Delta cell

Delta cell
Delta cell
Control of stomach acid
Latin endocrinocytus D
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Delta cells (δ-cells or D cells) are somatostatin-producing cells.

They can be found in the stomach, intestine and the Islets of Langerhans in the pancreas.

In rodents delta-cells are located in the periphery of the islets; in humans the islet architecture is generally less organized and delta-cells are frequently observed inside the islets as well.

In the electron microscope, delta-cells can be identified as cells with smaller and slightly more compact granules than beta cells.

D cells contain CCKBR (which respond to gastrin) and M3 receptors (which respond to Ach). Respectively, these receptors will increase somatostatin output and decrease somatostatin output from the D cells.

VIP, vasoactive intestinal peptide, acts positively on D cells resulting in more somatostatin being released.

Clinical significance

A tumor of the delta cells is called a "somatostatinoma".

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