Hayes (surname)

Hayes (surname)
Family name
Region of origin England, Ireland, Scotland
Language(s) of origin English
Related names Hay, Haye, Hays, Heas, Heyes, Highes, O'Hea, Hease, Heyes, Heise, Hughes

Hayes is a common English language surname. In the United States Census, 1990, Hayes was the 100th most common surname recorded.[1] The oldest record of the surname dates to 1197 in the Eynsham Cartulary of Oxfordshire, where it appears on the form Heise.[2][3][4] There are nineteen coats of arms assumed by or granted to individuals with this or a similar surname.[2] Though primarily a surname, "Hayes" rarely appears as a given name in census records.[5]



In England, Hayes arose as a locational surname, associated with one of the several places named "Hayes", such as locations in Kent, Middlesex, Devon and Dorset. Such place names had two origins, one based on the Old English haes (brushwood, underwood) and the other based on horg (enclosure) or hege (hedge).[2] The distribution of Hayes in Great Britain in 1881 and 1998 is similar and restricted to areas of England well separated from Scotland and showing some penetration into Wales.[5] This surname has gained in popularity in the century between 1881 and 1998, but remains at a rank of <150 and a frequency lower than that in the United States and some other countries of the Commonwealth.[5]

In Scotland, Hayes is a Scoto-Norman surname, a direct translation of the Normans' locational surname "de la Haye", meaning "of La Haye", La Haye ("the hedge") being the name of several towns on the Cotentin peninsula of Normandy, France. The first Norman namebearer to arrive in Scotland was William II de la Haye in the time of the Norman invasion. Clan Hay descends from him.[6]

In Ireland, Hayes originated as a Gaelic polygenetic surname "O hAodha", meaning descendant of Aodh ("fire"), or of Aed, an Irish mythological god. Septs in most counties anglicised "O hAodha" to "Hayes". In County Cork, it became "O'Hea". In County Ulster, it became "Hughes", the patronymic of Hugh, an anglicized variant of the given name Aodh. Hayes is noted on a public record in County Wexford as early as 1182. In County Cork, under the Munster providence, Hayes falls under the banner of the McNamara clan in the Dalcassian Sept. The Hayes clan is also been known to hail allegiance[clarification needed] to Clan Cian, the ruling O'Carroll clan, of southern Ireland.[6][7][8]

Notable Hayes

Listed here are people who share the 'Hayes' surname, organized by birth year, to assist in assembling a view of the geographic distribution of this surname over time.

