Sex positions

Sex positions

Sex positions are positions which people may adopt during or for the purpose of sexual intercourse or other sexual activities. Sexual acts are generally described by the positions the participants adopt in order to perform those acts. Though sexual intercourse generally involves the sexual penetration of the body of one person by another, or simply direct stimulation of the sex organ of one by another, a sex position may not necessarily involve penetration or direct stimulation, and may be non-penetrative instead.

Three categories of intercourse are commonly practiced: vaginal intercourse, involving vaginal penetration by the penis; oral intercourse, involving oral caress of the penis or vagina with a partner's mouth; and anal intercourse, involving insertion of the penis into a partner's anus.[1] Sex acts may also involve other forms of genital stimulation, such as solo/mutual masturbation, which may involve rubbing or penetration by the use of fingers or hands or by a device (sex toy) such as a dildo or vibrator. There are numerous sex positions which the participants may adopt in any of these types of sexual intercourse or acts, creating an almost limitless number of sex positions. In addition to others, this list uses Alfred Kinsey's six primary positional categories.[2]

Missionary, the most commonly used sex position.[3]



The literature describing sexual positions is very old.

The earliest known European medieval text dedicated to sexual positions is the Speculum al foderi, sometimes known as "The Mirror of Coitus" or literally "a mirror for fuckers", a 15th century Catalan text discovered in the 1970s. [4][5]

Exclusively penetrative positions

These positions involve the insertion of a penis or other phallus (such as a strap-on dildo) into a vagina or anus.

Penetrating partner on top with front entry

Anal missionary between two males

The basic sex position is generally[citation needed] called[by whom?] the missionary position. In this position, the participants face each other. The receiving partner lies on his/her back with legs apart, while the penetrating partner lies on top. This position and the following variations are primarily used for vaginal intercourse, although some can also be used for anal sex.

  • The penetrating partner stands in front of the receiving partner, whose legs dangle over the edge of a bed or some other platform like a table.[6] With the receiving partner's legs lifted towards the ceiling and resting against the penetrating partner, this is sometimes called the butterfly position. This can also be done as a kneeling position.
  • The receiving partner lies on his/her back. The penetrating partner stands and lifts the receiving partner's pelvis for penetration. A variant is for the receiving partner to rest his or her legs on the penetrating partner's shoulders.
  • The receiving partner lies on his/her back, legs pulled up straight and knees near to the head. The penetrating partner holds the receiving partner's legs and penetrates from above.
  • Similarly to the previous position, but the receiving partner's legs need not be straight and the penetrating partner wraps his or her arms around the receiving partner to push the legs as close as possible to the chest. Called the stopperage in Burton's translation of The Perfumed Garden.[7]
  • The coital alignment technique, a position where a woman is penetrated vaginally: the penetrating partner enters vaginally in the missionary position and moves slightly forward so that the base of the phallus rubs the clitoris.
  • The receiving partner crosses his/her feet behind his/her head (or at least puts his/her feet next to his/her ears), while lying on his/her back. The penetrating partner then holds the receiving partner tightly around each instep or ankle and lies on the receiving partner full-length. A variation is to have the receiving partner cross his/her ankles on his/her stomach, knees to shoulders, and then have the penetrating partner lie on the receiving partner's crossed ankles with his/her full weight. Called the Viennese oyster by The Joy of Sex.[8]

Penetrating from behind

A couple engaged in a rear-penetration position commonly referred to as doggy-style.

Most of these positions can be used for either vaginal or anal penetration.

  • Variants of the doggy style or doggy position include:
  • The receiving partner is on all fours with their torso horizontal. The penetrating partner inserts from behind.
  • In a variant on the doggy position, the receiving partner's torso is angled downwards. The penetrating partner can raise their own hips above those of the receiving partner for maximum penetration.
  • In another variant of the doggy position, the penetrating partner places their feet on each side of the receiving partner while keeping their knees bent and effectively raising up as high as possible while maintaining penetration. The penetrating partner's hands usually have to be placed on the receiving partner's back to keep from falling forward.[citation needed]
  • In a variant on the doggy position, the receiving partner kneels upright. The penetrating partner may gently pull the receiving partner's arms backwards at the wrists towards them.
  • In the spoons position both partners lie on their same side facing in the same direction.[9]
  • The receiving partner lies on their side. The penetrating partner kneels and penetrates from behind. Alternatively, the penetrating partner can stand if the receiving partner is on a raised surface.
  • The receiving partner lies facing down, possibly with their legs spread. The penetrating partner lies on top of them.[10] The placement of a pillow beneath the receiving partner's hips can help increase stimulation in this position.
  • The receiving partner lies face down, knees together. The penetrating partner lies on top with spread legs.
  • The receiving partner lies on their side with their uppermost leg forward. The penetrating partner kneels astride the receiver's lowermost leg.

