Eyed Square Guy, is an arrogant pink square who claims to be an affluent businessman and continually references his enormous wealth. He wears sunglasses but has no eyes.

In episode 1, the Rectangular Businessman asked Shark to provide him with transportation. His request was granted in the form of Fitz, who was charged with flying him to an important meeting. Instead, in keeping with his usual mode of operation, Fitz took the rectangle to a motel room where he forced him to star in his first amateur porn film. Fitz and Skillet then tossed a bomb onto the bed and fled as the motel exploded. Rectangular reappeared not long afterward, this time in league with Shark against Fitz.

Although partners, there seems to be a rivalry between Shark and the Rectangular Businessman, both imposing on the other on several occasions. Despite his arrogance, Rectangular has taken orders from Shark, albeit begrudgingly. Shark revealed in "Meat Warrior" that they used to get along, but is not sure what happened to their friendship. In episode 19 "Farewell," after Shark's death, Rectangular Businessman claims that "Shark was just a pawn."

The Rectangular Businessman is able to use his mind to kill, and has used it for a number of activities, from teleporting a television to splitting open heads to transforming the Shadowy Figure into a dark liquid substance.

The Rectangular Businessman is apparently killed at the end of episode 19 when his bank/home/flying ship is destroyed by Amalokch. In episode 20, Rectangular Businessman's voice can be heard emanating from a short, pink-colored human in a business suit, similar to the human who corresponds to Shark. In this "real world" scene, the man displays the same kind of telekinetic power Rectangular Businessman had shown, stopping a bullet with his mind. He is, however, shot in the back of the head by a man who resembles Peanut Cop, and dies in that reality as well.

Appears in: "Hired", "Roostre", "Spider", "Rememorized", "Spharktasm", "Adventure Mouse," "Bowtime", "Surgery Circus", "Booger Haze", "Star Wars VII", "Enjoy the Arm", "Meat Warrior", "Meaty Dreamy", "Corndog Chronicles", "Eighteen", "Farewell", and "Prolegomenon".


Voiced by Dave Willis

Rhoda the bartender has only one eye and serves Fitz his drinks. Fitz's usual order is twelve beers (at once). Rhoda appears to be a friend to Fitz, but is terrified and intimidated by Shark. Rhoda also believes that Rectangle and Roostre are the true evils in their society.

Characters alternate referring to Rhoda using male and female pronouns, suggesting she may be a hermaphrodite. The exact gender is unknown. A segment of the screenplay from Perfect Hair Forever appears on Rhoda's body, implying the character originated as a doodle. Fitz finds him/her dead and shot full of arrows at the end of episode 5 "Rememorized". At the start of episode 6 "Spharktasm", Rhoda walked in and suspiciously told Fitz that the dead body was a metal dummy, and it was just a joke. Rhoda is forced to spill information to Fitz at gunpoint, before agreeing to help him in exchange for being kept out of his affairs further, but in episode 7 "Adventure Mouse", Shark contacts Rhoda and implies he knows everything about his/her meeting with Fitz. Rectangular Businessman cuts Rhoda in half with a telekinetic attack, and his/her innards spill out. A fire-breathing serpent emerges from the entrails and slithers away.

Appears in: "Hired", "Signals", "Spider", "Rememorized", "Spharktasm", "Adventure Mouse"


Voiced by Bonnie Rosmarin

Man/Woman sometimes appears, lays horizontally and turns upright to make a loud air horn sound. She works at the diner, where she serves plates of food on fire. He/she first appeared in "Hired" when Fitz tried to make out on her at a bar. She has the unusual ability to transform into a man after shouting "Man Power Go!", and can transform back into a woman with "Woman Power On!" Fumes from turkeys can incapacitate her, apparently by causing her to alternate between man and woman forms uncontrollably.

The air horn sound first appears in episode 2 "Signals". In episode 3 "Roostre", Rectangular Businessman asks Shark if he got his signals and a brief scene of Man/Woman emitting the air horn noise is shown. His reasons for using him/her remain unknown. She is shown in "Bowtime" in front of the door to the chamber where Fitz is being kept. In "Surgery Circus" she enters a building which then explodes.

His/her only subsequent appearance is in episode 15 "Meaty Dreamy". In a scene set in an indeterminate time and place, Shark appears in the moon and tells Man/Woman to eat a flower that he/she had been admiring. A snake (which may or may not be the one inhabiting Roda's body) also appears, and breathes fire.

