Modern equipment and uniform of the Turkish Army

Modern equipment and uniform of the Turkish Army
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Modern equipment and uniform of the Turkish Army


Infantry weapons

Small arms

Name Type Caliber Origin Notes
Yavuz 16 Semi-automatic pistol 9mm Parabellum  Italy/ Turkey Standard service pistol. Beretta 92 produced under license by MKEK.
Kılınç 2000 Semi-automatic pistol 9mm Parabellum  Czech Republic/ Turkey Standard officer pistol. Turkish copy of the Czech CZ 75.
Kobra Semi-automatic shotgun 12 Gauge  Turkey Standard army shotgun.[citation needed]
Baba Semi-automatic shotgun 12 Gauge  Turkey Standard army shotgun.[citation needed]
MP5 Submachine gun 9mm Parabellum  Germany/ Turkey Produced under license by MKEK. MP5K also in use.
HK G3A7 Battle rifle 7.62mm NATO  Germany/ Turkey Standard service rifle. Produced under license by MKEK.
HK 33 Assault rifle 5.56mm NATO  Germany/ Turkey Secondary Service Rifle of Military. Produced under license by MKEK.
HK416 Assault rifle 5.56mm NATO  Germany/ Turkey Used by special forces. Produced under license by MKEK
M16A4 Assault rifle 5.56mm NATO  United States Used by Maroon Berets
M16A2 Assault rifle 5.56mm NATO  United States Used by Maroon Berets
M16A1 Assault rifle 5.56mm NATO  United States Used by Mountain Commandos
M4A1 Carbine 5.56mm NATO  United States Used by Special Forces
AK-47 Assault Rifle 7.62x39mm  Soviet Union Some captured rifles, bought from Iraq and Russia. Used by paramilitary such as townguards
MSG-90 Semi-automatic sniper rifle 7.62mm NATO  Germany/ Turkey Standard semi-automatic sniper rifle. Produced under license by MKEK.
SVD Semi-automatic sniper rifle 7.62x54mmR  Soviet Union Some captured rifles, bought from Iraq and Russia
Accuracy International PM Sniper rifle 7.62mm NATO  United Kingdom
Sako TRG Sniper rifle .338 Lapua  Finland
KNT-308 Sniper rifle 7.62mm NATO  Turkey
CheyTac Intervention Sniper rifle 7.62mm NATO  United States Low number. Used by Maroon berets
JNG-90 Sniper rifle 7.62mm NATO  Turkey Also known as Bora-12
Gepard Anti-material rifle .50 BMG  Hungary
Barrett M82 Anti-material rifle .50 BMG  United States Used by Naval Forces
McMillan Tac-50 Anti-material rifle .50 BMG  United States
MG3 Light machine gun 7.62mm NATO  Germany/ Turkey Standard light machine gun. Produced under license by MKEK.
HK23E Light machine gun 5.56mm  Germany/ Turkey Produced under license by MKEK
PKM General purpose machine gun 7.62mm  Soviet Union
Browning M2[1] Heavy Machine Gun 12.7x99mm  United States
M60 machine gun General purpose machine gun 7.62mm NATO  United States Used as door guns for UH-1 helicopters And Used For Naval Forces
M249 SAW General purpose machine gun 5.56 mm NATO  Belgium Used by Maroon Berets.
Tavor TAR-21 Assault riffle 5.56 mm NATO  Israel Used by Maroon Berets.

Explosives, rockets and missile systems

Name Type Quantity Origin Notes
T-40 Underbarrel grenade launcher  Turkey 40mm. Service with HK33 and HK G3
M203 Underbarrel grenade launcher  United States/ Turkey 40mm. Produced under license by Sarsilmaz for use with M4 and M16 rifles.[2]
AG36 Underbarrel grenade launcher  Germany 40mm. For use with the HK33 and T-50.
Mk 19 AGL Automatic grenade launcher  United States 40mm.
RPG-7 Rocket-propelled grenade 5,000+  Soviet Union Captured or purchased from former East German inventory.
HAR-66 Anti-tank rocket 40,000+  United States/ Turkey Turkish version of the M72 LAW produced under license by MKEK
MILAN Anti-tank guided missile 400+  France/ Germany
ERYX Anti-tank guided missile 632  France/ Canada After Dispute between MBDA and Turkey, Turkey Sign a new agreement to buy 632 New Launchers [3]
BGM-71A/B and C TOW I/II/A/B Anti-tank guided missile 390+  United States
Kornet-E Anti-tank guided missile 80  Russia 80 launching posts purchased with an option of 72 more.
9M113M Konkurs (AT5 Spandrel) Anti-tank guided missile 70  Soviet Union
FIM 92B/C Stinger Man-portable air-defense system 850+  United States/ Turkey Built under license by Roketsan
FIM-43A Redeye Man-portable air-defense system 1,089  United States To be phased out.
9M39 Igla Man-portable air-defense system 40  Soviet Union

