Intercompany crossover

Intercompany crossover

In comic books, an intercompany crossover (also called cross-company or company crossover) is a comic or series of comics where characters published by one company meet those published by another (for example, DC Comics' Superman meeting Marvel's Spider-Man, or DC's Batman meeting Marvel's Wolverine). These usually occur in special "one-shot" issues or a miniseries.

Some crossovers are part of canon—for example, JLA/Avengers, which has been made canon in the DC Universe[1] —but most are outside of the continuity of a character's regular title or series of stories. They can be a joke or gag, a dream sequence, or even a "what if" scenario (such as DC's Elseworlds).

Marvel/DC crossovers (are mostly non-canon) include those where the characters live in alternate universes, as well as those where they share the "same" version of earth (Indeed, some fans have posited a separate "Crossover Earth" for these adventures).[2] In the earliest licensed crossovers, the companies seemed to prefer shared world adventures. They took this approach to the first intercompany superhero crossover, 1976's Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man, and followed the same format in 1981 with Superman and Spider-Man.

Besides the two Superman/Spider-Man crossovers, a number of other DC/Marvel adventures took place on a "Crossover Earth," but later intercompany crossovers tended to present the DC and Marvel Universes as alternate realities, bridged when common foes made this desirable. (The interest in overall continuity has become a major part of even crossover comic books.)[3]

Characters are often licensed or sold from one company to another, as with DC acquiring such characters of Fawcett Comics, Quality Comics, and Charlton Comics as the original Captain Marvel, Plastic Man and Captain Atom. In this way, heroes originally published by different companies can become part of the same fictional universe, and interactions between such characters are no longer considered intercompany crossovers.

Although a meeting between a licensed character and a wholly owned character (e.g., between Red Sonja and Spider-Man, or Ash Williams and the Marvel Zombies) is technically an intercompany crossover, comics companies rarely bill them as such. Likewise is the case when some characters in an on-going series are owned or to some extent controlled by their creators, as with Doctor Who antagonists the Daleks, which are not owned by the UK television network the BBC although the character of The Doctor is.


Published crossovers

Golden and Silver Ages

The Inferior Five #10 (Oct. 1968). Cover art by Win Mortimer & Tex Blaisdell.
  • All Star Comics #3 (Winter 1940/41)
The Justice Society of America was created in this issue, combining National Comics' Doctor Fate, Hour-Man (as it was then spelled), the Spectre, and the Sandman, and All-American Publications' the Atom, the Flash, Green Lantern, and Hawkman. National and All-American, separate editorial imprints, shared the unofficial "DC" label due to joint publishing and distribution.


  • Lois Lane and Captain Marvel
"The Monkey's Paw", a story from Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #42 (July 1963), featured a one-panel appearance, with his costume mis-colored, by the defunct Fawcett Comics' Captain Marvel, who was not yet a DC character. The letters page of #113 (Oct. 1971) described it as "strictly a private joke" on the part of former Captain Marvel artist Kurt Schaffenberger. The story was reprinted in #104 (Oct. 1970) with the costume coloring corrected.
The first DC Comics/Marvel Comics intercompany collaboration.
  • Homages
Writers during the 1960s and early 1970s sometimes engaged in a form of intercompany crossover with thinly disguised imitations of a competing company's characters, as opposed to parodies in satirical-humor stories. In this way, Marvel's superhero team the Avengers met a version of DC's Justice League of America (Squadron Sinister/Squadron Supreme) in The Avengers vol. 1, #70, 85-86, and 147-48. In Action Comics #351-53 (1967) DC's Superman met a villain called Zha-Vam, whose powers and name were derivative of Captain Marvel (then owned by Fawcett Comics) and of the magic word Shazam that gave Captain Marvel his powers. Superman similarly met versions of Marvel's Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and Sub-Mariner (The Kookie Quartet, Cobweb Kid, and Sub-Moron) in The Inferior Five #10 (Oct. 1968).
In the 1970s, the annual Rutland Halloween Parade was used as the setting of a number of superhero comic books published by both Marvel and DC Comics. Costumed parade attendees in these books were often depicted wearing the uniforms of characters from the other company. Justice League of America #103 (Dec. 1972) in particular features the title heroes encountering versions of Captain America, Spider-Man and Thor (Commando America, Webslinger, and Thundergod). Other issues featuring the parade include Batman #237, DC Super-Stars #18, Freedom Fighters #6, Amazing Adventures #16, Avengers # 83 and #119, Marvel Feature # 2, and The Mighty Thor #207.
Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man one-shot (1976). Cover art by Carmine Infantino (layout), Ross Andru (finished pencils) & Dick Giordano (inks).


