List of surgical procedures

List of surgical procedures

Surgical procedures have long and possibly daunting names. The meaning of many surgical procedure names can often be understood if the name is broken into parts. For example in splenectomy, "ectomy" is a suffix meaning the removal of a part of the body. "Splene-" means spleen. Thus, splenectomy refers to the surgical removal of the spleen (or sections thereof). "otomy" means to cut into a part of the body; a splenotomy would be to cut into, but not necessarily remove, the spleen.

The field of minimally invasive surgery has spawned another set of words, such as arthroscopic or laparoscopic surgery. These take the same form as above; an arthroscope is a device which allows the inside of the joint to be seen.

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List of surgical term roots


  • angio- : related to blood vessels
  • arthr- : related to a joint
  • bi- : two
  • colpo- : related to the vagina
  • encephal- : related to the brain
  • hepat- : related to the liver
  • hyster- : related to the uterus
  • lapar- : related to the abdominal cavity
    • Etymology actually refers to soft, fleshy part of abdominal wall. The term celio- is probably more accurate and used in America.
  • lobo- : related to a lobe (of the brain or lungs)
  • mammo- and masto-: related to the breast
  • myo- : related to muscle tissue
  • nephro- : related to the kidney
  • oophor- : related to the ovary
  • orchid- : related to the testicle
  • vas- : related to a duct, usually the vas deferens
  • lamino- : related to vertebrae intervertebral disc
  • gastro- : related to stomach
  • colono- : related to large intestine colon
  • cysto- : related to the bladder


  • -centesis : surgical puncture
  • -desis : fusion of two parts into one, stabilization
  • -ectomy : surgical removal (see List of -ectomies). The term 'resection' is also used, especially when referring to a tumor.
  • -opsy : looking at
  • -oscopy : viewing of, normally with a scope
  • -ostomy or -stomy : surgically creating a hole (a new "mouth" or "stoma")
  • -otomy or -tomy : surgical incision (see List of -otomies)
  • -pexy : to fix or secure
  • -plasty : to modify or reshape (sometimes entails replacement with a prosthesis)
  • -rrhapy : to strengthen, usually with suture

List of surgical procedures

Category Plasty Ectomy Stomy Otomy Other
CNS Decompressive craniectomy, Hemispherectomy, Anterior temporal lobectomy, Hypophysectomy, Amygdalohippocampectomy Ventriculostomy Craniotomy, Pallidotomy, Thalamotomy, Lobotomy, Bilateral cingulotomy, Cordotomy, Rhizotomy Neurosurgery · Psychosurgery · Brain biopsy
PNS Ganglionectomy, Sympathectomy/Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy, Neurectomy Axotomy · Vagotomy Nerve biopsy
Endocrine Hypophysectomy, Thyroidectomy, Parathyroidectomy, Adrenalectomy, Pinealectomy
Eye Punctoplasty · Trabeculoplasty Photorefractive keratectomy · Trabeculectomy · Iridectomy · Vitrectomy Dacryocystorhinostomy Radial keratotomy Corneal transplantation
Ears Otoplasty Stapedectomy · Mastoidectomy · Auriculectomy Myringotomy
Respiratory Rhinoplasty · Septoplasty Rhinectomy · Laryngectomy · Pneumonectomy Tracheostomy Sinusotomy, Pneumotomy, Cricothyroidotomy, Cricothyrotomy · Bronchotomy · Thoracotomy · Thyrotomy · Tracheotomy Pleurodesis · Lung transplantation
CV Angioplasty Pericardiectomy · Endarterectomy Cardiotomy · Pericardiotomy Heart transplantation
Lymphatic Tonsillectomy · Adenoidectomy · Thymectomy · Splenectomy · Lymphadenectomy Thymus transplantation · Spleen transplantation · Splenopexy · Lymph node biopsy
GI/mouth Uvulopalatoplasty · Palatoplasty Gingivectomy · Glossectomy · Esophagectomy · Gastrectomy · Appendectomy  · Proctocolectomy · Colectomy · Hepatectomy · Cholecystectomy · Pancreatectomy/Pancreaticoduodenectomy Gastrostomy (Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy· Gastroduodenostomy · Gastroenterostomy · Ileostomy · Jejunostomy · Colostomy · Cholecystostomy · Hepatoportoenterostomy, Sigmoidostomy Uvulotomy · Myotomy (Heller myotomy, Pyloromyotomy· Anal sphincterotomy · Lateral internal sphincterotomy Vertical banded gastroplasty, Gastropexy, Colon resection, Nissen fundoplication, Hernia repair · Omentopexy · Liver biopsy
Urinary Urethroplasty · Pyeloplasty Nephrectomy · Cystectomy Nephrostomy · Ureterostomy · Cystostomy (Suprapubic cystostomy· Urostomy Nephrotomy Nephropexy · Urethropexy · Lithotripsy · Kidney transplantation · Renal biopsy
Reproductive Phalloplasty · Scrotoplasty Vasectomy · Penectomy · Orchidectomy · Prostatectomy · Posthectomy · Gonadectomy Vasovasostomy  · Vasoepididymostomy Meatotomy Circumcision · Foreskin restoration · Orchiopexy · Prostate biopsy
Reproductive Vaginoplasty · Clitoroplasty · Labiaplasty Cervicectomy · Clitoridectomy · Oophorectomy · Salpingoophorectomy · Salpingectomy · Hysterectomy · Vaginectomy · Vulvectomy Amniotomy · Clitoridotomy · Hysterotomy · Hymenotomy · Episiotomy · Symphysiotomy Tubal ligation, Tubal reversal, Colporrhaphy, Cesarean section · Hymenorrhaphy · Endometrial biopsy
and joint

bone: Acromioplasty · Khyphoplasty · Mentoplasty · Acromioplasty

joint: Arthroplasty · Rotationplasty

bone: Ostectomy (Femoral head ostectomy, Vertebrectomy · Coccygectomy, Astragalectomy· Corpectomy, Facetectomy Laminectomy (Hemilaminectomy)

joint: Synovectomy · Discectomy

bone: Osteotomy

joint: Arthrotomy · Laminotomy · Foraminotomy

bone: Epiphysiodesis

joint: Arthrodesis · Arthroscopy, Ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction

soft tissue
Bursectomy · amputation (Hemicorporectomy, Hemipelvectomy), Myotomy · Tenotomy · Fasciotomy Muscle biopsy · Amputation · Tendon transfer
Breast Mammoplasty Lumpectomy · Mastectomy Breast implant · Mastopexy · Breast reconstruction · Breast reduction
Skin Escharotomy Skin biopsy
Other/ungrouped Abdominoplasty, Frenuloplasty, Z-plasty Discectomy, Diverticulectomy, Frenectomy, Hemorrhoidectomy, Mastoidectomy, Thrombectomy, Embolectomy · Ganglionectomy · Lobectomy · Myomectomy · Panniculectomy Ureterosigmoidostomy Fistulotomy, Laparotomy, Myringotomy, Sphincterotomy, Commissurotomy Abdominal surgery, Biopsy, Brostrom prodedure, Cauterization, Grafting, Hypnosurgery, Laparoscopy, NOTES, Nuss procedure, Radiosurgery,

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