Most Wanted (Hilary Duff album)

Most Wanted (Hilary Duff album)
Most Wanted
The portrait of a blonde young woman sitting in front of a white background. She is sitting, looking into the camera. She is wearing a gray colored, full-sleeved top. To the bottom of the picture, the words "HILARY DUFF" and "MOST WANTED" are printed in black block letters.
Compilation album by Hilary Duff
Released August 10, 2005 (2005-08-10)
Recorded 2003–05
Genre Dance-pop, teen pop, bubblegum pop[1]
Length 48:58
Label Hollywood
Producer Chico Bennett; Meredith Brooks; Julian Bunetta; Andreas Carlsson; Kevin De Clue; Dead Executives; Desmond Child; Haylie Duff; Matthew Gerrard; Charlie Midnight; The Matrix; Andre Recke; John Shanks; Ty Stevens; Greg Wells; Denny Weston, Jr.
Hilary Duff chronology
Most Wanted
4ever Hilary Duff
Singles from Most Wanted
  1. "Wake Up"
    Released: August 26, 2005 (2005-08-26)
  2. "Beat of My Heart"
    Released: December 15, 2005 (2005-12-15)

Most Wanted is the first compilation album from American recording artist Hilary Duff. Released on August 10, 2005 through Hollywood Records, the album comprises ten previously released tracks (three of which are in a remixed form), as well as three new recordings: "Wake Up", "Beat of My Heart" and "Break My Heart". A deluxe edition of the album, subtitled The Collector's Signature Edition, was also released, containing additional remixes and another new recording "Supergirl". The news on a compilation album was revealed in May 2005 by MTV News. Details of a tour, preceding the album's release, were also reported by the same.

"Wake Up", "Beat of My Heart" and "Break My Heart" were written by Duff along with Joel and Benji Madden and Jason Lee Epperson, under the production name Dead Executives. Joel, Duff's boyfriend at the time, realized that Duff was looking for new material for the album and decided to help her. Together with the other Executives, he produced the tracks before presenting them to Duff who joined them to complete the tracks. At first, Duff was concerned about the reaction of fans to the new songs, since they carry a "totally different sound" and are more dance-oriented than her previous music.

Upon its release, Most Wanted received mostly negative reviews from music critics, who deemed the release as premature, stating that Duff did not have enough material to warrant a compilation. However, the Executives produced tracks received favorable comments from reviewers, who wrote that they stood out from the rest of the album. In the United States, the album debuted atop the Billboard 200 chart, becoming Duff's second number one album there. It was later certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Elsewhere, it debuted at number one in Canada, and reached the top ten in Australia, Ireland, Italy, Japan and New Zealand.

Two official singles were released from the album. The lead single, "Wake Up", was released in August 2005, and peaked within the top ten in countries including Italy, Norway and the United Kingdom. In the United States, the song reached number 29 and was certified Gold by the RIAA. The accompanying music video features Duff in different styles from over the world like London and Tokyo. The second single "Beat of My Heart" peaked in the top twenty in countries such as Australia, Italy and Spain. Duff embarked on a worldwide tour to support the album. Entitled the Still Most Wanted Tour, the tour ran from July 2005 through September 2006.


Background and development

"... The first one we're going to release ['Wake Up'] is very dancey, kind of pop – not '80s, but kind of with that in it, so it's very fun. Another ['Beat of My Heart'] is more techno, like DJ Sammy almost, and the third one ['Break My Heart'] is a pop-punk song, more like [Good Charlotte's] music."

—Duff on the new songs recorded for the album[2]

On May 20, 2005 MTV News reported that Hilary Duff would be releasing a new album in August, comprising previously released tracks and four new recordings.[3] It was also announced that preceding the album's release, Duff would begin a 32-date summer concert tour in support of the album.[3] Four days later, on May 24, the album's title was revealed to be Most Wanted, and a release date of August 16, 2005 was also confirmed.[4] The following month, in an interview with MTV News, Duff said that she had been working with brothers Joel and Benji Madden, of the American rock band Good Charlotte, and Jason Epperson (under the production name the Dead Executives) to write and produce new songs for the compilation. She said that "... they're three of my favorite songs I've ever done. ... It was really fun being in the studio with them."[2] Described by Duff as the first time when "all the responsibility was on [her]", she went into the recording studio without the guidance of her record label or management.[5] According to Duff, she did not tell anyone at her record label that she was working with the Dead Executives.[6] Joel, whom Duff had been dating at the time, was aware that she needed new material for a compilation album, and knew that she wanted a "totally different sound".[6] Together, the Dead Executives went into the recording studio and worked on new music for Duff, before bringing her into the studio to collectively work on them.[6]