Protective equipment

Name Type Origin Notes
BK-6 Helmet Combat helmet  Croatia/ Turkey Producing under license by MKEK
Type III and Type IIIA Ballistic vest Personal armor  Turkey Used by specialized units and commando divisions, not yet standard issue


Logistics and utility vehicles

Name Type Quantity Origin Notes
Otokar Defender Light Utility Vehicle 9,800+  United Kingdom/ Turkey Licensed production of the Land Rover Defender by Otokar
Jeep Wrangler[citation needed] Light Utility Vehicle 5,700  United States
Humvee Light Utility Vehicle N/A  United States
Otokar Engerek Special operations vehicle 550+  Turkey Special Operations variant of the Land Rover/Otokar Defender
Unimog 4000-5000 Light utility truck 5,500  Germany/ Turkey Produced under license in Turkey (Mercedes-Benz Türk A.S., Aksaray Truck Factory)
BMC 185-09 B[4] 2.5 ton truck 706  Turkey 4x4 Tactical Wheeled Vehicle
BMC 235-16 P[4] 5 ton truck 282  Turkey 4x4 Tactical Wheeled Vehicle
BMC 380-26 P[4] 10 ton truck 403  Turkey 6x6 Tactical Wheeled Vehicle
MAN 26.372 Heavy utility truck  Germany/ Turkey 6x6 cargo truck
Mercedes Axor Medium equipment truck  Germany/ Turkey Produced under license in Turkey (Mercedes-Benz Türk A.S., Aksaray Truck Factory)
Mercedes Actros Heavy equipment truck  Germany/ Turkey Produced under license in Turkey (Mercedes-Benz Türk A.S., Aksaray Truck Factory)

Engineering and maintenance vehicles

Name Type Quantity Origin Notes
M88A2 Armored recovery vehicle 33  United States
M48T5 "Tamay" Armored recovery vehicle 105  United States\ Turkey M48 recovery vehicle modification produced in Turkey

Main Battle Tanks

Name Type Quantity Origin Notes
Leopard 2A4 Main battle tank 339  Germany Surplus German 2A4s. Purchased in 2005.[5] Turkey's Leopard 2 A4s will be upgraded to Leopard 2NG (Next Generation) models with work supervised by Aselsan. The upgrade includes the addition of applique armor (AMAP), upgraded optics, and a new fire control system.[6] Turkey bought another 30 Leapard2A4 from Germany's arsenal which where out of service.
Leopard 1 Main battle tank 398  Germany 171 Leopard 1T upgraded to 3rd generation standard.
M60T Main battle tank 170  United States/ Israel Extensively upgraded M60 Patton. Upgrade package designed and produced in Israel. Upgrades completed in Turkey.

3rd generation standard.

M60A3 TTS Main battle tank 658  United States
M60A1 RISE Passive Main battle tank 104  United States
M48A5T1 Main battle tank 619  United States M48A5 with passive night vision and MTU engine. Upgrades completed in Turkey. Probably phased out of active service. To be Completely phased out by introduction Altay tank
M48A5T2 Main battle tank 758  United States Further upgrade of the M48A5T1 with thermal sights, stabilized 105mm gun and laser rangefinder. To be phased out with introduction Altay tank

Armored fighting vehicles And Armored Personnel Carriers

Name Type Quantity Origin Notes
ACV-AIFV Infantry Fighting Vehicle 650  Turkey ACV-300 equipped with either a turret mounted GIAT 25mm M811 cannon, or Oerlikon KBA-B02 on an external weapon station.
ACV-AAPC Armored personnel carrier 1,381  Turkey ACV-300 armed with one 12.7mm machine gun, and one 7.62 machine gun in a one man turret.
M113 Armored personnel carrier 3,162  United States Mostly upgraded to Turkish standards. M113A1/A2T1/A2T2 variants in service.
FNSS Pars Armored personnel carrier 1.000[7]  Turkey 6x6
8x8 wheeled APC.
Otokar Cobra Armored personnel carrier 789  Turkey 4x4 wheeled APC.
Otokar Akrep Armored personnel carrier 370  Turkey 4x4 wheeled APC.
ACV-ATV Tank destroyer 48  Turkey ACV-300 equipped with TOW Under Armor (TUA) turret.
BMC Kirpi MRAP 150  Turkey A Total of 468 ordered
M113A1 TOW Tank destroyer 173  United States M113-based vehicle with pintle mount BGM-71 TOW anti-tank guided missile system


