List of fictional religions

List of fictional religions

For religions which contributed to the Orange Catholic Bible, see: List of religions in the Orange Catholic Bible

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  • Adanos - Gothic (video game), god of balance, and lord of water and ice.
  • Aedonism, a Christianity-like religion in the book series Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn
  • Arkvoodlism - Destroy All Humans
  • Armadylianism (Runescape's Purity-sided religion)
  • Alvinism - "Feast of Alvis" episode of Sealab 2021
  • Amarrian religion - EVE Online, the monotheistic faith of the Amarr Empire and the basis of its society.
  • Appliantology - Frank Zappa album Joe's Garage
  • Armaghan Satanism - Empire of Man
  • Askani - Marvel Comics, not an actual religion, but more a philosophy of life.
  • Avantism - Harvest of Stars novels by
  • Ayatollah House Cookies - mentioned in Ellis Weiner's parody novel National Lampoon's Doon




  • D'ni Religion - as seen in the Myst series.
  • Duism - From the science-fiction stories of Stanislaw Lem.
  • Daedra Worship - The Elder Scrolls series
  • Dark Day Fatalism - "Small Minded Giants" by Oisín McGann.
  • Divine Order of His Shadow - Lexx TV series
  • Dutyism - Fictional sect followed by players of the FPS Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 created by gameplay director AnconaJONES.


Eternal Alchemy - Guild Wars




  • Happy-Happyism - from the video game EarthBound
  • Hammerites (The Order of the Hammer) - from the Thief (series) of computer games
  • Handdara - A religion loosely resembling Hindu, Taoist and Zen beliefs featured in The Left Hand of Darkness
  • Haruhiism - worship of the title character from the series "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" in which some characters believe that she is a god
  • Haydn Sikhs - mentioned in National Lampoon's Doon
  • Hitlerism founded and created by Eric Cartman (South Park)
  • Holy Light - Warcraft Universe
  • Hubology - from the video game Fallout 2
  • Hylian Religion, which worships the three Goddesses who created the world of Hyrule - in the Legend of Zelda video game series




  • Kelx - Kelx is a religion that appears in Neal Stephenson's Anathem. The followers of Kelx believe that the whole world is in the mind of a man condemned to die. The "Condemned Man" is on trial in the "Magistrate's" court for the murder of the "Innocent" and her family. The Condemned Man argues that whole worlds can be created by any soul and therefore no one should be put to death. Each day the Condemned Man tells a story from the world in his mind, and the Magistrate judges the people in that story. The Condemned Man's life and therefore the very existence of the world hang on the Magistrate's judgment of each story.
  • Khala - StarCraft
  • Kinda - Doctor Who
  • Klingon religion - Star Trek
  • Konja Kyūsei Subarakikō - Key the Metal Idol


  • Lapine Theism - Original Lapine belief in one sun god, Frith, and rabbit prophet. Includes other minor deities/angels including Prince Rainbow who orders the world on behalf of Frith but is neither omnipotent nor infallible (and may represent humanity as seen by rabbits), and the Black Rabbit of Inlé (Inlé-Rah) who is the personification of Death. Also includes supposedly mortal folk heroes such as El-ahrairah (who may have taken up a quasi-religious role after death). - Watership Down
  • Lapine Christianity - Parody religion - Cross between Reform Christianity and Lapine Theism
  • The Lords of Kobol - While the official name of the religion is not known, the religion featured in Battlestar Galactica follows a belief in these beings and religious practices surrounding them.
  • Los Illuminado - Resident Evil 4





  • Panarii - the main religion in the computer game Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura
  • Perfectly Frank Church of Christ of the Saturday Saints - mentioned in National Lampoon's Doon
  • Potatoism - a short-lived religion in Dinosaurs dedicated to the worship of the Great Potato
  • Praysbyterian - from Drake and Josh a parody of the Presbyterian Church.
  • Prismatology - Sam & Max: Season One
  • Puss'n Buddhists - mentioned in National Lampoon's Doon
  • Penis - the main religion in the adult game, Red Light Sex-House.




Six Human Gods - Guild Wars

Spirits of the Wild - Guild Wars


  • Teleological Pantheism - The Starrigger series by John DeChancie
  • Third Islam - Dune series
  • The Great Chain - Belief in self-interest and free markets that unite the people. This is more of a philosophy than a religion, as it is a belief promoted by Andrew Ryan, who is a staunch atheist. - Bioshock
  • The Great Green Arklseizure - A religion from the TV series "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (TV series)" by Douglas Adams
  • The Rapture Family - Everyone owes each other a sense of unity and brotherhood. This is the most recent cult to have appeared in Rapture, having been created and promoted by Sofia Lamb and Simon Wales. - Bioshock
  • The Saturnine Cult - Elements of paganism and nature worship. According to Julie Langford, worshipers of this cult drink human blood as well as cups full of Plasmids (most likely raw ADAM). They also believe they have been "touched" by the ancient gods. - Bioshock
  • The Truth - A religion based on the belief that all apparent reality is actually a computer simulation - The Algebraist by Iain M. Banks.
  • Tribunal Temple - Cult of the three man-gods known as Vivec, Almalexia and Sotha Sil - The Elder Scrolls series.
  • Trigonate Church - A worship of three principle gods, and several minor ones, in Tad Williams' Shadowmarch series.
  • Tritheism - alluded to but not described in "Prelude to Foundation" by Isaac Asimov
  • The Light - Main religion of the Dwarves, Draenei and Humans in World of Warcraft.





  • Yen Buddhism - Discworld. Yen Buddhists believe that money poisons the soul, so they collect as much as possible, to protect others from it. Basically a play on Zen/Yen.
  • Yevonism - Final Fantasy X
  • Yomeshta - the religion of the Orgota people in The Left Hand of Darkness who follow the teachings of a messianic figure called Yomesh
  • Young Men's Reformed Cultists of the Ichor God Bel-Shamaroth Association-religious organisation in Terry Pratchett's Discworld
  • Young Moneyism- worshipers of young money


  • Zakarum - Religion based on Diablo universe
  • Zamorakianism (Runescape Chaos-sided religion)
  • Zarosianism (Runescape ancient chaos-sided religion which made a return in December 2009)
  • Zen Gnosticism - Hyperion series
  • Zevonism - A religion based on the teachings(songs) of Warren Zevon. Each of his songs contains a message or teaching that everyone can use in their lives. Their ritual greeting is "Peace of the Warren be upon you." The line they use while proslytising is "Warren Zevon Died for your Sins." The curch is currently centered in the "First Orthodox Church of the Excitable Boy."
  • Zenshia - Legends of Dune series
  • Zensufi - Dune series
  • Zensunni - Dune series
  • Zumanism - "Holy Sheep" episode of Andy Richter Controls the Universe

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