Appears in: "Hired", "Signals", "Roostre", "Rememorized", "Spharktasm", "Adventure Mouse," "Bowtime", "Surgery Circus", and "Meaty Dreamy."

Peanut Cop

Voiced by Nick Weidenfeld

*Note: Nick Weidenfeld is also the same person who green lighted 12 Oz. Mouse.

Also referred to as "Peanut" (and simply "The Cop" in episode summaries), Peanut Cop is a blue peanut-shaped policeman who fails to do his job, since he is constantly stoned and/or drunk. His state of mind prevents him from reacting appropriately to crimes that occur right in front him. For example, when Producer Guy's head is sliced in half and blood spews out, Peanut Cop reacts by asking, "Is that ice cream?" Sometimes he begins to laugh uncontrollably, and anyone around him begins to laugh as well. According to the Rectangular Businessman he is "the highest marksman in the class," and "could probably hit a mite from 1000 yards in high wind". Despite this claim, Peanut Cop is usually unable to hit anything unless he is within a few inches of his intended target.

In "Auraphull", Peanut Cop changes his profession to a firefighter after stealing a firefighter helmet, blowing up the hat store, and stealing a jet-powered fire truck with skis. He is later captured by the Shadowy Figure, but the tranquilizer darts do not knock him unconscious (he likes them because they only get him even more stoned). In episode 18 "Pre-Reckoning", after apparently suffering some sort of fit or seizure, he says in an uncharacteristicly serious voice "No one controls me." He joins Fitz in fighting the Tie Bots. He later reveals that he knows the purpose of Tie Bots and the Hovervacs and where the asprind is located. His profession switches back to that of a policeman in the final episode, in which he reacquires his police hat.

Like Shark and Rectangular Businessman, Peanut Cop has a human-looking persona, revealed in episode 20. In this incarnation he is a blue-colored man, and his glasses display the same star-shaped insignia seen on his original police hat. He vanishes in the opening webisode of the third season.

Appears in all episodes, "Hired", "Signals", "Roostre", "Spider", "Rememorized", "Spharktasm", "Adventure Mouse", "Bowtime", "Surgery Circus", "Booger Haze", "Enjoy the Arm", "Auraphull", "Meat Warrior", "Meaty Dreamy", "Eighteen", "Pre-Reckoning", "Farewell", and "Prolegomenon", and "Enter The Sandmouse"


Voiced by Matt Harrigan

Liquor runs the liquor store where Fitz frequently stops. His temperament can best be described as "resigned." He seems to be Fitz's ally and is defiant to anyone of authority, such as Shark and Rectangular Businessman. Liquor seems to know about the secret nature of the world: in "Surgery Circus" he uses a button to freeze Shark's illusions, he reveals a duplicate of Eye that was hidden inside his store, and in "Eighteen" he discovers and communicates with the Hand while it's inside Producer Man's brain. He also knows about Roostre's connection with the Corn Droid and recognizes Muff.

In "Spider", Liquor mistakenly receives a letter from Roostre's son, detailing his transformation into a mosquito named Mosquitor. Liquor is confused by the letter, commenting that he doesn't know who this person / mosquito is. In "Bowtime", he apparently has realized that the letter was for Roostre, whom he seems to have met before (although Roostre does not recognize him). He uses the letter to lure Roostre into the liquor store basement, where he traps him in Spider's web because, he claims, Roostre will "set the alarm" and "restart" everything.

Appears in: "Hired", "Signals", "Roostre", "Spider", "Adventure Mouse," "Bowtime", "Surgery Circus", "Booger Haze", "Enjoy the Arm", "Meat Warrior", "Meaty Dreamy", "Corndog Chronicles", "Eighteen", "Pre-Reckoning", and "Farewell".

Producer Man

Voiced by Matt Thompson

Producer Man is a loud, gregarious person who has a habit of walking around bent over backwards and constantly asks for high fives. He first approaches Fitz in episode 1 "Hired", in which he attempts to hire Fitz as an actor. He shows up later in "Spider", when he hears Fitz and Skillet's music and decides to give them a contract with his record label. He then gets into a discussion with the Policeman. Neither seems to understand what the other is talking about and are carrying on two completely different conversations. Producer Man's head is then sliced in half by an unseen force. Fitz still somehow produces his record, titled "F-Off."