Rotary Transport

Name Type Quantity Origin Notes
Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk Utility helicopter 106[8]  United States S-70A17/19: 56, S-70A28: 20 and S-70D28: 30 helicopters.
TAI/Sikorsky T-70 Utility helicopter/Attack (Convertable at short notice) 0 (117 on order)  Turkey Built under license by TAI.[9] Turkish army chief deciced its going to produce about 600 Black hawks till 2020.
Eurocopter AS-532UL Cougar Utility helicopter 48[8]  Turkey Built under license by TAI
Agusta-Bell AB206B3 JetRanger Utility and training helicopter 25[8]  Italy Bell 206 JetRanger produced under license by Agusta. To be Phased out by Arıkopter
Agusta-Bell AB205A1 Utility helicopter 69[8]  Italy UH-1 Iroquois produced by Agusta in Italy, To be phased out by New Utility Helicopter
Bell UH-1H/2020-ASAM Utility helicopter 52[citation needed]  United States
Agusta-Bell 204 Utility and training helicopter 15[8]  Italy To be phased out by New Utility Helicopter
Bell UH-1H Utility helicopter 85[8]  United States To be phased out by New Utility Helicopter
Bell AH-1P Cobra Attack helicopter 23  United States Upgraded to AH-1F standard. To be phase out with introduction of T-129 ATAK
Bell AH-1W SuperCobra Attack helicopter 7-8  United States 12 purchased in the 1990s. 6-7 (varies by source) remaining in service as of 2010. Equipped with Hellfire II K2.
Bell OH-58B Observation helicopter 3[8]  United States

Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles

Name Type Quantity Origin Notes
Bayraktar Mini UAV Mini UAV 148 [10]  Turkey
Malazgirt Mini UAV Mini UAV 4 [10]  Turkey

Artillery and missile systems

Field artillery

Name Type Quantity Origin Notes
HY-12Di Mortar 575  Turkey
UT1 Mortar 324  Turkey
M1/M29 Mortar 3,175  United States 81mm.
M30 Mortar 1,265  United States 107mm.
M-19 Mortar 3,500+  United States 60mm.
Panter Howitzer 225  Turkey 155mm gun. A Total of 400 To be build.
M101A1 Howitzer 830  United States 105mm gun.
M114 Howitzer 535  United States 155mm gun.
M115 Howitzer 155  United States 203mm gun.
M116 Howitzer 180  United States 75mm gun.

Self-propelled artillery

Name Type Quantity Origin Notes
M125A1 Self-propelled mortar 225  United States M113-based self-propelled mortar carrier. 81mm M29 mortar mounted.
ACV-AMV Self-propelled mortar 170  Turkey ACV-300-based self-propelled mortar. 81mm mortar carried.
T-155 Fırtına Self-propelled howitzer 240  Turkey 155mm gun. A total 350 are to be built.
M110A2 Self-propelled howitzer 219  United States 203mm gun.
M107 Self-propelled howitzer 36  United States 175mm gun.
M55 Self-propelled howitzer 9  United States 155mm gun.
M44T Self-propelled howitzer 222  United States 155mm gun. Modernized in Turkey
M52T Self-propelled howitzer 363  United States 155mm gun. Modernized in Turkey
M108T Self-propelled howitzer 25  United States 105mm gun. Modernized in Turkey

Rocket and missile systems

Name Type Quantity Origin Notes
T-300 Kasırga WS-1 Multiple rocket launcher 80  China/ Turkey Truck mounted 302mm rocket system based on Chinese WS-1. 100 km range with improved range versions under development.
M270 MLRS Multiple rocket launcher 12  United States
MAKSAM RA 7040 Multiple rocket launcher 24  Turkey Truck mounted 70mm rocket system. 40 tubes per launcher.
T-122 Sakarya Multiple rocket launcher 130+  Turkey Truck mounted 122mm rocket system based on the BM-21 Grad with ASELSAN BAIKS computerized system. 40 km range.
T-107 MBRL Multiple rocket launcher 100+  Turkey Small, towed multi-barrel rocket launcher.
TOROS 230A Multiple rocket launcher  Turkey Truck mounted 230mm, long-range rocket system. 6 tubes per launcher. 65 km range. Used for research T-300
TOROS 260A Multiple rocket launcher  Turkey Truck mounted 260mm, long-range rocket system. 4 tubes per launcher. 100 km range. Used for research T-300
J-600T Yıldırım I Short-range ballistic missile 100  China/ Turkey Turkish version of the Chinese B-611 SRBM. 150 km range. R&D by Turkish and Chinese.