Duff described working with them as pleasant, and the music as a new milestone in her career, stating that working with "people you're close with makes a world of difference when you're recording and being creative."[6] At the same time, Duff was also nervous about how her fans would react to the new music.[5] Duff recorded four tracks for the album,[7] three of which appear on the standard edition of the album—"Wake Up", "Beat of My Heart" and "Break My Heart"[8]— while a fourth appears only on the deluxe edition: "Supergirl",[9] penned by Duff alongside Kara DioGuardi and Greg Wells.[10] The track listing for Most Wanted was released on July 12, 2005,[11] and the album was released on August 16, 2005 in the United States and Canada.[12] The Japanese standard edition of the album features the same track listing as The Collector's Signature Edition, with additional remixes of "Wake Up" by DJ Kaya was released on August 10, 2005.[13] Another version with a bonus DVD including music videos to selected songs and "making of" clips was also released in the same region.[14] In the US, the iTunes digital version includes an interview with Duff.[15] A deluxe edition of the album, subtitled The Collector's Signature Edition, was also released, containing an acoustic version of "Who's That Girl?", a different version of "Jericho", remix of "Party Up" along with "Supergirl".[13] The pressing features a different album art and was packed with four autographed photo cards and a wristband.[16] Most Wanted also contains ten previously released tracks from Metamorphosis (2003) and Hilary Duff (2004), as well as songs from soundtracks of Duff's films: The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003) and A Cinderella Story (2004), three of which—"Come Clean", "Rock This World" and "Why Not"—are in a remixed form.[8]

New songs and remixes

"Wake Up", the opening track, is a mid-tempo[17] number backed by dance, pop and electronic beats,[18][19] with "a more mature pop-techno sound" than Duff's previous work.[6] Its instrumentation comes from a guitar, bass and drums.[8] Kelefa Anneth of The New York Times noted that the song contains musical influences of The Go-Go's.[19] The lyrics of the song speak about having fun.[19] Duff initially sings about the consequences of her fame and how people think they know "everything about me" ("There's people talking / They talk about me / They know my name / They think they know everything / But they don't know anything about me").[20] As the chorus approaches, the song takes on a "party anthem" approach, while also discussing Duff's "struggle" for joy and self-confidence: "I know I make mistakes / I'm living life day to day / It's never really easy but it's OK..."[20][21] According to Duff, the song "makes you want to forget about all the pressure of dealing with your boss, or your teacher, or your mom, or [whoever]," and lyrically discusses "getting out and not forgetting to have some fun."[6] Duff has also said the song also "talks about being in all [my] favorite places in the world, which is Tokyo and Paris and London and New York."[22] "Beat of My Heart", the third track on the album, is inspired by the new new wave genre. It carries a "soft electronic pop" sound and has heart beat sound as its base.[20][23] According to Chuck Taylor of Billboard magazine, the word 'beat of my heart' is repeated forty-four times in the song.[24] The song also draws influences from the bubblegum pop and dance genres.[25][26]

The ninth track on the album, "Break My Heart" is another dance-inspired number incorporating pop punk elements,[2] and was described as a "highly produced four-on-the-floor rocker."[26] The song interpolates "slick and clean 'punk' guitars and a chugging rhythm".[20] "Break My Heart" leans towards a more rock-oriented sound from the previous tracks and was compared to the works of Good Charlotte.[20] The lyrics describe the feelings following the protagonist's heartbreak.[19] Bill Lamb of observed that "Beat of My Heart" and "Break My Heart" were "cookie cutter copies" of Avril Lavigne's "Sk8er Boi" (2002).[27] "Come Clean", "Why Not" and "Rock This World" are featured as club remixes in Most Wanted.[28] According to Spence D. of IGN, "Come Clean", remixed by Chris Cox exhibits elements of house music,[20] "Rock This World" displays "Kid Rock-meets-Aerosmith rock blitz". He classified the remix of "Why Not" as a "hyperkinetic pop" sped-up to a "level of sugar high bounce".[20] Another remix, of the Diane Warren-penned "I Am", is included as a hidden track, with added synths to give it a '80s indie feel.[20] The version of "Girl Can Rock" featured on the album, according to Anthony Miccio of Baltimore City Paper has a chord progression similar to the song "Cherry Pie" by American band Warrant. The song displays elements of country music and the lyrics are a "statement of purpose". Duff sings the chorus, backed by a guitar: "It ain't no shock/ The girl can rock".[19]