Producer Man appears alive in "Bowtime" meeting with Shark and claiming that their plan was a success. His constant talking annoys Shark until he is once again killed in an unknown manner: He is off-screen when he suddenly stops talking, the sound of a buzzsaw is heard, and blood spreads across the floor. He appears alive again in "Meaty Dreamy" when his body taken is over by Roostre's hand. The hand is later cut out of his head leaving him possibly dead yet again.

His name has been revealed only in a few of the official episode summaries from Adult Swim.

Appears in: "Hired", "Spider," "Bowtime", "Meaty Dreamy", "Eighteen", and "Pre-Reckoning".


Voiced by Nick Ingkatanuwat

Eye is a giant eye who hires Fitz to kill Golden Joe, who owes him "fifty mil." He speaks slowly and over-enunciates certain syllables. He often uses words that have a "long i" (/aɪ/) sound in them, even when they are not supposed to be pronounced with that sound (e.g. "mon-eye" instead of "money"). He lives on an island, which he claims is in either Iowa or Wyoming.

Early in the series, he appears to be working with Shark, as he was called to a secret meeting with Shark, Rectangular Businessman and Man/Woman. In "Adventure Mouse", Eye got one of his legs cut off by the Hand after he offended Shark and Rectangle. Fitz appears to save him at the end of "Bowtime" In "Surgery Circus", Liquor opens a cabinet to reveal another eye that looks exactly the same as Eye, except for the missing leg. Liquor also repairs the injured Eye's leg.

In "Enjoy the Arm", one of the Eyes sprouts an arm with a shotgun and leads the other Eye to Shark's control room, where he is held hostage with Golden Joe and the New Guy.

While hostage, Eye says that he "misses his dad" and that he was coming to pick him up from school. Shark responds that he's been "here" so long, that his dad is long gone by now.

In episode 20 "Prolegomenon", Eye's voice is heard coming from a human being who is connected to a large machine by tubes attached to his eye sockets and his left hand.

Appears in: "Hired", "Signals", "Roostre", "Spider", "Rememorized," "Spharktasm", "Adventure Mouse", "Bowtime", "Surgery Circus", "Booger Haze", "Enjoy the Arm", "Auraphull", "Meat Warrior", "Meaty Dreamy", "Eighteen", "Pre-Reckoning", "Farewell", and "Prolegomenon".

Golden Joe

Voiced by Vishal Roney

Golden Joe is a loudmouthed (literally; all he does is shout) rapping wizard who has the ability to "come and go" as he pleases through teleportation. Shark refers to him as "All disappeary and shut." Joe places a lot of importance on the ability to rhyme. His voice is distorted by a reverb effect and he has a single gold tooth which has a dollar sign on it. By his own account, he is an excellent driver. Golden Joe apparently has a penis roughly as large as the rest of his body, as shown when he and the Peanut Cop escaped from Fitz's plane by urinating against the windshield in "Bowtime".

After "Adventure Mouse", Golden Joe remains allied with Fitz. He is later captured by Shark until Fitz and his friends free him in "Farewell". He remains with Fitz and Skillet until the opening webisode of the "third season", where he is abducted.

Appears in: "Signals", "Spider", "Spharktasm", "Adventure Mouse", "Bowtime", "Surgery Circus", "Booger Haze", "Enjoy the Arm", "Meaty Dreamy", "Eighteen", Pre-Reckoning", "Farewell", "Prolegomenon", and "Enter The Sandmouse"

Annoying Woman

Voiced by Melissa Warrenburg

This character's actual name is unknown. She appears as a woman wearing a green blouse and shoes and a pink skirt. She speaks in an annoying, repetitive manner, often telling other characters what they're not allowed to do. This has resulted in her getting shot on at least two occasions. Rectangular Businessman rips her head in half for a similar reason, but she survives and walks away.

She is revived as a cyborg by Fitz and Skillet in order to be their walking arsenal, carrying many firearms from Roostre's weapons cache. In cyborg form, she joins Fitz and Skillet in gunfights and helps to kill Shark. In the final episode, she appears in a different level of reality as a nurse. She and Peanut cop seem to be allied in this reality with a mysterious being called the "New Angel", whom they contact after eliminating Shark and Square Guy's alternate forms in her reality.

Appears in: "Signals", "Rememorized", "Adventure Mouse", "Bowtime", "Booger Haze", "Enjoy the Arm", "Meat Warrior", "Meaty Dreamy", "Corndog Chronicles", "Eighteen", "Pre-Reckoning", "Farewell", and "Prolegomenon".