The first official intercompany crossover of recent decades. The villains are Doctor Octopus and Lex Luthor.
Superman and Spider-Man battle the Parasite and Dr. Doom, with the Hulk and Wonder Woman guest-starring
Batman vs. The Incredible Hulk
The two hottest-selling teams from each company battle Darkseid, Deathstroke the Terminator, and Dark Phoenix.
Superman and the Masters of the Universe


  • Mantis and the Justice League
In DC comics' Justice League of America #142 (May 1977), writer Steve Englehart re-introduced Mantis, a character he had created in Marvel Comics' Avengers, picking up the plot threads from her last appearance there and renaming her Willow.[5]
In X-Men #107 (Oct. 1977), writer Chris Claremont and artist Dave Cockrum introduced the Imperial Guard, characters modeled after Cockrum's previous assignment, DC's Legion of Super-Heroes. Members included heroes with the powers of, and similar costumes to, the Legionnaires Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, Timber Wolf, Wildfire, Brainiac 5, Chameleon Boy, Star Boy and Shadow Lass.


With Cerebus
  • Cerebus #104
With Flaming Carrot
  • Flaming Carrot #25
With Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Usagi Yojimbo #10
With Leonardo of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Mr. Monster #9
With Wolff and Byrd, Counsellors of the Macabre




With Cerebus


With Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Deathmate: Preview, Deathmate: Prologue, Deathmate: Red, Deathmate: Blue, Deathmate: Black, Deathmate: Yellow, Deathmate: Epilogue
  • Magnus, Robot Fighter/Nexus #1-2
  • Batman/Judge Dredd: Vendetta in Gotham
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Flaming Carrot: The Land of Green Fire #1-4
  • Pinhead vs. Marshal Law: Law in Hell #1-2
  • Godzilla vs. Barkley


  • Batman/Spawn: War Devil
  • Spawn/Batman
  • Batman/Punisher: Lake of Fire
  • The Punisher Meets Archie (Aug. 1994; Marvel Comics)
  • Archie Meets the Punisher (Aug. 1994; Archie Comics)
  • Worlds Collide (DC/Milestone crossover)
Superman: The Man of Steel #35-36, Hardware #17-18, Superboy #6-7, Icon #15-16, Steel #6-7, Blood Syndicate #16-17, Worlds Collide #1, Static #14
  • Razor and Shi Special #1
  • Punisher/Batman: Deadly Knights
  • Batman vs. Predator II: Bloodmatch #1-4
  • Razor/Dark Angel: The Final Nail #1-2
  • WildC.A.T.s #8
With Scott and Jean Summers of the X-Men and Beavis and Butt-head


  • Vampirella/Shadowhawk: Creatures of the Night
  • Shadowhawk/Vampirella: Creatures of the Night
  • Superman vs. Aliens #1-3
  • Batman/Judge Dredd: The Ultimate Riddle
  • Batman vs. The Incredible Hulk
  • Darkseid vs. Galactus: The Hunger
  • Cyblade/Shi: The Battle for Independents
  • Shi/Cyblade: The Battle for Independents
  • Spider-Man and Batman: Disordered Minds
  • Hellina/Catfight
  • Ultraverse Spine: Marvel/Malibu crossover
  • Avengers/Ultraforce
  • Ultraforce/Avengers
  • Prime vs. The Incredible Hulk #0
  • Nightman vs. Wolverine #0
  • The All-New Exiles vs. X-Men #0
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Savage Dragon
  • Savage Dragon #22 (features Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
  • Cyberforce #26-28 (features Ash)
  • Glory/Avengelyne
  • Avengelyne/Glory
  • Ghost/The Shadow
  • Judge Dredd vs. Lobo: Psycho-Bikers vs. The Mutants From Hell
  • Green Lantern/Silver Surfer: Unholy Alliances
  • Hunting The Heroes: Dark Horse Heroes / Predator crossover
    • X #18
    • Ghost #5
    • Motorhead #1
    • Agents of Law #6