Critical reception

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating 4/5 stars[27]
Allmusic 3/5 stars[12]
Baltimore City Paper (unfavorable)[21]
BBC Music (mixed)[29]
IGN (6.9/10)[20]
MTV Asia (5/10)[28]
The Philadelphia Inquirer 1.5/5 stars[30]
The San Francisco Chronicle (unfavorable)[31]
Slant Magazine 2/5 stars[32]

Stephen Thomas Erlewine of Allmusic gave a mixed review of Most Wanted, stating that "hardcore fans will be hard-pressed for a reason to add this to their collection" and that the new songs — "Wake Up", "Beat of My Heart" and "Break My Heart" — "sound a bit like leftovers". Although he wrote that Most Wanted "isn't a terrible album by any means, it's not particularly a good one, since Duff's two pop albums [Metamorphosis (2003) and Hilary Duff (2004)] have distinctive personalities that don't necessarily mesh together [...], and are both more fun than this."[12] Bill Lamb of noted that the three new songs "seem to be marking time instead of finding a new direction" but said that "[the] remaining bulk of this collection is strong."[27] Anthony Miccio, from the Baltimore City Paper, wrote that the album "doesn't signify the closure of a brief career" but is "meant to satisfy an audience that won't be offended by the opportunity to buy their favorite songs again and again."[21] He noted that Duff's voice was not strong enough and stated that the "rock tracks are surprisingly sluggish."[21] Talia Kraines of BBC Music commented that "[Duff's] voice has neither the spunk of Lindsay Lohan nor the power of Kelly Clarkson, and there isn't enough here to warrant a purchase if you're already the owner of her back catalogue. But if you're after your first taste of Duff-flavoured pop to listen to in the background as you do your homework, then this album can do no harm."[29]

Spence D. of IGN stated that "the only draw for this album are the three new tracks and the three remixes, causing one to wonder why Duff and Hollywood Records didn't just release a six-song EP or why they didn't just commission a few more remixes and put out a remix/new song album instead."[20] He further commented that Most Wanted "is a filler album at best. The new songs that are served up still show Duff chasing trends rather than setting them and actively searching for her own voice and image."[20] Sal Cinquemani of Slant Magazine was critical of the album writing he "literally laughed out loud when I heard the Duffster was releasing a best-of album titled Most Wanted." He praised the Dead Executives produced track and ended the review writing "Duff's sonic output down to one single disc isn't such a bad idea [...] but apparently there aren't even enough bearable moments in Duff's recording career to fill one CD".[32] Gabriel Leong of MTV Southeast Asia started the review by writing "A greatest hits album seems a tad flagrant when you've only had two albums so far. So let's call this one a compilation album instead."[28] Leong noted that the title fitted the album perfectly and that it proves "its innocuous appeal of infectious bubblegum pop."[28] David Hiltbrand of The Philadelphia Inquirer commented that it was "a little early in the career" to release a greatest hits album and that it showcased that "Duff is more product than talent."[30] Aidin Vaziri of San Francisco Chronicle also commented that it was premature as it was too early in Duff's career to release a greatest hits compilation. He commended the new tracks produced by the Dead Executives writing that they "help alleviate the feeling that this is a total cash grab."[31] In 2006, Rolling Stone listed the album in their 'Lamest Greatest Hits Albums Ever' list.[33]

Commercial performance

Duff performing "Wake Up" during the Still Most Wanted Tour in 2006.

