The Monkey Suit

The Monkey Suit


Cultural References

*This is an obvious parody of the Scopes trial. In addition, the lawyers Clarice Drummond and Wallace Brady are parodies of Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan. Their names were changed to Henry Drummond and Matthew Harrison Brady in "Inherit the Wind", the play which dramatized the trial. There are also references to the case of "Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District", a recent case about a town trying to have intelligent design taught in the high school.
*The chalkboard scene shows Bart writing the line "Je ne parle pas français," meaning "I don't speak French" in the respective language. However, Bart can actually speak French, as he went to France in the episode The Crepes of Wrath.
*The scene where Bart wins a baseball game parodies "The Natural" and "The Bad News Bears", with the coach looking and speaking like Walter Matthau, the star of the latter movie.
*Bart appears in a stage adaptation of "Grease 2", in which he quotes Fonzie from Happy Days.
*Homer's To-Do List has as an item " finding and destroying Atlantis" which Homer apparently succeeded in.
*The unmaskings of a Lisa-impersonating Milhouse Van Houten and Todd Flanders made by Nelson and the puzzle-piece fade-outs are a reference to "The Saint" TV series.
*The summer blockbuster Bart watches is a parody of "Men in Black".
*The song played in the "Myth of Creation" diorama is "What a Fool Believes" by the Doobie Brothers.
*The blackboard at Lisa’s evolution seminar features the phrase "Viva la Evolución" a pun on the revolutionary call "Viva la Revolución"."
*Booberella, the character appearing on the TV show at the beginning of the episode, first seen in "I'm Spelling as Fast as I Can," is a parody of television personalities Vampira and Elvira.
*Bart's home run is signalled by the same Musical Piece used frequently in Homer at the Bat.
*The book Principal Skinner holds up, "Life in the 38 States," mistakenly shows Oklahoma, which was the 46th state admitted, as one of the first 38 states, which is par for the course for a school that is as heavily underfunded as Springfield Elementary.
*When Martin and Database are looking around for whose identity is "L.M.S", they see Jimbo with a white PlayStation Portable.


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