36 Battery, 100+ Missile

J-600T Yıldırım II Short-range ballistic missile  China/ Turkey J-600T with improved, 300 km range.
ATACMS MGM 140 Block I Surface-to-surface missile 72  United States Can be fired from the M270 MRLS

Anti-aircraft Weapons

Towed Anti-Air artillery

Name Type Quantity Origin Notes
L/70 & L/70T Bofors Anti-aircraft gun 300  Sweden
L/60 & M1A1 Bofors Anti-aircraft gun 600+  Sweden
Oerlikon GDF-001 Anti-aircraft gun 100+  Switzerland/ Turkey Built under license by MKEK.
Oerlikon GDF-003 Anti-aircraft gun 120  Switzerland/ Turkey Built under license by MKEK.
Oerlikon GAI-D01 Anti-aircraft gun 440  Switzerland/ Turkey Built under license by MKEK.
Rheinmetall Mk.20 Rh202 Anti-aircraft gun 300+  Germany
M55 Anti-aircraft gun 900  United States 4x12.7mm guns in a quadmount

Self Propelled Anti-Air Defence

Name Type Quantity Origin Notes
M42 Duster Self-propelled anti-aircraft gun 110  United States Will be replaced by a new FNSS 2x35mm ACV
Atılgan Self-propelled surface-to-air missile 150+  Turkey M113 equipped with 8 Stinger missiles on a pedestal mount for short-ranged air defense. More to be Delivered
Zıpkın Self-propelled surface-to-air missile 80+  Turkey 4 pedestal mounted Stingers carried by a Land Rover Defender 130.[11] More to be Delivered


The following weapon systems have been withdrawn from front-line service, but remain in storage as war reserve, spares, or pending disposal.

Name Type Quantity Origin Notes
Cobra Anti-tank guided missile 185  Germany
9K11 Malyutka Anti-tank guided missile 268  Soviet Union
M48 Patton Main battle tank 1,200  United States Kept in storage.

Future procurements

Name Type Quantity Origin Notes
Mehmetçik-1 Assault rifle  Turkey Based on the HK 417 with improvements, under development,7.62x51 NATO[12]
MKEK T-50 Assault rifle  Turkey 5.56mm rifle. Based on the HK50 Project
OMTAS Anti-tank guided missile  Turkey Under development
UMTAS Anti-tank guided missile  Turkey Under development,8 KM Range
Roketsan Cirit Air-to-Surface Laser Guided Rocket  Turkey Under development,8 KM Range
BMC Kirpi MRAP 468  Turkey 4x4 Mine protected vehicle.[13]
FNSS Pars Tactical Wheeled Vehicle 1,075  Turkey MILAN(344), OMTAS(152), TOW(350) missile carriers, and fire support vehicles with automatic grenade launcher (229) to be produced.
NBC Protection Vehicle Project NBC protected vehicle 336  Turkey Nurol Ejder / Otokar Arma
Altay (tank) Main battle tank 1,000  Turkey 250 will be delivered in 2016. It is expected that a total of 1,000 Altays will be produced.[14]
Light Utility Helicopter Project Light Utility Helicopter TBD  Turkey It is expected that the TAI Arıkopter will be acquired.
Turkish Indigenous Helicopter Mid-Size Utility Helicopter ***  Turkey Under Development [15]
CH-47F Heavy-lift helicopter 6  United States 5 to Land Forces Command, 1 to Special Forces Command,[16] expected to be produced by 2014 [17]
Bell AH-1W SuperCobra Attack helicopter 3  United States Delivery expected at the first quarter of 2012.[18]
T-129 ATAK Attack helicopter 51+9(+40 Optional)  Turkey Turkish version of Agusta A-129 with indigenous missile systems and upgrades. 9 helicopters in 2012, 51 helicopters in 2013 will be received.[19] Expected to be armed with Cirit and/or UMTAS missiles.[20]


NATO Code OF-10 OF-9 OF-8 OF-7 OF-6 OF-5 OF-4 OF-3 OF-2 OF-1 OF(D) Student Officer
Turkey Turkey

Mareşal [1]

Orgeneral [2]

Korgeneral [3]

Tümgeneral [4]

Tuğgeneral [5]

Albay [6]

Yarbay [7]

Binbaşı [8]

Yüzbaşı [9]

Üsteğmen [10]

Teğmen [11]

Asteğmen [12]


NATO Code OR-9 OR-8 OR-7 OR-6 OR-5 OR-4 OR-3 OR-2 OR-1
Turkey Turkey
TR-Army-OR9.svg TR-Army-OR8.svg TR-Army-OR7a.svg TR-Army-OR7b.svg TR-Army-OR6a.svg TR-Army-OR6b.svg TR-Army-OR5b.svg TR-Army-OR4b.svg No Equivalent No Equivalent No Insignia
Astsubay Kıdemli Başçavuş Astsubay Başçavuş Astsubay Kıdemli Üstçavuş Astsubay Üstçavuş Astsubay Kıdemli Çavuş Astsubay Çavuş Uzman Çavuş Uzman Onbaşı Çavuş Onbaşı Er

Non-Turkish speakers might like to know that OF3, OF2, & OR4 literally translates to "Head of 1000", "Head of 100" & "Head of 10" respectively,

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