The New Guy

The New Guy is a strange red umbrella with two sets of feet and a taste for lounge music. He appears periodically and makes a flapping noise. He also seems to have an obsession with Skillet as his house is covered with pictures of the chinchilla. He once kidnapped Skillet, bound and gagged him and hula hooped in front of him. He also saves Skillet from the Time Clock's gas in "Bowtime," and travels with Fitz and Skillet for a short time.

The New Guy often plays Princess Cruiser by Tongo Hiti on a record player. It seems to mesmerize or otherwise mentally incapacitate those who hear it. In episode 7 "Adventure Mouse", Roostre shouts "Nobody look at him! Get out of here before the song finishes!"

In "Eighteen" the New Guy is captured by Shark and eaten. His song can still be heard emanating from Shark's belly. Later, a partially digested New Guy is pulled from Shark's headless corpse. He is last seen being carried on Eye's back to some place called "the river."

Appears in: "Signals", "Roostre", "Spider", "Spharktasm", "Adventure Mouse," "Bowtime", "Surgery Circus", "Eighteen", and "Farewell".


Voiced by Scott Luallen

Roostre, pronounced "rooster," is a corn dog farmer near the town where Fitz lives. He plays the guitar and has a hook for a hand. In episode 3 "Rooster", a divining corn dog leads Fitz and Skillet to Roostre's farm. Roostre speaks as though he is familiar with Fitz, referring to his preference for drinking twelve beers and mentions a mysterious "C. J. Muff" who left "Q109". Fitz does not show signs of recognition.

In the episode "Spharktasm", Rhoda tells Fitz that Roostre is "the man" and claims he has all the answers. Later, Roostre sings a song which suggests that he had a normal life before becoming a corn dog farmer and losing his hand. He also relates a story of being abducted by an indistinct figure, taken to a white room, being paralyzed by a dart to the neck, and being pushed toward a "giant, spinning fan." This bears a similarity to some of Fitz's dreams / memories, as well as what Peanut Cop later goes through.

In episode 8 "Bowtime", Roostre is given a letter from Mosquitor, who claims to be his son, but Roostre can't seem to remember having a son. He is then captured by Liquor, who fears that Roostre may "restart everything" and "set the alarm." Later, Roostre is abducted by Spider and taken to a desert cave. In the end of "Booger Haze", Roostre tells Spider, "Wait a minute. I know you," in an uncharacteristically serious voice.

After Fitz and Skillet discover and subsequently destroy a giant cache of firearms under Roostre's farm, Roostre convinces Spider to help him launch the Corn-Droid, a robot he has built which he claims can destroy everything. After having his Hand reattached, Roostre activates the Corn-Droid. In "Farewell", Liquor returns to the sewer from which the Corn-Droid was launched and finds Roostre lying motionless on the ground. A blue orb, who Liquor recognizes as "Muff", tells Liquor that Roostre has gone "up there." The implications of this remain unexplained.

Appears in: "Roostre", "Spharktasm", "Adventure Mouse", "Bowtime", "Surgery Circus", "Booger Haze", "Enjoy the Arm", "Meat Warrior", "Meaty Dreamy", "Corndog Chronicles", "Eighteen", "Pre-Reckoning", and "Farewell".


Pronto, a short, crudely-drawn man with no torso, is an agent employed by Shark and Rectangular Businessman. His weapon of choice is a bow and arrows, and he is an expert "archerist," as Shark once called him. It is believed that he is the one responsible for the shootings of several characters, including a special effects expert and other random people in episode 2 "Signals" and Rhoda in episode 5 "Rememorized".

In "Adventure Mouse" Rectangular Businessman commands Pronto (possibly telepathically), sending him to break into Fitz's house to get the Hand. At the end of "Bowtime," Shark chastises him and sends him to deal with Fitz once and for all.

Instead, he steals the 'Animal Chain' from Shark's control room and uses it to awaken Amalockh, in exchange for gold. Shortly thereafter, Amalockh devours both the Animal Chain and Pronto, and is thrown back up on fire in pieces in "Pre-Reckoning".

Appears in: "Spider", "Rememorized", "Spharktasm", "Adventure Mouse," "Bowtime", "Meat Warrior", "Meaty Dreamy", "Corndog Chronicles", "Eighteen", and "Pre-Reckoning".