Receiving partner on top

The cowgirl position

These positions are sometimes called the woman on top, cowboy or cowgirl positions. Most of these positions can be used for either vaginal or anal penetration.

A feature of these positions is that the penetrating partner lies on his or her back with the receiving partner on top:

  • the receiving partner can kneel while straddling the penetrating partner, with the participants facing each other.
  • alternatively, the receiving partner can face away from the penetrating partner. This position is sometimes called the reverse cowboy or reverse cowgirl position.
  • the receiving partner can arch back with hands on the ground.
  • the receiving partner can squat (instead of kneel) facing the penetrating partner.
  • the receiving partner can bring forward their knees against the ground.
  • the penetrating partner lies with their upper back on a low table, couch, chair or edge of bed, keeping their feet flat on the floor and back parallel to floor. The receiving partner straddles them, also keeping their feet on the floor. Receiving partner can assume any of various positions.
  • the lateral coital position was recommended by Masters and Johnson, and was preferred by three quarters of their heterosexual study participants after having tried it. The position involves the man on his back, with the woman rolled slightly to the side so that her pelvis is atop his, but her weight is beside his.[11]

Sitting and kneeling

A couple performing sexual intercourse from a seated position.

Most of these positions can be used for either vaginal or anal penetration.

  • The penetrating partner sits on an area surface, legs outstretched. The receiving partner sits on top and wraps their legs around the penetrating partner. Called pounding on the spot in the Burton translation of The Perfumed Garden.[7] If the penetrator crosses their legs instead, it is called the lotus position.[12] This position can be combined with fondling of both the breasts and buttocks of the receiving partner and the buttocks of the penetrating partner, increasing the chances of both pleasure and orgasm in both partners.
  • The penetrating partner sits in a chair. The receiving partner straddles penetrating partner and sits, facing the penetrating partner, feet on floor. This is sometimes known as the lap dance. Other receiver-on-top variants can be adapted in this way as well.
  • The penetrating partner sits on a couch or in a chair that has armrests. The receiving partner sits in the penetrating partner's lap, perpendicular to penetrating partner, with his or her back against the armrest.
  • The penetrating partner kneels while the receiving partner lies on his or her back, ankles on each side of penetrating partner's shoulders.[7]


One partner stands while holding up the other without a support.

Most of these positions can be used for either vaginal or anal penetration. In the basic standing position, both partners stand facing each other. The following variations are possible:

  • In the basic standing position, both partners stand facing each other and engage in vaginal sex. In order to match heights, the shorter partner can, for instance, stand on a stair or wear high heels. It may be easier to maintain solid thrusts if the woman has her back to a wall. With such a support, the Kama Sutra calls this position the suspended congress.[13] This position is most often used in upright places, such as a wall in a bedroom or a shower.
    • The penetrating partner stands, and the receiving partner wraps their arms around his neck, and their legs around his waist, thereby exposing either the vagina or anus to the man's penis. This position is made easier with the use of a solid object behind the receiver, as above.
  • Alternatively, the receiving partner can face away from the penetrating partner which allows for anal sex. This position is varied by having the receiving partner assume different semi-standing positions. For instance, they may bend at the waist, resting their hands or elbows on a table.