  • Double Impact/Hellina
  • Hellina/Double Impact
  • Black September: Marvel/Malibu crossover
    • Black September #Infinity
    • Prime #Infinity, 1-15
    • Nightman #Infinity, 1-4
    • Siren #Infinity, 1-3
    • Mantra #Infinity, 1-7
    • The All-New Exiles #Infinity, 1-11
    • Rune #Infinity, 1-7
    • Ultraforce #Infinity, 1-15
  • Conan #4 (features Rune)
  • Conan vs. Rune
  • Conan the Savage #4 (features Rune)
  • Siren Special #1 (features the Juggernaut)
  • Ultraforce/Spider-Man #1A, 1B (featured separate stories)
  • Prime/Captain America
  • Rune vs. Venom
  • Nightman/Gambit #1-3
  • The Phoenix Resurrection: Red Shift #0
  • The Phoenix Resurrection: Genesis #0
  • The Phoenix Resurrection: Revelations #0
  • The Phoenix Resurrection: Aftermath #0
  • Foxfire #1-2 (features Black Knight)
  • Foxfire #3-4 (features The Punisher)
  • Ultraverse Unlimited #1-2 (features Black Knight, Sersi, Warlock)
  • Marvel/Malibu: Dream Team #1 (pin-ups)
  • Marvel/Malibu: Dream Team #2: Battezones (pin-ups)
  • DC vs. Marvel / Marvel vs. DC #1-4
  • The Amalgam Age of Comics
  • Grifter/Shi: Final Rites #1-2
  • Avengelyne/Prophet #1-2
  • Painkiller Jane vs. The Darkness
  • Warrior Nun Areala vs. Razor
  • Razor/Warrior Nun Areala
  • Creed/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Nira X/Cynder: Endangered Species
  • Double Impact/Lethal Strike: Double Stryke
  • Lethal Strike/Double Impact: Lethal Impact
  • Badrock/Wolverine
  • X-O Manowar/Iron Man in Heavy Metal
  • Iron Man/X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal
  • Batman/Grendel II #1-2
  • Savage Dragon #34-35 (features Hellboy)
  • Nira X/Hellina: Heaven & Hell
  • Hellina/Nira X: Angels of Death
  • Backlash/Spider-Man #1-2
  • Gen¹³/The Goon
  • Grifter and the Mask #1-2
  • Youngblood/X-Force
  • Deathblow and Wolverine #1-2
  • Tomoe/Witchblade: Fire Sermon
  • Prophet/Cable #1-2
  • Gen¹³ #13A, 13B, 13C (features, Archie, Bone, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Savage Dragon, Spawn, Madman, The Maxx, Hellboy, Monkeyman and O'Brien, Shi, Strangers in Paradise, Wolverine)
  • DC/Marvel: All Access #1-4
  • X-Force/Youngblood
  • Avengelyne/Warrior Nun Areala
  • Silver Surfer/Superman
  • Team X/Team 7
  • Angela/Glory: Rage of Angels
  • Youngblood (vol. 2) #6 (features Angela)
  • Team Youngblood #21 (features Angela)
  • Glory #10 (features Angela)
  • Maximage #4 (features Angela)
  • Glory/Angela: Hell’s Angels
  • Warrior Nun Areala/Avengelyne
  • Batman and Captain America
  • Devil’s Reign: Marvel/Top Cow crossover
    • Devil’s Reign #½: Silver Surfer/Witchblade
    • Weapon Zero/Silver Surfer
    • Cyblade/Ghost Rider
    • Ghost Rider/Ballistic
    • Ballistic/Wolverine
    • Wolverine/Witchblade
    • Witchblade/Elektra
    • Elektra/Cyblade
    • Silver Surfer/Weapon Zero
    • Cyberforce (1993) #30
    • Weapon Zero (1996) #10
  • Mars Attacks!/Savage Dragon #1-4
  • Daredevil/Shi: Blind Faith
  • Shi/Daredevil: Honor Thy Mother
  • Spider-Man/Gen¹³
  • Mars Attacks the Image Universe #1-4
  • Spider-Man Team-Up #5 (features Savage Dragon and Destroyer Duck)
  • Savage Dragon/Destroyer Duck (features Spider-Man and Howard the Duck)
  • Lobo/The Mask #1-2
  • Catwoman/Vampirella: The Furies
  • Tarzan vs. Predator at the Earth's Core