Lady Mouse

In Fitz's dreams / flashbacks he seems to be married to an unnamed pink female mouse. In these flashbacks, they also have a baby mouse. As his memories return, Fitz increasingly wants to find out what happened to his vanished family. In "Bowtime," Shark and Rectangle use a hologram of her to attack Fitz.

Appears in: "Rooster", "Spharktasm," "Bowtime"

Birmingham / "C. J. Muff"

Not much is known about the mysterious Birmingham. He has been mentioned several times in the series, most notably in "Spharktasm", when Fitz questions Roostre about him. Roostre says that Birmingham is the guy he told Fitz about the night they got drunk (episode 103), and that he also goes by the name "C. J. Muff". He has supposedly quit something called Q109, which may be a secret organization that Fitz and Roostre worked in.

In "Farewell," Muff reveals himself to Liquor by leaving the spider's body and taking the form of a big ball of energy. This event was hinted at by the earlier Arachnid Xenomorphintation reference and also Roostre's observation to the Spider, "I know you."He is concerned with stopping the asprind harvests, and sends Liquor to go find Fitz to achieve this.

Minor characters and creatures


Buttermilk, one of many identical locals seen in 12 oz. Mouse, appears briefly during the "Adventure Mouse" episode. Buttermilk, along with a friend, were admiring his new car until Roostre and company arrive at the scene piloting Fitz's "Jet Taxi", violently crashing into them both. Buttermilk's new car was destroyed and both he and his friend were flash fried by the jet's flaming engines.

The Hand

In the end of episode 4 "Spider", Shark speaks of a record under Mouse's bed, which ends up being a severed hand. The episode ends with Shark's ominous command, "Spin it." We find in "Spharktasm" that Fitz still has it (he mentions that it's in his icebox with the phone).

In episode 7 "Adventure Mouse", the hand begins moving of its own accord. Shark and Rectangle have finally had enough of Eye, and Rectangle reveals a pair of bloody shears. Shark mentions the hand coming soon to use them, and we see Pronto breaking into Mouse's house and grabbing the Hand. Later, Eye is found hopping through the party with only one leg and a violently bleeding wound where the other used to be. The Hand is following him, holding the bloody shears. In the end of "Surgery Circus", the hand confronts Golden Joe and the Policeman in the liquor store.

Liquor traps the Hand in a jar. Liquor tells Fitz that the Hand has been severed from Roostre, who needs it in order to use a palm panel to activate the Corn-Droid, as it will only recognize his right hand. The Hand is apparently chasing after Roostre, as Roostre mentions that it's his "homing hand."

Left unattended, the Hand breaks out of the jar and climbs into Producer Man's head. Soon thereafter, Liquor reattaches the Hand to Roostre.

Appears in: "Spider", "Adventure Mouse", "Surgery Circus", "Booger Haze", "Enjoy the Arm," "Meat Warrior"


Amalockh is a many-armed monster that was summoned by Pronto using the Animal Chain, both of which he quickly devours. This character is animated with a notably higher level of detail than any other character on 12 oz. Mouse, having a design similar to some characters from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. In the episode "Corndog Chronicles", Amalockh was shown emerging from beneath a stone monument in a graveyard, atop which lie two turntables and a large skull. In later episodes, Amalockh uses the turntables to play music, to which he performs what Liquor says is the "break dance of death." His other notable traits include the ability to grow to gigantic proportions and cause explosions by roaring. When asked by Fitz what Amalockh does, Liquor simply responded, "He kills us. He kills us all."

He also plucked a flower that grew in the graveyard. Shark says that this flower, if delivered to the right person, could result in dire consequences.


A small bug or group of identical bugs work for Shark, planting surveillance cameras. A bug will often spin around and walk on walls erratically, and bugs frequently procrastinate when given assignments. Shark has a low opinion of his bugs; when a bug offered to accompany Pronto on a mission, Shark denied him, saying that he'd screw it up "Because you're retarded."


Clock is a wall clock that can slide around on the wall and teleport. It appears to command Shark and Rectangular Businessman, and can release "time gas" and "anti-language gas" that affect people's minds. While Shark and Rectangular Businessman converse with the Clock as if it were their equal or superior, the Clock itself does not speak. It only makes a constant ticking sound. The Clock hands are stopped; characters state that the time is stopped at 2:22. In the final episode, the clock finally changes its time to 2:23.


