List of Jesuits

List of Jesuits
Íñigo López de Loyola, recognized as a saint by the Catholic Church, founded the Society of Jesus in 1534.
Society of Jesus

History of the Jesuits
Regimini militantis

Jesuit Hierarchy
Superior General
Adolfo Nicolás

Ignatian Spirituality
Spiritual Exercises
Ad majorem Dei gloriam

Famous Jesuits
St. Ignatius of Loyola
St. Francis Xavier
Blessed Peter Faber
St. Aloysius Gonzaga
St. Robert Bellarmine
St. Peter Canisius
St. Edmund Campion

This is an alphabetical list of historically notable members of the Society of Jesus.



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Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a philosopher who trained as a paleontologist and geologist


Fr. Joseph O'Callahan (right), a Jesuit priest, is presented with the Medal of Honor by President Truman



Robert Bellarmine, one of the most important cardinals of the Catholic Reformation



Gerard Manley Hopkins, an English poet, Roman Catholic convert, and priest


  • Blessed John Ingram
  • Saint Rémy Isoré, martyred in China


  • Andreas Jaszlinszky, 18th-century Hungarian physics professor and textbook author
  • Saint Francis de Geronimo, Italian priest and missionary
  • Franz Jetzinger, theology professor, Austrian political figure, and principal biographer of Adolf Hitler's early years
  • Pierre Johanns, Luxemburger priest and missionary in India
  • Isaac Jogues, 17th-century French martyr and missionary to North America
  • Miguel Agustín Pro Juárez, Mexican priest, executed during the persecution of the Catholic Church under the presidency of Plutarco Elías Calles


Athanasius Kircher, a 17th-century German polymath
Saint Gabriel Lallemant
  • Georg Joseph Kamel Czech botanist assigned to the Philippines; the Camellia flower was named after him
  • Sebastian Kappen, Indian theologian
  • Eusebio Francisco Kino, missionary and cartographer of Mexico and Arizona
  • Athanasius Kircher, 17th-century German scientist; discoverer of microbes
  • Saint James Kisai, Japanese martyr
  • Adam Adamandy Kochański, Polish mathematician and clockmaker
  • Anthony Kohlmann, early Catholic priest in New York whose decision not to testify established American precedent for "priest-penitent privilege" or "clergy confidentiality" in law
  • Peter Hans Kolvenbach, linguist; 29th Superior General of the Society of Jesus
  • Cardinal Ján Chryzostom Korec, Prisoner for Christ
  • Saint Stanislaus Kostka, patron saint of Jesuit novices
  • Franz Xaver Kugler, Doctor of chemistry and mathematics. Famous also for his Babylonian studies
  • Kurien Kunnumpuram, Indian theologian (ecclesiology)



Jacques Marquette, the French Jesuit missionary who founded Michigan's first European settlement
Petrus Canisius, a theologian to whom the restoration of Catholicism in Germany after the Reformation is credited



Adolfo Nicolás, the current Superior General of the Society of Jesus


  • Mitch Pacwa, scholar; host on EWTN
  • Kuruvilla Pandikattu, Indian philosopher
  • Denis Pétau, French scholar and theologian
  • Saint Joseph Pignatelli, Italian leader of the Jesuits in exile
  • Brother Andrea Pozzo, A great artist of the baroque genre..


  • Karl Rahner, 20th-century German theologian
  • Saint Bernardino Realino, pastor of Lecce
  • Joseph Redlhamer, 18th-century Austrian physics professor and textbook author
  • Saint John Francis Regis, French rural missionary preacher
  • Karl Leonhard Reinhold
  • Franz Retz, Czech 15th Superior General of the Society of Jesus
  • Alexandre de Rhodes, French missionary to Vietnam; linguist
  • Servant of God Matteo Ricci, Italian missionary to China, linguist and published the first Chinese edition of Euclids Elements
  • Giovanni Battista Riccioli, 17th-century Italian astronomer; devised the system for the nomenclature of lunar features that is now the international standard
  • Gabriel Richard, co-founder of University of Michigan, "second founder" of Detroit, first congressional representative from Michigan (then a territory, not yet a state)
  • Saint Alonso Rodriguez, martyr of the Río de la Plata
  • Saint Alphonsus Rodriguez, Jesuit brother; mystic
  • Saint José María Rubio, Spanish priest; canonized in 2003


Pierre-Jean De Smet, a missionary to the Native Americans in the Western United States



Francis Xavier, one of the first seven Jesuits and missionary to Asia




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  1. ^ Note: Father Gabriel Richard briefly was in the U.S. Congress in the 1820s, but as a territorial representative. Under guidelines released by Pope John Paul II, Catholic clergy are expected not to serve in positions of civil authority.

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