In the United States, Most Wanted debuted at number one, with sales of over 208,000 units. It became her first album to debut at number one, and her second album to top the chart after Metamorphosis (2003).[34] It stayed at number one in its second week of release, after a 40% drop in sales.[35] In September 2005, the album was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIIA) for shipments of over one million copies.[36] As of January 13, 2007, the album had sold over 1,400,000 copies in the United States.[37] In Canada, the album became Duff's third consecutive album to debut at number one, selling 45,000 units in its initial week.[38] In December 2005, it was certified two times platinum by the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) for shipments of over 200,000 copies.[39] In Australia, the album debuted at number three and was certified platinum by the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) for shipments of over 70,000 copies.[40] In New Zealand, it debuted at number 17 and two weeks later, peaked at number ten becoming Duff's first and only top ten entry in New Zealand, to date.[41][42]

Overseas, in the United Kingdom, Most Wanted debuted at number thirty-one, with first-week sales of 10,661 copies,[43] and stayed on the chart for a total of five weeks. It was certified gold by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) for shipments of 100,000 copies in January 2006.[44] The album peaked at number eight on the Irish Albums Chart and stayed on the charts for eighteen weeks, with its final appearance on the chart at number sixty-nine.[45] It was certified Gold by the Irish Recorded Music Association (IRMA) denoting sales/shipments of 7,500 copies.[46] In Japan, the album debuted at number three on the Oricon charts, with sales of 38892 units.[47] It stayed on the chart for fourteen weeks and was certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ).[48][49] Most Wanted also peaked within the top ten in Italy and Ireland, and the top fifty in Mexico and Spain.[50][51][52][53] Due to its appearance on many European charts, it peaked at number 59 on the European Albums Chart, as compiled by Billboard's Music & Media.[54]



"Wake Up" was released as the lead single from the compilation. It was serviced to US mainstream radio on July 12, 2005,[55] and was physically released on August 26, 2005.[56] The song was met with generally mixed reviews from music critics; a few noted that the Madden-produced track was a standout on the album.[31][32] Chuck Taylor of Billboard called the song "an easy ace" and wrote that it is "a summer beach staple". He also commended Duff's vocal style in the song and remarked that it would "put her singing career on par with her hyperactive acting endeavors."[57] Although Bill Lamb of praised the track as a whole, he noted that Duff's voice was "thin" in the song.[18] Stephen Thomas Erlwine of Allmusic commented that it sounded like "leftovers"[12] Commercially, "Wake Up" peaked within the top ten in Italy, Ireland, Norway, Spain and the United Kingdom.[58][59] In the United States, the song reached number 29 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming Duff's highest peak at the time.[60][61] It was certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) in October 2005.[36] The accompanying music video for the song, directed by Marc Webb, was shot in Toronto, Ontario.[62] The video portrays Duff in several different looks, representing styles from Tokyo, London, Paris and New York City.[6]

"Beat of My Heart" was released as the second single from Most Wanted on December 12, 2005.[63] The song received generally negative reviews from music critics, who labelled the song as repetitive. Chuck Taylor of Billboard wrote: "Pop music is always appreciated, but this is a kiddie anthem, plain and simple, so repetitive and childlike [...] that is hardly a contender for contemporary radio."[24] Rafer Guzmin of Newsday commented that the song is a "testimony to Duff's fortitude that she can stand to sing it nightly."[64] The song failed to chart in the US, but was a moderate success elsewhere, peaking within the top ten in Italy, and the top twenty in Australia and Spain.[65] The song's accompanying music video, directed by Phil Harder, was shot in Los Angeles, California.[66] The video was influenced by the opening title sequences of James Bond films, in which Duff sports different looks inspired by the different eras of the Bond films.[66][67] In a few European countries, "Fly" was released as the second single from Most Wanted on March 13, 2006.[68] It charted and peaked at number 20 on the UK Singles Chart and number 13 on the Italian Singles Chart.[59] A third single from the album was planned to be released, but due to Duff's busy schedule and exhaustion from touring, it did not materialize.[69] Instead, "Supergirl" was released as a download-only single on February 26, 2006.[70] "Wake Up" and "Supergirl" were also used in an advertisement campaign to promote Candie's' clothing line for young women in 2005–06.[71]