Anal sex positions

Anal sex positions involve anal penetration. Most anal sex positions are adaptations of vaginal penetrative positions:

  • Doggy style penetration maximizes the depth of penetration, but can pose the risk of pushing against the sigmoid colon. If the receiving partner is male, this increases the chances of stimulating the prostate. The penetrating partner controls the thrusting rhythm. A variation is the leapfrog position, in which the receiving partner angles their torso downward. The receiving partner may also lie flat and face down, with the penetrating partner straddling their thighs.
  • In the missionary positions, to achieve optimal alignment, the receiving partner's legs should be in the air with the knees drawn towards their chest. Some sort of support (such as a pillow) under the receiving partner's hips can also be useful. The penetrating partner positions themselves between the receiving partner's legs. The penetrating partner controls the thrusting rhythm. This position is often cited as good for beginners, because it allows them to relax more fully than is usual in the doggy style position.
  • The spoons position allows the receiving partner to control initial penetration and the depth, speed and force of subsequent thrusting.
  • The receiving partner on top positions allow the receiving partner more control over the depth, rhythm and speed of penetration. More specifically, the receiving partner can slowly push their anus down on the penetrating partner, allowing time for their muscles to relax.

Less-common positions

The T-square position

These positions are more innovative, and perhaps not as widely known or practiced as the ones listed above.

  • The receiving partner lies on their back with knees up and legs apart. The penetrating partner lies on their side perpendicular to the receiver, with the penetrating partner's hips under the arch formed by receiver's legs. Sometimes called the T-square.[citation needed]
  • The receiving partner's legs are together turning to one side while looking up towards the penetrator, who has spread legs and is kneeing straight behind the other's hips. The penetrator's hands are on the other's hips. This position can be called the Modified T-square.[14]
  • The Seventh Posture of Burton's translation of The Perfumed Garden is an unusual position not described in other classical sex manuals.[7] The receiving partner lies on his or her side. The penetrating partner faces the receiver, straddling the receiver's lower leg, and lifts the receiver's upper leg on either side of the body onto the crook of penetrating partner's elbow or onto the shoulder. While some references describe this position as being "for acrobats and not to be taken seriously,"[15] others have found it very comfortable, especially during pregnancy.

The penetrator straddles one of the legs of the receiver, who is lying on their side.

  • The piledriver is a difficult position sometimes seen in porn videos. It is described in many ways by different sources. In a heterosexual context, the woman lies on her back, then raises her hips as high as possible, so that her partner, standing, can enter her vaginally or anally. The position places considerable strain on the woman's neck, so firm cushions should be used to support her.

The receiver lies face down legs spread on the edge of the bed and parallel to the floor, while the penetrator stands behind, holding both legs.

  • The Rusty Bike Pump is similar to a piledriver where penetration is achieved from above at a downward angle with the receiving partner bottom side up.


  • The receiving partner is on the bottom. The penetrating partner lies on top perpendicularly to them.
  • The penetrating partner lies on their back, legs spread. The receiving partner is on their back on top of the penetrator, legs spread, facing the opposite direction.
  • The penetrator and the receiver lie on their backs, heads pointed away from one another. Each places one leg on the other's shoulder (as a brace) and the other leg out somewhat to the side.
  • The receiving partner lies on their back with the penetrating partner lying perpendicular. The receiving partner bends the knee closest to the penetrating partner's head enough so that there is room for the penetrating partner's waist to fit beneath it, while the penetrating partner's legs straddle the receiving partner's other leg. The in-and-out thrusting action will move more along a side-to-side rather than top-to-bottom axis. This is sometimes called the scissors position. This position allows for breast stimulation during sex, for partners to maintain eye contact if they wish, and for a good view of both partners as they reach orgasm.
  • The penetrating partner sits on edge of a bed or chair with feet spread wide on floor. The receiving partner lies on their back on the floor and drapes their legs and thighs over the legs of the penetrating partner. The penetrating partner holds the knees of the receiving partner and controls thrusts.

Using furniture or special apparatus

Most sex acts are typically performed on a bed or other simple platform. As the range of supports available increases, so does the range of positions that are possible. Ordinary furniture can be used for this purpose. Also, various forms of erotic furniture and other apparatus such as fisting slings and trapezes have been used to facilitate even more exotic sexual positions.

Positions to promote or prevent conception

Pregnancy is a potential result of any form of sex where sperm comes in contact with the vaginal area (typically vaginal sex, but pregnancy can result from anal sex, digital sex with sperm fluids on the fingers, or even sperm that is on the body and is transferred to the vaginal area) between a fertile female and a fertile male. (Men and women are typically fertile by the time they reach puberty.) Oral sex itself can never result in pregnancy. However, if not careful, it can result in pregnancy if sperm on the hands or body comes in contact with the vaginal area. Though certain sexual positions are believed by some to produce more favorable results than others, none of these are effective means of contraception. See Birth control: Misconceptions.

