M110 howitzer

M110 howitzer

Infobox Weapon
name=8" Self-Propelled Howitzer M110

caption=8" Self-Propelled Howitzer M110
origin=flag|United States
type=Self-propelled artillery
crew=13 (Driver, Gunner(2x), Loader(2x), "(Support Crew(8x)-Other Vehicle)")
length=10.8 m (35.43 ft)
width=3.1 m (10.17 ft)
height=3.1 m (10.17 ft)
weight=28.3 tonnes (62,390 lbs)
armour=13 mm (.51 in)
primary_armament=8" M201A1 Howitzer
2 Rounds
engine=General Motors 8V71T, 8-cylinder, supercharged diesel
engine_power=405 hp (302.01 kW)
suspension=Torsion Bar
speed=55 km/h (34 mph)
vehicle_range=523 km (325 mi)

The 8 inch (203 mm) Self-Propelled Howitzer M110 was the largest available self-propelled howitzer in the United States Army's inventory. It was deployed in division artillery (DIVARTY) in general support battalions and in separate corps- and Army-level battalions. Missions include general support, counterbattery fire, and suppression of enemy air defense systems. The M110 was exported to a number of countries and remains in service with three NATO member states, namely the Greek, Spanish and Turkish Armies.

General Characteristics

The M110's rate of fire can reach 3 rounds per minute when at maximum, and 1 round per 2 minutes with sustained fire. Its range varies from 16,800 m to 30,000 m when equipped with a rocket-assisted projectile.


The heritage of the M110 goes back to the British 8 inch (203 mm) howitzer of World War I.A number of these were used by the American Forces and the design used as the basis for their howitzer. The M110A2 is the latest version with double muzzle brake, the earlier A1 version had a plain muzzle. It first entered service with the US Army in 1963. It has been used in the Vietnam War by the United States Army, and in Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm by the United States Army, and the British Army.

The gun system has been retired from US Army service; howitzers above 155 mm caliber are no longer effective as technology has closed the range and firepower gap, and heavier weapon systems require more resources to operate. Gun barrels from retired M110s were initially used as the outer casing in the manufacture of the GBU-28 bunker buster bomb.


*flagicon|Belgium: Belgian Army between 1972 and 1993.

*flagicon|Egypt: Egyptian Army.

*flagicon|Germany: German Army M110A2 until 1993.

*flagicon|Greece: Hellenic Army "(Greek Army)" as M110A2.

*flagicon|Iran: Islamic Republic of Iran Army.

*flagicon|South Korea: Republic of Korea Army.

*flagicon|Japan: Japan Ground Self-Defense Force "(Japanese Army)" as M110A2.

*flagicon|Morocco: Moroccan Army as M110A2.

*flagicon|Pakistan: Pakistan Army.

*flagicon|Philippines: Philippine Army

*flagicon|Spain: Spanish Army as M110A2, deployed in divisional fire support regiments.

*flagicon|Taiwan: Republic of China Army 60 as M110A2. [ [http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/taiwan/army-inventory.htm Army Equipment - Taiwan] ]

*flagicon|Turkey: Turkish Army.

*flagicon|UK: British Army as M110A2 firing High Explosive and Nuclear shells only. (The FV433 Abbot SPG, the M109A2, and the M110A1 were replaced by the AS-90 in the early-mid 1990s.) Used in combat in Operation Granby / Gulf War.

*flagicon|USA: US Army & United States Marine Corps.

ee also

*M107 - a 175 mm self-propelled gun on the same chassis
*2S7 Pion - Russian 203mm self-propelled howitzer
*Sholef - Israeli 155mm self-propelled howitzer
*List of crew served weapons of the US Armed Forces


External links

* [http://www.fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/land/m110a2.htm Fas.org.]
* [http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/ground/m110a2.htm Globalsecurity.org]
* [http://www.primeportal.net/artillery/m110_home.htm M110 Walk Arounds on Prime Portal]
*Herzo Artillery Base in Germany [http://www.herzobase.org www.herzobase.org]

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