Sexual violence

Sexual violence

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*Medical emergency
*R v Collins
*Sexual assault in the U.S. military
*Tailhook scandal
*2003 U.S. Air Force Academy sexual assault scandal


Further reading

* Wishart, G.D. (2003). "The Sexual Abuse of People with Learning Difficulties: Do We Need A Social Model Approach To Vulnerability?", "Journal of Adult Protection", Volume 5 (Issue 3).

External links

National organizations

* []
* [ Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network] , the United States' largest anti-sexual assault organization.
* [ Sexual Assault Care Centre Scarborough] , An extensive resource for victims/survivors of sexual assault.
* [ The Awareness Center, Inc. (Jewish Coalition Against Sexual Abuse/Assault)]
* [ The Survivors Trust] , Official website of The Survivors Trust, the largest network of specialist support services for victims of rape, sexual violence or sexual abuse throughout the UK and Ireland.

upport organizations

* [ After Silence] , online support group and forums and chat room for survivors of rape and sexual abuse, and their supporters.
* [ Pandora's Aquarium] , an online support group, message board, and chat room for sexual assault survivors and their supporters.
* [ Support for Victims and Their Family] , Support for Victims and Their Family
* [] , Support and resources - Sexual abuse by Doctors and other Professionals
* [ National Sexual Assault Hotlines] , provide help by phone and online. Both are free, safe and confidential and operated by RAINN.

Research and information

* [ Award Winning Documentary on Sexual Assault and Healing]
* [ Rape Crisis Information Pathfinder- research on sexual assault]
* [ U.S. Army Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Program]

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