Positions during pregnancy

The goal is to prevent excessive pressure on the belly and to restrict penetration as required by the particular partners. Some of the positions below are popular positions for sex during pregnancy.[16]

  • Woman on top: takes the pressure off of the woman's abdomen and allows her to control the depth and frequency of thrusting.
  • Woman on back: like the missionary, but with less pressure on abdomen or uterus. The woman lies on her back and raises her knees up towards her chest. The partner kneels between her legs and enters from the front. Place a pillow under her bottom for added comfort.
  • Sideways: also keeps pressure off of her abdomen while supporting her uterus at the same time.
  • Spooning: very popular positions to use during the late stages of pregnancy; allowing only shallow penetration and relieves the pressure on the stomach.
  • Sitting: she mounts the sitting partner, relieving her stomach of pressure.
  • From behind: allowing her to support stomach and breasts.

Non-exclusively penetrative positions

Oral sex positions

Oral sex is the term given to genital stimulation by the mouth. It may be penetrative or non-penetrative, and may take place before, during, as, or following intercourse. It may also be performed simultaneously (for example, when one partner performs cunnilingus, while the other partner performs fellatio), or only one partner may perform upon the other; this creates a multitude of variations.[17]



Fellatio is oral sex involving a man's genitals. Possible positions include:

  • The man lies on his back while his partner kneels between his legs.
  • The man lies on his back while his partner lies off to the side of his legs.
  • The man sits in a chair and partner kneels in front of him between his legs.
  • The man stands while his partner either kneels in front of him or sits (in a chair or on the edge of a bed, etc.) and bends forward.
  • The man stands while his partner, also standing, bends forward at the waist.
  • While the active partner lies on their back, the man assumes the missionary position but adjusted forward.
  • The man stands or crouches at the edge of the bed, facing the bed. The active partner lies on the bed with their head hanging over the edge of the bed backward. The man inserts his penis into his partner's mouth, usually to achieve deep throat penetration.
  • The man fellates his own penis; see autofellatio
  • The active partner (being female) lies on her back, and the man inserts his penis between her cleavage, and into her mouth.



Cunnilingus is oral sex involving a woman's genitals. Possible positions include:

  • The woman lies on her back as in the missionary position. The active partner lies on their front between her legs.
  • The active partner sits. The woman stands facing away and bends at the hips.
  • The active partner sits. The woman stands or squats facing towards partner and may arch her back, to create further stimulation.
  • The active partner lies on their back while the woman kneels with her legs at their sides and her genitals on their mouth. Humorously popularised in the Monty Python song "Sit On My Face" (1980).
  • The woman services her own genitals. Although rarer, some women still find this possible; see autofellatio
  • The woman stands, possibly bracing herself against a wall. The active partner kneels in front of her.
  • The woman sits on the bed with her legs open, the active partner kneels in front of her.
  • The woman is upside-down (standing on hands, held by partner, or using support, such as bondage or furniture), with the active partner standing or kneeling (depending on elevation) in front or behind. Such a position may be difficult to achieve, or maintain for extended time periods, but the rush of blood to the brain can alter stimulation's effect.
  • The woman stands on hands, resting each leg on either side of the active partner's head, with the active partner standing or kneeling facing them. Depending on which way up the woman is facing, different stimulation and levels of comfort may be available.


Male and female in the 69 position

Simultaneous oral sex between two people is called 69. It is called the congress of the crow in the Kama Sutra. Each partner may be male or female. They can be lying side-by-side, lying one on top of the other, or standing with one partner holding the other upside down.


Depiction of a woman performing anilingus on another woman.

Positions for anilingus, also known as butt licking, rimming, anal-oral sex, rimjob, or tossing the salad are often variants on those for genital-oral sex. Rimming-specific positions include:

  • The passive partner is on all fours. The active partner is behind them.
  • The passive partner is on their back with their legs up.
  • The passive partner on top in the Sixty-nine position.
  • The Rusty trombone, in which a male is standing while the active partner is both performing anilingus from behind, generally from a kneeling position, while also masturbating the standing partner, thus somewhat resembling someone playing the trombone.

