Timber Wolf (comics)

Timber Wolf (comics)


caption= Drawn by Greg LaRocque and Mike DeCarlo in Legion of Super-Heroes #42 (January, 1988).
character_name=Timber Wolf
real_name= Brin Londo
publisher=DC Comics
debut= Adventure Comics #327 (1964).
creators=Edmond Hamilton
John Forte
alliances=Legion of Super-Heroes
aliases=Lone Wolf, Furball
powers= Superhuman strength, speed and agility, as well as claws and enhanced senses|

Timber Wolf is the alter ego of Brin Londo, a superhero in the comic books of DC Comics. He is a fictional character in the 30th and 31st centuries of the DC Universe, a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. He comes from the planet Zoon (spelled in later stories as Zuun). His powers are enhanced strength [Cite comic | Writer = Levitz, Paul | Artist = LaRocque, Greg, DeCarlo, Mike | Story = To Sleep a Thousand Years... | Title = Legion of Super-Heroes | Volume = | Issue = 42 | Date = January, 1988 | Publisher = DC Comics | Page = 16 | Panel = 2 | ID = ] , speed and agility. He first appeared in "Adventure Comics" #327 (1964) as Lone Wolf.


Brin gained his super powers from the fictional element Zuunium. He had a long standing romance with fellow Legionnaire Light Lass. They eventually broke up due to a misunderstanding when Light Lass found Timber Wolf embracing Saturn Girl on a frozen asteroid. In the "Timber Wolf" mini-series, he traveled back in time to the late 20th century, where he fought alien invaders before being returned to his home timeline.

In the fourth Legion of Super-Heroes series (known as v4 to fans), he had devolved into a large dog-like creature called Furball due to exposure to radiation during the five year gap in story time between the 3rd and 4th Legion series.

Reboot version

In the Post-Zero Hour reboot, Timber Wolf was introduced in the "Legion Worlds" miniseries. He appears to come from Rimbor, the home planet of Ultra Boy. He is a rival gang leader to Ultra Boy in this continuity (Ultra Boy led a gang called the Emerald Dragons, Timber Wolf led a gang called the Lone Wolves). There is a love triangle between himself, Ultra Boy and Apparition, as he met Apparition while Ultra Boy was part of the team lost in the Second Galaxy, and formed a strong connection with her. Timber Wolf later realised his feelings for Apparition were only those of a friend, but Ultra Boy remained jealous.

This version of the character had a healing factor. Later, the serum that gave him his powers caused him to mutate into a feral werewolf.

A character named Lupine, who resembled Furball, briefly appeared in an earlier story as a hologram, but due to the creative team changing this was not taken up.fact|date=January 2008

Current Series

In the current reboot, written by Mark Waid, Timber Wolf appeared originally as an associate of the Legion but subsequently took on full Legion membership. Nothing has been revealed about his origin at this stage.

The Lightning Saga

In this "Justice League of America" and "Justice Society of America" crossover, the original pre-Zero Hour Timber Wolf is revealed to be alive in the present, alongside other members of the pre-Crisis Legion. He subsequently returns to his own time.


Originally, Timber Wolf was superhumanly fast and agile, but when the serum changed him into a wolf-like lycanthrope he gained claws, enhanced senses, the ability to heal quickly from injuries, and superhuman strength. As a byproduct of his wolfen form, he is often prone to outbursts of savage fury.

Other media

Timber Wolf appeared in the "Justice League Unlimited" episode "Far From Home" where he was among the captive Legionnaires under the control of the Fatal Five.

Timber Wolf is part of the core Legion team in the "Legion of Super-Heroes" series where he is voiced by Shawn Harrison. In his debut episode, Brin Londo's father Dr. Mar Londo was conducting experiments in the jungles of the planet Rawl. It was revealed he had experimented on his son until he became a werewolf-like creature. Thanks to Saturn Girl, Brin managed to regain his personality in a form that approximated his original human form. He joined the Legion afterwards, but worries that he may not control the animal within him. In "Phantoms," he helps fight off Drax's pets, which annoys Phantom Girl, who doesn't like to be helped. Timber Wolf goes with Phantom Girl in the sewers to screach for one of Drax's pets and Phantom Girl tells him that she can handle her own, to which he responds that he wishes she would stop acting like a princess. Timber Wolf may have feelings for Phantom Girl. In "Brain Drain," several Legionnaires must travel to a planet called Zuun to collect a rare element (zuunium) that will restore Brainiac 5's failing mind. Timber Wolf says this is his homeworld, and is made mission leader. It is not clear when he and his father moved to Rawl. Zuunium poisoning, Timber Wolf says, causes mutations, although the miners effected are witless, shambling zombies, rather than his own feral form, which was caused by zuunium in the comics. In the second half of "Sundown," Timber Wolf admits he enjoys baking (This can be an homage to Shawn Harrison's previous character, Waldo Faldo, on the series "Family Matters", who was a skilled chef).

In the second season opener, he was part of the Legion team that travelled to the 41st century to battle Imperiex with the Superman clone, Kell-El, and thus was one of the few Legionnaires able to rescue his captured teammates. In "Cry Wolf," it appeared that he was losing control of his feral side and apparently murdered his father before it was revealed to be an elaborate plan to get him to work with his father once more. This episode further hinted at a possible romance between him and Phantom Girl.


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