  • DC vs. Marvel:All Access
  • The Incredible Hulk/Pitt
  • Gen¹³/Generation X
  • Daredevil/Batman
  • Shi/Vampirella
  • Vampirella/Shi
  • Catwoman/Vampirella - The Furies
  • Spider-Man/Badrock #1-2
  • WildC.A.T.s/X-Men
  • JLA/WildC.A.T.s
  • Amalgam: Wave 2
  • Azrael/Ash
  • Batman/Aliens #1-2
  • Vampirella Crossover Gallery #1 (pin-ups featuring Savage Dragon, Madman, Painkiller Jane, Hellshock, and more)
  • Avengelyne/Warrior Nun Areala II: The Nazarene Affair
  • Savage Dragon/Marshal Law #1-2
  • The Superman/Madman Hullabaloo! #1-3
  • Cyberfrog vs. Creed
  • Hellina/Cynder
  • Cynder/Hellina
  • Wetworks/Vampirella
  • Vampirella/Wetworks
  • Batman/Spider-Man
  • World War 3: Marvel/Wildstorm crossover
    • Fantastic Four (vol. 2) #13
    • Avengers (vol. 2) #13
    • Iron Man (vol. 2) #13
    • Captain America (vol. 2) #13
  • Warrior Nun Areala/Glory
  • Gladiator/Supreme
  • Unlimited Access #1-4
  • Batman vs. Predator III: Blood Ties #1-4
  • Predator vs. Judge Dredd #1-3
  • Generation X/Gen¹³



  • Witchblade/Tomb Raider
  • Witchblade/Tomb Raider #½
  • Vampirella/Lady Death: Dark Hearts
  • Lady Death vs. Vampirella
  • Superman/Fantastic Four: The Infinite Destruction
  • The Darkness/Batman
  • The Incredible Hulk vs. Superman
  • Witchblade/Darkchylde
  • Warrior Nun Areala/Razor II: Revenge
  • Razor/Warrior Nun Areala: Dark Prophecy #1-4
  • Razor/Warrior Nun Areala/Poizon
  • Wild Times: Gen¹³ #1 (features the Teen Titans)
  • Wild Times: DV8 #1 (features Sgt. Rock and the Easy Company)
  • Wild Times: Deathblow #1 (features Jonah Hex)
  • Wild Times: Wetworks #1 (features Superman)
  • Lady Pendragon/More Than Mortal
  • More Than Mortal/Lady Pendragon
  • Batman/Tarzan: Claws of the Cat-Woman #1-4
  • Superman/Savage Dragon: Metropolis
  • Batman/Daredevil: King of New York
  • Superman vs. The Terminator: Death to the Future #1-4


  • Vampirella #23-26 (features Lady Death)
  • Purgatori vs. Vampirella
  • Aria/Angela: Heavenly Creatures #1-2
  • Dark Minds/Witchblade
  • Lady Death vs. Vampirella II
  • Superman/Gen¹³ #1-3
  • Joker/The Mask #1-4
  • Superman vs. Predator #1-3
  • Wolverine/Shi: Dark Night of Judgment
  • Ghost/Batgirl #1-4
  • Green Lantern Versus Aliens #1-4
  • Punisher/Painkiller Jane
  • JLA/Witchblade
  • Aliens vs. Predator vs. The Terminator #1-4
  • Aliens vs. Predator/Witchblade/Darkness:
    • Overkill #1
    • Mindhunter #1-3
    • Overkill #2


  • JLA vs. Predator
  • Gen¹³/Fantastic Four
  • Savage Dragon #83-85 (features Madman and the Atomics)
  • Oni Press Color Special 2001 (features Powers and Madman)
  • Lady Death vs. Medieval Witchblade
  • Witchblade/Lady Death
  • Avengelyne/Shi: Tenshi
  • Avengelyne/Shi #½
  • Superman/Tarzan: Sons of the Jungle #1-3