To promote the album, Duff embarked on a worldwide arena tour, before its release. Entitled the Still Most Wanted Tour, the tour — an extension of the Most Wanted Tour (2004–05) — began on July 12, 2005 in Los Angeles, California at the Greek Theatre, with a United States leg.[3][18][72] Following the end of the US leg in September, it visited Australia in December.[18] Duff then made her Canadian touring debut in January 2006,[73] before heading off to Europe in April.[74][75] She then visited Latin America,[74] before closing the tour up with various dates in North America from June to September 2006.[76] The set list contained songs from Metamorphosis, Hilary Duff. Duff also premiered "Wake Up", "Beat of My Heart" and "Break My Heart" on the tour.[77]

Track listing

Standard edition[8]
No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Wake Up"   Dead Executives, Hilary Duff Dead Executives 3:38
2. "The Getaway"   Julian Bunetta, James Michael Julian Bunetta 3:37
3. "Beat of My Heart"   Dead Executives, Duff Dead Executives 3:09
4. "Come Clean" (Remix 2005) Kara DioGuardi, John Shanks John Shanks, Chris Cox 3:44
5. "Mr. James Dean"   Hilary Duff, Haylie Duff, Kevin De Clue Haylie Duff, Andre Recke, Kevin De Clue 3:29
6. "So Yesterday"   Lauren Christy, Scott Spock, Graham Edwards, Charlie Midnight The Matrix 3:35
7. "Metamorphosis"   Duff, Midnight, Chico Bennett, Recke Chico Bennett, Charlie Midnight 3:28
8. "Rock This World" (Remix 2005) Midnight, Denny Weston, Jr., Ty Stevens, Duff Charlie Midnight, Denny Weston, Jr., Ty Stevens 3:58
9. "Break My Heart"   Dead Executives, Duff Dead Executives 3:21
10. "Fly"   DioGuardi, Shanks John Shanks 3:43
11. "Girl Can Rock" (Remix) Midnight, Weston, Jr. Charlie Midnight, Denny Weston, Jr. 3:04
12. "Our Lips Are Sealed" (with Haylie Duff) Jane Wiedlin, Terence Hall Charlie Midnight 2:40
13. "Why Not" (Remix 2005) Midnight, Matthew Gerrard Matthew Gerrard 2:59
Total length:

Charts and certifications


Chart (2005–06) Peak
Australian Albums Chart[79] 3
Austrian Albums Chart[80] 72
Canadian Albums Chart[81] 1
Dutch Album Charts[82] 51
European Albums Chart[54] 59
Irish Albums Chart[50] 8
Italian Albums Chart[51] 6
Japanese Albums Chart[48] 3
Mexican Albums Chart[52] 25
New Zealand Albums Chart[42] 10
Spanish Albums Chart[53] 43
Swedish Albums Chart[83] 69
UK Albums Chart[59] 31
U.S. Billboard 200[81] 1

Year-end charts

Chart Position
Australian Albums Chart[84] 53
Mexican Albums Chart[52] 74
US Billboard 200[85] 86


Country Provider Certification
Australia ARIA Platinum[40]
Canada CRIA 2× Platinum[39]
Ireland IRMA Gold[46]
Japan RIAJ Gold[49]
Mexico AMPROFON Gold[52]
United Kingdom BMI Gold[44]
United States RIAA Platinum[36]


Credits for Most Wanted adapted from Allmusic.[86]

  • Allan Hessler – assistant engineer
  • Jay Landers – executive producer
  • Stephen Marcussen – mastering
  • Charlie Midnight – composer, producer
  • Monique Powell – background vocals
  • Andre Recke – composer, executive producer
  • Jeff Rothschild – mixing
  • Eric Sarafin – mixing
  • John Shanks – composer, mixing, producer
  • Joel Soyffer – mixing
  • Scott Spock – composer
  • Denny Weston, Jr. – composer, producer

Release history

Region Date Edition / Format Label
Japan[14] August 10, 2005 Limited edition (CD + DVD, digital download) Avex Trax
Canada[87] August 16, 2005 Standard edition (CD, digital download) Universal Music
Deluxe edition (CD)
United States[12][88] Standard edition (CD, digital download) Hollywood
Deluxe edition (CD)
Germany[89] October 31, 2005 Standard edition (Digital download) EMI
United Kingdom[92] Standard edition (CD, digital download) Angel
Germany[93] November 18, 2005 Standard edition (CD) EMI
Poland[94] November 28, 2005
Denmark[95] November 30, 2005
Brazil[96] May 18, 2006 Standard edition (CD, digital download) Universal Music


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