Born after 1600
Wiebbe Hayes c. 1608 unknown Dutch • Colonial soldier of the Dutch East India Company and a decorated national hero.
Born after 1700
John Hayes (explorer) 1768 1831 British • Explorer for the British East India Company
Born after 1800
Catherine Hayes 1818 1861 Irish • First internationally acclaimed Irish-born opera diva; highest paid singer of her time
Rutherford B. Hayes[9] 1822 1893 American • Nineteenth President of the United States
Bully Hayes c.1829 c.1877 American • South Sea pirate
Lucy Webb Hayes[9][10] 1831 1889 American • First Lady to President Rutherford B. Hayes
Isaac Israel Hayes 1832 1881 American • Arctic explorer and physician
William B. Hayes 1844 1912 American • Forty-first Mayor of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Thomas Hayes (19th century) before 1849 1868 Irish-American • Land owner in San Francisco area; made key contributions to the development of the San Francisco rail system
Patrick Joseph Hayes 1867 1938 American • Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church; eighth Bishop (fifth Archbishop) of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York; first papal military vicar for the United States
John Hayes (Australian politician) 1868 1956 Australian • Thirty-first Premier of Tasmania; eighth President of the Australian Senate
Frank Hayes (actor) 1871 1923 American • Silent film actor
Ernie Hayes 1876 1953 English • Professional cricketer; Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)
Vince Hayes 1879 after 1910 English • Professional football (soccer) player
Stephen Hayes (hurler) before 1880 (unknown) Irish • Professional hurler
Frank Hayes (unionist) 1882 1948 American • President of the United Mine Workers of America; lieutenant governor of Colorado
J. Milton Hayes 1884 1940 English • Actor and poet; known for his dramatic monologues
Ralph Leo Hayes 1884 1970 American • Catholic bishop of Helena, Montana and Davenport, Iowa: Rector of the Pontifical North American College in Rome, Italy
George 'Gabby' Hayes 1885 1969 American • Television and film actor; recipient of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame; inductee into the Western Performers Hall of Fame
Johnny Hayes 1886 1965 American • Olympic Gold medalist in the marathon race • Second generation Irish-American
Michael Hayes (politician) 1889 1976 Irish • National politician
Seán Hayes (Tipperary politician) 1890 1968 Irish • National politician
Born after 1900
Helen Hayes 1900 1993 American • Actress; winner of Oscar, Tony, Emmy and Grammy awards
John Daniel Hayes 1902 1991 American • Rear admiral in the United states Navy; naval historian and teacher of naval history
Clancy Hayes 1908 1972 American • Jazz singer, banjoist, guitarist
Patricia Hayes 1909 1996 English • Television and film actress; Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)
Woody Hayes 1913 1987 American • College football coach; inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame
Bill Hayes (footballer) 1915 1987 Irish • Professional football (soccer) player
John Hayes (harness racer) 1917 1998 Canadian • Professional horse racer; inducted into the Canadia Horse Racing Hall of Fame
Richard Hayes (Irish politician) before 1918 1958 Irish • National politician
Seán Hayes (Cork politician) before 1918 1941 Irish • National politician
John Michael Hayes 1919 (living) American • Screenwriter and Alfred Hitchock collaborator; Edgar Award winner
Wallace D. Hayes c.1919 2001 Chinese-American • Provided fundamental contributions to the understanding of supersonic and hypersonic flight
Stephen Hayes before 1922 (living) Irish • Chief of Staff of the Irish Republican Army
Ira Hayes 1923 1955 Pima[11] • Paramarine in the United States Marine Corps; one of five soldiers who appear in the iconic photograph of the raising of the American flag on the island of Iwo Jima during World War II
Colin Hayes[12] 1924 1999 Australian • Champion thoroughbred racehorse trainer; Order of Australia (AM); Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)
John B. Hayes 1924 2001 American • Sixteenth Commandant of the United States Coast Guard
Bill Hayes (actor) 1925 (living) American • Television and stage actor, singer; plays the character Doug Williams on the soap opera Days of our Lives, also wrote The Ballad of Davey Crockett
John Hayes (cricketer) 1927 2007 New Zealander • Professional cricketer
Willie Hayes c.1928 (unknown) Irish • Professional football (soccer) player
John Hayes (art historian) 1929 2005 British • Authority on the paintings of Thomas Gainsborough; director of the London Museum and National Portrait Gallery
John Hayes (director) 1930 2000 American • B-movie genre film director
David Hayes (sculptor) 1931 (living) American • Award-winning sculptor
Brian Hayes (broadcaster) 1937 (living) Australian • Radio personality
Mickie Most[13] 1938 2003 English • Record producer • born "Michael Peter Hayes"
Vic Hayes 1941 (living) Dutch • "Father of Wi-Fi".[14][15]
Bob Hayes 1942 2002 American • Olympic Gold Medalist sprinter; professional football player; at one time considered the world's fastest man
Isaac Hayes[16] 1942 2008 American • Soul and funk musician; winner of Oscar and Grammy awards
Patrick J. Hayes 1944 (living) British • Computer scientist known for his seminal and continuing contributions to the field of Artificial Intelligence
Frank Hayes (cricketer) 1946 (living) English • Professional cricketer
Billy Hayes (writer) 1947 (living) American • Film writer, actor, director; author of Midnight Express
John Hayes (NZ politician) 1948 (living) New Zealander • Member of Parliament
Mark Hayes (golfer) 1949 (living) American • Professional golfer
Stephen K. Hayes 1949 (living) American • Martial arts instructor and author; inductee into the Black Belt Hall of Fame (Instructor of the Year); former security advisor and bodyguard to the Dalai Lama of Tibet
Born after 1950
Dennis Hayes 1950 (living) American • Co-developer of the first commercial modem for the IBM PC; founder of Hayes Microcomputer Products
Jerry Hayes 1953 (living) British • National politician; barrister
Mark Hayes (composer) 1953 (living) American • Gospel music composer
Beth Hayes 1955 1984 American • Economist specializing in theoretical microeconomics
Chris Hayes (politician) 1955 (living) Australian • National politician for the Division of Werriwa
Austin Hayes 1958 1986 Irish • Professional football (soccer) player
John Henry Hayes 1958 (living) English • National politician
Michael Hayes (wrestler) 1959 (living) American • Professional wrestler and writer for professional wrestling events
Calvin Hayes[13] 1960 (living) English • Musician; founding member of Johnny Hates Jazz
David A. Hayes[12] 1962 (living) Australian • Thoroughbred racehorse trainer
Bruce Hayes (swimmer) 1963 (living) American • Olympic Gold Medalist swimmer
David Hayes (b.1963) American Conductor Director The Philadelphia Singers
Stevie Plunder[17] 1963 1996 Australian • Singer/songwriter; founding member of The Whitlams
Bernie Hayes[17] before 1963 (living) Australian • Singer/songwriter
Christian Hayes 1964 (living) English • Rock singer, songwriter, guitarist
Michael Hayes (spree killer) 1964 (living) American • Murderer notable for successful use of insanity as a defense
J. P. Hayes 1965 (living) American • Professional golfer
Andrea Hayes 1969 (living) American • Backstroke swimmer
Brian Hayes (politician) 1969 (living) Irish • National politician
Sean Hayes (musician) 1969 (living) American • Folk music singer-songwriter
Trisa Hayes 1969 (living) American • Professional wrestler
Sean Hayes (actor) 1970 (living) American • Film and television actor; Emmy award winner
Chris Hayes (American football) 1972 (living) American • Professional football player
Darren Hayes 1972 (living) Australian • Pop and electronica singer, songwriter
David Hayes (musician) before 1973 (living) American • Bass guitar player
Edwina Hayes 1973 (living) Irish-English • Singer, songwriter
John Hayes (rugby player) 1973 (living) Irish • Professional rugby union player
Janet Gray Hayes before 1975 (living) American • Sixtieth Mayor of San Jose, California
Josh Hayes 1975 (living) American • Professional motorcycle racer
David Hayes (soccer) 1976 (living) American • Professional football (soccer) player
Christopher Hayes (journalist) 1979 (living) American • Journalist; editor of The Nation
Frank Hayes (musician) before 1980 (living) American • Filk musician; computer technology columnist
Lenny Hayes 1980 (living) Australian Rules Football player
David Hayes (writer) before 1986 (living) Canadian • Non-fiction author and essayist
Isaac Hayes III[16] 1942 2008 American • Record producer and voice actor

Additional notable people

unknown nationality; unknown year of birth

Fictional characters sharing the Hayes surname


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