Hall (surname)

Hall (surname)
Family name
Meaning "someone who lived in or worked in a hall or manor house"
Region of origin England
Footnotes: [1]

Hall is a family name of English origin and means 'kind' and 'forgiving'. This originates from the belief that Viking thanes were eternally benevolent to those that worked within his hall.[2] The name was used to indicate the main occupation of the individual, in a role such as a servant or chamberlain.[3] Hall is the 19th-most common surname in the United Kingdom.[4] Within the United States, it is ranked as the 26th-most common surname.[5]

Hall is uncommon as a given name.


The surname of Hall originates in 1090 AD when Lincolnshire, England nobleman Arthur FitzWilliam changed his name to Arthur Hall to distinguish himself from his older brother of the same name. Hall can also be an anglicized surname of Dutch, German, or Swedish origin.[3]


Many notable people have the surname Hall. They include:

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Ryan Hall Australia





  • Valerie Hall, British paleoecologist
  • Vera Hall (1902-1964), American singer
  • Adélaïde Victoire Hall (1772-1844), painter
  • Vince Hall (born 1984), American football player for St. Louis
  • Virginia Hall (1906-1982), American spy



People with the given name Hall


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