  • Planetary/Batman: Night on Earth
  • Battle of the Planets/Witchblade
  • Judge Dredd vs. Aliens: "Incubus" #1-4
  • Thundercats/Battle of the Planets
  • Battle of the Planets/ThunderCats
  • Frankenstein Mobster and Vampirella (featured as an online comic strip)
  • G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers #1-6
  • The Magdalena/Vampirella
  • Vampirella/Witchblade
  • JLA/Avengers #1-4
  • Superman/ThunderCats
  • The Authority/Lobo Holiday Special
  • Transformers/G.I. Joe #1-6


  • Witchblade/The Magdalena/Vampirella
  • Action Comics #811 (features Mr. Majestic)
  • Adventures of Superman #624 (features Mr. Majestic)
  • Superman #201 (features Mr. Majestic)
  • Witchblade/Wolverine
  • The Darkness/Hulk
  • Witchblade/Dark Minds: The Return of Paradox
  • Majestic (mini-series) #1-4 (puts Majestic in the DC Universe)
  • G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers II #1-4
  • The Magdalena/Vampirella II
  • Transformers/G.I. Joe II #1-6 (cancelled after first issue when Dreamwave went bankrupt)
  • Batman/Danger Girl
  • Dead@17/Misplaced: Misplaced@17
  • Sword of Dracula/Vampirella (Vampirella Magazine #8)
  • Vampirella/Witchblade II: Union of the Damned



  • Red Sonja/Claw the Unconquered: Devil's Hands #1-4
  • G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers: The Art of War #1-6
  • Darkman vs. Army of Darkness
  • Darkness/Wolverine



  • Army Of Darkness/Xena - Why Not?
  • The Darkness vs Eva
  • Devi/Witchblade
  • DC/Wildstorm: Dreamwar
  • Magdalena/Daredevil
  • Xena/Army Of Darkness - What...Again?!


  • Fusion (Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer/Avengers/Thunderbolts)
  • Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash 2: Nightmare Warriors
  • Dethklok vs. The Goon
  • The Living Corpse Annual #1 (The Living Corpse vs. Hack/Slash)
  • Batman/Doc Savage Special #1.



Miscellaneous crossovers

In video games

The concept of intercompany crossovers has also been explored in video games, usually in the form of having one video game company licensed out its characters to another (or vice versa).

Arguably the earliest intercompany crossover game was 1992's Battletoads & Double Dragon, although it should be noted that Double Dragon developers Technos Japan were barely involved in the production of the game outside of having the series licensed out to Tradewest, who also had the Battletoads license at the time as well.

One of the most popular sub-franchises in fighting games is the Marvel vs. Capcom series, which originally began in 1996 with X-Men vs. Street Fighter. Each subsequent game in the series expanded the character roster to include characters from both companies' entire lineup, not just X-Men and Street Fighter.

Capcom followed this act by teaming up with rival fighting game developer SNK to produce the SNK vs. Capcom series in 1999, which resulted in four different fighting games by the two companies and a trilogy of card games (the SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash series) by SNK.

Other examples of cross-company crossovers in video games includes the Tactical RPG Namco x Capcom and DreamMix TV World Fighters (a Hudson Soft-produced fighting game which included characters from themselves, Konami and Takara)

Nintendo created the Super Smash Bros. fighting game series where various Nintendo characters (Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Fox McCloud, Samus Aran, and others) from various Nintendo franchises (Star Fox, Kirby, The Legend of Zelda, F-Zero, Metroid, and others) battle each other. The first game, Super Smash Bros., was released in 1999. The second game, Super Smash Bros. Melee, was released in 2001. And the third game, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, was released in 2008. The third installment in the series featured two third-party or non-Nintendo characters: Solid Snake from Konami's Metal Gear series and Sonic from Sega's Sonic The Hedgehog series.

Midway Games' Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe pitted characters from Midway's Mortal Kombat video game franchise against DC Comics characters Superman, Batman, The Joker, and others.

