Erogenous zone

Erogenous zone

An erogenous zone is an area of the human body that has heightened sensitivity and stimulation of which normally results in sexual response. There is individual variation in sensitive areas, Fact|date=January 2008, but the majority of men and women have common erogenous zones, both areas of the skin, and the penis in men and clitoris in women.

There are two types of erogenous zone response in the skin: nonspecific and specific


The skin is similar to normal haired skin and has the normal high density of nerves and hair follicles. These areas include the sides and back of the neck, the axillae (armpits) and sides of the thorax. An exaggerated tickle and anticipatory response are responsible for the heightened sensual response.


These areas produce stronger sensation and include the genitals, including prepuce, penis, clitoris, vulva and perianal skin, scrotum, lips and nipple. The rete ridges of the epithelium are well formed and more of the nerves are close to the external surface of the skin than in normal haired skin.

Pubic Area

Female genitalia

The clitoris, a visible button-like structure located above the Labium (genitalia), and is covered by a small fold of skin known as the clitoral hood. It has the most dense nerve supply of any part of the skin.

Located past the clitoris, just above and on either side of the urethral opening is sensitive erectile tissue known as the Skene's Gland, or U-Spot.

Within the vaginal canal there is a patch of ribbed rough tissue along the front of the canal. It has a texture similar to the Palate (the roof of a mouth). This is the Gräfenberg spot, or G-spot.

At the deepest point on the anterial (front) wall of the vagina located between the cervix and the bladder. This is the Anterior Fornix Erogenous Zone, or A Spot


Male genitalia

The penis is the most sensitive erogenous zone in the male body. In particular, the natural glans (head) and frenulum (foreskin) are highly sensitive and may elicit strong sensations from the slightest touch or movement. The ridged band, theorized by John R. Taylor, is believed to be a sensitive part of the penis as well.

The skin of the scrotum (testicles) is very sensitive to light touching and stroking, causing a pleasurable sensation; the scrotum may also be quite ticklish.

Males can also be aroused by light stroking and touching of the perineum (the area between the scrotum and the anus). Applying a firm pressure on it just before ejaculation can heighten the intensity of orgasm,Fact|date=April 2008 although this causes retrograde ejaculation and the pressure is sometimes harmful to the pudendal nerve and other anatomical structures in the area.

The Foreskin, which carries the ridged band and lower frenular delta, has mucocutaneous end-organs extending from the distal margin to the point where hairy skin starts. [] The thin dermis and minimal subcutaneous tissue results in closely set nerve networks. Vater-Pacini corpuscles are present. The mucocutaneous end-organs are formed after birth, with few in newborn infants and many well-organized endings in adults. Winkelmann suggests that the prepuce is a "specific erogenous zone." []


Moving from the hairy skin to the glabrous skin around the anus the nerve networks rise higher in the skin and the mucocutaneous end-organ becomes apparent at the vermilion border, occurring frequently in this transition zone. The Vater-Pacini corpuscle is deep in the subcutaneous tissues, and into the anal canal.







The neck and clavicle area is a very sensitive region. Licking, kissing, and caressing here are very arousing to many people, hence the term "necking". The neck area is very prone to broken blood vessels; rough kissing can leave bruises known as love bites, commonly referred to as "hickies". Additionally the back of the neck is very sensitive to arousal by lightly caressing.




The areola and nipple contain various dense nerve tissues, concentrated in the area of ducts and masses of smooth muscle. The area surrounding the areola is also sensitive, nerve tissue. In fact, the entire pectoral area has a network of dense nerve endings.



The fingertips have many nerves and are responsive to very light touches, like the brushing of a tongue or light fingernail or teeth stroking. The sides are somewhat less sensitive and more ticklish. Both light and firmer touches work well at the junction of the fingers.

Feet & Toes

There are concentration of nerve endings in the sole and digits of the human foot, the sensations.

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