Spider is a man-sized spider that weaves a web in Fitz's house in episode 4 "Spider". He can also be seen walking through Shark's party in "Adventure Mouse" and in Liquor's basement in "Bowtime". In "Booger Haze" he takes Roostre to a cave and summons a swarm of musical notes that attack Roostre's farm. Roostre eventually recognizes Spider, telling him "I know you," although his identity is never explicitly revealed. Later Spider travels with Roostre to the hidden location of the Corn-Droid. Here the Spider reveals himself to be Dog Muff.


Hovervacs are a small, brown, flying goblin-like creatures first seen briefly during the "Adventure Mouse" episode. After Fitz, Skillet, and The New Guy leave Roostre's, the Hovervac is seen following them. It is later seen at Shark's party where it vacuums up two guests through a pair of tubes. In the episode "Eighteen", Shark commands Rectangular Businessman to summon thousands of Hovervacs from a giant fissure in the desert. Peanut Cop states that their main purpose is to harvest the asprind with their tubes, but they can also suck up people and objects. Hovervacs can also attack by firing red laser beams from their mouths.

The Black Beast

The beast is a strange creature with a monstrous face and snake-like body whose image appears throughout the series. Its actual name is unknown. An image of this creature first flashed on the screen when Fitz was talking about the movie Black Beast in episode 2 "Signals". It also flashed on the screen during Shark's meeting with Rectangle and Man/Woman in "Rooster" and during the transitions out of both of Fitz's flashbacks. It also appears for a few frames in the show's opening sequence and during a scene featuring the Black Beast theater marquee in the episode "Auraphull". The Black Beast's image also appears on the map of the town that Fitz and Skillet find.

Cold Phone

Fitz found the Cold Phone in his icebox, ringing with a rattle. When Fitz questioned Rhoda about it, in episode 6 "Spharktasm", Rhoda replied "You don't EVER want to get one... not ever!". Shark first directed Fitz to find the Cold Phone in his icebox during a phone conversation.


A Tiebot first appeared as a large, red and white bow tie in a dream sequence in "Spharktasm," when Fitz's wife intended to give him the tie as a birthday gift. However, it was stolen by the Dark Figure. In "Bowtime" Fitz is in an illusion room in Shark's house, where his wife again tries to give him a bow tie, but it transforms into a four-legged robot with claws, miniature guns and a drill, a "Tiebot".

In "Eighteen" Shark commands the Rectangular Businessman to activate thousands of the Tiebots, which begin killing the townspeople. Some Tiebots are configured to fly, and Peanut Cop says their primary function is to shoot things with their lasers.

The Shadowy Figure

The Shadowy Figure first appears in Fitz's flashbacks. He is shown presumably abducting characters, after shooting them with tranquilizer darts. Fitz encounters him and is shot with a dart. Roostre also mentions a "dark figure, whose features I couldn't make out" in "Spharktasm", and says that this figure drugged him, placed him in a white room, and pushed him towards a fan. The Shadowy Figure later appears when the Peanut Cop is abducted in a similar way, and put in what appears to be the same room.

The Shadowy Figure is seen secretly speaking with Liquor, and in "Farewell" it is revealed that the Shadowy Figure had been allied with Rectangular Businessman. However, the Shadowy Figure only speaks in an unintelligible, garbled voice, so it is not clear what his true motivations are.

In "Meaty Dreamy", a dream suggests that the Shadowy Figure has a strange connection with Rectangular Businessman, and seems to show Rectangular Businessman transforming into a circle. However in "Farewell", Rectangular Businessman turns the Shadowy Figure into liquid and traps him in a bottle. Shadowy Figure appears in the last scene of episode 20, when his bottle shatters on the ground, and he escapes in liquid form.


Archeus is a glowing ball of energy that appears to Fitz in the final episode "Prolegomenon". While visually similar to a combination of Muff and the musical notes from "Booger Haze", Archeus is apparently a separate entity. Archeus restores the town to new and tells Fitz that he will only understand things if he gives up the fight for "everything." She also reminds Fitz that his wife, his child, and Skillet still need his help, which Fitz refuses to believe. Archeus communicates to Fitz through the sound of a piano playing, which is translated for the audience via subtitles. Fitz may be the only character who can sense Archeus. However Shark and the Rectangular Businessman seem to be aware of its existence and find Archeus to be an annoyance.


In 'Enter the Sandmouse' a character appears named Lee she wants aid from Mouse and Skillet after her gunfight with them. She talks about people who find the New Angel and "get out". That night she gave Mouse the only thing that could kill her and turned into a she-wolf

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