Other positions

  • Fingering of the vagina or anus.
  • Shocker: simultaneous fingering of the vagina and anus using one hand. The index and middle finger are inserted in the vagina, and the pinky in the anus. A number of variations are possible by using different combinations of fingers in each orifice. This act figures prominently in the Story of O: shortly after O's arrival at the Chateau, a man grabs her in this way. O is shocked, but she learns to accept this and ruder intrusions. Sometimes referred to as "Two in the pink, one in the stink."
  • Female shocker: simultaneously fingering a man's anus with one's thumb while stimulating his scrotum with the other fingers. This is done by making a shape with the hands as though one were holding the bowl of a wine glass.
  • Fisting: inserting the entire hand into the vagina or anus. This usually requires large amounts of lubricant and relaxation. The hand is usually not actually made into a fist, but instead the thumb is placed between the middle and ring fingers. Anal fisting can be extremely dangerous and even fatal if the hand tears the lining of the intestine.[citation needed]

Non-penetrative positions

Non-penetrative sex or frottage—the general term for rubbing one's genitals on one's partner. This may include the partner's genitals or buttocks. As part of foreplay or to avoid penetrative sex, people engage in a variety of other non-penetrative sexual behavior, which may or may not lead to orgasm.

  • Mutual masturbation: The stimulation of the penis in males and the clitoris and/or vagina in females. Partners simultaneously stimulating each other's genitals by mutual or simultaneous masturbation, rhythmic inter-genital contact friction or actual penetrative intercourse can lead to orgasm in one partner or the other (or sometimes simultaneously in both). Same-gender partners can also stimulate each other's orgasms by the same means.
  • Dry humping: frottage while clothed. This act is common, although not essential, in the dance style known as "grinding".
  • Handjob: Manual stimulation of a partner's penis or clitoris
  • Footjob: using the feet to stimulate the penis.
  • Mammary intercourse: using the breasts together to stimulate the penis through the cleavage. (Should not be confused with a "boob job" meaning to have augmentive surgery done on the breasts.) Also called a titjob, titty-fucking, a tit-wank, or a muscle fuck. Several other slang terms exist.
  • Axillary intercourse: with the penis in the armpit.
  • Orgasm control: By self or by a partner managing the physical stimulation and sensation connected with the emotional and physiologic excitement levels. Through the practice of masturbation an individual can learn to develop control of their own body's orgasmic response and timing. In partnered stimulation either partner can control their own orgasmic response and timing. With mutual agreement either partner can similarly learn to control or enhance their partners orgasmic response and timing. Partner stimulation orgasm techniques referred to as expanded orgasm, extended orgasm or orgasm control can be learned and practiced for either partner to refine their control of the orgasmic response of the other. Partners mutually choose which is in control or in response to the other.
  • Orgasmic meditation,[18] is a mindfulness practice where the object of meditation is conscious finger to genital contact. "OMing" is practiced in pairs, with one partner, gently holding the genitals with both hands, and that partner's index finger gently, precisely, slowly stroking the female’s clitoris specifically and with both parties placing their complete awareness mindfully on that localized point of contact between them. Both practitioners focus their fullest attention on their sensitive nerve endings and on their finest muscle control in stroking movement to develop connective (limbic) resonance between practitioners. The outcome, is not simply orgasm but interpersonal connection.

The slang term humping may refer to masturbation—thrusting one's genitals against the surface of non-sexual objects, clothed or unclothed; or it may refer to penetrative sex.

Genital-genital rubbing


Genital-genital rubbing, sometimes referred to as GG rubbing, is generally understood as sexual intercourse in a narrower sense, and often among same-sex partners. Sex by mutual genital rubbing is sometimes grouped with 'frottage'. Other terms like 'non-penetrative sex' or 'outercourse' are also used.

  • Intercrural sex, or interfemoral sex: with the penis between the partner's thighs, perhaps rubbing the vulva, scrotum or perineum.
  • Frot or frottage: two males mutually rubbing penises together.
  • Tribadism or tribbing: two females mutually rubbing vulvae together.
  • Docking: mutual masturbation by inserting the glans penis into the foreskin of another penis.

Group sex

Oral threesome with one male and two females
Threesome with three females
Édouard-Henri Avril's depiction of a "sandwich"
Double penetration.