Collected editions

  • Crossover Classics: The Marvel/DC Collection Vol. 1
    • (collects Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man, Superman and Spider-Man, Batman vs. the Incredible Hulk, The Uncanny X-Men/The New Teen Titans)
  • DC/Marvel: Crossover Classics II
    • (collects Batman/Punisher: Lake of Fire, Punisher/Batman: Deadly Knights, Silver Surfer/Superman, Batman and Captain America)
  • Crossover Classics: The Marvel/DC Collection Vol. 3
    • (collects Incredible Hulk vs. Superman, Team X/Team 7, Generation X/Gen¹³, Gen¹³/Fantastic Four, Spider-Man/Batman, Daredevil/Batman)
  • DC/Marvel: Crossover Classics IV
    • (collects Batman/Spider-Man, Superman/Fantastic Four, Green Lantern/Silver Surfer, Darkseid vs. Galactus: The Hunger)
  • Mutants vs. Ultras: First Encounters
    • (collects Prime vs. the Incredible Hulk, Nightman vs. Wolverine, All New Exiles vs. X-Men)
  • The Amalgam Age of Comics: The DC Comics Collection
    • (collects Amazon, Assassins, Doctor Strangefate, JLX, Legends of the Dark Claw, Super-Soldier)
  • The Amalgam Age of Comics: The Marvel Comics Collection
    • (collects Spider-Boy, Bruce Wayne: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., Speed Demon, Bullets and Bracelets, Magneto and the Magnetic Men, X-Patrol)
  • Return to the Amalgam Age of Comics: The DC Comics Collection
    • (collects Bat-Thing, Lobo the Duck, Generation Hex, Super-Soldier: Man of War, Dark Claw Adventures, JLX Unleashed)
  • Return to the Amalgam Age of Comics: The Marvel Comics Collection
    • (collects Spider-Boy Team-Up, The Exciting X-Patrol, Magnetic Men featuring Magneto, Iron Lantern, Thorion of the New Asgods, Challengers of the Fantastic)
  • WildC.A.T.s/Cyberforce: Killer Instinct
    • (collects WildC.A.T.s #5-7 and Cyberforce #1-3)
  • Stormwatch: Final Orbit
    • (collects Stomwatch #10-11 and WildC.A.T.s/Aliens)
  • Tomb Raider/Witchblade: Trouble Seekers
    • (collects Tomb Raider/Witchblade, Witchblade/Tomb Raider, and Witchblade/Tomb Raider #½)
  • Planetary: Crossing Worlds
    • (collects Planetary/The Authority, Planetary/JLA, and Planetary/Batman)
  • The Batman/Judge Dredd Files
    • (collects Judgment on Gotham, The Ultimate Riddle, and Die Laughing #1-2)
  • Majestic: Strange New Visitor
    • (collects Action Comics #811, Adventures of Superman #624, Superman #201, and Majestic #1-4)
  • Tomb Raider/Witchblade/The Magdalena/Vampirella
    • (collects a Tomb Raider story and Witchblade/The Magdalena/Vampirella)
  • Top Cow/Marvel: The Crossover Collection
    • (collects the 8-part Devil's Reign crossover plus Witchblade/Wolverine and The Darkness/Hulk)
  • Other collected mini-series
    • Batman/Aliens
    • Batman/Aliens II
    • Batman/Deathblow
    • Batman/Tarzan: Claws of the Cat-Woman
    • Batman vs. Predator
    • Batman vs. Predator II: Bloodmatch
    • Batman vs. Predator III: Blood Ties
    • Deathblow and Wolverine
    • DC vs. Marvel (also includes Dr. Strangefate #1)
    • Gen¹³ #13A, 13B, 13C
    • Ghost/Batgirl
    • G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers
    • G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers II
    • Green Lantern vs. Aliens
    • JLA/Avengers
    • Joker/The Mask
    • Judge Dredd/Aliens: Incubus
    • Medieval Spawn/Witchblade
    • Predator vs. Judge Dredd
    • Predator vs. Magnus, Robot Fighter
    • Spyboy/Young Justice
    • Superman/Gen¹³
    • Superman vs. Aliens
    • Superman/Aliens II: Godwar
    • Superman vs. Predator
    • Superman vs. the Terminator
    • Superman/Tarzan: Sons of the Jungle
    • The Superman/Madman Hullabaloo!
    • Transformers/G.I. Joe
    • WildC.A.T.s/X-Men
    • Witchblade/Aliens/Darkness/Predator: Mindhunter

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