Various assemblages of people may participate in group sex. While group sex does not imply that all participants must be in sexual contact with all others simultaneously, some positions are only possible with three or more people.

As with the positions listed above, more group sex positions become practical if erotic furniture is used.

With three participants

When three people have sex with each other, it is called a threesome. Possible ways of having all partners in sexual contact with each other include:

  • One person performs oral sex on either of the other two partners while they engage in anal or vaginal intercourse. Sometimes called a spit roast
  • A man has vaginal or anal sex with one partner, while himself being anally penetrated by another (possibly with a strap-on dildo).
  • Three partners lie or stand in parallel, with one between the other two. Sometimes called a sandwich. This term may specifically refer to the double penetration of a woman, with one penis in her anus, and the other in her vagina.
  • A participant has vaginal or anal sex with one partner, and both give oral sex to a third.
  • Three people perform oral sex in a triangular configuration, commonly called a "daisy chain".
  • The slang term Lucky Pierre is sometimes used in reference to the person playing the "middle role" in a threesome.

With many participants

These positions can be expanded to accommodate any number of participants:

  • A group of males masturbating is called a circle jerk.
  • A group of males masturbating and ejaculating on one person's face, is known as bukkake.
  • A group of men, women, or both, each performing oral sex on the next, is called a daisy chain.
  • When one woman or man is given the serial or parallel attention of many, often involving a queue ("pulling a train"), it is often termed a gangbang (originally exclusively a rape term, but now used to include consensual group sex).

Multiple penetration

Multiple penetration refers to one person being sexually penetrated several times simultaneously. It generally involves between two and five participants. Penetration may be accomplished by fingers, toes, sex toys, or penises. These positions are popular in pornography, but it is difficult to say whether they enjoy any significant popularity outside of it.

If one person is penetrated by two objects, it is generically called double penetration (sometimes abbreviated dp). Given the vagina, anus and mouth, there are several ways in which this can be done. These include:

  • Simultaneous penetration of the anus by two penises or other objects. This is commonly called double anal or double stuffing.
  • Simultaneous penetration of the vagina by two penises or other objects. This is commonly called double vaginal or double stuffing.
  • Simultaneous penetration of the vagina and anus. If this is done using penises and/or strap-on dildos, this is sometimes called the sandwich or BigMac. The shocker (see above) accomplishes this using several fingers of one hand.
  • Simultaneous penetration of the mouth and either the vagina or anus. If the penetrating objects are penises, this is sometimes called the spit roast or the Chinese finger trap.

If one person is penetrated by three objects, it is generically called triple penetration. Possibilities include:

  • Two penises penetrating the vagina and one in the anus or vice versa. While possible, this position is very difficult.
  • One penis in the anus, one in the vagina, and one in the mouth simultaneously, sometimes called making her airtight or an airtight seal.

Double vaginal, double anal (DVDA) is a hypothetical sexual position from the film Orgazmo involving quadruple penetration.

These variations of multiple penetration are commonly seen in pornography aimed at straight men. Some of these positions put two men in intimate contact with each other, either directly or indirectly.

Effects of physical disabilities and limitations

Different sex positions result in differences in the depth of sexual penetration and the angle of penetration. Many attempts have been made to categorize sex positions. Alfred Kinsey categorized six primary positions,[19] but the number of positions that can be used for sex is essentially limitless.[10] Sex manuals usually present a guide to sex positions.

Some people are limited by physical disabilities in the sex positions which they may use without pain or other discomfort. Other physical limitations of one or both participants also limit the sex positions which they may adopt. For example, the spoons position is recommended when either partner has back problems; the Starfish position is recommended to achieve orgasms more easily and the missionary position may be uncomfortable for the receiving partner if the weight of the inserting partner, relative to the receiving partner's, is a problem. Also, the standing positions may be unsuitable if there is a significant height difference between the participants.

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  • Sex differences in humans — Male and female anatomy. Note that these models have had body hair and male facial hair removed and head hair trimmed. A sex difference is a distinction of biological and/or physiological characteristics associated with either males or females of …   Wikipedia

  • Sex magic — For the Red Hot Chili Peppers album, see Blood Sugar Sex Magik. For the Ciara song, see Love Sex Magic. Sex magic is a term for various types of sexual activity used in magical, ritualistic or otherwise religious and spiritual pursuits. One… …   Wikipedia

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